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  1. I agree. If we can sign him, our D is set. In the draft we need to find a future pass rushing OLB and Reggie Wayne's replacement...but those are all moves for the future.
  2. I think it was on yardbarker.com where i read the report...just bringing up what I read, that's all
  3. I'm curious to know what other people think. I love this guy, but heard the reason he left Philly without a contract is because Chip Kelly wanted to move him to DE in their 3-4. Well, he is here in Indy today and I have a strong feeling we will be signing him. He is only 294lbs. I think in our 3-4, Pagano will also want to play him at DE opposite Redding. I hope so. Because Josh Chapman is our NT...I don't want to see Francois try and play that even though he had success playing it part time with the Niners...SF plays a one gap assignment 3-4, where our NT is responsible for 2 gaps. Don
  4. In my opinion, the greatest small white boy possession WR of our time is Wes Welker. Danny Amendola is a poor man's Wes Welker. Griff Whalen in my eyes is a poor man's Danny Amendola...not sure what that makes him, but that is my professional assessment.
  5. I think we all need to realize it doesn't matter who we add to the OL, anyone will be an upgrade over what we had this season.
  6. I agree. The 2 FA corners I want are Derek Cox and Toler. I also like Xavier Rhodes in the 1st round if and only if he is the best player available at #24.
  7. Let's please eliminate any of the over priced guys, Jake Long, Clady, and Bushrod. Personally, I don't see Clady or Bushrod going anywhere. If we overpay for Long I will puke. Poor long term investments. With that being said, Andy Levitre and Sebastian Vollmer are on my wishlist. Castonzo and Satele aren't going anywhere. Although I wish Satele would just die. So we really need Levitre and Vollmer to replace McGlynn and Justice as starters...Reitz will be fine for another year.
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