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  1. Rivers future? I hope none with the Colts. I appreciate that he played well enough to get the Colts to playoffs this year, but it would be a bad investment for the Colts to bring him back as the arrow is pointing down.

  2. 33 minutes ago, GoatBeard said:

    And thats one of the dumbest things ive ever heard.


    You have nothing to back that up other than just a gut feeling based of clearly never playing football at any significant level. This isnt fantasy football. Its actual football played by real men. Not those digital impressions you manipulate on your TV. A 6'5" 330lb behemoth that can move certainly has an impact in a real football game. Anyone who has played a down knows this.


    The Colts are proof of this for gods sake. Thier horrible interior line has held them back for going on 10 years now. Our line started regressing towards the end of Mannings career in fact.


    Just because you have an internet connection and time on your hands doesnt mean its a good idea to pretend you know about things you clearly dont know about my friend. Go do something else.


    Wow! You are such a keyboard warrior.

    Whatever your frustrations or problems are, remember, I’m not the one who caused them.

    I thought this was a message board 

    where different opinions about football and the team we all cheer are accepted and debated, not a cauldron for intolerance and personal attacks.


    Ok, and as I’m going to make sure the door doesn’t hit me in the you know what (anticipating replies after this), I’ll give you the honor of knowing first that this is my last message on this site as I’m closing my account. I hope everyone is happy, enjoys positive news, and lives in harmony. Peace!






  3. On 4/28/2018 at 2:27 AM, zibby43 said:


    I didn't miss the point my friend.  I just happened to disagree with it.  The crux of your argument, which you reiterate above, is that Nelson is not a play maker or game changer or "difference maker."


    I respectfully disagree, and the tape don't lie.  To compare Nelson to any offensive lineman drafted by Grigson, including Kelly, is to miss the mark.


    Nelson was one of the best players in the entire draft, irrespective of position.  And I disagree that elite OGs in today's NFL are overrated from a value perspective.  QBs are now being smothered with pressure up the middle, a point I alluded to in my initial response.  The ability to take away an opponent's ability to be multi-dimensional with the pass rush is a game changing factor.


    Nelson is also the best pulling OG in the Draft.  With the scheme our new coaching staff is employing, the ability for powerful, athletic OL to execute pulling blocks is essential.


    If you still disagree with everything I've set out above after reviewing the tape and studying the scheme our new coaching staff plans to employ, then I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.


    You're 100% entitled to your opinion, and I respect the fact that you decided to share it.  We all don't have to think alike on here.  Discussion makes a message board.  Take care bud.




    I think you missed it, I just don’t value the guard position in the 1st round, period

    I don’t have much time to argue on message boards, but I would just say this to hopefully add a little bit of clarity, and then we may agree to disagree. 


    If you take Nelson out of the game and replace him with a guard half as good, I don’t believe it makes much of a difference statistically in terms of points scored by the offense (1 or 2 points, if that). And that’s in terms of points, not even talking about winning.

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  4. 22 hours ago, zibby43 said:


    As someone that has watched Nelson play every game the past 2 years, I can say that I'm very low on your ability to evaluate offensive line talent.



    With all the pressure that comes up the middle in today's NFL, and with the need to have talented guards that can pull to create a rushing offense, Nelson has the ability to make a gigantic impact.  He's going to help protect the franchise QB and hopefully he's going to help create a respectable running attack for the first time in the past 5-6 years.


    In other words, cheer up.  Oh, and go watch some tape.  Not 4-minute YouTube highlight reels.  Entire games.


    You and others completely missed my point. For whoever cares, I am convinced Nelson is a great guard, potential Pro Bowler, and All Pro teamer.

    It’s just that the impact of his position is not high enough to justify a top 10 draft pick. I believe in the first round an NFL team should pick so called “difference makers”, which are usually top players who pass, catch passes, or help stopping the pass (pass rushers, DBs, athletic linebackers). The availability of top such players drops significantly past the 1st round.


    Now, this narrative of protecting Luck has been around since he’s been drafted. Grigson drafted 4 linemen 2 years ago, more before that, and where did that take the Colts? You still hear how the Colts line sucks. For O line you need continuity, good line coaching, and a QB who understands where the pressure comes and gets rid of the ball quickly. Colts had none of these. They did have that during Manning years for the most part.


    One more thing, my opinion has no impact  on how the Colts play, so I don’t get why fellow message board members get so upset. If you are happy with the Colts draft good for you! It’s the offseason, when all sins are washed away, and all NFL fans find renewed hope and optimism.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Tsarquise said:

    He just said he stopped following the draft, when did he say it ruined his day? He is probably being fed grapes, and being massaged in a great big palace by beautiful women for all you know lol. It was underwhelming; it's not like that guard is going to make a huge impact. 


    Lol, thanks for you support, man. I really didn’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade. And you are correct, it didn’t ruin my day, I just lost interest. I can’t stand how other teams pick players that can make a difference (good linebackers, pass rushers, wide receivers, DBs) while the Colts picked a future Pro Bowl guard that won’t make any difference between them winning and losing.


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  6. This pick is so underwhelming that I stopped following the whole draft. I just check the list when they are done. 

    This guy, as impressive and good as he is, he is is not going to make any difference for Colts being a winning team. 

    I’m very low on Ballard right now, and after the bad judgement he showed with McDaniels debacle, picking a guard at #6 can only make things worse.


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  7. The truth is that it’s really hard to get excited about Luck’s return just based on (optimistic) words from Ballard and others associated with the team, need more than that.

  8. Excellent schedule, most games at 1:00 PM, it helps players get into a nice routine.

    Bye week in the middle, what else would they want!

    As for the predictions, nobody knows. Based on the record last year few people who like to look knowledgeable have the audacity to predict a *itive 2028 record for the Colts. I hope they are one of those teams who make a great jump from one year to next.

  9. Boy, I’m glad I’m busy with my life and I don’t really live and die with the Colts because I would find this situation even more frustrating than already is. 

    I really hope Colts, Luck and company don’t think they can treat fans like fools because that would be ... I don’t even want to think about it.

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