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    Minshew looks like every porn actor in my parents shoebox of videos
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    Mustache man threw for only 204 yards but had 2 TD's and no INT's. Mariota threw for 304 Yards, 100 more yards and guess who won the game. Yeah Mustache's team won. Another example of why stats do not always matter. He played a Brissett type of game and got the win, that is all that counts.
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    I am NOT going to increase the length of this thread!! Oh... wait...
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    The amount of Kelly slobbering in this thread is alarming.... Whining about how "bad" we have it with Brissett and at 1-1, and the one loss at that, being on the road.... Is showing just how spoiled and entitled to amazing qb play Indy fans can be....damn.
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    Heck all he had to do is shut up and played in NE. The texts he sent got him the boot and lost him 10 million guaranteed.
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    After we won the WS in 2016, the team has seemed content at times. That is the vibe I have got. We have been good since then and have made the playoffs but do not look hungry like we were in 2016. Some of that has to fall on Maddon.
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    Yeah but they did have the advantage of playing at home. Mariota has always been easy to sack. Factor in the Jags D at home & you get a game like this. Ironically, we looked even worse vs them last year considering we had Luck at QB.
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    All that's missing from that list are the numerous divisional titles that we have won over that span.
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    Funny how everyone love Watson but he holds on to the ball to long and is half the problem with getting sacked not the oline. I love how everyone thinks they know everything about JB after two games. Geez give the kid half the season before saying how bad he is.
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    When he knelt down that time for the Broncos. Text book kneel down
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    I know this is only his 2nd game I think but wow dude is playing really impressive. IF he really is this good the Jags will be a tough out all year.
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    Not sure what happened. When making the poll, it wouldn't let me publish (was grey and wouldn't submit) so I redid it, and now there's two lol.
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    Belichick: "Is it true what I heard?" AB: "Umm, yes coach, it's true. I threatened my accuser over the phone." Belichick: "W-WHAT!? No, I was referring to you farting in that doctor's face! What are you talking about!?" AB: "Oops..."
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    First play of the game for Colts offense, Falcons load the box, Hilton and Campbell on deep crossing route, play action to Mack, 30+ yard bomb to either receiver. Cain makes a nice 20+ yard grab, and Hooker gets another int. on the season. 4 sacks for our defense. Willis with a hard hit that causes a fumble. Colts win 24 - 20. Our defense proves it is for real.
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    A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Are you really surprised? I get it, you wanted this reclamation project like some other ones to work out for your team but this one was beyond repair.
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    If that was a thing that was ever likely to happen, I think he'd still be a Patriot. As I understand it, he issued threats against his accuser early this morning. That's more than enough to get released from any organization in football.
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    I think I read where he was. They have Matt Bryant who has been known to have short kickoffs.
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    See, I see that too. The Cubs have a ton of talent and reel off 4 or 5 wins in a row then look bored and lose 3 straight. As a fan, I call that being content after winning a WS. Talent alone has allowed us to be good and make the playoffs since 2016 but you need to be hungry and need great managing to win a championship.
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    It was more noticable in the Titans game, especially in the 2nd half, but Oke played some significant snaps on passing downs. I'm not 100% sure how PFF calculates missed tackles, but in the Colts scheme it's more gap oriented so he may have hit his gap and PFF thinks he hit the wrong gap and thus it's a missed tackle. That being said, I'm a huge Walker fan but so far he has not been playing as fast as last year, I don't know if he's thinking too much or trying to do too much, but he was as big a reason for the Colts run defense last year and anyone else and this year he doesn't seem to have it yet.
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    Especially when you clog those passing lanes with Zone Defense and force him to throw in small windows.
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    Yeah, I don’t get the down and out Giants fans. Four SB titles in roughly 32 years. That’s roughly a little over one Lombardi a decade. Only the Patriots are better. The Jets I actually feel bad about them.
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    This is going to be close, even more so than last year. We can’t afford to play catch up again. For this week it’s us and Houston, and the Jags might not be far behind. Our games against Houston will be monumental, and the Jax games are very important now too. We need every win this year, we can’t spare much room if we want to get to the playoffs.
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    I think Hines should be more involved, especially with mack nursing an injury. Hines is not as elusive as I would have expected but he is the Colts hardest runner and he doesn't go down as easily as Wilkins. But Wilkins has better vision and better burst. I think your idea has some merit. I think the key to this game will be patience, the Falcons are not going to allow many things deep, they like to keep everything in front, so the running game and check downs to the RBs are a big part of patience. On the flip side, the offense has to be ready to take the shot downfield when it presents itself. With Hilton, Cain, Campbell and Ebron the Colts have multiple options to flood a zone yet still send someone deep. Personally I think that is going to come off a PA from the power run left.
