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  1. RG3 http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/22475988/34116072
  2. ColtsD

    Win Or Lose

    Another take on this, I f orvlosky would've stayed beyond preseason like he should have (then outplaying painter) we will have won 5 to 8 games & wouldn't be having this discussion, but I know that's another story
  3. ColtsD

    Win Or Lose

    I was originally torn, but bottom line I just want our colts to play & whatever happens happens. I don't think the world will end if we don't get luck or the 1st pick, though I understand the importance. GO COLTS ! :manning:
  4. I tried to watch luck lastnite to judge for myself, but only saw a few plays by him b4 i fell asleep. I'll just say this definately draft the best qb available then he may have to play behind peyton for a little while. Just get ready for change be it a slow change or an abrupt one.
  5. I have been trying to stay away from coaching staff blaming, BUT my wife has said it, others on this site for a long time now. This morning espn guys saying caldwell getting closer to the hot seat. there it is.
  6. I would still support, how much would be the question. I would look at oit as "we had them for a while, they brought excitement, a championship, among other things to this city" & I won't forget that. I would continue to wtach the NFL & just spread my support around to my picked players as opposed to teams. If they were to leave & hopefully that won't happen.
  7. I too am happy for C-Paint & feel he is our better option right now. No I didn't feel this way at first, I agreed with bringing collins in, but I see that as something that was risked & just didn't work, not a bad decision. Curtis has showed promise RECENTLY something he had to work his way up too. Happy & proud of him hope it continues.
  8. No we won't go 0-16 Under the circumstances if we play like we did against da steelas, we should beat K C .
  9. Don't get rid of collins keep them both, just rotate them as collins learns the system. Maybe go ahead & start painter. I was for bringing in a vet, but at this point really what have we got to lose. C paint di a good job lastnite, the over throws can be fixed with practice.
  10. Possible yes, probable NO ! We will see what happens.
  11. At this point all we are playing for is pride. A playoff run is null & void, so we are just trying to play without manning and improve, but by the time that happens it will be week 7 or 8.
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