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    Brissett will now throw for 180 yards instead of 150!
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    This year got easier, the next 5 got harder. Having 2 firsts 2 years in a row would be awesome.
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    As the “ Old Crow”’ I’m obviously a victim here of a bias against friendly crows. I seem to be roadkill in this eating crow thread.
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    My Jalen Ramsey haiku: Jalen Ramsey trade Explains Marcus Peters trade But they got ripped off. Thank you
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    There's some clear consensus here. The QB is important (I think I only saw one serious list that didn't include QB), OL is important, pass rushers are important, almost universally. There's also consensus that RB wouldn't be at the top of the list for most, almost all. So I think it's a fair conclusion to say most think you need a good QB, good OL and good pass rusher. Some variance on pass catchers. I counted 26 submissions that included either a WR or TE (mostly WRs, but some had both). Others would try to make due with average-ish skill players on offense, valuing OL instead. On defense, some value coverage, others value play up front, that seemed to be a healthy mix. That might be different if we knew exactly what the defense wants to be... More varied are the ideas about skill players, what to do behind and outside of the pass rushers, and whether the best players would be weighted toward defense or offense. I counted 42 legit submissions so far -- listed 7 players, and appeared to be serious -- and 22 picked at least four offensive players, while the other 20 picked at least four defensive players. I'm not sure that you can really show a preference when only picking seven positions, although some went very heavy on either side. But there's obviously a desire for balance, more than being dominant on just one side of the ball. I'm not too surprised by the way this has gone, but I think it's very interesting.
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    Disappointed in getting swept, but I'm actually happy for the Nationals and it's good to see someone new in the World Series. The Astros and Yankees are like two heavyweights slugging it out, so whoever advances will face a well rested and very potent pitching staff. Almost Hot Stove season and it will be interesting to see what the Cardinals do in the off season. I'm thinking Ozuna is gone...he's a defensive liability now and that money can be better spent elsewhere. Pitching staff will be built around Flaherty and offense around Goldschmidt.
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    Sorry my friend....I guess I could've title it the official dove eating thread but I get myself into enough trouble around here. Anyway..... a tribute to crows everywhere who, like yourself, get the short end of the stick with this old cliche'.....
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    Rams have a tough schedule left. Next year's will probably be around a 17th. The Jags are sitting pretty.
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    I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a mid-night toker...
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    That’s going to be some atmosphere in a few years with that new state of the art stadium, with the Rams and the Chargers playing there away games, uhm....I mean home games there. In 2022, LA Rams play LA Chargers. Guess the stadium will be empty without any visiting team fans.
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    Thanks ! That’s a good caw !
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    Knowing Marcus, everything will be grass fed, non-GMO, and organic
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    All-Pro. which he has already earned. And on the rise to top LB within 2-3 years. I see special traits ala Lawrence Taylor (instincts) and a playmaker. He just needs to stay healthy and he will be mentioned amongst defensive POY with Aaron Donald, and co every season. Didn't he lead the league in tackles as a rookie, even after missing games? The guy wreaks havoc and can cover with the best of them. The rooks you mentioned have played decent enough as fill in players.
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    As of now, the Rams pick around 19 or so. Not bad at all for Jax. Could be scary in the future indeed. They're still relatively young to begin with.
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    Ray is a DE that everyone keeps trying to play at OLB. Perhaps a change of pace back to DE would help him regain his pass rushing prowess - even if he is just a situational player.
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    I would have preferred to read the full article on Leonard, but I don't fall for that free trial nonsense because online outlets count on people forgetting about the trial period & then they rope you into a full membership. No thank you. No sports articles are worthy of membership fees to me or maybe I'm just frugal to a fault. Anyway, I hope Darius is okay. Lingering symptoms over a prolonged period can indeed be very scary & quite mentally draining indeed, especially when one concussion usually increases the likelihood of others down the road. Hang in there man.
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    Communication: DLine: Coach, You told us to “demonstrate” and then “suck”. Eberflus: No, I said “penetrate” and then “sack”. Ballard: Look, you are doing a great job, Matt. Eberflus: No, I said “raise”, not “praise”. Jacoby: Coach, here is that bottled water you wanted. Reich: No, I said I want a “leader”, not a “liter”.
