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  1. Being aggressive is one thing. But being stupid and costing your team is an easy way to lose a game. You play with aggression but not reckless aggression. Ya players are gonna get penalties but the star players and great teams minimize them. Why give the opposition anything. Play clean and execute you will win 9 times out of ten.
  2. What cracks me up is how the Giants seemed to have the Patriots number and we seemed to have the Giants number.
  3. We hung with the pats this year for most of the game. Also I don't care if you lose by one or lose by thirty. A loss is a loss. I have a hunch we are gonna come out on fire this year, but I have been wrong before.
  4. Do we really need another thread about this. Not everybody is sad. I can't wait til next season and you all love Jim my for this move. Mark my words the colts will be in the playoffs next year.
  5. Oh wow you are really taking him out of context and taking it personal. I don't care he said that because he's right. I think your just made because Pags and or Grigs didn't get axed.
  6. Ty your job is to Get open and make a difference no matter what your asked to do. Take a page from Reggie Wayne.
  7. Fix the offensive and defensive line problem solved. You have to protect the the Qb
  8. This forum is so negative. We try to do something to make our players want to dig deeper and this forum starts blasting people. Ray Lewis is what football is all about getting pumped up before a game and trying to build up the other 53 players around him. None of us have any evidence from his murder case and yet people are still trying to burn him at the stake. I always was taught innocent til proven guilty. I commend this coaching staff for trying to motivate the players. And I also think this thread should be locked.
  9. The only reason I brought it up was because I was watching the game vs the skins and was like gee that kids arm looks weak...lol
  10. I don't watch skip the dummy bayless
  11. When everybody was saying Andrew couldn't throw the deep ball. Everybody was worried about his arm strength.
  12. What I don't get is people always talk about the negative things that luck does... Look he is in year three gets hit a lot and still stands in the pocket knowing he's going to take a hit and still delivers. Come on give the guy a break. He's putting up elite numbers and yet we dwell on the stupid stuff. I love watching the kid play. Oh and stop with the locking on to recivers stuff that's about the most inaccurate misconception ever.
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