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  1. That fake punt call was awful. Now it's 21 to 0. Peps play calls are awful. D is awful. Coaching is awful. Just pull the starters. Why play? The team obviously doesn't want to.
  2. Btw, Pep has only been here two seasons. The first season was Bruce Arians.
  3. And andrew threw a pick that pretty much sealed the game. I guess by definition, he's a bust too. Calm down...
  4. I am so ticked right now I can't even sleep. Just an inexcusable mess by pep and the D. Pep needs to go.
  5. Huh? He had a great game except for the fumble. If you're going to say he's a bust for the fumble, then so is Luck for the int he threw in the 4th quarter. No, the real villain is Pep and the D.
  6. Doubt it. The nfl will continue to shield and protect them, kind of like Peterson.
  7. So stupid but they are human and at game speed, I can see how they might think it was a horse collar, but something should be done to allow that to be reviewed. Stupid.
  8. At least it was against an NFC team, but losing on your home turf hurts.
  9. I am so mad. That was inexcusable. Colts should have won. Trich and Bradshaw have a great game and the pathetic play calling by pep at the end plus the pathetic D blow it all. Oh, and that Phantom horse collar was bull.
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