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    Thank God we won the KC game now otherwise Houston would be in complete control of the division. We still control our destiny.
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    Is this how a mute boos at a game?
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    He has 2 great physical tools: size, arm strength. He's also a great leader. Unfortunately, he lacks a lot of elite "intangibles" that can't be taught. Some things, you either have or you don't. He doesn't have: a quick release (he has one of the slowest deliveries in the league); an abundance of touch (a contributing factor, I think, to the Ebron drops); anticipation (he has not demonstrated an ability to "throw" guys open; if a WR/TE/RB isn't wide open, JB isn't pulling the trigger); great eyes (I don't think I've once seen JB "look off" a safety; re-watching the all-22 of the Chiefs game, he straight-up just locks onto his WRs). These are all things that have been listed on scouting reports re: Brisett. And so far this season, he hasn't magically overcome these deficiencies. The Colts can win games with JB, but I don't think he's going to be the answer at QB.
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    I think that anyone who dares to criticise or express concern about aspects of Brissett's plays is getting shouted down by a minority here on the board and accusations of being negative/a hater etc. Posting the same things over and over doesn't make them valid. Ignoring when people point out what you've posted isn't true doesn't make it true. I think if you look at the tenured posters who know what they're on about (and no I don't include myself in that), most are saying the same things about Brissett. To be fair to @EastStreet, a lot of the concerns he raises are valid, maybe strongly put, but still valid. I may be wrong, but I don't read it as he's calling for Brissett to be dropped, or for a QB to be drafted next year, instead being cautious about what we've got with him. People have thrown up Big Ben and Brady as QBs who took time to develop, fair. They had good D's and a running game that allowed them that luxury, and we are fortunate to have a degree of both now, certainly when compared to Grigson era rosters. But that being said, even in his formative years Big Ben was light years ahead of Brissett in terms of key metrics such as Y/A, granted at the cost of higher INT%. Brady is a more in line statistically, and probably in play style. Why is it so abhorrent to say that he's done very well so far, but the training wheels have to come off at some point, and it's better in games we're in control rather than when we find ourselves having to throw to win a game in a shootout. Okay put it another way, and I'm not saying this is the case with him. But I'd say if he ends up being a Dalton level QB, then it in the long term makes it harder to have long term sustained success. Good enough to start, good enough to win enough games that you're not drafting high. Not quite good enough to be able to put a team on his back when needed. Sure you might get a year where you have a good run, but it's less likely. A few exceptions aside, the QBs in a Super Bowl tend to be "franchise" guys. The exceptions that jump out to me recently are Flacco and Foles (and that was a unique situation). Look at the damage Flacco did to the Ravens in the long term. He's not a rookie. He's had time to sit and develop and learn from some of the best in the business. If he doesn't get some stuff by now, such as making progressions and not locking onto a receiver, that's worrying. That's rookie type stuff that should be ironed out by now. We're all Colts fans, we all want the team to win. Why wouldn't I want him to become the guy? We all want to have the best players right? He's also very likable as a personality and face of the franchise. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to have honest conversations about what I see on the field, and I'm certainly going challenge people who post things that are just aren't reality. Sorry man, you got my rant, not aimed at you in particular.
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    Let me get this straight. You... you think a player... should or should not be pancaked... based on where they were drafted... or how well they've played in the past? What kind of... ?!? This is a new level of goofy, even for you Doug. You realize the combination blocks you are referring to are on run plays where Nelson is trying to open up running lanes, while the one-on-one blocks during passing plays are usually when Nelson buries a defender and then lays on them to take them out of the play and away from his QB. He does exactly what he should be doing on almost every single play.
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    They might stop at the Hilton for their stay in Indy this weekend. But they won't stop TY. And I should know, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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    MOD NOTE I've used my "Mod Privilege" to remove a number of posts that while loosely related to the topic aren't in line with the site rules and would no doubt veer towards topics best left alone.
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    I'm a fan of every player on our roster. I've said numerous times, I hope JB improves and is the "guy". That said, I also hope Kelly keeps his nose clean and develops as well. I'm fine with talking about both of their issues or challenges. To answer your question about trust, I don't have blind faith in any GM or Coach. All of them make mistakes, and at the end of the season, there's only one SB winner. I'm very pleased with the the overwhelming majority of Ballard's decisions thus far, but not all, and I don't worship at his alter. Same goes with Reich. In time, I could start worshiping a little if they have sustained success. On your question about their potential bias. I certainly don't envy either one of them (Ballard or Reich) with the situation they inherited (with Luck retiring). Luck wasn't perfect, but he came to Indy with the pedigree, prolific college stats at a major D1, checked the boxes in terms of skill sets, was the 1st overall pick, etc.. JB was a guy who had an OK career at a low tier D1, struggled with some basic skill sets, didn't have the best stats, was a late 3rd round pick, and was 3rd string for the Pats before we traded for him. All that is just fact, and it is what it is. All that said, the above (history) doesn't matter now. It's what JB does on the field that matters. He's earned his shot. Thus far it's been a very mixed bag, some nice ups, some bad downs..... But there's no debating he's still struggling with some fundamentals (reads/progressions, touch). Getting back to your question, about bias. Given where we are, and how we got here, I don't see any bias thus far. They are making the best with what they have given the timing of Luck's retirement. I wouldn't trust Kelly either given his history at this point, but that doesn't mean he can't earn trust back. If JB improves his fundamentals, and becomes a guy that can win a game (instead of managing it), then I'll be very happy to stick with him. If however he doesn't improve, I'm fine with moving on and either giving Kelly a chance, or drafting someone new. It's that simple.
