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    Talos IV..... birthplace of Peyton Manning’s forehead. We don’t watch.... we SEE
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    1. Dublin, Ireland 2. . Sometimes though, the Colts game might be on in a noted NFL bar so I go there, the place is usually full of Pats fans. 3. Never miss a game. If its a Thursday or Sunday night football game, I take the Friday/Monday off to sleep in (those games start in the middle of the night here). Just on a side note to point 2, joining this forum has been brilliant for me. I know I speak for alot of people on this forum who live outside of the US but here, there isn't alot of knowledgeable NFL people to chat to. So to be able to have a place to go to chat about the Colts like this forum is great! And it's an excellent forum, with great people and moderators.
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    https://www.colts.com/news/nfl-com-colts-had-top-rookie-class-in-nfl-in-2018 Really impressive concerning all the heat Ballard got for his picks.
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    People didn't appreciate just how good Tarik was until Tony Ugoh came along.
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    It is amazing how many fans we have in here that are from different countries. Pretty cool, way to represent
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    I'm in central Pennsylvania. Steeler and Eagle country. My brother's wife's sister lived in Baltimore and my brother would take me to Colt games in Baltimore as a child. One of my fondest memories is shaking Unitas's hand in the stadium hallway. Meeting Lenny Moore and Bert Jones were highlights too. I can still close my eyes and see,smell, and feel the stadium. When they moved, there was never a question of changing teams, for I was fully emotionally invested in those road whites. Oh, and i got directv the year Manning entered the league. I have every Colt game (and Manning's Bronco games) recorded, along with many pre-manning era games. I also went a lil crazy during the super bowl run and recorded all the sports news and media stuff to document the run. I enjoy watching old games in the off-season. Keeps me out of trouble.
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    I live 15 minutes away from LOS, so right here in Indianapolis. All of the games are on here locally on CBS, channel 4 here. If we play Sunday night our game is on NBC, Monday night it is on ESPN. I re-watch some of the games. I re-watched the Chiefs loss because I wanted to break down closely what went wrong.
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    As crazy as this sounds, I think that’s JB’s value. To answer the question: Jeffery Simmons. Look at other top picks injured before the draft. Jaylon Smith, Sidney Jones, and they were both picked in the early to mid second round. If we trade JB, that is absolutely who we should target with that pick
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    The Dolphins have tons of needs besides QB (WR, RB, OL, Edge, etc..) so they’re not going to give up a crazy high pick for him. I’d expect a 4th if it was for picks. Remember Ballard said he would have to be blown away by an offer though. What I think is more likely is they offer to swap 1st round picks and we swap our late 2nd for their early 2nd. So Ballard would end up with 3 picks (Jets 2nd rounder) in the top 48 picks, including a top 15 pick. At 13 you have a shot at Christian Wilkins, Clelin Ferrell, Brian Burns, and Devin White. That’s probably too good to pass up, even for Ballard. Ballard also said that he’d want to do what’s right for Jacoby, and he wouldn’t just send him anywhere. The Dolphins fit that criteria. New HC who has familiarity with Jacoby (the OC does too). They’re in a good market which will help with endorsements for him. It’s also becoming a young team so he fits in. Plus their QB coach is Jim Caldwell who would be great for him. Ballard doesn’t want to trade Jacoby and for all this talk, he might not. However if there was a team that he’d trade him to, it would be the Dolphins.
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    I have been saying it for years......if Luck wants to take his game to the next level he needs to yell more.
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    I was watching some old draft videos regarding the Colts 2018 draft on youtube, and I saw an interesting comment in the comments section. This is the video first. In the comments section there is a 3 comment conversation started by Captain Luck. It says: Captain Luck9 months ago (edited) Harold Landry was red flagged....bet. Josh Jackson was red flagged. Derius Guice was red flagged. Those are my guesses. Ballard went for the best player available with the best leadership and character. That's how the Cubs built it and Ballard is taking that same approach. If nothing else, he wants a locker room he can be proud of even if he's not drafting the guys other teams would based on talent. Exactly what the Pacers did too and look how well that worked out. Jason Spears9 months ago Justin Pelkey if that's the case, it makes much more sense. Captain Luck9 months ago Jason Spears I'm not sure but Ballard said that 45 prospects were automatically red flagged due to lack of scheme fit, lack of maturity/character, and injury history. I think that's why some of the picks lool like reaches. He was really strict about the type of player he was letting in the organization. I forget the Cubs GM name, but Ballard read his book last summer. The Cubs GM did the exact same thing. He looked at unique traits but more importantly brought in proven leaders. Ballard appears to be taking the same approach. We'll have to wait and see if it works. I thought this was very interesting as I'm not sure if he purposely is following the Theo Epstein model or if that's out of coincidence. The most telling thing is that he red flagged 45 prospects due to lack of scheme fit, maturity/character, and injury history. I knew GM's did this to an extent, but Ballard is apparently very picky, to the extent that he just wants certain guys even if he isn't getting value. It's not just about BPA or need with him. It's about getting the exact guys he feels comfortable with at certain positions. I can only imagine how few guys that he's willing to take when it's our pick. I couldn't find an article saying this info was 100% true, but no one said he was wrong either, and it makes sense. Just thought some people here might think this was interesting regarding Ballard, and it might reveal some of his drafting secrets that we can build mocks off of to emulate him.
