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    I like Woods, but he had one good year for us (2017). In 2018 he really struggled, and by mid season lost his starting job and played less than 20 snaps a game. His PFF rating dropped a bunch too. There's a reason he wasn't brought back. He played decent last year with Seattle but his snaps and performance dropped off later in the year before he was suspended for PED use. He's with the Jags now, so it'll be interesting to see how he does. He just turned 33 and is still 330lbs.... Not sure I'd take those odds. Had Leonard not missed 3 games, his production would have been similar to 2018. Had zero to do with Woods being gone. Like I said earlier, Woods played sparingly the last half of the 2018 season, and didn't play in the last two games at all. I think you're reaching here. And Stewart's PFF rating in 2019, was higher than Woods PFF rating... And Leonard also struggled with both abdominal and back issues lat in 2019 which likely limited his production too. Again, nothing to do with Woods. 2 things... We were ranked 7th best vs the run in 2019 (vs 8th in 2018, and 26th in 2017 which was Woods' best year), which is the only downs Woods would have played on.... Our problem was coverage (and Charmin soft zone D), not vs the run.... Two, we played 4 games vs top 10 rushing teams. Leonard had double digit tackles in 3 of 4, and was struggling with injury the 4th. Again, Woods' absence didn't hurt us vs the run (nor did it hurt our LB performance), which is the only downs he traditionally played. Ballard has talked about the need for a 3 tech since for at least a couple years now, so doubt his going after Buckner had anything to do with Dungy. It was a no brainer opportunity.... Ballard should have addressed 3 tech last year, but he simply chose to address DE first. And everyone that runs a C2 knows it's critical to have a good 3 tech. Also,,,Ballard and Dungy both specifically talked about 3 tech, not NT (Woods). Not so worried about depth. Sure we're a few key injuries away from pain.... but all teams are... Rock was playing top 10 (pff wise) the last half of the year. Not to worried about him. Rhodes is an upgrade over Desir if he stays healthy. That's a big IF though, so I share your concern. I'd love to see them resign Desir (and Geathers) later once he has time to test the waters. Moore will be fine, and Carrie is a decent backup who can handle NB or CB2. I'm hopeful about Rogers to, although it will be later in the year before he gets a chance. At S, Hooker should improve. I share your concerns with Willis too. Hoping Blackmon can take over SS on passing downs. Odum is a quality backup, and like I said, would love to bring Geathers back on a team friendly deal. Any competent QB could carve up our soft zone given how bad our pass rush was. I agree, our O will help our D a bunch. I also think we could see less-soft zone from our DBs now.
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    I don’t think the defense will be worse but I’d be lying if I said coverage isn’t a huge concern. We are banking a LOT on Rock improving and becoming a shutdown corner, Rhodes rolling back the clock three years, Moore staying healthy, and Willis holding down the other safety spot where he was serviceable against the run but bad against the pass. We are a couple injuries away from starting Lafayette Pitts and Rolan Milligan, and we know there will be injuries. I did not like the way QBs were carving up the secondary late in the year, although I think a more competent offense will help immensely. Even Famous Jameis carved us up and he was practically blind.
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    Hey Leonard came out of nowhere and blew everyone's expectations out of the water and we've all been raving about him ever since, he's a great player. Smith is quietly becoming an above average RT and very few people are even talking about him. I think he deserves more credit.
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    Buckner's addition alone will make the defense better.
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    I think the defense will be much improved on the field. Probably even more on the stat side. With the offense set to run the ball and eat up the clock, the stats will look even better.
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    And let’s not forget that Darius Leonard NEARLY also made thus list. He’s 24 today and for a few more mo this. But he turns 25 in late July (7/24). Close, but not quite. The Colts are getting younger, more talented, and more athletic. Everything you want thus team to be.
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    Silly nonsense. Very disappointing. USA Today used to be really good. Even if you knew nothing about the Colts, you could know this. We spent 7 of 10 2019 draft picks on defense. It's not unreasaonble to expect most if not all of them to be better. The question is how much? But Rock and Okereke and Willis are starters. Benagu, Tell, should be key reserves. Speed and Green to ST's. So, the defense SHOULD be better on that alone. And I'm almost positive I read something this off-season about a trade for Buckner, and some free agent signing's including Rhodes. Plus the return of a healthy Turay. That's a lot of important faces on that side of the ball. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to be able to predict we should be a better defense. The only question is..... now much better?
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    he had randy moss, gronk, some of the best slot receivers ever poor Tom no talent to play with at all in his career
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    I've got a feeling Bruce Arians is going to get Tom Brady killed out there. Tom is going to need a lot more avocado ice-cream in that TB12 diet of his.
