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    No offense, but I feel more like the fan base is just....meh. Ballard freaking rules. If I ever get to meet Jim Irsay, I'm high fiving him on this hire.
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    Who is Kent Sterling and why should we care what he says? Never heard of him. Was it racism that caused the Colts to trade for JB? Was it racism that caused the Colts to publicly call Brissett a top-20 QB? Was it racism that had Ballard say he wouldn’t trade Brissett unless he was overwhelmed by an offer? Was it racism that made Ballard say JB has ELITE leadership skills? Was it racism that had Ballard make Brissett the starter after Luck retired? We could have traded for someone. Was it racism that drove Ballard to give Brissett a two year contract worth $30 mill when JB was already signed to a contract? The Colts were under no obligation. Was it racism that now made Ballard keep JB as the highest paid backup in the NFL? The Colts could’ve cut him and saved good money. Look.... a nobody has a blog. But he doesn’t have the brains to back it up. Very disappointing. He’s clueless and he’s wrong.
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    Sometimes all a player needs is a change of scenery. Hope it works out.
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    What people aren't talking about that I think should be mentioned more is that Day and our new prize defender Deforest Buckner played (and even started some) side-by-side last year with SF. These two already know each other's games, and that should really help them both with consistency and comfort on defense! Great add!!
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    I was reading a lot of your guys post on Rhodes. I was hoping I could shed some light on his play the last 2 seasons. The Vikes run a very complicated Double A scheme. In 2017 it was super effective when paired with a lot of blitzes and **Press Man**. In 2018, more teams started running the double A due to our success (it is a copycat league after all). As a result, many offenses were prepared for the double a scheme and we saw a lot of schematic counters to the defense. What Zimmer then did to counter this was to blitz less, send more corner blitzes instead of sending our Lbs and switch our CBs to a weird fusion of off man and cover 3. Both corners are press corners. They excel by putting immediate hands on a WR and then running with them. Rhodes, unfortunately, has been banged up and has continue to add one muscle to his already large frame. He looks almost like a strong safety at this point. He is too big and off man already was a weakness of his. His previous injuries have robbed him of some foot quickness and change of direction ability. When paired with being heavier, it is a recipe for disaster. He really needs to get lighter and leaner. Not sure if he added on the pounds to be more stout in run support but it has been detrimental to his ability to shadow. The good news is, not all is lost. He is still one of the best press corners in the league, when allowed to press. If you DC puts him in a press role, he will improve and if he decides to shed all of that excess weight, he will return close to his old form. These are all big ifs though. If your scheme is off man or a lot of cover 3's/clouds, it is going to be Roads Open.
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    He should have been a Colt all along... I don't know how well he fits the defense, or why he fell off last year. I'll have to dig into what the Vikings were doing with him.
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    He inherited a bad roster that had the franchise qb so beat to hell, he retired 10 years early. I don’t care if he rushed the qb spot or not, he was dealt a % hand and set back with Andrew on that. He’s built a roster that is set up for success long term, regardless who is under center, and he’s made moves to put this team in a contention mode for the next couple years while they figure the qb spot out. I think Chris has done an unbelievable job of finding talent at different levels, being approachable with the media. He handled the Pagano situation with class. He handled the McDaniels fiasco with class. He’s brought in high character players, and put high emphasis on that with Brian Decker leading the cause on that aspect. He put together a top notch front office with Ed Dodds, and previously Rex Hogan who left for the Jets. You also mention Irsay and the money spent. You do realize he has saved the Irsay family hundreds of millions in the last three years in payroll, right? That was his pitch to get this GM job from day one. A complete overhaul of the roster, with an emphasis on the draft and cheap rookie deals. Frugal spending in FA until the roster is built well to hit it hard, and then after several years of saving cap space and the organization money on payroll, we’ll push the chips in and sign our draft picks/some big FA and go for it. All in all, if you only point out the misses, as you did, and not the positive highlights that encompass the overall body of work, you miss big time... and your post missed big time.
