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  1. He bullied a dude that allegedly has attempted suicide. That's enough for me. I'll bet you would take Vick on the team because they were just dogs. Sign oj, he was just a waiter. Right? Bullying is Incognitos only way. He was fat and stupid since birth, its a defense mechanism.
  2. I would stop being a Colts fan if Incognito became a Colt. He's a team cancer. I said the same about Michael Vick. A guard isn't that important. He'll hopefully never play again. He's a trash human being, always has been.
  3. If Martin became a Colt, I would be fine with it. He would have a good support system in place. If Incognito became a Colt, I would not be a Colts fan any longer. I have been a die hard since eight years old, but I would be done.
  4. Ah, I see. I tend to prefer backs that can run. Silly me.
  5. What really brings it home for me is that he gets headbutted when not wearing a helmet, then he PUNCHES Walden's helmet. To paraphrase Steve Martin in The Jerk, "He hates helmets!"
  6. Manning is one reason Brown was never used correctly in my opinion. He was in love with stutter step and dive Addai.
  7. I question the intelligence of a player who confronts a player who just ripped your helmet off when he still has his on. Darwinism at work in this case. The Titans are and always will be a dirty team and altogether a loser franchise. At least Walden showed some fight. I'd seen zero up to that point. In two weeks, I hope Walden destroys Walkers face.
  8. I had to log in just to express how I feel that this post made us all just a little dumber.
  9. Take a pay cut. You want to finish here? Take a pay cut. He wouldn't. Maybe he could just factor in the 25 million he stole, not make it look so bad? Water under the bridge. Glad it's over. That team has issues, and now other teams have the blueprint.
  10. Absolutely not. Just another QB to me. Glad he's gone, we're better off now. He just can't finish games like Luck. Oh, and he could have stayed. $$$$$$$$
  11. Yeah, going to have to go ahead and....disagree with you. He was very average for most of the game. The TD was a good throw. He missed a lot, less than 50% completion I believe. Also, he was terrible in the final drive. He's a slower RG3, with enough brains to slide. Once we contained his running, it was over for him.
  12. I can not wait until Whalen is cut. He is just a guy. Hard worker, preseason hero, I get it. But man, do I get tired of hearing about him.
  13. Not more than Te'o's girlfriend. He'll bust like all Notre Dame players have in the past 20 years.
  14. I remember that. However, I do wish the kid luck.
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