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    I’m talking about Bill Polian over his career. Jim Kelly with the Bills. Manning with the Colts.
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    Don't believe everything you hear. Suh is an awesome talent. For 1 year why not give it a shot? If it back fires it is not like it ruins anything. We still will be a good team regardless. 1 guy isn't going to ruin a locker room, if 1 guy can ruin a locker room than we have a weak bunch of guys - and we do not. Luck, Leonard, and Nelson are all leaders.
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    Game over, Cubs win, MVP to Rizzo. 6-5 Cubs win again ladies and gentleman. Fly the flag Hozer. Still in 1st place in the NL Central by 1.5 games over the so-called fabulous Brewers, 4.5 over the awesome Cards.
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    I would. I paid to see Gooden pitch against the Mets on my birthday. Lol. How do you like that for a birthday outing? We lost to Gooden and the Yankees.
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    Here are my favorite pitchers . . I would pay money to watch those 2 guys pitch.
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    Not saying this is a spite against Ballard because of the crap roster and the circumstances of how soon Brisett was entrenched into the starting lineup, but we did only win 4 games without Luck
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    Yeah I wanted him gone and so did Hozer. All Cubs fans disliked him. Our hitting took a dip with him at the helm.
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    You and Hozer both said that. I think you or Hozer told me that the Mets were in big trouble when they hired Davis. Mets fans are fed up. I read that he had been fired at 2-3 jobs already.
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    Mets fans are Being swept by the lowly Marlins and getting shut out this weekend. That's embarrassing. Mets fans are ready to ship Chili Davis out.
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    Thanks...yeah technically the Bills drafted Kelly in 83 and held his rights. Kelly opted to play for the USFL for awhile and wanted to sign with the LA Raiders. However it was Polian that finally was able to convince Kelly to sign with the Bills. Here is a good article about it... https://www.timesreporter.com/article/20150730/SPORTS/150739882
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    Nice point, Jim Kelly is a top 20 QB ever with ease . He was great and a hall of famer.
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    If Luck and Ballard stay together for the next 10 years, my prediction on the rest of the league is
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    Thats an easy one. One has a U in it and one has an N.
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    Very true. You don't get suspended 2 years for performance enhancing drugs. You get two years for dating 'Snow White'
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    A belated welcome to the website. Glad to have aboard. Sorry this is our first exchange. Your post is your opinion. And there may be some truth there. But it is not fact. Ballard has said repeatedly since he arrived that teams who spend the most rarely do well. That teams who win free agency, the off-season spending spree, rarely do well. So don't mistake our our lack of spending for a lack of commitment to do what we want. Ballard isn’t going to leave because someone offers him more $$$. He already had the quality he values most... the support of an owner who is letting Ballard build slowly and methodically in the vision that he wants. Put another way, do you think there are a lot of owners who are willing to let their GM build this slowly? Most owners are the opposite. They want to win NOW! This year, if not sooner! Ballard is in the perfect spot for him. I wouldn’t lose a minutes sleep that he’d leave the Colts to go elsewhere. Not happening. Just a different perspective to consider...
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    No need to get upset. I even stated I didnt understand where you were coming from. Thanks for clarifying in your own butt hole kind of way. You will be glad Ballard has the cap space to sign his own stars and legitimate starters instead of losing all of our own great players. Just because you live paycheck to paycheck doesn't mean Ballard should do the same and go all in and spend most of his cap. Seriously how will he sign castanzo without cap? How will he sign Nelson or Leonard? Or luck for that matter? Calm down dude. I never insulted you.
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    If you listen to Ballard you would understand his philosophy on Free Agency and why he doesn't spend a lot on them. He has said on multiple occasions that FA is fools gold. Ballard has also said that he wants to reward the players that are here and performing. That not only keeps the better players here, but it also shows the other players in the locker room that if they perform, Ballard will try to take care of them with their next contract. You can disagree with Ballard's philosophy, but it is his, he is the GM and he seems to be doing a pretty good job so far.
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    Curry is 27-1 in the last 28 games he’s played without Durant
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    Ebron wins if he cleans up his drops, Doyle wins if he stays healthy. If they both do these things than we will have a great 1-2 punch at TE
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    Agreed To me its a depth thing....... The 1 tech today, in this defense, can be a BIT lighter than the monster NTs from the past BUT........ I THINK that we would all agree, if our 1 tech is getting shoved 5 yards back every play...... we are in trouble. One article actually had Ward moving over to man the 1 tech as part of the rotation. (The article said he is up to 295lbs) I would like to see how that works out, as I think he has a very good potential, from the few snaps he played last year The 1 tech would need to be rotated often, as working through 2 guys, would wear someone out
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    This defense is considerably better than the Freeney/Mathis years, better coached, better built, better everything except rushing the QB, and I think they make strides this year. Towards the end of the season last year you saw what Flus system truly intends to be. We sent blitzes from exotic, unexpected, locations and had some success. That's the benefit of having a defense full of hybrid ultra-athletic guys that aren't just stuck in their one designation. You can do a lot with it. These guys know what they're doing, and what they're building towards, we just have to be patient enough to let it unfold.
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    BULLETIN: A person can bulk up without steroids. ISSUE: All doubters post a pic of him in the very recent past to compare. FACT: If he was with the Colts there would be no such accusations of juicing.
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    Eric Berry is an upgrade over Clayton Geathers and I would much rather see Geathers as a backup to add depth over him being a starter. Depth at the SS spot is huge for this team since guys like Geathers can't seem to stay on the field.
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