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    Are you serious? Ballard has way improved our OL, this thread seems like a joke. People get mad when he doesn't spend during Free Agency, now people are mad because he spent money on a QB and DT which filled our biggest holes. Now on the Drafts, no front office hits on every pick its impossible, they'll have some good drafts and bad drafts the key is to have more good then bad.
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    Im sure the front office is worried about you're overreacting opinion
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    So the QB spot is still a mess and CB appears to have either poorly judged JB or panicked into a high signing price. Now he signed to Hoyer to a ridiculous signing last year to mentor and help JB in the film room now neither of them are the answer. Did he panic and bring Rivers here too under a 1 yr deal with what follow up plan? No option for if Rivers does well, we keep him. Was Rivers that highly sought after that we couldn’t do a deal that gave either team control of next year or lower money this season? I’m seriously questioning his talent for this QB search at this point. Add into this how confused many are at how Kelly was handled last season. On the 53 but never active, kept when we needed a spot and we had 3 QB’s with Hoyer being the bad option of back up. Now what do we have in him and if nothing, why in the heck was he kept at the end of the season games when we could have cut him and kept Cain or brought in someone else, CB or WR? im tired and don’t have energy tonight to look but CB has signed guys to decent contracts and they failed or cut right early or drafted and cut. Desir, he was talked up, given some money and cut this year. We have Basham, Banner (gone), Wilson, looks to be gone. Hooker, looks like an a great player except first year. Hairston gone. Cain was talked about like a 5 star guy and he is gone. The whole kicker ordeal last season. What’s Tyquan Lewis? his free agent picks? Hankins Simon Webb slauson I know I’m missing some and didn’t include our failed ones. he has had some nice draft picks for sure. Much like Grigs, he couldn’t fix the oline. Polian couldn’t fix the defense near his end. Now CB hasn’t been able to solve the QB situation and he seems like he panics with availability and he has overpaid and n other areas with contract concerns. If you overpay, better get some future control. Idk, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he has had bad luck with 2019 being an absolute disaster in every way possible, he didn’t make good choices imho. If JB is his guy but couldn’t play well because of the knee, IR him, use your high paid back up. If he can’t play because he is bad, try your project guy or bring in another guy. He didn’t manage that well. The WR spot just got nothing from it. Ty hurt, DF hurt D. Fountain hurt, Cain cut, Ebron quit, kept a WR that was special teams at best that eventually got hurt. Just misfortune. at any point, just a lot of very concerning choices and odd decisions made by CB. If I were Irsay, I’d be like dude, you’ve spent my money like a 50/50 pot was on the line. You’ve guessed wrong a lot. I need to see you do better here this year. I’ve cut you a lot of checks.
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    So while doing doing our forum mock draft and seeing Derrick Bown and Javon Kinlaw on the board at pick 13 it got me wanting to compare those two to Buckner. Javon Kinlaw 6'5 324 LB's 34 7/8 arms and unfortunately did not work out at the combine due to a knee issue flared up at the senior bowl. In 29 Games he had 42 solo tackles, 40 assist, for a total of 82 with 17 tackles for a loss and 10 sacks. Derrick Brown 6'5 326 LB's 34 1/4 arms 5.16 40 yard, 28 reps, 27 inch vertical, 108 broad jump, 8.22 3 cone, 4.79 20 yard shuttle In 46 games he had 89 Solo 81 assist for 170 total tackles with 33 tackles for a loss and 12.5 sacks. Deforest Buckner 6'7 291 LB's 34 3/8 arms 5.05 40 yard, 32 inch vertical, 116 inch broad jump, 7.51 3 cone, 4.47 20 yard shuttle In 53 games he had 109 solo 123 assist for 232 total tackles with 36 for a loss and 18 sacks. On paper Deforest looks to be the best athlete and prospect. It helps that during his time in the league he has secured himself as an all-pro talent. The people who were banging on the table for a DT at 13 should be ecstatic about Buckner because he was a better draft prospect and has put it all together.
