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  1. Can not describe how happy i was to find this laying in my room, i saw it started freaking out saw eveything and started crying. everything is hung up on my wall and im so happy! cant wait to frame the picture and wear the shirt on football sunday<3 I AM COLTSTRONG
  2. my name is Chelsey by the way(: I was at the Patriot and Colt game, and I was crying because one patriot fan was being rude to me and would not leave me alone... One other fan was telling them to leave me alone and everything so at the end of the game i leaned over the edge when they were going back to the locker room because i wanted at least one player to sign my colt hat, but i never got it. I was crying and i was ALL COLTED OUT so they saw me and handed them to me, i couldnt stop crying for 5 hours on the way home. I was so suprised and wont let anyone touvh them, not even get close to them. Ill never forget the way they smiled at me too after that loss<3
  3. ChelseyMarie17

    My Team

    Thank you Sameson Satele, Josh Gordy and Donald Brown for your personal colt things and giving them to me at the Colts vs. Patriots game on November 11th, 2012. SO grateful to have these and cherish them everyday <3 (':
  4. I am, INDYsane<3
  5. I dont think i'm missing one colt thing.
  6. my first colt game
  7. wouldnt be complete without doing every room.
  8. even the photographer likes me.
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