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    Indianapolis Live TV I'll re-watch any Colts game except for a playoff loss. Especially the ones where Manning lost in NE after the '03 and '04 seasons. Small pieces of me died when watching those games.
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    Politics have no place in the workplace, and instead of being discreet about it, he's being as loudmouthed about it as he tries to. And on top of that, manages to swindle $60-80 million from the league for it when he didn't earn that money from the fruits of his own labor.
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    I think it’s super cool that we have so many fans from all over the world !!! We seem to have a lot of fans from Germany? Does that have to do with Andrew luck living in Germany when he was younger? Bjoern Werner bring you guys? Again I think it’s pretty awesome. I have family in the Bramberg(sp?)Germany area. I was supposed to meet up with a Colts fan from Germany, @cowboooy at Chiefs playoff game but unfortunately we were not able to meet up and hang out, total bummer!. Anyway I live in Northwest Indiana so I get to watch all the games on local television and I am within an hour from the stadium. I don’t rewatch many games but I’m starting to rewatch plays a lot more now that we have some pretty amazing guys playing. Love watching big Q administer pancakes and the maniac wreak havoc!!!!
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    Often times the refs blew those calls. Glenn was one of the fastest ever at the snap. His reaction time was amazing
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    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the Colts will have the league's best offense in 2019. Maybe not #1 statistically across the board, but they'll be great, they'll score a lot of points, they'll be efficient, deadly in the red zone, balanced and complementary, explosive, and basically a juggernaut.
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    Yeah, Enron "shreds" defenses in the passing game. Sorry, had to bring up the "shredding of evidence" by Enron. I hate auto-correct too.
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    I think the Flacco trade actually increases Brissett's value to no lower than a 3rd. Maybe even a 2nd. Younger QB with more upside and cheap vs. a 34 yr. old past his prime and costly. I think the trade says he's worth more than a 4th. I would easily do the trade for Keenum and move Brissett.
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    I was wondering what was everyone’s thoughts on the Safety position moving into next season. I know Geathers is set to be a FA and can move on and secure a larger contract elsewhere, which I personally wouldn’t mind as Geathers more often then not was Injured and not on the field. A person I wouldn’t mind seeing getting the nod opposite of Hooker is Mathias Farley. I’m a big supporter of this guy and feels like he has what it takes to be a starter in this league. I think a lot of us forgot about him since he went on IR early in the season. But in his short stint he played at a very High level and is an exceptionally better Cover safety than Geathers is , which you need in a Cover 2 Defense. I would like to see Geathers walk (IMO he shouldn’t be given a super large contract Atleast not from the colts) resign Mathias which likely won’t cost too much bring back Mitchell on a 1 year deal (his veteran leadership truly had a positive impact on the secondary). Lastly draft a safety to come in and compete as depth will certainly be needed as we saw at this position throughout the season. What are everyones thoughts on the position?
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    I think he's probably more of a 3-4 OLB. If Ballard passed on Harold Landry because he was a poor scheme fit, I'm not sure how he would feel about Polite who's shorter.
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    This settlement is a precedent. Every player that feels they are being black balled will now have reason to believe they can get a settlement by bringing a suit against the league. They shouldn't have caved if there was no collusion
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    The addition of Mudd invites intriguing possibilities. With Peyton, he had ran the front side of the O line Full Zone in the stretch play with the QB under center. I can see Reich also running it from the gun, possibly using the 'covered/uncovered' principle for blocking. It is designed for a fast RB to get outside a TE, but if defenses flow fast (and many are these days) I can see the O linemen decide to ride his defender out to the sideline and the RB must 'see' the developing seam and jump cut up into it and go vertical quickly. Improvement in the screen game would be most welcome.
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    If I had to guess I'd say Swoope and Travis dont make the 53 man, assuming everyone else is 100% healthy and they bring Hewitt back. Ebron fulfils the passing threat TE role Doyle / Allie-Cox are great dual blockers / receiving threats Hewitt played a good role as the blocker / fullback specialist - Travis has potential, but doesn’t block as well as Allie-Cox nor pose as much of a receiving threat as Ebron. - Swoope is a good receiving threat, but doesn’t really do much else and Ebron fills that role already. Just my 2 cents.