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    Oh, I do! We adopted him 5 years ago and he knew nothing about football. I quickly made sure he became a Colts fan! He was here just 2 weeks and I took him to the Fan Fest in Louisville and we met Adam Vinatieri and Matt Overton...and Blue, of course! He's been hooked ever since. He's 13 and was more stoked meeting the cheerleaders
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    Loved ED. But Edge was the best back in the Indy era
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    Here ya go @dodsworth! Hines 4.38 speed Mack 4.50 speed Ebron 4.56 speed @ 250 lbs Travis 4.65 speed @ 248 lbs Brown 4.66 speed @ 255 lbs Campbell 4.31 speed Hilton 4.34 speed Johnson 4.39 speed Dulin 4.39 speed Cain 4.43 speed Fountain 4.46 speed Rogers 4.49 speed Veasy 4.49 speed Heck......Luck ran a 4.57 40 himself There are our track stars on offense - could become the "Greatest Show on Turf"....
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    If I were Jerry Jones I would handle Dak like the Washington Football Club handled Kirk Cousins. I would tag him for a couple of years before I committed anything long term to and average NFL QB. I'm sure Jerry will make him the highest paid QB in the game though. Probably why the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl since the '90's!
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    This is what Q was wearing at yesterdays fan appreciation event. I was pumped seeing that. No Mercy! Gotta have me one. This is a favorite memory from an old friend when he was cheering on his Bears. Walter to the left... Walter was surely one of my favorite all-timers.
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    I'm sure it's not all lions fans. Just the obnoxious ones
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    Lion fans can shove it. Ebron is the man.
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    Remember those Giants teams and their NASCAR package of pass rushers, can you imagine (if everything plays out properly) having an "Indy 500" package of: LE: Banogu & 4.59 speed w/33.63" arms Or Houston & 4.62 speed w/34.5" arms Or Phillips & 4.61 speed w/33" arms DT: Hunt & 4.60 speed w/33.75" arms @ 6'8" UT: Lewis & 4.69 speed w/33.75" arms RE: Turay & 4.65 speed w/33.38" arms Or Green & 4.63 speed w/33" arms Or Nicolas & 4.63 speed w/34.75" arms And if we're going by speed, agilty and perhaps instincts these are the 3 backers in a 4-3 alignment! WILL: Leonard & 4.55 speed w/34.38" arms MIKE: Okereke & 4.56 speed w/34.5" arms SAM: E.J. Speed & 4.58 speed w/33.25" arms That is a lot of speed, a lot of first step quickness AND they all have a good 3-Cone drill and 20 yard short shuttle times (which is supposed to measure short area quickess, acceleration and bend). I'm guessing this is what Ballard had in mind with his waves....
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    We could afford that But....... think about it He was a 13M "hit" for TB He was agressively shopped for a trade If he is all that valuable, wouldnt someone have just gave up a 6th for him and just taken his contract? It was a contract that had zero penalty clause I think an AGENT is "leaking" false info to try to bid this up I bet the real number is less than 10 (A little Less than Suh)
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    ....and that is what bothers me. There is not enough draft picks to get every position of need. Plus, if McCoy signs for anything less than double digit millions per year, it would also signal that Ballard does not see the DT position the way we see it. I feel a 2 yr. $20 mil. deal and McCoy will be ours, if done right but I have learnt not to get my hopes up with Ballard, just like with Polian regarding free agency.
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    That is awesome! I’m thinking about adoption in the future, would love to be able to help a kiddo somewhere out. Atta boy, lol!!!!
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    Yep!! SUPER-NICE guys!!!! My son and I had a blast meeting them.
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    I always love hearing great stories from the real old school fans. I got Jim Harbaugh's autograph on a pic when I went to the Colts/Chargers game back in 1996.
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    That's cool. Terrence Wilkins live in the apartment above my mom. I was a sophomore in high school at the time. He always called me "little man". I was 6'4", 200 back then....towered over him, lol.
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    Man, your post reminded me of back in '13 I went to the Arizona game where the Colts got blown out by like 40 points & anyway a buddy and I were sitting like 10 rows in front of the loudest, most obnoxiuos, drunkest Colt fan I've ever encountered... Made being a fan during the game embarrassing far more than the outcome of the actual game, which was bad enough itself... So anyways, good point, no one wants to be an embarrassment to the rest of "their particular teams" fanbase, but inevitably it would seem there are those that just can't help themselves...
