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  1. nah its when we wear our color rush jerseys... he just forgot the '12'... 2017, 14th of December... 20 '17, 14' th of December. Yay! thanks for the riddle Irsay.
  2. Ok here it goes: Round 1 - #15 A: Reuban Foster, B: Haason Reddick, C: Christian McCaffrey Round 2 - #46 A: Dalvin Cook, B: Gareon Conley Round 3 - #80 A: Tim Williams, B: Teez Tabor Round 4 - #122 A: Anthony Walker Jr., B: Kareem Hunt Round 4 - #137 A: Samaje Perine, B: Vince Biegel Round 4 - #144 A: Jessamen Dunker, B: Brad Kaaya Round 5 - #158 A: Kendell Beckwith, B: Bucky Hodges Free Agents: 3 choices Austin Rehkow Conrad Ukropina Pharaoh Brown
  3. I don't know, the more difficult games on this schedule are away games. I don't think that makes it particularly easy... But I think we can pull out at least a 3-13 record. I dont think we get below that ;)
  4. I am hoping that Grigson was just really bad at setting a cohesive vision. we have a lot of chiefs in our tent and I think maybe they all have their own vision of what works. I am hopeful that Ballard can set them all on one straight path and things will really start clicking. We have a great OC, OL, and QB coach all with tons of experience... and a whole bunch of other coaches with TONs of potential. they just need to come together with a solid, firm vision.
  5. yeah but going the "NE philosophy" you have to use those lesser known pieces... James white, 4th round pick and Legarrette Blount and Dion Lewis were UFAs... We have to be better about finding pieces out of the junk pile that fit what we are building. Hoping that the Vision is more clear with a new GM
  6. I think James Connor would be a good pick up... but dont we already have a guy like that on our roster? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Turbin Why pick up another when we could use that pick for some defensive help or unfortunately a new Punter? I do like McCaffery though, in my opinion a much better scat back than Ferguson...
  7. I just don't know if Brady would be successful if you put him on another team or with a different coach. My argument is that without him they still seem to succeed. They went 3-1 with Garapollo and went 11-5 with M.Cassel. If it was all Brady the drop off would have been much greater. Its not like Cassel was that successful for other teams. He hasn't been an 11-5 qb since. I would say that, even though I really hate the guy, Belichick should be in the GOAT conversation not Brady. He sees Bradys true strengths and makes sure they shine against ever other teams weaknesses. But
  8. Irsay is not lying... as Pagano IS currently the coach in 2017... he did NOT elude to Pagano being the ONLY coach in 2017. I have a strong feeling that unless Raye III is GM, Chuck is gone.
  9. I am really hoping that someone, like Cleveland, wants our draft pick and gives us like an extra second and third this year and a second in next years draft. That way we wont screw up this years first round draft pick and give an extra draft pick to who ever is making the decisions in next years draft ;)
  10. Ha! I thought the title read as "Erik Walden, 10 snacks!" I might be hungry
  11. What about Robinsons spot? arent we at 51 right now?
  12. Not just the First round... the first three rounds... in his time here he has picked only 4 defensive players in the first 3 rounds... only two are still on the team, Anderson and Green. In fact I think he has issues picking Defensive players in the draft. Has only picked 15 defensive players out of the 38 total picks (39.5%... and only 6 of these are still on the team that's 40% of the 39.5%... a whopping 15.75% hit rate!). Hes done slightly better on offense with a 32% hit rate. Ten Off. players picked in the first 3 rounds and only one not on the team anymore (Fleener)
  13. You know what I would love to see? A fake kneel down at the end of a half. No one would expect it out of us... Frankly it would be great just to hear the 'Boo-ers' go "booooo...yeah!!!"
  14. In terms of the Bye, rehab from injuries are always a good reason to celebrate. This year I feel like there is another good reason to celebrate... decent Coaching/game scheming... I have to wonder if the players were starting to doubt the coaching as much as we were on this forum. I feel like the win last night was much better schemed, and with that they have a positive foundation to build on this Bye. With a bunch of must win games ahead of us, faith in your leadership needs to be at an all time high.
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