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  1. It's too early to dismiss Peyton. Maybe when he starts playing in a different uniform, if ever. I don't really understand why it is a concern.
  2. 1. QB 2. All other positions tied for second.
  3. Very little. Peyton has been carrying the Colts for years. Maybe that's what caused his neck problems. Better hope Luck has a strong neck and back and that he can get rid of the ball very quickly.
  4. He won't be a Peyton Manning. He might not be the best to come out since Peyton. Oh well, time will tell.
  5. 90% of what's posted on here is fantasy. This forum is a gathering of people who love FB and like to play coach, GM, and/or owner. Having said that, the Colts should have traded the #1 pick for a boatload of lower, but quality, picks. If the Colts could have got the extra picks and RGIII that would have been great. The ideal would have been a healthy Peyton, the draft picks and three more years of runs at a championship. I've noticed that a lot of people are downplaying RGIII as just an athlete. He is a QB who happens to be a great athlete. He's smart (has his degree--listen to him speak
  6. You sir, are 100% correct. In response to MLaw. A 1st rounder in 2014 would help Peyton and the Colts in 2014 as the 2012 and 2013 picks have matured.
  7. Exactly, the Colts can trade the #1 pick for a bucketload of lower picks, while Orlovsky and Trevor fight for the starting QB job.
  8. How so? If Peyton (the greatest Colt (NFL player) of all time should be in NFL General, Luck threads (the greatest nothing of all time) should be in NFL Draft. He is no more related to the Colts than Peyton; neither is on the team. At least Peyton has been a Colt.
  9. No contest. Unitas played a weaker schedule with fewer games and no playoffs. Plus, Unitas had a great collection of talent around him on offense and defense unlike the slugs Peyton had to carry.
  10. No, it's accepting a whole lot more than two seasons of losing. Peyton was able to carry a sorry team to the playoffs year-after-year. Good luck with Luck.
  11. Cut Manning and the Colts are out of Luck. As a Peyton fan, I say cut him so he has the opportunity to play for a good team.
  12. Not unless Garcon's spot is the treatment room.
  13. I guess you are insinuating Peyton is the past and has to go. The last time he played, he carried a subpar team with a lot of injuries to the playoffs. I think he is much more likely than Luck to get the Colts back into contention. If the Colts are smart, he is the past, present, and the future for several more seasons. Since Luck's perceived value is so high, the Colts should trade the pick and give Peyton some talent to win another SB or two in the next few years.
  14. Let's go back in time. Lenny Moore was the best all-purpose Colts back and John Mackey, the best TE ever.
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