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  1. that's very very true a team like the colts wins the super bowl by having good rookies and developed 2nd & 3rd year players we have the star talent in place, it always come down to the young ones
  2. with manning & sorgi as the only qb's on the roster, we'll probably sign at least one more camp arm besides davis it wouldn't surprise me if we actually carry 3 on the active regular season roster
  3. http://www.thestarpress.com/article/20110726/SPORTS/110726003
  4. someone will pay big for him the madness begins. it's going to be one heck of a week
  5. http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_18549001
  6. sure, who doesn't want a new superstar to carry their team
  7. yeah we'll probably sign a few training camp bodies in the upcoming days
  8. a few years ago, manning said he upped his lower body workouts to help prevent injury as he gets older you could tell the difference in his throwing stance that year somehow i think peyton knows a little more about what training he needs than any reporter
  9. you make a good point. if the players' union votes it down, it could be construed as a strike although with the courts involved (sigh), it probably would be ruled illegal or some such crap
  10. we can speculate all we want. but based on past history, we won't have a clue what's really going on
  11. i was thinking he should ride a lion donning a whip
  12. that's what i would tend to think as well. unless there is specific language allowing it, it would be off the table
  13. yeah, which is what we all would prefer not sure if it would be possible, but freeing up the tag could, in theory, allow us to use it on someone else if need be
  14. peyton's been tendered the tag before, but always ended up playing under contract. i think one would actually have to play under the tagged to truly be considered tagged
  15. yeah i can't see how it would be retroactive unless it is specifically worded as such
  16. and i am the artist formerly known as prince, and i am one heck of a basketball player
  17. public intoxication usually means two things a) you've been drinking b) you've made a spectacle of yourself
  18. reggie sees there will be no new money for him under the new cba
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