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  1. I’d like the Colts to have Hilton, Moncrief and Rodgers as a core WR group next year. They need a truly creative offensive coordinator with the talents of a Sean Payton or Ram’s head coach
  2. I like Mingo too, fast indeed, only if he knew how, or could to rush the passer. Perhaps you are right, and he can make a move to ILB. I also think Simon would be a good ILB, perhaps replace Morrison. Walker is not good. Bostic played well in coverage against the Texans, surprisingly. What about Simon and Mingo as ILBs, with Sheard and Basham as OLBs. I'm not sure how good Basham is at setting the edge though.
  3. I don’t get this cheering for Colts to lose thinking that a better draft position will automatically turn them into a contender. They should try to win as many games as they can, draft position does not matter, as like someone said, look at the Browns and other perennial losers picking early every year. A top QB, good coaching staff and decent talent evaluators are far more important assets.
  4. I was referring to Tom McMahon, Colts' special teams coordinator.
  5. What would it take to get Bill Belichick? Never mind, dreams. Back to Earth, I would'd mind if Colts gave McMahon a chance in case Pagano is fired mid season.
  6. Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi...you're our only hope.
  7. Does the younger Schottenheimmer have any previous head coaching or just offense coordinator experience?
  8. With corners like Davis and Wilson Colts shouldn't even entertain playing zone defense. Before they had Toler who was a little of liability in man coverage, but now with Wilson and Hairston in the nickel, they should play their press man coverage. I wish Manusky was defense coordinator with these players at his disposal.
  9. They should move Haeg to right guard and Clark at RT, or viceversa. It should work.
  10. I can't wait until next year for a new defensive coordinator.
  11. My sense is that everything is going according to plan, Colt's confidential plan for Andrew's coming back from surgery. I think they are doing s good job.
  12. I'm impressed with most of the new players Ballard has brought on defense through draft and free agency. One more draft and free agency like this, combined with better coaches, and the rebuild is done. It doesn't take long if it's done by intelligent people, good at their job. I'm watching the Redskins defense dominating the Raiders and can't stop wondering what Greg Manusky would have been able to do with the players the Colts have this year.
  13. One less thing to worry about. Good job!
  14. I have no problem with this announcer, although I haven't heard of her before that Monday night game. There are very few competent announcers on TV anyway, and to me they are more of a background noise. Chris Collinsworth is one of the few worth listening (worth a Collins at least, if that makes any sense, probably not but I digress ) Anyway, different subject, being on the East coast I realized the best thing to do is to watch NFL Redzone, and while waiting for them to show images from Colts game I can listen to the radio broadcast on 1070 the fan with iTunes radio app. It has to be syn
  15. Kyle Rodriguez posted some snapshots on Twitter showing TY and Moncrief getting open on numerous occasions and Brissett not being able to see them. Anyway, this shows that the truth is actually in between, can't put the blame on one side only.
  16. Well deserved. You can tell he takes pride in his coaching in the same way he took pride in his pass rushing.
  17. I'm glad you noticed that. I also noticed his body language when he left the bench to take the field in overtime. As soon as I saw that I said to myself, "this is not a good sign".
  18. I'm very disappointed with those two. Hilton seems to be playing well only when Luck plays. I remember Reggie Wayne making plays for Painter and Orlovsky. Hilton can't even make an effort to get a couple of extra inches for a first down, not to mention getting cute and fumbling the ball. Same with Moncrief, he needs extra focus when playing with an unfamiliar QB, make an effort to go after the ball. 2/8 catch rate won't cut it.
  19. Pictures on colts.com from this week practice do not show any QB, unlike the ones from previous weeks. I interpret this as part of Colts' effort to keep people guessing on their plans regarding the QB for this week.
  20. I don't know if this is just a rumor or if there is a seed of truth, but something weird that fans don't know is going on behind the scenes. I get some bad vibes about this Colts season and I feel like it has the potential to explode or get out of control at some point.
  21. OK, I've been very upset about Morris being late go, I still am, but I can accept Ballard's point of view and I can see how they arrived to their decision to keep Tolzien over Morris. I remember early reports from training camp saying how the ball used to hit the ground a lot. This being said I don't agree with "consistency" argument. The way I understand it is Tolzien has been consistently mediocre from OTAs to TC, while Morris has evolved from subpar to better than Tolzien. Who do you keep in that case? I know who I would. Anyway, like someone else here said this is now a moot poi
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