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  1. polian specifically said macafee was suspended because his actions caused him to miss practice the following morning
  2. all we need is a little luck in the health department and a couple rookie/free agents to become play makers :trophy:
  3. if even one of the recent signings plays well enough for us to want them back in 2012, then that bodes well for the upcoming season
  4. if the colts were to make a big trade for any player, tebow would be at or near the bottom of my wish list
  5. you can't trade a guy if he isn't under contract
  6. yeah, but i'm talking about potentially better play from the tackle position. we know what we have in freeney & mathis. give them some legitimate help in the middle & look out
  7. i can't see the skins offering him much money given the depth they already have. we'll see
  8. if we can get consistent pressure from the front four, our current secondary will be just fine
  9. i agree on all accounts. that's the same thing i thought about kick returns last year. they should have just ran into the endzone & kneeled down. no reason to risk a fumble. looks like i'll get my wish this season :whiteflag:
  10. kr duties will probably fall to one of the undrafted rookies maybe we'll finally get lucky
  11. today's star article suggests a one year $2 million deal http://www.indystar.com/article/20110803/SPORTS03/108030317/Diem-gets-pay-cut-also-his-wish-He-ll-remain-Colt?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|Sports
  12. it's tough having all the "let's get this free agent" threads packed into one condensed week
  13. the only people who literally drank the kool-aide didn't live to tell about it
  14. there are hundreds & hundreds of cases just like hart's that's why the average nfl career is 2.7 years. hart actually beat the odds
  15. yes you did. but we try not to be dork haters around here. dorkoholics anonymous is a regular financial contributor, so we try to keep an open mind they even sent us these handy t-shirts
  16. just knowing every team is in camp is enough to give me patience for football at this time last week we still didn't know if a cba would be approved and how long it might take to ratify
  17. we don't know it just depends on how well our rookies and second year players develop, just like any other year if a couple guys surprise us and become real playmakers, we have as good a shot at a title as anyone
  18. yeah it's fun to dream. we'd be a top 5 defense just by adding one guy :whiteflag:
  19. when we drafted manning, he said he wanted to play his entire career here, but was humble enough to say it might not be his choice to make he also said he was going to help bring a championship to the city cocky, yet humble - good qualities to have in the face of your franchise. people who call him selfish & greedy are just ignorant to what sort of person he is
  20. it'd sure be fun to yell his name at the tv screen
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