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  1. I hope some of Andrew's nitpickers are still watching. A couple of beauties yesterday. Clearly he can make all the throws. Will there be some mistakes along the way? Sure. Nobody is perfect! Luck to Hilton deep... get used to it.
  2. Grigson is like a mad-scientist at work. Filling up different test tubes with mixtures of players that will allow Pep to blend into one unstoppable concoction. A bushel of crazy good QB, a touch of quality veteran leadership at WR, two rough-tough RB's, a smidgeon of speed at both WR, TE and RB.... and so on. I see TRich's YPC going up to 4.5 in the near future and maybe people will cut him some slack.
  3. He's a hell of a football player. I look for him to make steady progress and become a key cog in this offense. First thing he needs to improve is catching an Andrew Luck heater. First game looked like maybe he was used to Weeden throws and Luck's throws seemed to be on him before he was ready. I really think he could become a monster contributer on this team this year.
  4. What a tough runner. Wraps it up with two hands and lowers the boom. He even jumped near the goal line. Always wished Edgerrin would have jumped more at the goal line.
  5. I like the Richardson pick up. Certainly has the potential to be a great situation for him here in Indy, The thing I wonder about is... with Grigson being so quick to drop and add, will that ever cause players (and agents) to hold him in less regard. If the guy is perceived as trigger-happy, will you ever trust him.
  6. I would think Richardson is thrilled to be coming to a first rate organization with a lot of good, young players. He was excellent in college and already has a year of NFL experience. Sure he's had injuries, but who doesn't in their first couple years in the NFL. It's a man's league and a lot of what worked for the boys in college gets you hurt in the NFL. I think durability is a learned trait and Trent Richardson will fine tune his game to minimize his injury potential in the future. I like the move.
  7. Play our best in February. Like his style. Room looks united. Awesome vibes.
  8. Big Red


    It's puzzling to me when people clearly don't understand the learning curve these young players are up against. The NFL is a tough jump no matter what your status was as a college player. These guys are the biggest and baddest that money can buy. The coaches are crafty and work hard to confuse the opponent. They take pride in making rookies earn their stripes. Give it some time.
  9. 4th quarter win. I'll take it. Plenty to learn from, but a 'W' none the less. Mistakes happen. Mistakes allow coaches to teach the finer points of winning. I'm happy we won. I know we will be better next week.
  10. Ugly win. Our QB is better than their QB. Pryor danced around all day like it was the sandlot, but did make some nifty plays to get his team the lead. Then our QB went out and did what a real NFL QB has to do to win a game - marched his team for a go ahead TD in the 4th quarter. And ironically pulled a Pryor and ran it in himself. Best 19 yards of the day. Special thanks to AB41 for the late INT. Easy win, just ugly.
  11. Once the line gets things solidified, the sky is the limit for this offense. I thought the Luck to Wayne completion early in the second quarter was a sign of things to come when the line holds up for that extra second or two. Bullet pass. tight spiral and right in stride. Pretty to watch. So was the 19 yard keeper for 6. Hang in their people, it's a tough league. They won.
  12. Records are made to be broken right?. Congrats to Peyton on a wicked good game. If he can do that against the Ravens, what is going to happen against the bottom feeder teams? I'm a big believer in karma and kicking teams when they are down can anger the football gods. It would be cool for Peyton to have the single season TD record, but he doesn't need to be greedy every single week. My 2 cents worth.
  13. Not surprised Jaworski gets positive vibes around here. Mr. Irsay has created a standard of excellence within his organization that most NFL teams fail to reach. He hires good people and lets them do their jobs. I think that goes a long way in creating unity and the belief that they truly are one of the best organizations in the league. From top to bottom (Irsay to water boys) this football team is motivated to be be great and they won't stop working until they win it again. Cheers to Jaws. A man also committed to excellence as proven by his brilliant analysis of the quarterback position. One can learn a lot by listening to Ron Jaworski. Not bad for a Polish guy out of Youngstown State eh? When the Polish Rifle speaks, people should listen.
  14. I'd love to get Jadeveon Clowney as a future Colt. Too soon though.
  15. Hard to believe they cut him. Always hoped for Nevis to find his niche here and become a steady contributor on our defense. Now it will have to happen elsewhere. Good luck big fella!
  16. Biggest surprise: Rookie Justice Cunningham making the team as this year's Mr. Irrelevant. Biggest disappointment: 2nd year Coby Fleener not playing like the first pick of the second round. Biggest concern: O-line gelling before the heavyweights show up on our schedule. Biggest bummers: Not seeing enough Dwayne Allen, Josh Chapman and Ahmad Bradshaw.
  17. I visit this sight to find out what other Colts fans think about the decisions made by the team and how they feel about the players and how they have performed. I also think there are some very smart football people sharing their insights on this forum. Who's to say there aren't former players, coaches and personel people behind some of the names on this site. Just saying..... Ignore all the opinions you don't agree with, but don't be ignorant to the process of sharing ideas.
  18. I agree we will have some different names on that list after the staff evaluates the players on the waiver wire. Wouldn't it be more likely that some of our castoffs will be picked up by other teams rather than being resigned here?
  19. Tough job cutting people. The players should know that coaches and managers suffer in this process too.
  20. After all the thrills of victory and agonies of defeat with experienced as fans of Peyton Manning and the Colts. We are now about to embark on a ride with Andrew Luck that could be just as magical. Mr. Irsay caught lightning in a bottle again. Are we lucky fans or what?
  21. 3 and 6 excite me. A hard hitting, in-your-face defense will be so fun to watch here. I do enjoy a well-oiled offense humming along scoring points in bunches, but I really love a hard-hitting defense that is tough to play against. Teams tend to soften up after getting popped hard every play. Plus, I'd rather have Toler gambling on a pick 6 on defense over Bruce Arians gambling on another long pass on offense. Thanks for the notes TK85. Enjoyed them. Gonna be a fun year...
  22. Last year Bruce Arians handled a very complicated predicament better than anyone could have expected. This year I think he will have a positive effect in Arizona for the short term, but less positive down the road. I am excited in our new direction that seems to have Pep and Andrew creating an unstoppable offense rather than the down-the-field gunslinging, gambling style of Arians. How Luck survived last year is simply amazing.
  23. Coach Pagano is on record saying he thinks Andrew Luck has a photographic memory. Don't know about you, but that inspires confidence in me. As does his penchant for pulling out wins late in games. Also his ability to shrug off defenders and make positive plays when he appears to be sacked. The last thing I would have say after a year of watching Andrew play is that he seems to have good overall karma. He has gotten some favorable calls from referees, some INTs dropped by defenders and some brilliant play from his teammates. I'm so glad we have Luck on our side.
  24. That cracked me up. Reminded me of my linguistics prof. What a "looker" she was. Endomorph in polyester. I'd bet she had a few participles dangling in there somewhere. Ewww Okay back to football. The line is coming along. It's a complicated dance they are trying to figure out. Unfortunately we have a couple guys with two left feet according to many of our posters. It will be a beautiful thing when they all get in step together and let Andrew comfortably do his thing.
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