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  1. #18 forever on the field and in our hearts

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    2. KaylaD


      I am so sad. My heart is so heavy, I can't stand it. I wish Peyton the best in wherever he goes. I will forver love and respect him for all that he is. He will always be the best in my eyes.

    3. southwest1


      God, broke the mold when he made #18...Nobody even comes close to Peyton Manning's high character, moral fiber, steadfast integrity, & precision playing making ability between the hash marks...News of his departure like the "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" hangs around my neck like a symbolic albatross. What can lift this overwhelming burden? Time? I just don't know...

    4. MIColtsFan


      The only good news is that Manning will still be playing somewhere and it will be such an interesting season and he will still be fun to watch... just hope the Colts don't end up with a stinker of a season

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