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  1. RG3 http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/22475988/34116072
  2. ColtsD

    Win Or Lose

    Another take on this, I f orvlosky would've stayed beyond preseason like he should have (then outplaying painter) we will have won 5 to 8 games & wouldn't be having this discussion, but I know that's another story
  3. ColtsD

    Win Or Lose

    I was originally torn, but bottom line I just want our colts to play & whatever happens happens. I don't think the world will end if we don't get luck or the 1st pick, though I understand the importance. GO COLTS ! :manning:
  4. I tried to watch luck lastnite to judge for myself, but only saw a few plays by him b4 i fell asleep. I'll just say this definately draft the best qb available then he may have to play behind peyton for a little while. Just get ready for change be it a slow change or an abrupt one.
  5. I have been trying to stay away from coaching staff blaming, BUT my wife has said it, others on this site for a long time now. This morning espn guys saying caldwell getting closer to the hot seat. there it is.
  6. I would still support, how much would be the question. I would look at oit as "we had them for a while, they brought excitement, a championship, among other things to this city" & I won't forget that. I would continue to wtach the NFL & just spread my support around to my picked players as opposed to teams. If they were to leave & hopefully that won't happen.
  7. I too am happy for C-Paint & feel he is our better option right now. No I didn't feel this way at first, I agreed with bringing collins in, but I see that as something that was risked & just didn't work, not a bad decision. Curtis has showed promise RECENTLY something he had to work his way up too. Happy & proud of him hope it continues.
  8. No we won't go 0-16 Under the circumstances if we play like we did against da steelas, we should beat K C .
  9. Don't get rid of collins keep them both, just rotate them as collins learns the system. Maybe go ahead & start painter. I was for bringing in a vet, but at this point really what have we got to lose. C paint di a good job lastnite, the over throws can be fixed with practice.
  10. Possible yes, probable NO ! We will see what happens.
  11. At this point all we are playing for is pride. A playoff run is null & void, so we are just trying to play without manning and improve, but by the time that happens it will be week 7 or 8.
  12. If we can't beat the browns how are we gonna win even 6 games this season? I love ya colts but think we can chalk this season up. Before this game the next winable game I saw was K C game,but not sure about that one now. I will still look for those cheap colts tickets though. go colts !
  13. I beg to differ with 1 or atleast hope it's wrong, other than that I pretty much agree.
  14. I'll be looking for those ditched tickets !
  15. Exactly I look at the good defensive plays made as things to continue & build on.
  16. Even under the circumstances this is a game the colts should win. We shall see, I feel better of the chances here than I did today.
  17. Basicly just want to continue the " can't wait for victory 2morrow" thread. If it happens it will be a moral killer for the texans. Actually even if the game is competitive it will be.
  18. "I will laugh my head off tomorrow when the Colts take out the Texans tomorrow. I think we have a few things going for us that the "experts" don't highlight too much:" MY Thoughts exactly unitaswestand on all your statements !
  19. He may not be able to attend the texan game, but as soon as he is able by all means YES !!
  20. AFC South Manningless colts - under rated tenn. titans - corrupt & confused H. Texans - Over confident, but talented, they will boil over sooner or later. J. Jaguars - very confused, wth
  21. Shaub gets his mod edit kicked by colts defense LITERALLY ! Colts eek out upset. On the other hand colts defense plays well, BUT the refs & homefield prevail. we shall see GO COLTS !!
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