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    It seems that when Hines is in the game, it is a play for him too much. It's like the defense can guess he'll be the target. Not sure how you fix that, but it's what I see.
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    Speed has some nice abilities but in the preseason it did not look like he was ready for extended duties in the pro game yet. He's a bit slow to recognize the action, he needs to get better and at protecting himself from blocks. And I'm not saying he won't ever get there, he's just not there yet.
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    Very Baker Mayfield like. In size and personality. Interesting ties too. Mazyfield played under Kliff Kingsbury and Lincoln Riley - both QB’s under Mike Leach. Mike Leach recruited Minshew (after poor season at East Carolina) to Washington State and lead the nation in passing, he did. My only complaint is the lack of QB experience at a high level. Teams will get tape on Gardner and find ways to limit him. Right now he’s unknown, and apparently unstoppable. (Only half joking). Minshew was prepared to be QB3 at Alabama when Leach called him. Minshew was planning on going to Alabama because he has coaching aspirations after his playing days, and Saban was going to be his coaching college. Coaching career delayed... A slightly less experienced Baker Mayfield in round 6? Could be a good catch by the Jags after so many high picks failed.
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    The Cubs have the highest payroll in MLB. Their lineup looks as good as any teams on paper. I think Madden certainly has to take a good share of the blame.
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    Superior numbers? He scored 2 td’s in garbage time vs KC’s prevent defense. Then he scored 12 points last week. It’s more than just being about numbers. A QB is not a receiver. Regardless, he’s not looking bad for a rookie. I’m sure he’ll get better with time. Or D Coordinators will adjust & he’ll regress some like most QB’s do when there’s more film of them.
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    Bottom of the 10th, they should just roll Flaherty back out, that would effectively shut the Cubs down. If they lose this game, my opinion on Kimbrel will drop further down. And before anyone says it’s tough coming back from injury, he seems to be injured often, a very expensive benchwarmer that I’m pretty sure has cost us more games then gotten us wins(I’ll have to check on that.) I was so excited when we signed him, just sucks he hasn’t been as good as advertised. I prob just need to be more patient, I wasn’t with Yu and boy has he made me eat crow.
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    That's just it though. You put your thumb right on it brother. Ryan is very inconsistent. Sometimes, he's precise & deadly accurate & other times...not so much. I still can't believe Atlanta lost that SB against the Pats. And who watches that tape 4 times? Just burn the darn tape & move on Mat, but I digress...Man, I wanted the Falcons to win that game bad. Took yrs off my life CBE.
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    When the Cubs face Matt Carpenter, he could knock a golf ball out of the park facing Chapman throwing it 200 MPH
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    Benny with a double, it is now 4-2. guys on 2nd and 3rd. Contreras is now up.
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    That pass defense stat is over inflated. Week one the Vikings only through it ten times.
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    Rizzo already with a HR. What a boost to have him back. The Professor looks great so far. 1-1 to the bottom of the 4th. Flaherty is really good so far for the Cards.
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    What is the record in here for most pages? I really do not know . 21 is a lot.
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    Now Goodbye it is WNBA Time Go Aces
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    And over the last few weeks I have posted this already but I will post it again ……..as a Colts fan I got no complaints .
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    So, Chad Kelly makes the Colts playoff contenders?
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    Gee that looks intimidating, but I'll read it.
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    Wilkins needs about 8 to 10 touches a game IMO.
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    Keep Chad. Lose Hoyer. Kelly can and will be the starter given a chance. JB is good, but I feel llike thats all he's gonna be. Ck could be GREAT!
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    I guess they didn't like him as much as they said they did.
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    Gimme Burrow or Love all day in the beginning the of the 2nd round, and get a Henry Ruggs, Tee Higgins, Lamb, or Jalen Reagor in the 1st to line up with Parris Campbell and let these guys grow together. Let's go.
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    2-1 Cards to the bottom of the 8th. This is a must win, we don't get this win then it is over IMO. It would take a miracle at this point to get in and especially win the division.
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    Yep Cubs lose thanks to Kimbrel(and the weak bats to start the game). Ugh. So infuriating.
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    4-1 Cards now in the 6th. Cubs are just not hitting and not playing great defense. Cards do look like the better team as I have said all season actually. So if we lose I can accept it. The Cards simply won the offseason by getting Goldschmidt, Theo needs to make some changes heading into 2020 if we fail to make the playoffs.
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