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    How about the years between Jones and Manning? How exciting were those years?
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    Kelly can play, the question is long term whether he's better than JB and if so, is he better enough to make a change? This team won't be making any changes in QB1 this year for sure and if they do, which they won't, it would fall to Hoyer. I wouldn't discount Kelly as having real potential, he can play, but let's all be smart about it. I think he's on the PS and not the active roster for this very reason, dude can light it up but needs to prove himself and show he's capable of the weight of the job over time, still a lot to earn for him. Meanwhile, back at the farm, Jacoby is on grind and we need to put the weight of Colt nation firmly behind him. So here's to JB kicking butt and hoping that Kelly someday blossoms into the player he's capable of being! See you at the drum!
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    I heard he had around 150 yrds in practice this week.
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    Chad has zero NFL attempts. He has been cut by more teams than he has completed passes
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    I find it funny, that most of the anti-Kelly crowd are also "the coaches and front office are perfect and always right" crowd. I'm not calling for Kelly to start now, or anything like that, but I'm also not impressed with JB in the first 5 games. Rankings Completion %: 19th (should be better than this given the short passing attack, and ranked second to last in downfield passing attempts) Yards per game: 27th (this screams game manager) QBR: 18th In short, very inconsistent, and very mediocre thus far. And that's with an O that has been tailored to make it easy on him. I'm not saying he can't improve. We all should hope he improves and turns out to be the "guy". At the same time, we should all hope Kelly improves and develops, in the case that JB isn't the guy.
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    So talented, not one team was willing to put in a waiver claim
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    Liam Neeson is coming...... snd he has a very special set of skills. In the movie "Cold Pursuit" (i just watched), he asked a badguy " who is the greatest quarterback. Manning or Elway?" The guy said Elway and got a bullet as his prize. So i dont know about the rest of you, I am safe as I already agree with Mr Neeson. But if any of you were on the fence, or you happen to bump into Liam on the steet, you might wanna choose your NFL topics wisely. Apparently he is a Colts fan.
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    I need to proof read better. My hands are bad and my phone does some strange things when you type something wrong. Lol
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    @The Old Crow funny to see you in a crow eating thread. Sorry, had to
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    They don't have to key on him as much with Brissett in the mix. I don't think he'll hit Hilton in this game for the home-run or long-balls. Different era of arm and mindset now that Luck's gone.
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    He hasn't been sacked in two games
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    I agree 100%. I will absolutely be cheering for whoever is under center. And yes, everyone has deficiencies. It's simply a question of how much their efficiencies outweigh their deficiencies.
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    this right here he’s like mahomes but takes way more sacks just blitz him and press his receivers at the line while you’re doing it but also make sure to contain in the pocket
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    Not a good day for him today. He didn’t complete a single pass.
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    Gosh darn it, my over over/under for this thread was 60.5 pages
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    Professional football is looking more like grade school games we played at recess when we made up rules as the games progressed.
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    I hope Joseph plays and guards TY that’s usually who gets burnt
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    KC kind of reminds me of Indy the year they won the Super Bowl. Can't stop the run for anything, so if the offense sputters early and gives the other team a chance to build a lead then they wear the defense down by running it down their throat. Even though that isn't exactly what happened in this game.
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    Yeah Andy Reid is a terrible play caller.
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    Ya but also Houston winning today is actually better cause now they will come in to Indy on an emotional high cause they won their past two games and they will be probably a bit over confident thinking we got this and colts will and better show up we lay an egg at home again that will be completely unacceptable. So they better show up and please no more two deep prevent me from winning defense please.
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    Race has nothing do with it but I agree with you because Jim Kelly is his uncle is why he gets chance after chance. JB is a better QB IMO and is a better person.
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    I am watching the Jets game and I must admit, I am not overly impressed with Williams. Mayb playing in a one gap system would benefit him?
