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  1. Some of my favorite Reggie moments include the 2006 Broncos game when Reggie was like a bucking horse that couldn't be contained! He basically defeated the Broncos by himself that day! 

    Another great memory was he scored the Colts first touchdown in Super Bowl 41 and most recently in 2012 the home game against Green Bay, he scored a TD as he was being wrestled down but his will to win drove the ball across the goal line and just did break the plain. Oh man I'm gonna miss 87! Hey Reggie, we'll miss you and remember that you'll always be loved by Carolina Colt Fan!


  2. About T.Y. Hilton. What a receiver! He's gotta be one of the fastest Colts of all time! His speed reminds me of Roger Carr, you older Colts fans will know who I'm talking about! Hope the Colts management will see fit to keep him around a long time. He's destined to be a Colts legend! Love this guy!

  3. .Tebow would be a great addition to a team with high moral standards like the Pats or even better, the Colts. His talent is in his legs and not his arms so he should really  play halfback for those 4th and goal  situations.....

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