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  1. From the album: MAN CAVE!!!!! Turns Colts Gym!!!

    My best little friend...my grandson, helping finish up!!
  2. From the album: MAN CAVE!!!!! Turns Colts Gym!!!

    Over 700 lights later...it lights up outside the MAN CAVE!!
  3. Congrats on your great season Ravens...but...WE ARE NEXT!!! The COLTS ARE HEADED TO NEW YORK!!!! GO COLTS!!!
  4. Just a little something I have been working on. Few touchups and I will be there!! WE LOVE YOU COLTS!!! ONE TEAM...CHUCKSTRONG...UNITED!!!
  5. Not sold in stores!!! This ceiling fan, I hand painted. Disassembled and EVERY screw is color coordinated!!! GO COLTS!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! FOREVER!!!!
  6. Father and Son...BIGGEST FANS!!!!
  7. 175lb pumpkin...GLOWING COLTS BLUE!!!!
  8. A very LARGE pumpkin...175lbs!!
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