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    Buckner's missed 1 game in his career. He just turned 26 last week. He's coming off a two consecutive years where he played very well (a probowl one year, 2nd team all-pro the other). The 3T IDL spot is arguably the most important on this defense and we had a glaring weakness there (assuming Turay and Houston stay healthy and Bagonu continues developing, our edges were more sound than our interior). In 4 seasons he's had 28.5 sacks, compared to Clowney's 32 sacks in 6 seasons (consider Buckner is an IDL and Clowney's an edge guy - that's 7.125 sacks per year for Buckner to 5.3 sacks per year from Clowney). Buckner was voted by his teammates as team MVP last season. He's considered by many to be a top 3 player at his position (behind Aaron Donald and maybe Chris Jones). Clowney's slightly over a year older with 2 more years in the NFL. He's 4 years removed from being a 2nd team all-pro (Buckner was one last year). He missed 3+ games last year and his numbers were down from his previous two years aside from missing those games. He also had injury concerns early in his career. He's considered by very few to be top 5 at his position at this point in his career. Sheard is still on the market. Clowney's really not done much as a pass rusher in the NFL. Just last season, in the same amount of games (13) Jabaal Sheard racked up 4.5 sacks along with 45 tackles (25 solo, 20 assists). Clowney had 3 sacks and 31 total tackles (21 solo, 10 assists). I think Clowney's a better player than Sheard, but where Sheard excels is against the run, much like Clowney (with Clowney being better). That said, we could get Sheard for a lot cheaper if needed and still get a quality player. At IDL, there simply were not a lot of high quality players available in FA or on the trading block. IMO, Clowney's still riding the fact that he was a number 1 overall pick and the fact that he's got a household name. In terms of producing on the field, Buckner's been much more productive over the past 2 years than Clowney has, and he fits a need at arguably the most important spot on our defense. Those are just some of the reasons why we'd pay Bucker $21 mil and want Clowney to accept less.
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    First round will start March 23rd, 8 AM EST. This will allow MOST of FA to be completed and probably most trades. Will run with last year's rules with some tweaks. 3 hour clock time. You have to make you pick within that time slot. Once you have made your selection, simply post it AND tag the next person on to be on the clock based on the draft order. If not able to be online, email picks to commish (me) a head of time, minimum of top 3 choices(can be position or BPA). If no pick is sent at the end of 3 hours, top ranked player remaining using Walter football will be selected. No debates, no discussions. This will be BPA at a listed position of need for the respective team. If a pick list is sent in, we will give you 1 hour to make that pick before going to your list. Operating on a 2 strike rule. You can miss one pick without issue, miss a 2nd pick without first sending a list, the team will go to "autodraft" from that point forward with the above BPA at position of need being selected unless a different GM wishes to take over. Same rules, trades are allowed using this year's picks only, We are doing ALL 7 rounds this year so all picks are in play. ALL trades after both teams have agreed to one, MUST be submitted via Private Message and APPROVED by either the commissioner (@csmopar) or one of the co-comissioners. Again, BOTH team GMs MUST submit a PM to the commissioners in order for the trade to be approved. If you do not, the trade will not be approved. The approving commissioner will be the ONLY one to announce the trade on the thread. This is to help eliminate confusion and ensure accuracy as some trades happened and weren't caught and led to some confusion in later rounds. Clock time will be 3 hours, Draft times daily are 8 am to 10pm EST, no picks will be made outside these hours. Round 1: 1. Cincinnati- @crazycolt1 2. Washington- @John Hammonds 3. Detroit- @Matthew Gilbert 4. NY Giants- @runthepost 5. Miami- @twfish 6. LA Chargers- @Clem-Dog 7. Carolina- @ColtsGermany 8. Arizona- @CR91 9. Jacksonville- @stitches 10. Cleveland- @coltsfanej 11. NY Jets- @John Hammonds 12. Las Vegas- @RNGDShobby 13. San Francisco f/IND- @pacolts56 14. Tampa Bay- @Zoltan 15. Denver- @Jared Cisneros 16. Atlanta - @chad72 17. Dallas- @shastamasta 18. Miami f/PIT- @twfish 19. Las Vegas f/CHI- @RNGDShobby 20. Jacksonville f/LAR- @stitches 21. Philadelphia- @coltsfanmurf 22. Minnesota f/BUF- @NFLfan 23. New England- @Archer 24. New Orleans- @SaturdayAllDay 25. Minnesota- @NFLfan 26. Miami f/HOU- @twfish 27. Seattle- @danlhart87 28. Baltimore- @WarGhost21 29. Tennessee- @chad72 30. Green Bay- @OffensivelyPC 31. San Francisco- @pacolts56 32. Kansas City- @crazycolt1 Let me know if you have any questions. I'm still waiting to hear if we're going have an co-commissioners this year. If not, I can handle it given the world's events going on around us that pretty much has freed up my time for a few weeks.