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    I don't care what you call it but I call it a FORCE in the middle that was clearly lacking w/o Woods in the lineup! Did you not wonder what's wrong with Leonard for the first 4 games of the season as his presence was not noticed as much? Is it a coincidence, Leonard suffered a concussion that had him thinking retirement due to a 3 wk headache? Why did our D in 2018 grade so high and became respectable but in 2019 they struggled so much? It's because we didn't have that force in the middle to eat up blockers to allow our LB's to do what they do best! Why did Tony Dungy come out and say the most important position is the DT and immediately we traded for Buckner? Maybe Tony reached out to Ballard to give him his thoughts who knows but the moral to the story is a dominant Defense has a Dominant force at the DT position regardless of 1-2-3 tech terminology!
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    Moose, this is not rocket science to believe this D should be much improved. Let's just say we didn't add Buckner, the experience the rookies gained last yr and their projected jump in 2020 alone is enough for an improved season. Bobby O is projected to be a Star, Leonard All Pro, Turay has sack leader potential which is All Pro, Rhodes in this system could be back to All Pro, Rock Ya-Sin ready to break out, Houston already is a force, Hooker with improved pass rush could be Pro Bowl talent, ETC... It all start upfront with our 13th pick, Deforest Buckner, a former ALL PRO! Yes, Could, Should, Hopefully but its not an Einstein formula to see we should not only be good but have the potential to be GREAT!
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    Sorry... but not sure you even realize Al Woods is NOT a 3-tech. Never has been. Woods is a Nose Tackle. That’s not a 3-tech. It’s a 1-Tech or a 0-Tech. Buckner is a 3-Tech. Our Nose Tackle last year was George Stewart. I believe he graded out OK. Played mostly running downs. Hopefully this is some food for thought.
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    The teams performance this year will truly tell us what we have in Reich and Ballard. No more blaming Grigson for his failed drafts and not accumulating young talent. Ballard has had 4 years now and these r his guys. He is the architect of this team. Reich has written off on Rivers saying his play is still top tier. Reich is designing the offensive scheme that he wants. All signs point to them both being good at their job. My biggest reservation is the D and the scheme that they favour. Not a Big fan of it so we shall c.
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    Could...should.....hopefully......!!! Hmmmm, so u tell me to stop talking bout last year?? However,u r basing this teams future performance on players previous play. Interesting
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    not true! Umm why the site censor my f a k e n e w a and turn it to not true?!?
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    Pittman - instantly becomes the "go-to big" given we no longer have Ebron and Funch. He'll likely be Rivers favorite RZ target, so I'd say his chances at 10 TDs aren't horrible. Taylor - his chances at getting 1000 are pretty low IMO. It would likely take an early injury to Mack. Given the miles already on Taylor, one would think we'd bring him on slowly. Also, he's coming from a scheme that used a lot of FB/TE lead, and a good mix of power and zone... Indy rarely used 2 back sets or leads, and plays mostly zone. In short, it will take some time for adjustment too. Then add in Indy's plan for Mack. If they don't plan to sign him back, they'll likely put some miles on Mack in his last year. Blackmon - him taking over for Hooker would likely require a Hooker injury. Blackmon is coming off injury, and coming from a heavy man scheme. Even if he recovers well, and trusts the healing early, he'll have to learn how to play C2 zone. And IMO, he's more likely to take over SS early on, especially in passing downs. Willis has been a liability in coverage. Best career? I'd say Pittman, Taylor, Blackmon, then Eason.
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    Last yr was a complete mess from the moment this Staff let Al Woods go, to AL retiring, to all the injuries at key positions. The BIGGEST setback to this Defense was a lack of a presence on the interior line and SECOND was losing our best pass rusher in Turay. This game is won in the trenches and in 2019 we lost 2 HUGE key pieces to the position, which trickled down to the LB's and DB's. Living in Northern Indiana, I literally saw the Chicago Bears D go from Elite to Poor overnight once they lost Hicks for the season. One player but at THE most important position that this Staff failed to realize in 2019 by not resigning Woods. Tony Dungy even came out & said the key to a great D is a dominant 3 tech and poof we trade our 13th pick for that dominant 3 tech in Buckner! Buckner brings that type of presence that WILL make the entire D jump to the next level. Pro Bowl Potential: DeForest Buckner - Pro Bowl force at a the DT position with our 1st rd pick Justin Houston - Pro Bowl veteran presence that could be on the brink of All Pro Kemoko Turay - #1 pass rusher in QB hurries before season ending injury & a Star in the making Bobby Okereke - A Star in the making and paired with All Pro Leonard Darius Leonard - An All Pro who now has an All Pro DT in front of him Xavier Rhodes - Former All Pro who will thrive in this D and with this pass rush Kenny Moore II - A Star in the making with improved pass rush (see above) Malik Hooker - A Star in the making with improved pass rush (see above) Rock Ya-Sin - A Star in the making with more experience and improved pass rush (see above) Denico Autry - Had 9 sacks in 2018 and could thrive with the new talent Solid Contribution: Khari Willis - A breakout player candidate that will be a solid player but lacks Star potential Anthony Walker Jr. - Another solid key player but will never reach Star potential Tyquan Lewis - Could be a key player if used at DE but lacks Star potential
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    I don't see Pittman getting 10 TDs as rookie. Happy to be shown wrong tho! Apparently most folks on twitter feel better about Pittman than Campbell. I disagree, again because Pittman will be a rookie with that learning curve. Campbell already rode most of that curve...sorta...hopefully!