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    It’s going to be fun. KC still has some hard games left I think. But now the colts and Houston have the tie breaker over KC. Personally I think Houston is going to win the division. We will see. Bills will be interesting if they can still get that wildcard or they will crash. Defense is good but offense is not. That raiders lost was huge. It still ticks me off we gave a game away to the chargers. We might look back on that as it costing us the division.
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    So we can all agree the Patriots have no serious opposition en route to the Super Bowl?
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    The correct plan would be to keep him around and see if he can beat Hoyer out. If he is who we think he is then that should happen. That would allow him to stay on the roster. Then from there hes in position to compete with Brissett. Let him show hes committed to the job and keep working his way up. If he beats Brissett out on down the line he will have really earned it because Brissett does everything the right way in terms of preparation and the unseen details. They will be looking at all that. Not just arm talent.
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    Does a troll ever come here disguised as an optimistic Colt fan? No. They come here at opportunistic times and are negative nellies. Chiding most of us, denigrating the players, etc...It becomes difficult to differentiate between the trolls and the “objective” or “non fanboy” posters who are supposedly bringing light to our darkened eyes. They seem so incredibly much alike. There in lies the problem as to why some of us are defensive of our team.
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    I'd have rather had Champ Bailey... I'll run away from the mob now.
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    I'm not always looking to be positive (wait, yes I am ). But let's be realistic about deficiencies. Every player has deficiencies. Manning had happy feet and tried to go deep too much when he started out his career. Luck held on to the ball too long and when he missed his receivers, he missed them high, and it happened enough it was brought up on this forum a lot early on in his career. No matter who is playing QB, there will be deficiencies in their game that they need to improve. I'm gonna root for the guy that Reich puts on the field, no matter who it is. I'm not saying JB is more talented than Kelly, just that they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and for right now, I'd rather have JB out there. I don't think he's going to lose us any games as a game manager, but I don't think JB can go out and win us a playoff game if we're down 38-10, either. (of course, I hope I'm wrong about that ) He has the physical tools, he would just need to REALLY improve his ability to go through his progressions quickly and deliver the ball on time to become the type of QB that can take over a playoff game. Maybe that will happen in the next two months, we'll see.
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    I brought this up in another thread, and I realize this is about DT's I agree with the OP that we need some help in the middle of the line As the overall team roster improves, the draft picks will have a harder and harder time making the roster. You can see this trend 1000 miles away. We may start seeing 5th and 6th round picks getting cut, as they cant break into this team With this in mind, I think we may actually use some of this draft capitol being used to move up a few spots to grab a game changer DT or DE The best defensive player in College is Chase Young......... I havent seen anything like him in a few years... better than the Bosa's.....plays run and pass at elite levels He has a large group of pass rush moves and I believe he will be 10 year pro bowl player in NFL.... He probably would cost too much, but I do see CB opening up the "draft wallet" and using some draft capitol to move spots to get a difference maker on defense
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    Everyone assumes we are running it so much because JB can’t get it down field. In actuality it’s more about exploiting your opponents weakness and using our strength. We are close to the top in yards per drive which means we are getting it downfield. Every TD Is worth the same amount of points. It doesn’t matter how you get there.
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    The Texans are also a lot better with fuller back. Stills should be backbone also. Do they still have cutie.
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    The odds of that are actually pretty low right now. We just got through the toughest part of our schedule, including the toughest game we're probably going to have played all year, and we have a winning record. The games from here get easier, not harder. Especially if the players on the actual roster improve the way I hope they will We have a pretty solid chance of equaling our 10 win season from last year. Brissett isn't nearly as good as Luck but the team didn't dig as big a hole either and Mack in particular and the RBs in general have really improved. I don't see us going 5-6 over the rest of the season.
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    Being a skilled Game Manager early in your career is a pretty good basis to build on. Generally speaking if you're an actual game manager it's because you lack certain obvious talents to be anything more than that. Definitely not the case with Brissett. Brian Hoyer was a game manager because he was smart but didn't have much of an arm. Other game managers like Smith, Flacco, Cassel etc are usually held back by a lack of physical ability, a literal inability to make key deep throws. Brissett has a great arm, he's just still figuring out how to use it. He's got the talent to make deep throws once he gets his head around the way Reich wants him to do it. If, while figuring that out, he's good enough to manage the team to wins against tough opponents, I call that a pretty good deal.
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    Brady was not elite until 07. At least 3 superbowls happened during his "game manager with a knack for elevating his game in the clutch" phase.
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    I agree, if Hill was playing, the score probably would have been different, but how different will never know. Like saying if we had recieved the opening kick off, the game would have ended differently. Moot point really.
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    BB would stack the box and force Brissett to beat them throwing the football.
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    To put a capper on the Vontez Burfict saga, here's fun little video highlighting every instance where he was fined or suspended. Enjoy.
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