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    Loved ED. But Edge was the best back in the Indy era
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    Oh, I do! We adopted him 5 years ago and he knew nothing about football. I quickly made sure he became a Colts fan! He was here just 2 weeks and I took him to the Fan Fest in Louisville and we met Adam Vinatieri and Matt Overton...and Blue, of course! He's been hooked ever since. He's 13 and was more stoked meeting the cheerleaders
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    Yep!! SUPER-NICE guys!!!! My son and I had a blast meeting them.
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    I always love hearing great stories from the real old school fans. I got Jim Harbaugh's autograph on a pic when I went to the Colts/Chargers game back in 1996.
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    That's cool. Terrence Wilkins live in the apartment above my mom. I was a sophomore in high school at the time. He always called me "little man". I was 6'4", 200 back then....towered over him, lol.
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    This is what Q was wearing at yesterdays fan appreciation event. I was pumped seeing that. No Mercy! Gotta have me one. This is a favorite memory from an old friend when he was cheering on his Bears. Walter to the left... Walter was surely one of my favorite all-timers.
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    Cherish these moments Sir, your son looks super stoked!!!
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    You must've forgot about Trent Richardson. Good thing I was here to remind you. #BamaStud
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    Somewhere Stitches is grumbling under his breath "Ba Humbug!"
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    Irsay's isn't missing meals. As long as he can buy Beatles pianos, he can spend on the team.
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    There are times that he gets busy for a while. I'm hopeful we will see him soon.
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    Thanks but it's nothing to brag about. That was preceded by a sweep by the Marlins. How is our friend @Jay Kirk doing? He is missed around here.
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    Yeah I can't debate that because he played here longer and put up huge numbers here much longer. Dickerson was my 1st favorite player here though.
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    There are several severe moments in our Indianapolis Colts history. Eric Dickerson on Halloween night was definitely one of them
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    Year 2 of same offensive line, commitment by coach to be a great running team, threatening passing game = Mack is gonna put up crazy good numbers (assuming he stays healthy).
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    Rodgers had a strong season in 2018, guys.
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    If I were Jerry Jones I would handle Dak like the Washington Football Club handled Kirk Cousins. I would tag him for a couple of years before I committed anything long term to and average NFL QB. I'm sure Jerry will make him the highest paid QB in the game though. Probably why the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl since the '90's!
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    Can't put Mahomes on that list with one good year.....and fixing to lose his two best playmakers.
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    I don't think he was a top 5 QB either.......
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    We really missed Bryant in the infield yesterday, as well as his bat. No more breaks for MVP!!!! And yes, was wondering where Jay is, hope everything’s ok.
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    That's what I posted a couple days ago. I think 20 for 2 years would be the highest the Colts would go.
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    The Ravens ain't making the playoffs. Dont know why they are on his short list. I dont believe in Lamar Jackson as a passer.
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    Which of the following did you mean? He needs to come through, for us to be a top 5. He needs to come through for us, to be a top 5. Subtle difference, different meanings.
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    Balance is more of an organic byproduct, IMO. I'm more concerned with efficiency and situational success than with a focus on run/pass balance. If the offense is efficient and scores a lot of points, and the defense gets stops, that "balance" will be obvious. But I also think there will be matchups that lend to more passing, and others that will call for more running.
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    I get what you are saying but when you have a great franchise like our's, these type of discussions just come with the territory. Once Luck wins a SB which he will, then it will be can he become a top 5 QB ever by the media and fans.
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    I was in college at a fraternity party when two brothers (from Indy ) told me about the trade.
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    Agreed! That said Cleveland has like $30M or soo too I believe. so I can easily see them making an offer that we need to beat. And I just don’t think it’s in Ballard’s dna yet to do that. And definitely not for a 31 yr old 3-tech where he seems to have a lot of faith in Autry/Lewis/Ward. I would do it but that’s why I’m not leading this team lol.
