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  1. Deshaun Watson to be named commissioner of Texas Pick Six Lotto this evening!
  2. Tiebreaker scenarios don't look too good vs the Titans (&%$% Jaguars loss!) It's still possible to flip the division record, but pretty unlikely. If we can match them (not absurd), we'd have a pretty good chance at the common opponents tiebreaker We need to flip the overall record, or pray
  3. Go Browns! Winning the division is ALWAYS a team's primary regular season objective. Anything else is irrelevant until the division is either won or the team is eliminated from the possibility
  4. That starts with the Jones' family hiring outside management and stepping aside entirely That won't be happening anytime soon
  5. Who the hell stunk up the forum restroom without turning the fan on?
  6. No one gets stoned anymore in civilized societies! Wait, that didn't sound right...
  7. We will need to hire a crime scene cleaning company to extract all the Titans' blood from the field turf at Lucas Oil Stadium
  8. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/media/2020/11/23/mike-tirico-replaces-al-michaels-nbc-thanksgiving/6390071002/?fbclid=IwAR1bt30egjUD8v0_3U7V0k1BaED3Vz9CgjmRxSXdeK4lknaAB-W5lqH2vBI
  9. Not at all. I think that play works a high percentage of the time
  10. It must be getting a little crowded back there
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