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  1. Interesting. So he's fat AND stupid. Okay, if Grigson drafts him, I'm organizing the angry mob. :tvhammer:
  2. OL seems to be a more pressing need. Also, I heard he's more fat that muscle. Not to mention we got our Anchor is Chapman (albeit he hasn't actually handled a snap yet)
  3. Some miserable miscreants are projecting John Jenkins to the Colts in the 1st round. I don't know about anybody else, but the idea of getting Jenkins SUCKS!!!!
  4. From what i've read, Cooper is 6'3, 295 pounds and Jones is 6'5, 311 pounds. But we won't know until the Combine or Pro Day. Jones, like I said before, doesn't have Elite strenth, quickness or footwork. All of that is a smidge below Elite. The differnce is made up by his versatility, his leadership and his intelligence, things Cooper doesn't have. The question of Cooper being better or not is rather up for opinion. It depends on the standard you're using to measure. Everyone's is different, hence, everybody's opinion regarding these two is different.
  5. Let's hope that in the 3 years he;s been with us, he's improved.
  6. If this draft turns out to be like the last for us, where we go offense all the way thru, Manusky might pop a vein.
  7. The most important game of the year...rather unfortunate really too.
  8. If cooper does before the combine, I might change my mind. Until then, Jones is my guy. Also, Colts don't have versatility at all. Versatility means that you can play other position with relative skill and preceision. No one on the colts o-line can do that. They may start at the postion, but they hardly have the skill to play the position they usually start at much rather have the versatility to play another.
  9. ESPN has him at 295. Guess we won't know until the meat market (Combine). If he is at or above 315, then I might change my mind. Until then, Jones is still my pick.
  10. He should go to Cleveland. Would serve him right for trying to kill AL12
  11. But think about it. We could have the classiest looking defensive coordiantor in the NFL, who also is one of the sharpest defensive minds in the game... I mean could you imagine this guy on our sideline:
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