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    Hey, a unique discussion topic!
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    I was one of the few who supported the Werner pick. My support ended up looking like these batters....
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    His downfall is a mystery, but one thing was clear. He was the top CB when he had full confidence in him, he used to trash talk and be physical with receivers. Some say the recent continuous changes in pass interference calls by NFL has made Zimmer hold him back on his physicality, or Rhodes just lost his competitive edge on his own there. He was still in right place, in step with receivers in many plays but we don't see the physicality and dominance that we used to him see him exhibit. Whether that's due to injury or not is something coaches need to take a look at. He has gained a bad reputation of getting in sidelines citing some nagging injury or sprain a lot, but he still played a heavy amount of snaps. Just don't be surprised if he comes off the field many times during the game, but he'd go right back in after a couple of plays. Recent PFF stats someone in a Vikings forum pointed out suggests that Zimmer has moved to more zone coverage than man in last two years. Rhodes also has been part of many miscommunication since the horrible NFCCG game from our secondary against Nick Foles and the Eagles. Zimmer also has admitted making lot of changes in defensive coverage from the NFCCG game, that the team's defensive players started on wrong foot in the beginning of 2018 season for first 4 games and I'm week 2 against GB in 2019. Rhodes has not been the same since Zimmer started evolving his coverage, with the viewpoint that the experienced secondary players who all grew up in same scheme all their career (Harrison, Rhodes, Waynes, Mac, Harris) could take the defense to more complicated coverage looks but Rhodes doesn't seem to have been comfortable with that. No wonder Zimmer has completely dismantled that CB group this off-season, though Mac Alexander did well (but he didn't accept to be a slot corner only position that Zimmer wants him to play). That's my opinion on his downfall, contrary to @chad72's opinion. He still gets to be in right place but it's also true that he struggles with younger twitchy quicker receivers of late, maybe he just needs simple man coverage, one-on-one physical nature of cornerback play for him to get back to the good old form. It's good Colts have DB coaches that were part of the group who drafted him. If they could get him to play where he's best, he could prove to have more years in his career in good form. Good try on one-year deal.
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    Uh oh.... Twitter opposes! Is it too late to void the deal?!? Twitter!! Twitter!! Twitter!!
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    Hope he doesn't practice social distancing during the season.
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    Because they all know what CB is thinking. That is why there were numerous threads about the possibility of the Colts trading for Buckner, weeks before it happened. Just in case, the above is sarcasm.
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    CB is a smart guy, and I trust his judgement on this one. I also happen to agree with him. We got a proven dominant player at a critical position for our defense as opposed to a chance at a player who may or may not be a good NFL player.
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    Great story here. Sounds like they have plans to cut to each teams head quarters to have them announce their pick. I also love the commissioners comments how we can use this to uplift America. It is important I think to give everyone something to look forward to. Your mind will go crazy If all you watch is the news. FA was such a blessing to have something fun and fake minds off everything else for awhile. I think this is going to be really fun way of doing the draft
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    Dont care what you say, no one does a game plan and says "We aint worried about Clowney". No matter how over rated one thinks he is
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    Chances are you don’t know what you’re talking about. It is most not certainly going to be “done” in a month.
