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  1. I hope Colts win the game on defense and Tolzien crashes and burns with a couple of picks to teach the coaches a lesson for keeping him over Morris. Sorry, totally subjective here, but I can't help it. I was team Morris and Tolzien is so lackluster, and a symbol of football mediocrity.
  2. Yes, because he was the best QB on the roster and that's how I feel.
  3. Unbelievable! I hope Morris gets signed by another team and makes the Colts regret. Obviously it didn't matter that he was better than the other guy.
  4. Great blocking down the field by the linemen in that video. Kudos to him for knowing how to navigate between and brhind them.
  5. Because I like how Morris played when I saw him very much, and he was already on the roster. When the decision makers on the Colts consistently played Tolzien over Morris, and worse, Walker over Morris for the first 2 games, why should I trust them when they bring Brissett in? I certainly hope their decision was not based on Brissett's performance against Giants' 3rd stringers or in the Pats win against Houston in the regular season due to Belichick's team outstanding game planning ( he barely managed 200 yards struggling with team scoring 0 points the next game against the Bills).
  6. I didn't say I lost all my enthusiasm for the season, I may regain it later. But for today this is a downer. It's not as much about Natson, although he was exciting as a WR, as it is is about the realization that the Colts do not trust Morris to lead the team in Luck's absence. I don't understand how much more the guy had to do in the preseason, score a TD on every pass attempt? I don't understand the argument about upside, sounds like a cliché too me. The best predictor about the future is still the past, and I think Belichick made another fool of Ballard like he makes of all the other
  7. OK, all that may be true, but tell me what's wrong with Morris and why Bissett and Tolzien are better than him?
  8. I'm disappointed with Colts acquiring that QB from New England. I would have been happy if they started Morris until Luck comes back, with Tolzien as a backup. Then release Tolzien and keep Morris as a backup. This and cutting Natson took away all my excitement about the season. Sorry, right or wrong but that's how I feel. (I didn't want to make the previous post, and I couldn't delete it.)
  9. I hope they cut Bostic. I would have kept Spence over him too. I hope they at least keep George.
  10. Based solely on his preseason performance he should be cut. However, last year he was abysmal in the preseason but played OK later in the season.
  11. Speaking of this, I have a feeling Allen is going to get cut.
  12. I want to see more of this. It is possible since the characters involved are on our team.
  13. It looks like they trated power over placement, hoping placement will get better and better with time.
  14. 5th play, fumble, ball at Colts 33 yard line
  15. Some football people (not just Belichick) apparently don't see Sheard as a 4 downs linebacker, or rather the main rush guy.
  16. I thought Steelers moved the ball too easily against our first D on the first 2 series, and if it wasn't for the turnover they would have scored. You can't always count on turnovers. There were some good individual performances like Farley and Hairston (love his tackling). Obviously the offense looked much better with Moncrief, Dorsett and Gore playing. The OL was better but still too many QB hits allowed. Morris should definitely be the starter in Luck's absence. There is something about him that makes him look like a real QB, like how he always seems to be in control, sets his pr
  17. Williams is probably the best TE on the roster next to Doyle.
  18. I'm watching Lions -Patriots preseason game and I really liked the Lions' backup QB, Rudock. I'm curious what the Colts' personnel people think of him and of a possible trade.
  19. I'm convinced Morris will play with the starter even though he may not start the game. I like looking at the practice pics and it appears that he practiced with the 1st team offense this week.
  20. Is this picture an indication that Morris practiced with the first team today, or was Castonzo either passing by or demoted to the 2nd team?
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