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    I am sold on the idea of Braden Smith at RT. The Jags were a test for the whole line, but specifically Smith since it meant he’d see a lot of Campbell and Ngouke. And he passed. I say leave him at RT. I like Leonard but Smith is the real steal of the 2018 draft. He’s playing like a 1st rounder. I’m sure If needed he could have the same impact at RG, but leave him at RT. Draft an OT/G to replace our weak backups but RT is no longer a pressing need.
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    For a moment there I panicked the trucks had rolled in overnight.
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    Oh, Dear God.... What are the magic words to make this stop?!? Do you think it's a coincidence that the line starting playing better when AC returned to the lineup? Here's a hint...... No!
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    I'm annoyed by threads like this.
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    Cue DougDew discrediting anything positive Ballard in 10, 9, 8,.......
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    ^it took one game vs Luck to make him want out of the division...
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    I get it. Your role here is the message board contrarian guy and it is a role you play quite well. I will admit to having read some of your thoughts on the site before that really made me think about my own position on whatever the topic of the day may be. This one though seems to me you are arguing for the sake of arguing. Sure having a QB like Luck and a coach who has schemed Ebron open on more than one occasion helps. But Ebron has made plays that not every "tall guy" can make. His first TD yesterday which was a great showing of balance and athleticism to stay in bounds and get to the corner was not routine. Nor was his TD against the Raiders - the catch itself and then getting his feet down made that a great play. So wouldn't it just be easier to say that this Ballard signing if not "amazing" was pretty damn good?
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    Smith has been playing out of his mind at RT. He's been excellent. I'll say it again........I think the Nelson effect is real. Big Q makes the entire line play better. This whole draft was a grand slam by Ballard.
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    To be fair, 2/5 of the line is a Polian/Grigson line.
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    I liked Braden Smith coming out of the draft. I was mocking him as a 3rd rounder for us and thought Ballard reached when he took him in the early 2nd. I was wrong. Braden Smith is a starting RT and he is performing like an elite one at that. He may turn out to be just as good of a pick as Nelson, and that's saying something.
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    Editing a screaming football player.......Serious stuff!
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    Who cares. That block was still nasty
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    4 Superbowls. 4 different head coaches
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    Luck has now joined Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as the only quarterbacks to throw 3 touchdown passes in 6 or more consecutive games. Way to go Andrew! https://www.colts.com/news/andrew-luck-joins-peyton-manning-tom-brady-for-rare-touchdown-feat
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    Not bad for a guy that many Colts.com message board posters all told me would never play again.
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    Wild Card is not out of the question, but im looking forward to next year, thats when i feel like we can start getting serious about making a run.
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    The Colts line and draft picks did not start to regress because Glenn retired, they started to regress when Mudd retired. Mudd knew exactly what he wanted at each position and Polian pretty much let Mudd pick his lineman. Not that he was perfect, with finding draft gems like Scott and Diem and Demulling and Lilja, there were also some misses with guys like Sciullo, Freitas, Toudouze and Gandy. And let's face it, CB has gotten lucky that Smith has been able to play RT, without that the line (and by extension, Ballard) would not look as good. That being said, I am also a firm believer in the adage that luck is where hard work and and opportunity meet. So, I also think the system CB has instilled is part of the reason for the luck as well... When you have a coach that knows what he wants at the positions and a GM that is good at breaking down the requirements so the scouts can properly see and grade those requirements, and put a premium on non measurables items like work ethic, leadership, football intelligence, then the chances of finding a college guard who come in at tackle and play well increases.
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    Special. He really is like a baby elephant.
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    The league was very different in 2003. Manning won his first MVP that year (co-MVP with McNair). This year, there's like 15 QBs on pace for more than 30 TD passes. Luck is having a really good year, though. And he and the staff have basically said he's working his way into shape as the year goes on, so yeah, he can probably still play better.
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    Ramsey was the first one off the field. The visitors tunnel is right under my section. I made sure to let him know how WE all feel. “Don’t ever fix your lips to talk down on Luck... Ya Bum. As good as you are, you’re not better than Luck.” If not for Mo Alie & Hines’ drops, we’re definitely looking at a 4-5 TD game.