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    This mock is post Senior Bowl, Combine, and the first week of FA. A lot of things Have transpired on our end (Desir released). I still see us signing Clowney. Not being able to bring him in for a physical is what is holding up the process. But anyways here we go. This is half what I would do and what Ballard would actually do. R2(34): Trevon Diggs, CB Alabama- The Desir release makes CB a higher priority. Desir is an elite athlete who anticipates routes very well so we’ll be an ideal fit in zone, but has man coverage ability that needs to be sharpened. He can start immediately R2(44): Cole Kmet, TE Notre Dame- I think Ballard will finally want his own elite TE. He was with KC who had Kelsey, and Reich was with Philly who had Ertz. Kmet needs to improve his blocking but he’s already polished as a receiver and can contribute immediately. He has pro-bowl potential. R3(75): Michael Pittman Jr., WR USC- If there is a perfect Ballard fit in this draft, it’s Pittman. He’s tall but also an underrated route runner, comes from NFL bloodlines, was a team captain, and was a Senior Bowl guy. This is what they envisioned with Funchess, but Pittman has a higher ceiling. R4(122): Davon Hamilton, DT/NT Ohio State- We have need for another NT with the release of Hunt. Ballard loves his Ohio State guys and Hamilton can be a good rotation piece who has high upside. R5(160): Ben Bartch, OT Saint John’s- Developmental LT prospect from an extremely small school who also needs to hit the weight room badly. Opened some eyes at the Senior Bowl though. R6(193): James Madison, QB- This isn’t the QB of the future but I think you need to take a project late for depth. Jacoby is a FA next year so even if Rivers earns a 2nd contract with the Colts, you still will need another QB since Kelly is still an unknown. R6(197): JR Reed, SS Georgia- We need safety depth and I think Reed can push Willis. He’s a really tough and smart player who had nice Combine numbers as well. This mock is post Senior Bowl, Combine, and the first week of FA. A lot of things Have transpired on our end (Desir released). I still see us signing Clowney. Not being able to bring him in for a physical is what is holding up the process. But anyways here we go. This is half what I would do and what Ballard would actually do. Appreciate any feedback as always!
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    We've been doing more man at times, but I've always assumed it was going to be a zone matching kind of 2013 Seahawks scheme. Guess we still could, both Rhodes and Ya-Sin are tall, long, and good tacklers.
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    It says in the article that it is confirmed that the Colts meet with him via video chat/ facetime. Thoughts?
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    Day is a 1T. Doubt this would have anything to do with Clowney. We needed a reasonable 1T guy for depth/rotation, so this shouldn't surprise anyone.
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    I rolled my eyes at all the so called draft experts having us take flawed Jordan Love at 13, was never happening in a million years. Not NFL ready and may never be. Derrick Brown was a great option BUT likely wouldnt have fallen. Javon Kinlaw was a realistic option but Buckner is a sure thing.
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    Leave them alone. The all whites are the best uniform in all of sports
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    You think national governments are doing it just for fun? Get over yourself and wake up. If you don't at least try and buffer the outbreak the medical services will not cope, and more people will die who should have lived. This isn't speculation, it's fact. We're "lucky" here in that in our new Chief Medical Officer just so happens to be a leading epidemiologist, so you know what, I'm gonna listen to what he has to say.
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    I completely agree our fan base seems awful because of a select few.. they boo players that retire and they complain about every player we sign or don’t sign. They complain about every draft pick, And every trade. it just seems like as of lately it’s just a toxic bunch.
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    I think he ranks closer to wowza than meh. Maybe even woohoo status.
