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    This is a tough one, but I think Pagano was a little better. ... Of course Reich is the best since Dungy. Why is this even a question? He's on the path to be better than Dungy.
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    Houston stepped up big with the run defense. We got stuffed at the line nearly every time. Brissett was forced to put this game on his shoulders because I’m sure the Texans game planned this all week.
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    They have a solid defensive line.
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    What's the theory why the Colts can't beat the Chargers? That's what I really want to know!!!
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    Can he throw TD's when the ground game is being shut down? Check Can he lead the team down the field,eat the clock with players other than TY? Check Can he throw for over 300 yards, 4 TDS, and protect the ball? Check Give credit to the Texans D. They are for real. Jacoby is a leader, and a smart QB. Calling him a game manager would not be accurate. He is a pocket passer with patience, smarts, and necessary accuracy for the position.
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    I mean a second guy JB can count on, as compared to what has been a bit of a revolving door behind TY. Pascal did well yesterday. The starting position with Funchess has been up for grabs and it doesn't seem like anybody has taken it. I don't think Pascal plays the slot much, but I could be wrong.
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    Is it just me or are we just injuring the heck out of everyone this year. Probably just me, but I keep feeling after watching us set the Mahomes downfall in motion I'm starting to think we might be some bus that teams may want to stay out of the way off. Just a thought.
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    Dungy was one of my favorite coaches and favorite people (I would recommend his book on Leadership to everyone). That being said, I think Reich could prove to be a better coach. We need a few more years to see what type of sustained success he can have.
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    Yeah even though I have stood by JB, I have had my doubts too because I love Luck. After today I really believe JB may be good . I always have said he is better than average but today he was outstanding . This win here is gigantic and JB played great on top of it against a good defense and good QB.
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    I was really impressed with Roc Ya- Sin. I know he gave up a long pass play and a first down, but those were perfect passes. He was right there and he's really sticky on man coverage.
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    Right, treating him like a franchise QB doesn't make him a franchise QB. The Dolphins made a big commitment to Ryan Tannehill, that didn't make him a franchise QB.
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    Flacco is like a statue back there .
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    Thanks but you don't have to be smart. Some people let the low yardage numbers cloud their thinking. He's going to have more games where he is closer to 200 yards, or below, when the Colts are dominating on the ground. That won't mean Brissett has "regressed". It will only mean the offense is taking what the defense gives them. Luck threw for less than 200 yards 18 times. In those 18 games the Colts were 12-6. Luck threw for over 300 yards 35 times. In those games the Colts were 18-17. Less than 200 doesn't automatically mean poor performance and losing. And over 300 doesn't automatically mean good performance and winning.
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    This is exactly how I saw this season. If we are stopped in passing our run wont be beat. If other team stop our run we have good QB in JB that can take care thru pass. Love the season so far. Again would have love to see little more running thru Jordan Wilkins so didn't have to be stressed out at the end.
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    As others have said, this was his best game as a pro. He showed a huge amount of improvement from the other games this season to today's performance. He made good reads, he put good touch on his throws, was pretty good with his accuracy. Let's hope he keeps this up all season
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    Just looked this up >>>>>>> How is Chris Hinton NOT IN THE NFL HALL OF FAME ???????????????????????
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    To answer the OP's question, no we won't run the table. We will split with Houston losing there IMO, we will also lose at New Orleans. We may even split with Jacksonville. 11-5 is now doable though.
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    Well I never said he is on Andrew Luck's level, anyone would be a fool to think that but JB so far has played above average football at worse and we are 4-2. For me it is hard to nitpick him at this point. 14 TD's to only 3 INT's is real impressive. We should be 5-1 actually had Vinny been on his game in the opener.
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    This was me this morning: OH YEAH!!!
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    Question do you count Arians as a head coach? In both cases I would say yes though. But Arians would give him some run for his money. Reich, Arians, Caldwell, Pagano in that order.
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    He was a former pastor so he definitely knows how to bring people together. This team is all in! HALLELUJAH !
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    The dude just gets open, catches everything, gets YAC, moves the chains, run blocks, returns kicks, and plays special teams. Shows an incredible reliability for a guy we claimed off waivers last year and was an UDFA out of Old Dominion University. He's basically Jack Doyle at WR, a 'Zach of all trades' if you will. This is early in his second year and he's shown a ton of promise so I see no reason for him to not keep showing a ton of improvement. As excited as I was about Funchess, Cain, and Campbell going into the season, it has been Zach Pascal, the relative afterthought, who has truly earned the #2 WR position. Just no more Philly Specials with him throwing the rock.
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    Teams would for sure give a 1st. Had he not retired we would be 6-0 and he would be in MVP discussion.
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    The student vs the teacher, wouldn't have it any other way
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    I thought this until I saw that pic of him. He's still in a weight room somewhere. I think he didn't want to be a depressed weirdo around his pregnant wife. As a competitor, he can't be content with his career ending like that. Will be interesting.
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    Yeah I mean the Colts are looking at 5-2 in reality as of now. Still have to go out and win it though. Teams that start 5-2 hardly ever miss the playoffs. We are 90% at that point
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    Please dont say that. We were saying the same thing about the raiders
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    JB had an awesome game. Best game ever in his career. But it's only one game, and he had a sub 50 QBR prior to today. It's great to be happy (I'm hyped as heck), but MVP talk is silly at this point.
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    That's pretty funny, for sure. He's definitely one of the unique ones on this team.
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    I thought the same thing, but I think O’Brien’s strategy worked out. It didn’t really cost them. I was also totally frustrated we didn’t run the ball those last drives. The D didn’t play great, but they were good enough and bailed us out at the end.
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    The lions won 1 playoff game the 90s. They weren't a few plays away from being the best team of the decade
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    Yes thank goodness we got Reich ,he will take us to where we want to go
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    Crows are becoming quite the endangered species here on the Forum.
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    I was just about to say the exact say thing. The Texans sold out in two things in D, the run and TY. Forcing Brisset to beat them. And he did
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    Great game. He is a terrible QB though.
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    Fantastic game by JB. Boy did he deliver. Loved that the play calling the first half was 1st reads not to TY. We struggled a bit late trying to force it to TY. Pascal had a great game, coming out game for him too. Ebron shook off the drops. Rogers was only targeted twice but was open a lot and caught both of his targets. To me, I think this will be an incredible boost to JB's confidence. Reich was not afraid to call a game plan to attack Houston's weakness (pass D), and put it in JB's hands to win. I was a bit afraid we'd try to force the run, and try to force to TY more. Huge step for JB. To pat myself on the back, I did say several times that this could be his coming out game. It was even better than expected.
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    They say it takes a WR a couple of years. He is developing really nice and is starting to really starting to gain chemistry with JB. We will be that much better when DF comes back. Seems pascal was running the same type of plays DF would be in there for. Ebron finally looked like the pro bowler TE we know.
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    6 catches for 106, but they were clutch catches. He came up huge today.
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    Great game. I just would like to know why he doesn't throw Cain's way. He appears open on some plays
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    No he didn't. He had a 95 QBR for the season prior to the Houston game. Now's it's just over 100
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    Looking like a game we will lose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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