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  1. i think it was edgerrin james first play from scrimmage that made me forget all about marshall
  2. nate davis, drake nevis... i can't keep these guys straight
  3. that's pretty common in training camp with little hitting & tackling going on
  4. good to hear tommie harris made an impression in his one day of practice
  5. that's interesting the team's lineage actually dates back to the dayton triangles, a team that started nfl play in 1920
  6. the franchise that became the colts in 1953 actually started out as the boston yanks and eventually became the dallas texans http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dallas_Texans_%28NFL%29
  7. yeah your are right. manning needs 6535 yards to pass marino. it'll probably happen in 2012 barring injury http://www.indystar.com/article/99999999/SPORTS0301/100916010&template=interactive
  8. you must be watching a different colts team than the one i watch. addai played some of the best football of his career last season when he was healthy. brown has had one or two okay games in three seasons & counting. most of the time he goes down like the titanic at the mere sight of contact
  9. according to rotoworld, he has never returned a kick or punt in his career http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/3646/player?r=1 there's too much potential for injury to risk your starting rb. you might consider it in the playoffs, but never regular season
  10. yeah, not someone who takes plays off and makes little or no effort to throw blocks randy moss & colts football are oxymorons
  11. try to look at it from a mod's point of view they do all this work maintaining a clean, family friendly board for no pay & very little thanks then they come across a thread like this griping about their thankless hard work
  12. all you are doing here is create more work for the mods read the rules, follow them, and you'll have no problems
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