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    There you go again with your argumentative homer bias rants. Lol The Raiders acquired WR's Antonio Brown & Tyrell Williams.... T Trent Brown ... S Joyner plus 3 First Round picks DE Ferrell, best rated RB Josh Jacobs and S Abram!!! The Brownies added to a already stacked team the most talented WR OBJ..... Olivea Vernon... Sheldon Richardson... star RB Kareem Hunt and drafted possibly the best CB Greedy Williams. Jets added RB Leveon Bell.... CJ Mosley... twice pro bowler G Osmele and 3rd overalk pick DT Quin Williams. I'm not even going to mention pats moves/draft caus I hate them but it was good. It's not the end of the world(for colt fans) if in May the Colts didn't win the off season OR if Warner doesn't include Luck on his Top 5 list......unless of course the Colt fan is YOU!
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    The talent on the team, the coaches that train them and the plays they call has a lot to do with the success of any QB. Bad offensive lines, bad coaching, can make most quarterbacks look bad. Sure a good QB can help carry the team, but, think about it. What kind of season would Tom Brady have had if he was on our team post Luck's injury, when our line sucked? It's all subjective. If Trent Green would have not broken his leg before the season started, for the Rams, with all of the weapons they had on that team, we probably would not have ever heard of Kurt Warner. So my point is Kurt had better be glad that he stepped in for Trent Green instead of having a team that Jacoby Brissett had to for Luck.
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    I still wonder if we ever talked to Suh. 9.25 for one year seems really reasonable. I would given him that in a heartbeat. I'd happily give McCoy 10-12 a year for 2 years. Either one of these guys could have been, or could be signed with little to no impact to our fiscal situation.
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    Yessir. I grew up watching Da Bears there in northern Indiana and it took until that trade to have me switch loyalties to the hometown team!
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    He is my favorite Colts RB of all-time. 1987 was an awesome season. On Halloween night in 1988 vs Denver, I thought he was going for 300
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    Q signed my new QN Colts hat yesterday. He was wearing a RUN THE DAMN BALL hat. It was awesome. I Gotta have one. And what big Meaty Hands he and Denico have.
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    Yup, having Mahomes and not Luck made zero sense. I like KW, but maybe he's getting old lol.
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    Didn't stop him last year in picking up a troubled, but very talented 1st/2nd Rounder in corner Jalen Collins. He has stated all along he would give second chances. The part that most people miss is the stigma of the veteran with the high dollar contract dogging it in practice and loafing on game days - he's worried that THOSE guys will hurt the locker room. He's not worried about a second chance kid because they will likely be on their very best behavior, they'll be hungry to fit in and earn their spot at the table. If they don't then very little capital was invested and they're cut immediately. That is the point that most people are missing!
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    Harcourt Fenton Mudd, that is!
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    I agree, the people saying Luck doesn't belong in the top 5 is puzzling to me, I mean it is their opinion but going by last season statistically and winning wise they are wrong. Luck was better than Rodgers and Ben if you by last season.
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    in fact Ballard has actually been the most transparent GM I've heard in a long time....some just don't want to hear it and only hear what they want to hear.
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    Good advice. I forgot to kick my wife before we got married.
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    Yep...fairly objective. But there's always going to be a degree of subjectivity when it comes to QBs. From that list...can't really argue Mahomes or Brees...given the seasons they had. Brady keeps winning Super Bowls every year. Rodgers is arguably the best to ever play the position (best...not greatest)...and then you have Big Ben...who statistically had a very similar season to Luck...but a longer track record. The whole 5-8 range is pretty subjective.
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    Mahomes? After one good year and all of the sudden he's top 3?
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    I like forums, online shopping, email and texting. I don’t like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram.
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    Let's face it, other than Barry Sanders, Detroit football possibly has less success in their total history than Cleveland. They don't know what good looks like. If they don't want him, he is very welcome on the Colts. They really need to move on. Kinda like if we would dog Dorsett in NE. It just serves no purpose. Kinda like going to an ex's wedding and heckling them during the service. It just aint cool. Not a good look.
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    I'm just curious if the Colts even look into McCoy.
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