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  1. And yet we have a horrible Offensive Line... That's our glaring weakness on offense that will keep us from winning a Superbowl.
  2. Redding was a beast on D-Line last year. He was the only one that was a bright spot the 2nd half of the season and into the playoffs. I'm not sure that Langford is going to outplay Redding. But he should outplay RJF. Would have been nice to have Redding back to plug the middle, but currently we have a gaping hole right up the middle. Tell me if you have ever heard that about the Colts Defense before?
  3. Of which $20M will go to Luck, another $8-$10 to TY Hilton.
  4. We don't need Nicks, we can get any receiver to drop the ball like Nicks does. He was terrible last year. He only caught the ball when it was placed perfectly in his bread basket. If he had to lift his arms to catch it, he dropped it. It was turrible
  5. Stevie Johnson from the Bills/49ers looks like he is going to become available. Would be a nice WR2 opposite of TY. That will give Moncrief the slot or another year to develop too.
  6. I'm not sure what all the hype is with Hakeem Nicks. He didn't have any TD's last year in 15 games. He no longer has any separation, and is just an average reciever at best now. I think we have at least 3 guys that are better than Nicks. Wayne, Hilton, Rogers, you could even say Whalen may be better as well. Maybe I'm just a bitter Fabtasy Football owner that got burned by this guy. He had Eli Manning throwing to him so it's not like he didn't have a QB either. He just doesn't excite me at all.
  7. The Colts could easily win this game, but my fear is that the Chiefs secondary shuts down TY Hilton.... We have been leaning on him way too much lately, and if someone has the ability to take him away we could just as easily sputter on offense and lose this game. Whalen and Rodgers will definitley need to be more in the offensive game plan to keep us balanced. And I'm liking the offense since they made Brown the starter... It seems to be better and more balanced and giving our defense more of a break. Colts 24 Chiefs 20
  8. I'm not reading through 3 pages of made up accusations and stuff, but just for the record Reggie was wearing pink gloves yesterday, not blue like shown in the image, so cry away peeps cry away.
  9. Thoughts on if he could help us out at Tackle. Just cut from the Bears. Started 44 of 46 games the past 3 years for the Bears. He's 333 lbs and only 25 years old. Thoughts?
  10. New Orleans?? What? Isn't this the team coming off mass penalties and suspensions. Hardly think that they would be deserving of top 10 with such little oversight into what happens on their team. In other news, this ranking obviously means NOTHING.
  11. Why in the world do you think he has a stronger locker-room presence? Were you in the locker room? I mean how would you even know that? It's statements like this that make me disregard everything in the post, which might be somewhat correct.
  12. A guy to keep an eye on tonight in the draft is West Virginia WR Stedman Bailey. He would be a great pick up probably in the 3rd or 4th. Would compliment our WR corp quite nicely. Has excellent speed and quickness and runs great routes. He was over shadowed by Tavon Austin but that guy is a gamer for sure as a #2 WR. He was in the Heisman talk with Geno and Tavon early in the year because he is sneaky good. Someone will be picking a gem... You heard it here first.
  13. You lost all credibility when you said he's faster than Tavon. As a Mountaineer fan, I know that guy very well. At the combine there was only 1 person faster than Tavon and it wasn't Denard. Tavon 4.34 and Denard 4.43.
  14. Wouldn't miss that game for anything. I'll be there with my Luck jersey on and clapping and cheering for Peyton as well, but once the game starts I'm all for Mathis getting a sack or 2. I root for the front of the jersey, not the name on the back! Go Colts!
  15. Week 1 -- @ Bears L Week 2 -- Vikings W Week 3 -- Jaguars W Week 4 -- BYE Week 5 -- Packers L Week 6 -- @ Jets L Week 7 -- Browns W Week 8 -- @ Titans W Week 9 -- Dolphins W Week 10 -- @ Jags W Week 11 -- @ Pats L Week 12 -- Bills L Week 13 -- @ Lions L Week 14 -- Titans W Week 15 -- @ Texans L Week 16 -- @ Chiefs L Week 17 -- Texans L 7-9
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