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    Good points made on both sides.... and a good off-season topic @Jared Cisneros! Both guys are excellent tactically and strategically in what they do.... Ballard in cap management/roster-building/Draft Day and Luck in preparation and on game day. It's a real hairsplitter for me.....but if I absolutely had to let one go it would be Ballard. The game just weighs too heavily upon the QB anymore... so I voted for Andrew. There's no real way to prove the theory with Ballard now having overhauled the roster so well.... other than for Luck to go down for a season and then see if Brissett could engineer a playoff run.... an experiment hardly worth winning an argument and one that I hope is never tested. Think about it folks....we have an excellent GM building a great top-to-bottom organization including a roster of talented youngsters, plenty of cap space.... and a healthy Andrew Luck who has proven, even with the sub-standard supporting cast prior to Ballard, that we can never be counted out of a game. Man...are we spoiled or what?
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    With OTA's upon us and Mini Camps soon after, Ballard made mention of some injuries that will likely hold out or limit a few folks. There are ALWAYS silver linings from these types of situations - unless you're a glass half empty kinda fan!??! https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/17/indianapolis-colts-injury-updates-ota-darius-leonard-deon-cain/ Here’s a quick look at some of the players Ballard discussed with injury updates: LB Darius Leonard It appears the First-Team All-Pro and Defensive Rookie of the Year honors weren’t impressive enough. Leonard dealt with an ankle issue through the majority of his rookie campaign and underwent a procedure last week. He’s expected to miss the next six weeks but be ready for training camp. Silver lining - This gives the uber talented E.J. Speed the opportunity to maximize his reps and really take to the transition from Tarelton State to the pro's. Plus.....imagine the Maniac with 2 healthy ankles next year! WR Deon Cain The former sixth-round pick missed his entire rookie season due to a torn ACL he suffered in the preseason opener. His recovery from surgery appears to be going well and is expected to be a “full-go” for training camp. Silver Lining: This gives his running mate Fountain an opportunity to flex his muscles a bit and cement his spot on the 53. TE Jack Doyle Doyle had offseason surgery to repair a hip injuryand is expected to miss OTAs. It isn’t clear if he will be 100% ready for training camp at this point, and it appears to be more of a waiting game in terms of his status for the summer. Silver Lining: This gives Hentges the opportunity to show the blocking skills he's known for. TE Eric Ebron It wasn’t clear what type of procedure Ebron underwent this offseason, but it was clear he had something done this offseason. Ballard told reporters it was a groin issue, and that it is likely he’s limited for the spring. His training camp status isn’t clear. Silver Lining: this gives Ali-Cox and Brown the opportunity to show they can be that big, fast TE as a flex option. S Clayton Geathers The veteran safety didn’t undergo any procedures this offseason that we know of, but it can be expected that Geathers will be somewhat limited during the spring practices as the Colts look to keep him fresh. He signed a one-year extension this offseason to return. Silver Lining: This should free up reps for Willis (and potentially Kindred) to help cement his spot that much sooner. WR T.Y. Hilton Ghost was incredible down the stretch of 2018’s end dealing with a high and low sprain on the same ankle. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear he had a procedure done. But Ballard did say the veteran speedster could be limited during the spring in order to keep him fresh. Silver Lining: Let's get Penny Hart and Parris Campbell out there on the edge as well as the slot to show their wares! TE Ross Travis While working his way to a roster spot in the final preseason game, Travis, unfortunately, suffered a torn ACL after making a long catch. He missed the 2018 season but was brought back as a restricted free agent this offseason. The expectation is that Travis should be cleared for training camp. Silver Lining: See Ebron's comments above. LB Anthony Walker Though Ballard didn’t disclose an injury to the media, Walker could be limited during OTAs and minicamp. Silver Lining: This gives Okereke an opportunity to maximize his reps and get up to speed quicker. Ladt year, Skai Moore took advantage and even started the first game - if you recall. Generally speaking, outside of Cain every veteran above has shown in games what they can do. So to give those extra reps to the rookies behind them will only help with our depth being better prepared and/or the FO decides to go younger and make a surprise cut or two? Thoughts? Anyone I may have missed?
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    So......... recently my nephew picked up a game of CLUE. He, I, and my brother have been playing. Now, every time I see your name, i think "Mrs Peacock, with the candlestick, in the billiard room."
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    From what I've seen, Hill is still on the team and they drafted Mecole Hardman (who is a Tyreek Hill clone) to replace him just in case. Chiefs are the favorites IMO. I think we finish 2nd or 3rd in the AFC with a tougher schedule.