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    So finally back after having layovers and delayed flights to misconnections. Rogers Centre is interesting. When you walk in you end up on the 3rd level and we sat in 130 for one game and 123 for the other game.The stadium did not have a real baseball stadium feeling though. Idk if cuz the roof was closed or what but it did not feel the same as a normal game. I did like the stadium though. It was nice that it was inside as weather was bad all week. I did like the fact the turf was so bouncy that they would just start to bounce the balls between innings. I also like there was no dirt flying to get into my eyes. The best thing was the unlimited souvenir cups for drinks and a bargain type stand of general baseball food. I will rank this one once I reach 20.
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    Yeah I know, every fanbase has their obnoxious fans. Visiting other websites I have seen it (some worse than others) but they also have a lot of good fans to your point. I just do not like the way some of their fans are bashing Ebron. He is not only a great redzone player but a great guy off the field.
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    That will be sick. They even indicated they may kick banogu inside at some point, for hunt maybe? so much speed!
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    Dorsey is doing what the Jaguars and Eagles have lately done. It works for a year or two but eventually sets you back, IMO. Not everyone has Belichick AND Brady though, so they are going all-in more often. John Elway did that with Talib, Sanders, Ware, Ward etc. to go with Peyton and it got him 1 SB. A lot of tight cap squeezing is forgotten if you win that 1 SB.
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    We paid $12 million per for a past his prime Justin Houston. I could see the Colts paying that much for McCoy if they really want him. It wouldn’t sink our cap at all to do a 2 year deal for that amount. Should be enough to slap a Shoe upside his head and improve our D-line.
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    Cherish these moments Sir, your son looks super stoked!!!
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    You must've forgot about Trent Richardson. Good thing I was here to remind you. #BamaStud
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    I agree.... unfortunately, all it takes is the Browns and Jets this off-season and these price tags get stupid expensive. Bottom line.... I'd offer him 2yrs/$19m.... and that's it.
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    Somewhere Stitches is grumbling under his breath "Ba Humbug!"
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    Irsay's isn't missing meals. As long as he can buy Beatles pianos, he can spend on the team.
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    There are times that he gets busy for a while. I'm hopeful we will see him soon.
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    Thanks but it's nothing to brag about. That was preceded by a sweep by the Marlins. How is our friend @Jay Kirk doing? He is missed around here.
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    Yeah I can't debate that because he played here longer and put up huge numbers here much longer. Dickerson was my 1st favorite player here though.
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    There are several severe moments in our Indianapolis Colts history. Eric Dickerson on Halloween night was definitely one of them
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    Year 2 of same offensive line, commitment by coach to be a great running team, threatening passing game = Mack is gonna put up crazy good numbers (assuming he stays healthy).
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    Can't put Mahomes on that list with one good year.....and fixing to lose his two best playmakers.
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    I don't think he was a top 5 QB either.......
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    Epstein really needs to do something about this bullpen, and I don’t think Strop returning is the answer. Unreal.
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    Years ago I caught a spring training game in West Palm Beach with the Yankees in town. After the game as the team was loading in bus I saw Bobby Murcer toss a eaten apple in the garbage can.
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    Wow, nice speed on both sides of the ball! Thanks for digging up the times Scott.
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    Makes a lot of sense. I guess we will find out soon enough what his value truly is.
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    Teams wouldn't trade for him as he would come with the over 13 million salary.
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    Me too. I am worried about him because he normally chimes in at least once a week.
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    Yessir. I grew up watching Da Bears there in northern Indiana and it took until that trade to have me switch loyalties to the hometown team!
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    Even when we were down 7-0 I still thought we could win even without MVP . We didn't but that is how good we are right now. I have been spoiled with this team since 2015. Reds won't be easy starting tomorrow but we should win. Reds are much better this season than last.
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    He is my favorite Colts RB of all-time. 1987 was an awesome season. On Halloween night in 1988 vs Denver, I thought he was going for 300
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    This reminded me, anyone still have one of those "see Dick Run" shirts? (Dickerson). I still have mine.
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    in fact Ballard has actually been the most transparent GM I've heard in a long time....some just don't want to hear it and only hear what they want to hear.
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    Ebron is 26 years old. Social media started becoming popular around the time he was 10. The person you are thinking of is me, I'm 36 years old and it didn't start getting popular til I was in college.
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    Passing situation with a 4 man line consisting of Sheard, Autry, Mcoy, and Houston ain't bad at all. Sign him up!
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    Sad. I'd be ok if Twitter just went away alltogether.
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