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  1. Looks to have a good leg. We need the touchbacks in order to avoid our ST blunders. Hopefully Boomstick can do it regularly this season.
  2. As sports fan living in Indy, we have been blessed to have had two incredible players named Reggie. Reggie Miller provided some magical moments during his career all spent with the Indiana Pacers. Reggie Wayne has become a terrific player and inspirational teammate. Here's hoping he spends his entire career with the Colts.
  3. He went to Stanford, He is neither stupid or dumb. I wouldn't call anyone in the NFL a total wuss bag. Time will tell with Fleener. Personally I have seen enough to be concerned.
  4. His touchdown tonight vs, the Giants was impressive. Beautiful throw by Luck. Unreal awareness by Hilton. The way he didn't just try to drag his second foot was smart. He had the wherewithall to catch and secure the ball, see the sideline, turn his foot and step clearly in bounds before tumbling out of bounds. All in a millisecond or two. Wow.
  5. Timid because he ran through the middle and was not aware of where the ball was. He's a receiver. Unwilling to battle is more for his lack of presence. He doesn't make the defenders think twice about hacking at the ball. Dwayne Allen has that presence. The toughness and durability is because he has been hury two games in a row after having missed games last year due to injuries. So no, not just for dropping balls and failing to turn his head.
  6. At this point he looks timid and unwilling to battle for the ball against smaller defenders. Can't play in the NFL using finesse only. I'm beginning to worry about his toughness and durability.
  7. Just curious.... Do you think Josh Chapman did the "Oklahoma" drill at Alabama? Or Robert Mathis at A&M? They both tackle pretty well. Maybe they call it something else. Either way I'd bet they both have done this type of shed a block and tackle drill on their way to the pros.
  8. Enjoy the game. Will you wear a Colts jersey? Or is that asking for trouble?
  9. Awesome. Had not seen this. Thanks for sharing. Matter of time before Andrew is in the heads of all these defenders. Then the "if you can't beat em, join em" mentality will take over and we will have a dynasty on our hands here in Indy. Oh yeah..... the salary cap. At least we'll always have Luck. Right?
  10. He's worth keeping until he has shown where he is at after all these leg-foot issues. Seems to be a throwback type of player who can be effective in any scheme. Would love to see him back healthy and productive. He's a keeper IMO.
  11. The only thing I can say I hate that is Colts related was the decision to forego the opportunity for the perfect regular season to rest starters for the playoffs. *ic decision in my opinion. I hated everything about it. I was less than happy with the Jeff George experiment, the Vanderjadt kick and the Painter patheticism (is that a word?).
  12. Good call. Catch that ball and we go to the Super Bowl. Then Aaron-something let that hail mary pass slip through his hands and touch the ground, Yes, yes, yes, nooooooooooo. Great run that year by Harbaugh. Still a fan of his to this day.
  13. I'm with you Snotknocker. Loved the drill. As a linebacker I always liked to practice taking on a blocker and tackling the ball carrier. Just like in the games. If you can't take on a blocker and win, why play defense? If you don't like heavy contact, why play football? Coaches know who they can count on after a few rounds of Oklahoma.
  14. Early in PM's career he was very locked into Marvin on that quick slant. We paid for it come playoff time too.
  15. Only thing I found embarassing was the kickoff coverage. Seemed like a bunch of guys running down thinking I better stay in my lane instead of thinking about hammering the ball carrier. Kind of looked like a timid HS team, maybe even a weak JV team. I trust it will get better. Thanks Mr. Irsay for the verbal spanking. Your over-twitterishness doesn't help though. Boomstick just needs to blast all his kickoffs out of the endzone and we're cured.
  16. Seems proven veteran running backs don't have much use for preseason games. Remember how Edge would avoid them at all costs?
  17. Sorry Bart. I'm a non-believer, Won't happen. No disrespect. Can't wait to have out starters out there.
  18. Bummer. He looked good in there yesterday. Hope surgery and rehab goes better for him than it has for Angerer.
  19. Possible past day saying about paranoid thinking, "One's wisdom withers whilst worrying with words of others." Probable present day saying about paranoid thinking, "Who gives a rat's @$$ about what they say?"
  20. Like Coach Dungy, I'm not too worried about the preseason record. A happy, healthy and hungry Monster would be a great way to begin the regular season. I forgot about the Lions forgettable season. Guess that means Detroit has been bankrupt before eh? Matt Mullen for Mayor??? Not
  21. This isn't the ACC anymore EJ. Better be automatic in there Manuel. Catch that... a little early morning transmission humor for my fellow Colts fans.
  22. Slightly off topic, but while we're thinking this way. The perfect playoff run... Patriots-Broncos-Saints Hoist it!
  23. Heart of gold. Truly a special man. Can't wait to see him with the Lombardi Trophy someday soon.
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