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    Agreed. I'd be happy to have a great "system qb" in a great system. All this QB worship is exhausting. I'm ready for an all around solid squad.
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    I’m not fully sold on JB. That said, I do think he potentially could be good to great later on. IF the coaching staff help him improve and develop his game. Everyone said Ryan Leaf was a sure fire Franchise QB, nobody and I mean nobody said that about Tom Brady when he was drafted. And for his first few seasons, Brady was average to maybe top 20. Now do do I think Brissett will ever be close to Brady, heck no. But my point is, he may not have to be. Why? Because one reason for Brady’s early win totals was the players around him. That talent combined with coaching was key. And that’s what I see when I look at our roster.
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    Jacoby is a top 20 guy. He can't do what Peyton and Andrew did. If they keep building a great roster, he won't have to be
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    I always felt that there wasnt any other QB that could handle pressure the way he did. He would be my choice as well.
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    Agreed. It's literally because of our last 2 QB's. We aren't used to having a Honda after having two Ferrari's. Our franchise is going through withdrawal even if they don't admit it. You see it by having a QB thread every 14 minutes. I'm totally happy going the 'team' route and it'll work as long as Ballard keeps doing his job. Great QB's can cover crap teams, that's the big difference. That's where Ballard becomes essentially the most important piece for our franchise going forward.
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    Who is?...Who could be? He played one year on a bad team, and is only 5 games into this one. I've been happy with Brissett so far. That doesn't mean I want him to be QB for the next ten years. Personally, I'm not looking to crown a "franchise" QB. I want the Colts to upgrade every position as the opportunity presents itself, including QB.
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    I've been on this forum long enough to know the right answer is Chad Kelly.
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    I've gotta go with the 70s Steelers. HoFers at every level of both offense and defense.
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    Games like tomorrow are gonna be how we figure this out. I dont think anyone is sold on him yet. There are just believers and non believers at this point. I'm a believer.
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    We are never going to have Peyton or Andrew again. I have JB around 15 or 16 which is respectable. With a solid team around team we can win. Some are too young to remember but JB is our Danny White who replaced Roger Staubach. Danny was good (should've won the SB in 1981) but he wasn't Staubach or Aikman, google it.
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    Well.....the closest thing to an actual precedent for answering this question makes me throw up in my mouth..... "His teams had an overall record of 68 wins, 71 losses, and four ties, 64–64–4 in 132 starts, and 4–7 in relief. He completed 1,886 passes for 27,663 yards, threw 173 touchdowns, and had 220 interceptions, for a career passer rating of 65.5"
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    I have a question for OP? if Jimmy G is Franchise QB why JB is not a Franchise QB? What is Jimmy G doing better than JB as a QB? Don't forget 49ers are better on D then Colts but I have to say JB beats JG in QB position this season so far thru 5 games if thats the case then JB is sure a Franchise QB.
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    Andrew no question. No one did more with such little talent. Peyton twice had above average oline, hof wrs and rbs and talented wrs in Thomas, welker, and Decker
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    I don't believe there has every been a QB that could win a Super Bowl with an average coaching staff, an average offense and an average defense.
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    In one of Brissett impressions threads @SteelCityColt asked about who are the QBs you would take over Brissett right now? I gave my answer there but I wanted to refine the inquiry into something that IMO has more of a practical significance for our evaluation of Brissett going forward. I want to see what people think are the QB tiers in the NFL and how good Brissett needs to perform in order to fall into the tier that makes him a franchise QB worthy of long-term contract and worthy of not losing sleep over knowing he's your QB. I've decided to simplify the task at hand and separated the tiers into only 3 buckets - -"franchise QB" - This one will be kind of broad and I wanted it to just signify a list of QBs for which you are not looking for replacement(if they are healthy), you don't waste a high pick in order to replace one of those. -"not a franchise QB" - you are in QB purgatory and you need to upgrade your QB if you want long-term success. You should be willing to spend good draft picks(1st rounder +) in order to address the QB position if you have one of those. -"wait and see" - this one will be reserved for young QBs who are still finding their way in the league and we don't yet know if they will be good enough in the long run. I decided to separate them like this because in a lot of ways this is the decision we will need to make if not at the end of this year, then at the end of next season. We will need to know where Brissett falls in those lists. So here we go. My list(not in particular order): Franchise QBs: Tom Brady Russell Wilson Phillip Rivers Patrick Mahomes Deshaun Watson Carson Wentz Ben Roethlisberger Cam Newton Carson Wentz Jimmy Garoppolo Aaron Rodgers Matthew Stafford Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Matt Ryan Jared Goff Dak Prescott Not-Francise QBs: Andy Dalton Kirk Cousins Derek Carr Joe Flacco Nick Foles Marcus Mariota Case Keenum/Colt McCoy Mitch Trubisky Ryan Fitzpatrick Jameis Winston Ryan Tannehill Teddy Bridgewater Wait & see: Josh Allen Sam Darnold Josh Rosen??? Drew Lock Lamar Jackson Baker Mayfield Gardner Minshew Daniel Jones Dwayne Haskins Kyler Murray Will Grier Kyle Allen ... Jacoby Brissett This is my list. If I have to be honest, right now I think Brissett falls closer to a non-franchise QB than to a franchise QB for me. The hardest to peg for me were Dak and Goff... Goff has shown already he can play great football if he has good protection and run game, so I'm willing to put him in the franchise QB category, although he's been pretty underwhelming when facing more pressure this year. I'm still not sure Dak is what he was in the first several weeks of this season, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt here. From the franchise tier he was the closest to dropping out, from the non-franchise QBs, it was Derek Carr that was closest to making it for me and both of those would be a natural line of separation for Brissett. On what side will he fall after this season or next season? The answer to this question IMO will decide whether I will be happy with giving him a long-term contract and locking him in as our franchise QB or turning to the draft to seek a solution there. So what are your tiers?
