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    Again, I'm so happy McDaniels pulled a McDonald's. Frank and company have things headed in the right direction. There will be head scratching mistakes, but I think frank is the right guy
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    Pretty sure that's a first down every 2 attempts. The mentality of this offense is to put the ball in the hands of the playmakers and take a few deep shots. Mission accomplished so far
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    Yeah, that's right...#6!..and that 88.2 tackle grade,...That's tops in the NFL!
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    I'm sorry my millennial translation software subscription expired.... what?
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    Beginning of the year EVERYONE was scared of our tackle positions with A.C. and Good out with injuries (even still). But yet our O-line is not as bad as some will make it out to be. Yes, we can give some credit to the quick passing attack. But those 5 guys have given up only 3 sacks in two games!. (Top 10 in NFL) They have made 20 3rd down conversions (1st in NFL, beating next best by 6), with a 61% conversion rate (1st in NFL, next best is 52%) Those 2 stats are largely because the O-line is able to give Luck time to find the right read. Are they perfect? No. The running lanes have been 'adequate', not great so far. And Luck has taken some hurries. A lot of hurries though aren't problematic. It just means a defender was within 2 yards. A lineman may have given a step on a defender then recovered. (Nelson had a few of those.) Remember, these are stat lines against 2 very good defensive fronts. We'll see another when we face the Eagles next week. If we walk out still top's in 3rd down comp %, and top 10 in sacks allowed, I'll think we have a real O-line, with actual depth. A little read from Keefer on the o-line: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2018/09/17/still-short-handed-indianapolis-colts-o-line-finally-keeping-andrew-luck-safe/1339131002/ My favorite part" Yeah, it’s early, but the unit is in the top-five in the league in sacks allowed (just three so far). Might as well throw a parade."
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    It will click at 12.32 in the 2nd quarter of in Colts versus Texans game.
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    The beginning of the game will be loud with cheering, screaming fans. By halftime they'll be booing and calling for Foles. At the end of the day the whole league will know "the Colts are not who we thought they were."
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    The level of absolute nonsense astounds...
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    Desir..... Ward..... Farley..... To the best of my knowledge, three players that Ballard plucked right off the street or off another team's roster. Not too bad.
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    This bum?!? Oh, Dear God! Please make it stop!!
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    This is getting boring. “They” said we couldn’t contain Cincy’s DL. Then “they” said we couldn’t handle Washington’s. Now, “they” are saying Philly amd Graham will be too much. Yawn...
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    Luck's contract still isn't an issue. The Colts will have $100m in cap space next season, with Luck hitting the cap for $27.5m, about 15% of the cap. The QB contract is never an excuse. If you want a good QB -- and everyone does, that's why they're making $30m/year -- you have to pay him. The critical part is drafting well, developing young players and coaching well. Coincidentally, that's what the Seahawks did well in 2012-2014. They weren't SB contenders just because they hadn't paid Russell Wilson; they were contenders because they did that other stuff well, in addition to having good QB play.
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    I wouldn't label the trio of Ballard/Dodds/Hogan geniuses just yet. But, with thier previous track records of building (through the draft) the early/mid 2000's Bears, and the 2010's Chiefs and Seahawks PLUS what they've done here in 2017 and 2018, they are on thier way. With 19 picks the last 2 years they have 7 starters, 8 rotational/Contributing players, 2 on IR that would likely be added to the rotational players at the very least, 1 playing for another team and 1 on the PS. Plus with excellent scouting they've got upwards of 6-7 starters and/or rotational/Contributing waiver wire pickups and udfa's. That's not counting the 6 solid veteran free agents that are starting as well. Say what you will about the lack of spending in Free Agency (currently) but this team is being built brick by brick by a Front Office that is 100% in tune with what ingredients the Coaching Staff needs to make thier schemes work! That, in and if itself is far more important than just pure talent alone. Take a look below at how this FO has stacked two off-seasons together and with one more off-season I firmly believe the talent they are bringing in will lead the Colts to the promised land once again! 2017 Round 1, pick 15: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State (starter & trending up) Round 2, pick 46: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida (part time starter when healthy, but trending up) Round 3, pick 80: Tarell Basham, EDGE, Ohio (relagated to ST's, perhaps another Jerry Hughes?) Round 4, pick 137: Zach Banner, G, USC (cut during camp in 17, currently w/Steelers) Round 4, pick 143: Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida (starter but trending up) Round 4, pick 144: Grover Stewart, DT, Albany State (rotational player but trending up as a starter for Woods next year) Round 5, pick 158: Nate Hairston, CB, Temple (starter and trending up) Round 5, pick 161: Anthony Walker Jr., LB, Northwestern (starter and trending up) UDFA/Waiver Wire/Free Agent Sheard - FA starter Woods - FA starter Hunt - FA starter Moore II - Waivers (starter and trending up) Sanchez - UDFA (great rookie season and trending up) Glowinski - Waivers (solid depth) Desir - Waivers (part time starter but trending