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    Looks like Maddon is the new Angels manager, good for him!
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    We have an All Pro on our roster that was picked in the second round. Not counting specialists, there were nine All Pros last year that were drafted outside of the first round. So even if you're building through the draft, in theory, it's possible. Not likely, though.
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    Sounds like Leonard's concussion was pretty serious, not that it wasn't apparent by sitting out for a few weeks, but the whole "was questioning his football future" is pretty sobering. I don't have a sub to the Athletic but a fellow Colts fan on reddit said this about it:
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    https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/jabroni https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/jabroni
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    Yeah congrats on a very good season @Jay Kirk, @Barry Sears, and @Myles. Winning the WS would've been a great season but it is very good that you won the NL Central and made the NLCS. I didn't think the Nats would sweep, I am pretty surprised by that one. The offseason will be real interesting for the Cards and Cubs both. It is tough to win the WS as we all know, over the decade the Cards won one (2011) and the Cubs won one (2016). At least they both won one this decade where the Dodgers have not shockingly.
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    Go follow the Twitter feed of the Iron Sheik (you’re welcome, in advance). It’s hilarious. Jabroni is among his favorite words. Most of the rest of his favorite words are vulgarities. I have no idea what jabroni means, other than it’s an insult.
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    My answer would be 'no'. Because I trust in Ballard's ability to do more with those picks than Ramsey would offer overall. PLUS, I would have rather spent less on Fitz.
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    You got it. He used to call everyone Jabroni back in the day
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    I think the premise is more like.....pretend you're awarded a new franchise, and the pool of protected players is small, leaving a lot of top notch players available. Or, maybe, everyone's a free agent, and you're picking teams in the playground.
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    Ramsey's a headcase and totally not worth that. Rams are nuts. If I was Mario (the owner of Jags) I would've made that trade too.
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    I could see them at .500 the rest of the way.
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    Damn man, yeah that's rough. I watch a lot of boxing/MMA and I can't imagine getting punched in the face like that for a living. And nice reference to Nate Diaz, his speech has definitely gotten more and more slurred over the years, and I guess that's no surprise due to his fight style.
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    I suspect those picks acquired will be towardS the end of the first and they have to pick the right players but yes it does increase their chances of improving. so many bad teams seem to mess up such opportunities
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    Liam Neeson is coming...... snd he has a very special set of skills. In the movie "Cold Pursuit" (i just watched), he asked a badguy " who is the greatest quarterback. Manning or Elway?" The guy said Elway and got a bullet as his prize. So i dont know about the rest of you, I am safe as I already agree with Mr Neeson. But if any of you were on the fence, or you happen to bump into Liam on the steet, you might wanna choose your NFL topics wisely. Apparently he is a Colts fan.
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    Rams will b a dumpster fire in a couple of years. No young talent
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    It's going to come down to the Colts and the Texans in the Division.
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    The refs are garbage. saw the second call last night that wasn't even close that was the worst hands to the face call I have ever seen.
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    That's my opion. Bobby was great in the KC game especially in coverage. Leonard can't cover at that level.
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    I have a subscription and read it. It was basically different then the one he had in college. That was the main reason he was questioning whether he could play again. He then talked to others who had concussions and realized what he was experiencing a lot others had as well. That then eased his mind. It’s a good story. If you download the APP you can get so many articles for free a month. It’s worth the subscription though. Great stories.
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    That season ended in a championship. Jags can have their 375 title
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    I think his upside is as much as Luck's. Kind of nit-picking though. He's been crazy consistent and improving in the NFL. The Colts really need this win if they want to win the division. A home game coming off a bye week should be the best case scenario for this game. Houston is also going to be playing their second consecutive road game.
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    Did you guys see the PI that wasn’t overturned in the NE and Giants game. It was clear and obvious and they still didn’t overturn it. The refs are making a statement they don’t like that this is a call that can be reviewed and they are not going to over turn anything. This should never have been a reviewable in the first place because these are for the most part judgement calls.
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    I now expect zero sacks, the next three weeks.
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