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    Emmitt scored TD with a separated shoulder and came back from a broken neck in a week. I think he might have been in on some of what the Steelers have admitted to doing lol!
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    And yet when he finally got an organization that puts the best talent around him he has ever had in his career he quits not wanting to go through a rehab on an injury that the front office admits was small potatoes compared to what he went through with the shoulder. I don’t really see the other generational talents listed doing that. Not Peyton, not Brady, etc. Luck had his best shot to live up to all that hype and bailed on it. I’m not giving him elite/generational status for that.
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    I’ve tried but never have been able to get through an entire episode, I agree it could be generational. I find them pretty annoying, but I just chalk it up as different strokes for different folks
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    He'd have to last 4 quarters, and I'm not sure he would.
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    That's all you got, picking on his conference? What about all the other stuff I listed. And it's not like NC State played a great schedule in 2014 and 2015. I think their best win was against a 4-8 Syracuse team. It's not like saying JG has a higher upside is controversial or anything. He was drafted higher, was ahead of JB on the depth chart when both were at NE, he was in demand, and has better stats playing for a team that has a far worse supporting cast. He's also asked to do a lot more.
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    I think we r going to find out a lot tomorrow about Brissett and where he is in terms of being the Colts future. Texans r going to b tough. I think they r a more balanced offense than the Chiefs. The Tunsil trade was a gutsy move and is making O'Brien look like a genius. I actually compare it to Ballard taking Nelson at #6. Both moves have seemed to solidify each teams O line. The Texans front 7 is going to make a point of committing to stopping the run which I believe they can do. This I believe will open up oportunities for the passing game and Brissett. It will b up to the passing game to take advantage of the Texans defensive game plan. I think the Colts have to put up 30 plus to win. They won't win by pounding the ball.
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    He played at eastern Illinois. Im guessing Jacoby would have had better college numbers in the Ohio valley conference. He is doing a decent job on a team with a great defense. Garrapolo hasn't shown anything superior to Jacoby at this point
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    Correct on Peyton, not even debatable no QB is capable of doing more with less. Mahomes possibly but needs to prove it. I think after watching our game againt the chiefs it ahowed Mahomes can be rattled by pressure.
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    We already have obi-wan jacoby, why not add qui-gon jin.......(yes, I'm a nerd).
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    2006 Peyton Manning, 2018 Andrew Luck or 2019 Russel Wilson Bam, done, in ten seconds (To be fair, character also plays a part in my decision)
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    Can we make Liam Neeson a temporary member of the defense? If I saw him lined up across from me I’d be pretty terrified
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    Never won the big one either. Shula was far from an average coach
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    I would choose Manning. He was the ultimate Field General. He could read a defense better than anyone, call the right play, and get the ball where it needed to be when it needed to be there.
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    It’s a joke dude. I was quoting Taken because the other guy said “A particular set of skills”
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    Yep....had the Colts won 2 or 3 SBs...which they had a legitimate shot at, we could make that claim. I don't like those b*** in NE one bit... but the 00s belong to them too. However, since the AFC East has been an overflowing gas station toilet of a division, almost guaranteeing the Patriots a division title and a jump start to home field advantage the entire time..... ....I'm going with the 90s edition of the Cowboys since the NFC East also produced Lombardis out of the Giants and Redskins in that decade as well.
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    Skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like Deshaun Watson
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    This play will be the last thing I see before I die Amd then I’ll know for sure that I’m going to Hell
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    We ought to line up in it, just for old time sake. Then call a timeout, of course. We shoulda done it when Chuck was in town too.
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    Had Peyton completed that comeback vs the Saints, his GOAT status would be much higher. It should've never came down to that drive because some knucklehead couldn't recover on onsides kick but it did. Peyton should have 3 SB wins IMO but 2 is still great.
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    I hate to say it, but this is a no brainer. Guy has been to 9 Super Bowls in 18 seasons...winning 6. Nobody else comes close.
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