up) Brissett - Trade (excellent backup, trending up for more draft picks next year) Daniels - UDFA (decent rookie year, used as trade bait this year) Travis - Waivers (was trending up until torn acl in 4th preseason game - current IR) Kaaya - Signed from Panthers PS ( servicable backup - currently on IR) 2018 Round 1, pick 6: Quentin Nelson, G, Notre Dame (starter trending up) Round 2, pick 36: Darius Leonard, LB, South Carolina State (starter trending up) Round 2, pick 37: Braden Smith, G, Auburn (current backup - stock even) Round 2, pick 52: Kemoko Turay, DE, Rutgers (rotational player but trending up) Round 2, pick 64: Tyquan Lewis, DE, Ohio State (was having a great camp until toe injury - currently on IR designated to return - stock even) Round 4, pick 104: Nyheim Hines, RB, NC State (rotational player and trending up) Round 5, pick 159: Daurice Fountain, WR, Northern Iowa (project player currently on PS - stock even) Round 5, pick 169: Jordan Wilkins, RB, Ole Miss (gem of a pick and trending up) Round 6, pick 185: Deon Cain, WR, Clemson (was pushing for a starting spot until torn acl in preseason opener - stock remains high) Round 7, pick 221: Matthew Adams, LB, Houston (solid ST's contributor - stock even) Round 7, pick 235: Zaire Franklin, LB, Syracuse (solid ST's contributor - stock even) UDFA/Waiver Wire/Free Agent Slauson - FA starter Autry - FA (kind of a "meh" beginning, but is a starter) Grant - FA starter (nothing flashy, just makes plays) S. Moore - UDFA (in the LB mix with Leonard and Walker - trending up) Odum - UDFA (solid ST's contributor) Muhammad - Waivers (started 2nd game and secured the edge well and got good push - trending up) Hewitt - Waivers (ST's contributor and best blocking TE on roster) Pascal - Waivers (earned that 4th WR spot and returner duties) Pipkins - Trade (undetermined) Ishmael - UDFA (earned a PS spot and has potential) Ward - Waivers (earned a 53 man spot in a week AND had a sack in 1st game - trending up) C. Moore - Waivers (undetermined) Williams - Trade (undetermined) Oh yeah and for those that bring Grigson up as Executive of the year..... I will give him T.Y. Hilton (as his best actual draft pick), Geathers, Doyle and the trio of Kelly/Clarke/Haeg. Luck was a no brainer that any one of us coulda made. Compare the depth of the drafts and how many contributions we're getting from the 1st round thru the 7th round. We have true talent evaluators now!
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    Chris Ballard.... “I know we all want instant coffee right now, but that’s not reality. Reality is that it takes time to build a team. It takes time to build a locker room, and those guys gotta grow together and come together. It’s hard to just throw people in a locker room, and expect a winner. It just doesn’t work that way.” Fans......
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    Why does so many people want to have 20 yard chunk plays every snap and then complain when so many fail and drives stall? Chunk plays are higher risk than 5.9 yard avg plays. Yes they are fun to watch and when they work it’s awesome but I am just as thrilled to see drives last 6 minutes and wear out defenses and then play risky in the fourth Q when the defense is exhausted and your success of hitting chunk plays should then increase. If it means going to the playoffs with a 5.9 ypp/avg or sitting at home with a 10.2 ypp/avg, I’m fine with 5.9 or 5.1 is a matter of fact. Give me 4.1 ypc runs, followed by 5.9 ypp during every series and we should win games.
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    My FAVORITE part about Leonard is that, other than his play on the field, you dont hear about him or see him acting "stupid" after a play or on the sidelines. He seems like the real-deal. Think about it... 3 rookies ( and a 2nd-year Walker) are giving us the best LB play (as a unit) than i think we've seen in a while. It would be so nice to finally see some solid, tough LB play here in Indy. I think we're starting to see Ballard's vision develop before our eyes. exciting potential.
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    Some may remember but I am a big fan of the Aiman Efficiency Ratings. I think his formula does a very good job of assigning points based on the items that are very important when determine the effectiveness of an offense or defense. Anyway the past couple of years the rankings have been too depressing to post but this year the Colts are trending up on both offense and defense. Here is the link to the ratings. Keep in mind it takes until about week 4 or 5 for things to level out and really be a good snapshot of the team's efficiency. http://www.aikman.com/AikmanEfficiencyRatings/tabid/274/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/132/Aikman-Efficiency-Ratings-2018-As-of-Week-2.aspx
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    I never liked Walker, so there is that. We'd be better off drafting a QB prospect next year in later rounds. This also tells me how much they believe in Luck's health right now. If necessary, vets like Derek Anderson, Matt Moore and Landry Jones are still available.
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    Well deserved. His upside is so high. Every article I read about the Colts defense and Matt Eberflus is so positive right now. If nothing else from the McDaniels debacle, we got Eberflus!
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    In other news, it has been confirmed that Dolly Parton sleeps on her back. Just joshin' AZ.
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    In all honesty it's a game nobody is picking us to win. We are playing with house money here being at 1-1 now. If we lose this game I won't even be upset as long as I see great effort and the game is competitive. If we win than I would say it's time the media and fans take us seriously again.
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    Also I notice that Cincy and The Skins have defenses ranked 4th and 3rd respectively. If we have a good offense now playing those defenses, what will it be like later on when we play worse defenses? Think about that for a second...Things lookin' up!
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