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  1. From Bleacher Report April 2018:



    The Indianapolis Colts' selection of South Carolina State linebacker Darius Leonard with the fourth pick in the second round was one of the draft's worst moves. They took four second-rounders, so they had plenty of room for error, but this one stands out as a head-scratcher.


    In the 2017 draft, no FCS off-ball linebacker was taken. In 2016, the top FCS off-ball linebacker (Kamu Grugier-Hill) was picked No. 208. In 2015, the top FCS off-ball linebacker (Kyle Emanuel) was taken 153rd. In 2014, the top FCS off-ball linebacker (Jordan Tripp) was taken 171st. For whatever reason, we woke up Friday in a world where Indianapolis thought taking an FCS linebacker in the top 40 was a good idea.


    The selection was turned in with running backs Ronald Jones, Kerryon Johnson and Derrius Guice still on the board. The Colts need a No. 1 back, considering their top returning rusher from last season, Marlon Mack, only has 358 career rushing yards and three scores.


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  2. 15 hours ago, PuntersArePeopleToo said:

    Ya the one thing I hope is that after the 4 years they do a flip on who is the home team. Like in 2025 the Colts play at the NFC South team


    I'm sure it will. Otherwise certain teams could be racking up way more extra home games than other teams over the course of seasons

  3. 5 minutes ago, colts8718 said:

    I am not so sure about Wentz but I am trying to be positive If Reich doe's not fix him then where in trouble, right now he is our best alterative 


    That's why we traded for him. He gives us hope. Without that hope, no one would buy season tickets

  4. 3 minutes ago, The Fish said:

    Oh, let's be honest, this forum is going to implode as it always does, because football is a stressful thing to be a fan of for whatever reason. If we win wrong, people will complain, ya know?



    That's hilarious because it's true :D

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  5. 3 minutes ago, DougDew said:

    Nonsense it is.


    Not sure that every player or pundit is on board about what a QB should be.  But they seem quick to discard the QB or take his side. 


    Seems like they want some god like creature, or a nanny to guide them, or maybe the opposite; just someone to point fingers at for locker room issues caused by players more like themselves.


    He could get criticized for changing the HCs play.  Could get criticized for not changing the play in the face of a stacked defense.


    Whatever the reasoning, criticizing or approving seems highly subjective and probably based upon things other than truly the QB.  Could be based upon the personality of the player(s) or pundits and not really the QB.


    wth are you even talking about... Go away

  6. 1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    If he plays bad and we start something like 1-4, this forum will implode. Rivers was good this past season for a 38 yr old, Luck was very good when he played, Peyton was a top 3 QB of all-time, who knows what we have here in reality? Can Wentz play at least as good as Rivers did or will he be like JB = a .500 QB?? 


    We shall see. But that's better than saying with JB we shall see. The front office has given us hope and that's all we can ask for

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  7. The question now is how long do the Texans wait to trade Watson. They could hold onto him until training camp hoping for a last minute payoff, but I doubt it


    They'll probably get the most for him leading up to the draft


    All parties need to be able to move on. I doubt Watson would ever play another snap for the Texans. So the Texans forcing Watson to sit is not an option they can afford to take


    It's certainly the most interesting story of the offseason

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