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    I picked Ballard and GM in general. Seattle is not successful with Wilson right now but they were when their defense was awesome. You could even say the coach is more important. Parcells and Gibbs could have been successful with me at QB. Recently The Eagles did it with some great GM work, great coaching and a backup QB.
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    If the chiefs win the division then the highest seed the chargers can get is 5th. I dont trust the Ravens just yet. I need to see if Lamar Jackson can actually play QB. I need to see Wentz heathly before I consider the eagles. Their on the outside looking in for now.
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    In the modern world of the NFL where the quarterback is, by definition, the most important player on the field, Andrew is clearly the most valuable player. But.... Who is responsible for every player on the team? All 53, plus the 10 player PS. And who is responsible for every front office executive, every scout, every coach, including the head coach? Everyone. It’s the General Manager. So with that as a definition, Chris Ballard is the most important person in the organization. Especially since he’s doing such a good job. Someday Luck will retire, and Chris Ballard will be charged with finding out next great quarterback. Hopefully CB does as good a job when that time comes as he’s done in his first two-plus years here.....
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    Maybe..... but I would argue his resume was exceeding that of manning until the injury. And that was with Dumb & Dumber running the show. Imagine if Luck had Ballard and Frank from day one.
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    I thought I'd see people's opinions on this question now that we have a large enough sample size on Ballard. Is he more important than Luck? Is Luck still more valuable? Let me know and start a discussion! I personally think Ballard has become more valuable than Luck to us as he's proven he can build a team from scratch and nail the draft at a very high % rate.
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    You think hill doesn't get suspended?
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    I am actually concerned about the Browns. Based on last year play and what they did offseason. Browns could be a paper tiger and overachieving last season but they have the right mixture to me. Colts should be top 3 as it looks on paper as well.
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    I have said that I thought this was where the Colts defense was heading since Ed Dodds came on and certain people on this forum jumped all over my back saying this was strictly a tampa 2... Well it might have been to keep thing simple for transition, but we are going to see serious changes in this defense going forward.
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    I don't know about predictions, but I know this: You better get the Patriots playing on the road because that's about the only way you have a chance in hell of beating them in the playoffs, and even that is no guarantee.
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    In 8 years when Arch is coming out, could we be so lucky to? Another 15+ years with another Manning?
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    I think the best record in the AFC will be 11-5, here's what I predict as an early prediction for the AFC: 1. Chiefs 11-5 - I have them beating us for the tiebreaker because I have us losing to them during the regular season. I don't think Mahomes will come close to the year he had last year but I can still see him throwing for 40 TD's and 4500 Yards. If they lose Hill that will be a blow and losing Houston and Ford puts a dent into their defense too. I do not see them going 12-4 again but can still see them getting the #1 seed. 2. Colts 11-5 - tougher schedule but seems reasonable, I think we get a bye week. Winners of the AFC South. 3. Patriots 10-6 - still will be real dangerous in the playoffs but I think record wise they fall off a tad. They will still win their division. They will win the tiebreaker over the Browns because they will beat the Brown at Gillette during the regular season. 4. Browns 10-6 - I have them winning the North, on paper the Steelers do not impress me and not sure Jackson can stay durable for the Ravens. 5. Chargers 11-5 - very tough wildcard team. Unfortunately for them they will end up 5th because they will lose the tiebreaker to the Chiefs somehow IMO. 6. This will be a crapshoot on who gets in, I will go with the Texans at 10-6. They have a knack of winning close games every year and still have a solid defense. Their defense was tied for 4th in the league in points allowed last season. Watson isn't great but he is good and he has a top 5 WR in Hopkins. It will take 10 wins to get in IMO.
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    We were winning, but at what cost?? We weren’t going to get to the Super Bowl, and without Ballard coming in to build an O-line, Luck would be dead or worse, retired!! As much as I think Luck is a special QB, I think Ballard is just as special, and he has to do with both sides of the ball. Andrew can’t play LB, but Ballard could find us a stud LB ala Darius Leonard and another competent QB to help the offense
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    Finally finished with my Undergrad Degree so may be around a bit more. Except the next few days as I head to Toronto in the morning, will give review of the stadium, will be there Monday Blue Jays vs Red Sox on LF line
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    That's ridiculous. The GM is almost always the boss of the HC. Every team has an established chain of command. That's just the way things work.
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    I’ll always believe that Dungy wanted a Colts defense equal to his Tampa Bay defense but Polian and Manning wanted offense. If We had that kind of defense we would have won multiple SBs. So blame Polian instead.
