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    Tackling * for our young pass rushers to practice on. Tee him up! Edit: Well, i guess since this sissy country of ours is so politically correct that a simple word that begins with D and ends with Y and means "not too smart" is not allowed. Sometimes i am very embarrassed to be an American. We are soft, needy, and weak-minded as a society and we better get our "insert word because it will get blanked out" together. Embarrassing. Soon we'll have only 10 or 12 words left.
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    people take stuff ballard says way too literally. remember how everyone though we were going to build the trenches in this draft? i think he just doesnt want to spend much in free agency unless its a dire need, and even then he still wont unless he really likes the player
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    Despite his last name, I'm not a fan of the Kelly signing, also not a big supporter of pursuing Suh either, doubt Im the only one... Also doubt I'm the only one who finds the Kelly signing a little counter productive/even dare say hypocritical to Ballards locker room building approach... I get the idea of getting to the point where a strong locker room can handle a big personality or a diva etc... But is Chad Kelly really the guy you want to make that exception for??? Thumbs way down on this signing...
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    I recall Ballard saying on 1070 that our team (paraphrasing) could not yet tolerate a player with baggage on the team via free agency. Wouldn't this be considered a lot of baggage? I mean comparing him to the former Pitt guys, they seem like angels. I'd think assault and breaking/entering etc. would count more than their "infractions" in the media or refusing to play under a franchise tag because they were running him into the ground, lessening his likely future without paying him for his production. I am not disagreeing with Ballard's original assessment, but confused about the lack of consistency in belief? If a proven highly productive player who mouths off to the press would be too much for a locker room, why wouldn't an unproven talent with violence and drug use in his background be as well?
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    Didn’t know he was so talkative out there but he’s not a trash talker. Just havin fun. His arm length looks like he could tie his shoes standing up. Lol Let’s hope they all stay healthy! GO COLTS!!
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    The dollar value of a contract will be a good indicator.
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    I agree. And what’s sadder is that the flag symbolizes Kap’s right to protest peacefully. That is supposed to be one of the things that makes America “great”. That gets lost on the flag supporters though. That doesn’t fit the narrative that those in power want to spin so they go out their way to cast Kap as the villain. For how he is being treated you would think that he took a dump on the flag and then dropped a burning match on it. A US veteran suggested the kneel to Kap to SHOW respect. But that gets glossed over. When peaceful voices continue to be ignored it doesn’t lead to good things. On topic...I support the Colts giving Kelly another shot but the inequity in regards to how Kap continues to be treated isn’t lost on me. This will be my only post in regards to Kap in this thread.
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    I hope I never again see that "Andrew Luck as a receiver play" unless a playoff game depends on it.
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    Don't forget 'availability-wise'. Kelly will likely be suspended for a few games if he even makes a team.
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    I'm not really digging all the attention the team has been getting. I want to lay low
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    Chad Kelly has been available the entire off season. No one picked him up.
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    Good signing IMO. Decent 3rd QB, and a nice possible backup next year when Brissett likely leaves. Hopefully he can grow this year with us without pressure.
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    As a matter of fact I think we probably would have won at least 1 to 2 more Super Bowls if Dungy would have remained a Colt. I'm almost pretty sure of it because he prepared the team a different way and I think there would have been different personnel selected on the defensive and offensive sides of the football than what went down with Caldwell. Dungy made a difference when he was here.
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    I think the Colts locker room is currently strong enough to withstand any negative Suh might bring. In fact, he may come around a bit and join the team concept. I'm not fully on board with the "bring in Suh" idea, but I'm not totally against it because I think DL is the teams weakest link.
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    At first I was like "what kind of question is that, who would you rather have?" More I thought on tougher question to answer than meets the eye. But I agree, and that's why I used Brady as an example of 1 way to success and the 80's Redskins as total opposite. 2 different ways, both worked. How many SB's would Brady have "without" Belichick? Nobody knows..Its a tough choice on who would you rather have, the league has changed and a franchise QB is more important than ever. I like what Ballard is building and tho..
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    Oh B'S! First of all there is no one who could have been the HC under Manning who would not have been called over rated. No matter who it was the fans would say he got whatever the accolade is because of Manning. 2nd of all there is a pretty good difference between the type of QB Peyton was under Dungy vs a mediocre guy like Jim Mora. Peyton matured a lot under Dungy and turned the ball over less. Our teams were always well prepared and disciplined under Dungy. And Dungy made the right calls during the games. I dont care who our coach was. It's very easy when you have Peyton and some of the guys we had to say the coach was over rated. He got the Hall of Fame for his entire body of work which stretched all the way back to his days as a DC in Minnesota, his work in Tampa, and Indy.
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    I don't think Suh is a guy you can "bring in".... that typically means if he doesn't work out, you cut him. And I think Suh is not signing a deal where he's going to get cut in early September. I don't see it. Now, watch the market for Suh flatten out and Ballard winds up signing him and every fan of signing Suh will jump all over me! (And not in a good way!) Hey, that's life on a fan's internet message board....
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    we assume Peyton wants to be a GM anywhere..has he ever even hinted at that?
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    I couldn't agree more. I have less problem with giving him a 4th? chance, but for me the worst part is forgoing the "Colts Culture" to sign a guy at least in part for figurative "nepotism." THAT is really, really bad. Sure, we have standards we tout over and over to everyone, but if you have an inside connection we'll toss that out and sign you no matter what you've done. I love our team, I really like and respect Ballard and Reich. This turns my stomach. This for me is a huge red flag. This sets a precedence that character doesn't matter if you have connections. Sure, that is how the world works, but the Colts have attempted to put themselves above all that rhetorically. I think most of us really respect that and love that entire philosophy. Why show it to be so hypocritical in the end for this guy? It's not a second or third chance... at this point it's hard to add them all up. So why would we ever turn down anyone with multiple infractions including violence? I am sure many if not most are just fine with this. It sure is, at the least, very disappointing.
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