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  1. Seattle made a dumb move to ever invest so much in a guy who clearly doesn't like to get hit. Soft and temperamental is no way to be in the NFL. Good luck Jets!!
  2. I'll take the Colts in this one. My crystal ball says Sergio is going to get an INT and run it back for a TD. Man can that cat mooove.
  3. It was nice to get pressure on a good quarterback for a change. Flacco was uncomfortable all game.
  4. Maybe just a bad a day, but I'm worried about his health. He took a couple shots. Many more and Colts will be paying his hospital bills.
  5. This isn't fantasy football. The man has a family who may have a say in the decision. Plus he is in a great situation professionally. He has nothing left to prove to anyone anymore. Multi-million dollar mentor to the youth of the team. By extension, a multi-million dollar cheerleader.
  6. Man I feel for the guy. Had a starting job in his sights and now he could be done for the year. It's a contract year for the guy too. Had he stayed healthy and produced, he would have been in for a big payday after this season. Now he will be lucky to get back-up money and may never sniff a starting job again. Tough league. Here's hoping he has a full recovery and gets another shot with the team.
  7. I remember seeing a picture of him with his Alabama teammates celebrating a National Championship and he was the one holding the trophy. I thinks that speaks to the respect he commands from his teammates. Let's hope he develops that type of leadership and respect for the Colts in the years to come.
  8. Veteran leadership is invaluable. Think Harrison's confidence got a positive boost from reading these words? Glad we have MH and hope he signs on to remain a Colt for a couple more years. Really smart and classy individual.
  9. What's the difference? Edgerrin was as smart a player as the Colts have ever had and his wisdom can only help this young team. Mr. Irsay loved Edgerrin and has probably given him an open invitation to come around and talk to the players. Both Irsay and Edgerrin are strong family men and bleed Colt's blue and white. You think Edge had to ask his kids twice about the chance to meet Andrew Luck? Most everything great about the Colts goes back to the brilliance of #18, #88 AND #32. Open door policy for all of them. IMO
  10. Obviously I am interested in the position battles and the overall improvement of the team. I am also curious to see how the refs are going to call contact down the field. The defensive players seemed to get away with a lot of contact last year.
  11. How many of these groin and hamstring tweaks are caused by guys trying to go from offseason season shape to game shape way too quick? My hope is Nicks knows his body and is slowly ramping up his intensity for the 19 or 20 truly meaningful games.
  12. Maybe the back up quarterbacks should be on * patrol and fire tight spirals into these loudmouths. Ha!
  13. Easy to be tough standing in a crowd. Like to see them say it to his face. Reminds me of the time a couple foolish Pacers fans heckled Dennis Rodman from courtside. During free throws at the end of the game Rodman quickly walked over in a menacing fashion and yelled something. I'm pretty sure the one guy soiled himself and the other guy started to run. Those of us around had to laugh at our own "alleged" fans and actually applaud Rodman.
  14. Anyone who disses Matt Hasselbeck is a fool. Total class act and a player who exemplifies everything that is good in the NFL.
  15. I'd say Phillip Rivers has the goofiest throwing motion. He looks like a shot putter most of the time.
  16. I never thought the smash mouth approach was going to work for the Colts because of the lack of a well polished and powerful offensive line. I am pretty sure that it came about before Pep Hamilton was even here. I also thought the offense clicked better when Luck was allowed to take things into his own hands a little bit. This season looks to be shaping up much better with more veterans back in the equation and Pep with an off season to study his craft a little more. In game adjustments should be better this year.
  17. There is something special about Reggie Wayne and it will be great to see his leadership at work for the Colts. I like to think his hard working approach will have him rehabbed and ready to make plays again this season.
  18. Personally I am glad Andrew is moving up in the eyes of the true experts. Hopefully it means we will see him in a SB real soon.
  19. Ron Jaworski was an NFL quarterback for years and appears to be one of the most studious analysts out there. If he thinks Andrew Luck belongs in the top five QBs in the league, I believe him. Why can't we just trust that he has done his homework and could easily back it up in a keyboard battle with any of the posters on this thread.
  20. The success of both these guys is linked to the job the oline does in front of them. Hopefully our guys are ready to start opening some holes (assuming TRich finds them). I actually believe our backfield is going to be a strength with decent line play. Johnny Football is in for a rude awakening in the NFL imo.
  21. Improve the depth on the offensive line. Not all that sexy, but with the number of injuries that seem to happen every year the depth will be needed. Along those lines of thinking, depth at CB and S would be nice. I thought Howell played well at times last season. Is he slated to be the starter at this point?
  22. I believe the Colts are playing both players to their strengths, but none of it amounts to much right now with the oline's inconsistencies. I also believe both player's best games are still yet to come this season. Same with the oline.
  23. I would love for the league to adopt a policy where the referees would have to do a post game press conference. Make these guys more accountable for their mistakes too. Do you really think the players and coaches want to face a media grilling after a tough game? I'd bet they would pass on it if they could, but they can't because the league says they have to. Make the refs do the same thing. Three days later... why bother
  24. I'm with you on this one. It speaks to how far NFL teams will go to gain any type of advantage.
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