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    Very true. You don't get suspended 2 years for performance enhancing drugs. You get two years for dating 'Snow White'
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    I think that if he had too, Ballard could of found a replacement for Luck had he not returned from injury. He already traded for Brissett (top 3 backup in the league), and I believe he would of drafted someone to compete with him in that scenario. The difference between Ballard and Luck is, if we had Ballard, he could build an elite team around Brissett and the drafted QB to keep us going. With Luck and no Ballard, we have Andrew Luck and an inferior GM who would build an inferior team around Luck, and Luck's window is shorter than with Ballard. I just trust the GM that seemingly has the formula to the perfect team over a 30 year old QB that when he's gone, we'd be in mediocrity without Ballard refreshing the team every year. I never want to be a non-playoff team again, and with Ballard, we will have a Pats like run for the next 20 years til he retires.
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    I know everyone is high on Ballard, including myself, but there is absolutely no way this team has the success it did last year without him. Their may be 2-3 other QB's in the league that could have done it. Remember luck took a worse roster with a much worse gm to the AFC championship game. Without luck we might win 8 games next year but with I expect atleast 11.
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    No need to get upset. I even stated I didnt understand where you were coming from. Thanks for clarifying in your own butt hole kind of way. You will be glad Ballard has the cap space to sign his own stars and legitimate starters instead of losing all of our own great players. Just because you live paycheck to paycheck doesn't mean Ballard should do the same and go all in and spend most of his cap. Seriously how will he sign castanzo without cap? How will he sign Nelson or Leonard? Or luck for that matter? Calm down dude. I never insulted you.
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    If you listen to Ballard you would understand his philosophy on Free Agency and why he doesn't spend a lot on them. He has said on multiple occasions that FA is fools gold. Ballard has also said that he wants to reward the players that are here and performing. That not only keeps the better players here, but it also shows the other players in the locker room that if they perform, Ballard will try to take care of them with their next contract. You can disagree with Ballard's philosophy, but it is his, he is the GM and he seems to be doing a pretty good job so far.
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    Cap space is for players. Not coaches or GMs. If Ballard does good through his contract, and people still think hes the next up coming great GM, then he will in fact pay the man. You dont let someone like Ballard walk without a reason for it, and money won't be that reason. What makes you think all irsay has is 50 million? Cap space has nothing to do with the front office. Also that cap space is there for Ballard to spend who's not spending it. Irsay has been on record multiple times saying he likes to not be involved in those decisions. The cap space is ballards to spend or not spend. I just dont understand where you're coming from. Also, if you used Google you would see that irsays net worth is 2.7 billion. Not a measly 50 million. No one in this league is going to pay Ballard a billion dollars.
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    I don't think the Pats will make the SB this year, and it may be over for them. Brady will be 42 when the season starts -- an age at which skills can decline rapidly -- and he may not be the nearly same guy we all love to hate. The hits you take at 42 are not the same as the hits you could laugh off at 22. A Gronk-less Pats offense with an aging Brady isn't nearly as scary as they were in times past.
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    Your forgetting one thing. Ebron loves it here. His wife to. Ballard will have no issue paying him market value for three years. After what he went through in Detroit why does anyone think he is going to chase money. He is a TE and Ballard will pay him top TE money. The only thing that could change this is a injury or him just totally going off the rails. I don’t know where this stuff comes from that Ballard won’t pAy top dollar comes from. He has always said he will reward his own stars. Does nobody listen to what the man says. Yes I would pay him ten million a year for three years. That will take him up to 30 or 31. He has stats better then kelce last year. Was arguably the best TE in the league.
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    I know cap space is for players and not coaches and GM's. Spending what you are allowed too to have the best chance to win is trying your hardest. Going into a season with an extra 50 mil left over tells me that you are not willing to do whatever it takes to win. You added a lot of your own dumb opinions to my comment, I never said Irsay only has 50 mil, and dont know how you read it that way. I also never said anyone is going to give Ballard billions. My point was simple, the Colts dont spend up to or exceed the salaray cap, which equals doing whatever it takes to win. When it comes down to pay Ballard, there will be teams willing to exceed what the Colts will be willing to pay him. Look at the Raiders and Gruden (not saying that was smart) but they were willing to spend 10 mill per year for their guy. I don't ever expect to see that happening here. If Ballard is getting offered 3-4 mil per year, year after year to go elsewhere, while making 1.5 or so here, he won't turn it down forever. You can believe it if you want too, but I don't believe for 1 second that an owner/business man is not going to have a say about how his money is spent. That's just stupid.
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    Irsay has +50 mil in cap space sitting there to spend on players to win this year, and he's not. I'm not so sure he will throw the bank at Ballard as much as you seem to think.
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    I hope Ballard is happy here because big money will try to sweep him away from us in time. I'm biased but I believe he is one of the best GMs in the business.
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