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  1. we don't know it just depends on how well our rookies and second year players develop, just like any other year if a couple guys surprise us and become real playmakers, we have as good a shot at a title as anyone
  2. yeah it's fun to dream. we'd be a top 5 defense just by adding one guy :whiteflag:
  3. when we drafted manning, he said he wanted to play his entire career here, but was humble enough to say it might not be his choice to make he also said he was going to help bring a championship to the city cocky, yet humble - good qualities to have in the face of your franchise. people who call him selfish & greedy are just ignorant to what sort of person he is
  4. it'd sure be fun to yell his name at the tv screen
  5. i'm happy with everything irsay said. if he had kept quiet, the press would have assumed the colts were playing hardball & generated endless negative spin manning kept quiet until the end & look at all the negative press that was fabricated about him
  6. i'm surprised the steelers held on to him so long i think the guy could have been a great baseball player
  7. the indystar article seemed to suggest his cap hit this season will be $16 million http://www.indystar.com/article/20110730/SPORTS03/110730010/Colts-sign-Manning-5-years-90M-total?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|IndyStar.com if true, that clears up over $7 million woo! :trophy: :trophy:
  8. don't know much about williams, but sounds interesting as for samuel, no way. a cover 2 defense doesn't need star defensive backs. if the line & line backers do their job, you hardly need backs at all
  9. he is, after all, the first colts owner we've ever heard speak minus the influence of alcohol (all due repect for the dearly departed)
  10. i won't name names, but certain posters on this board are truly clueless
  11. that's about all you need to know about bush right there. the last guy the colts had like that was vanderjagt, the self proclaimed "most accurate kicker to ever play the game"
  12. at least the saints didn't trade away an entire draft to get bush cough williams cough dum ditka cough cough what is it about bust running back going from new orleans to miami
  13. great news! addai is a good player & a great guy too sounds like he was affordable. edgerrin james wanted hof'er money and never was all that productive once he got it
  14. you are right. http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2008090712/2008/REG1/bears@colts/analyze/box-score anyone remember any others?
  15. anyone know the last time the colts have given up a safety, and how many times it has happened during the manning era? (for all you snarks, i'm talking about the 2 point variety, not defensive backs)
  16. a rolling stone (colts) gathers no moss BAAZAMM! :whiteflag:
  17. if the colts can improve the line & backer's play, the secondary doesn't matter much we're already overpaying hayden & bullitt
  18. i can see chris' side of it but he is under contract & he should honor that & show he is a professional he does deserve more money, but if i were titans management, i'd be reluctant to shell out huge sums of money to a guy who puts himself before the team look at guys like reggie wayne & robert mathis. they're underpaid too, but at the end of the day, the are professional men of their word
  19. that's very very true a team like the colts wins the super bowl by having good rookies and developed 2nd & 3rd year players we have the star talent in place, it always come down to the young ones
  20. with manning & sorgi as the only qb's on the roster, we'll probably sign at least one more camp arm besides davis it wouldn't surprise me if we actually carry 3 on the active regular season roster
  21. http://www.thestarpress.com/article/20110726/SPORTS/110726003
  22. someone will pay big for him the madness begins. it's going to be one heck of a week
  23. http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_18549001
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