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    It does the Colts no good to cut him right now because his bonus is guaranteed. I don't understand why people don't comprehend this point. You may be able to trade him for a late round pick if they want to deal him. The can cut him later if they need the cap space or there's a replacement. It doesn't hurt to hold onto him while the QB market finishes settling. I don't care who the QB is they aren't winning if his options are Doyle and Pascal. That's basically what JB had left to throw to at the end of last year. Funchess went down game 1. Ebron was dropping everything thrown his way until he tapped out. Once T.Y. went down the offense shut down even when he was gimping around on a bad leg trying to play. Campbell was hurt basically the entire season. Even lousy Chester Rogers got hurt as well as Mack. Cain was so good they released him. This team finished 7-9 with AV costing them the SD and Pittsburgh games. He most likely cost them Miami. The Colts beat Pitt and Miami if JB doesn't get hurt. The season turned when Campbell couldn't run into the end zone in Pittsburgh without tripping over his own feet. A few plays later Brissett is hurt and things snowballed from there. JB has flaws, but he's getting a bad rap. Andrew Luck won zero games without TY. Zero. I hope Old Man Rivers fines the fountain of youth, but you all might be happy they still have JB when Glowinski gets Rivers killed. The right side of that o-line is average at best and it has been hidden by Luck and even JB extending plays. Rivers is a statue. T.Y. has been breaking down. I don't care how many total games he's missed. He's played injured more and more. They Colts need to draft a stud WR in the 2nd round. A solid #2 who can develop into a #1 if needed. No more guys like Funchess.
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    Great News. So now we will have one Guy who will chuck it deep and have the passes intercepted and another guy who never throws interceptions because he can never hit the open guy whether on offense or defense, all while the other guy lights it up during the preseason and against the first string defenses in practice each week, but alas still doesn't get a real shot. Yea, makes sense to me, let's roll out the trashcans...
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    This screams that we’re going after someone. If it was just about being unhappy with Desir then we would’ve cut him when we cut Hunt. This is happening now because we’re going after a big fish now. Also, according to at least one post in this thread we would like Desir back, but at a better price. For a franchise that typically doesn’t leak, that should speak loudly. Finally.... Desir’s play didn’t fall off because he’s a one year wonder, it fell off because he was hurt. He played while he was hurt. It’s not because he’s not all that good. It’s because of injury. That’s why we’d like him back, but at a lower number. Sucks for him, but I hope we end up bringing him back.
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    Enough to make the usual complainers do their thing.
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    Kenny is past Desir too it seems:
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    He was a favorite of mine in the 2013 draft and I know he's had a couple of down years, but hopefully we can get him back in form. 7 years later and he's finally in Colts blue (definitely not still salty about Werner over Rhodes....definitely.....)
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    They really stepped up the production this year. This series is amazing.
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    First time poster from Chargersland. I’ve been a fan of Rivers since he was Drafted. I’m really excited to see what he can do behind your great OL and @ real RB. Not to mention a defense that can tackle. last year Rivers had 2nd to last OL and his WR were 2nd to last in separation. Yes Allen and Williams can be great but Rivers has done more with a great TE and Average WR. Gordon held out and came back out of shape and disrupted the flow they had with Ekeler and Hunter Henry did was not healthy. add to that they Fired his long time OC (Ken Whizenhunt) in week 5. It was clear the organization turned on Rivers. Rivers had 20 int which he said he would rather give his WR a chance than kick it. Rivers can make all the trows and no longer has to force the ball down field on 3rd and long. Rivers will have one of his best years due to Frank Reich and OC. I will now be watching All colts game. He you guy welcome me in and I Look forward to a great Colts season.
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    There is no question that he did. Who just puts themselves on IR? He didn't like that he was not getting the attention he did last year and IMO he lost faith on Brissett so instead of the narrative being he had a down year going into contract negotiations he went on IR so that everyone still thought of his 2018 season..
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    New facemasks to be worn under the normal helmet:
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    Congratulations! You might have the worst post in this thread. And there was plenty of competition, so your post had to be especially bad! You made us all so proud!
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    His wife is in perpetual labor
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