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    I agree, it has definitely been slept on. Starting to get some respect though. Leonard pick is right there with it, but because he gets more pub, I'd agree with Smith.
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    Man, doesn't a Clowney or Griffen signing sound like such a "icing on the cake" or "mission complete" move for us, considering our complete switch to contend now mode? For a while I was confident one would happen. Ship has sailed on Clowney it seems, I wonder if we ever inquired about Griffen.
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    What is funny to me is the one response that I think is very realistic is getting no selections. I think it is very likely that Blackmon takes Hookers spot before the end of the year. Think about it, Hooker is a free agent and Blackmon is kinda supposed to take his place in 2021. Wouldnt you want to see what you have in Blackmon. Could be interesting. I also agree that I hope the answer to best career is Eason. But time will tell.
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    I’m with you that I think I know the answers to most of these. I think Turray will need the year playing rotational to be ready for a full time starting role but will play well. He will take over for Houston if he isn’t resigned. Lewis will probably start showing what the coaching staff saw in him when they drafted him in the 2nd round. I think Hooker will remain an average player and probably miss 2-3 games. Rhodes will have a stretch where he plays well but gets exposed and won’t be brought back. He had plenty of help on the Vikings, even less here. Sucks bc I really liked the guy. I see a lot of improvement with most young players. Buckner and Autry will be crazy good inside allowing Houston and the Lbs to ball out, especially Okereke. Ya Sin and Wills are going to be solid to above average and Blackmon will replace Hooker. These aren’t huge questions but enough are there that some may not work out and keep this defense average. I’m excited tho bc this will be the year the Colts solidify their foundational players on defense and start filling the holes around them to become elite.
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    Yup yup... fair. I think I'm so sure that I know the answers to these questions that I'm not realizing that they are indeed questions. Fair.
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    I was looking at this list. Who do you think the Colts defense is better than? Chargers, Chiefs and Cowboys? Hate to play devils advocate here but the list isn’t that bad. The Colts secondary And pass rush has been absolutely terrible. Buckner should help the defensive line in theory but we are counting on injured guys to not only return to form but to improve. That’s a big ask. If you have played any football after highschool, you know that it’s very hard to return to form after a season ending injury. Everyone else is stronger, faster and has more game experience, and there is rust to knock off and time needed to acclimate. I’m not sold on this secondary. If either Rhodes continues to decline or Hooker gets hurt again this team may get torched by good QBs. Either could easily happen. This team does have very good depth on the roster. That is a huge strength. The defense could improve or it could be merely average. So many questions and playing games is the only way to answer them.
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    Its USA Today, what do you expect? They had thd Seahawks and Colts 2 of the worse teams going into last year. IMO, their sports writing and predictions are way below, sub par. I expect the Colts Defense to be improved for sure. Not just because of defensive additions(which there were), but mainly because I expect the offense to dominate TOP this year.
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    Interesting thread @CR91! I think a better comparison might be Derrick Brooks due to the system and position he and Leonard play. Brooks first two seasons starting all 16 games (his 2nd and 3rd season since I guess he didn't start all the games his rookie year), he had 278 tkls, 3 ints, 2 forced fumbles, and 1.5 sacks. Leonard has better stats in his first two seasons than either Lewis or Brooks, but like @CurBeatElite said: Let's see if Leonard can keep it up for the next decade.
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    An interesting strategy the Colts could pursue in signing Warford is to restructure Glowinski which would save 2M on the cap where he is currently counting at 6.9M. He would then become our veteran backup on the OL for the guard spot. If he was good with that they could even extend him a year.
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