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  1. When he got rocked by Doyle?
  2. The Colts were very unlucky and still won the game.
  3. For the season broken ankle, TJ Watt rolled up on him
  4. I think Cleveland isn’t nearly as good as Dallas made them look offensively. The Dallas D is historically inept.
  5. Draft Tua if possible, he can take the job from JB when he’s ready.
  6. I would expect Wilkins to get Mack’s touches. 3rd down Hines and a handful of carries for Williams.
  7. walking onto that field this year. Big difference.
  8. Luck is walking onto that field this year. Big difference.
  9. Mack has been tripping himself up way to often. He needs to play better.
  10. I played soccer once, maybe I’m the answer
  11. Rigaberto needs to see if he can kick field goals
  12. Our other receivers haven’t showed up yet this season. Josh Gordon is staring to seem like a viable option.
  13. Connor left with his arm in a sling.
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