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  1. I agree. If we can sign him, our D is set. In the draft we need to find a future pass rushing OLB and Reggie Wayne's replacement...but those are all moves for the future.
  2. I think it was on yardbarker.com where i read the report...just bringing up what I read, that's all
  3. I'm curious to know what other people think. I love this guy, but heard the reason he left Philly without a contract is because Chip Kelly wanted to move him to DE in their 3-4. Well, he is here in Indy today and I have a strong feeling we will be signing him. He is only 294lbs. I think in our 3-4, Pagano will also want to play him at DE opposite Redding. I hope so. Because Josh Chapman is our NT...I don't want to see Francois try and play that even though he had success playing it part time with the Niners...SF plays a one gap assignment 3-4, where our NT is responsible for 2 gaps. Don
  4. In my opinion, the greatest small white boy possession WR of our time is Wes Welker. Danny Amendola is a poor man's Wes Welker. Griff Whalen in my eyes is a poor man's Danny Amendola...not sure what that makes him, but that is my professional assessment.
  5. I think we all need to realize it doesn't matter who we add to the OL, anyone will be an upgrade over what we had this season.
  6. I agree. The 2 FA corners I want are Derek Cox and Toler. I also like Xavier Rhodes in the 1st round if and only if he is the best player available at #24.
  7. Let's please eliminate any of the over priced guys, Jake Long, Clady, and Bushrod. Personally, I don't see Clady or Bushrod going anywhere. If we overpay for Long I will puke. Poor long term investments. With that being said, Andy Levitre and Sebastian Vollmer are on my wishlist. Castonzo and Satele aren't going anywhere. Although I wish Satele would just die. So we really need Levitre and Vollmer to replace McGlynn and Justice as starters...Reitz will be fine for another year.
  8. I agree with the guy who likes Andy Levitre. We need him, and he is so good. He's one of my top picks I hope we can get.
  9. well, hopefully you are right then...because I don't believe in just stockpiling the top FA's...
  10. I agree. I think we sign Wallace because of BA. Yes, I believe BA will stay with the Colts and turn down whatever HC offers he gets.
  11. He was Director of Player Personnel the year they built the Dream Team...there was an article about how that team was built, and he was one of the masterminds.
  12. It all depends who gets in the playoffs...if Luck makes it in and RG3 doesn't...Luck will win ROY hands down. If both get in, the likelihood of a tie would go up.
  13. I agree with you, but that doesn't mean Grigson won't repeat his mistakes and try to buy all the top FA's...he went ape % with the Eagles when they had money to blow. Didn't workout too well for them...
  14. I don't think they will cut them either...I'm saying they "should"
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