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    Cherry picked numbers can be made to say anything. Nevertheless, he has to be replaced, and it has to be by somebody as good or better. Can they get 'that guy'? He led Dallas to the postseason twice in his first three seasons, has a 32–16 regular-season record. Last year he threw for 3,885 yards and 22 touchdowns and completing 67.7% of his passes. I'd say, is he improving? If so you have to pay him. I'm not as concerned with the actual #, just the percentage of cap space used. Which will change each year as cap space increases and contract structure dictates. More... Name the guy, his replacement, and send the recommendation on over to the Jones'. Teams spend years, sometimes decades trying to get a decent, let alone top tier, QB. You can't let one go until you have his replacement on the roster. Oh, and this... https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/dallas-cowboys/dak-prescott-19089/market-value/ Market value, 28.4 mil / year
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    I have SiriusXM A fellow Princeton Tiger(Jackie Young) takes precedent over everything else and it is a day long process
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    If we can swing a deal that works I'm down with the acquisition certainly. If Autry gets hurt that takes a decent amount of steam from the pass rush. Would be very cool to have Autry and Mccoy.
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    Mets won in 13 innings, 5-4 over the Tigers. Losing to the lowly Tigers would have been .
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    I know it's only May but I feel so much better after a win.
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    I'd rather call it the "derby" offense. Since we'll have all those fast Thorobreds on the field. Gitty-up! Hey, "Gitty-up" is still better than "build the monster." Edit: . I gave you a hard time (jokingly) about 2,threads (nascar and indy) , i replied, now i realize it should have been in the other thread. Who's the dumb-donkey now? ME ! I crack myself up.
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    How do you do that? Bench Dak, call in Scott Tolzien and give him QB1? Then send your OC on extended vacay?
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    As a young teenager and Cowboys fan i loved Don Merideth. And of course thought the Pack were the bad guys. Bart was awfully hard to beat, of course he usually threw less than 20 passes a game. Why? Because Lombardi Ran the Da** Ball! haha! Bart was the 1st to complete 60% of his paases for a season as i recall. And he was a real Gentleman. God Bless!
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    Sorry... I’m confused. Ward did NOT start any games for the Colts last year. Zero starts in 6 games before getting hurt. Could you have him confused with someone else? My source is Ward’s profile page here on the website.
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    One thing is if the Bucks lose him that will be a big loss for them. He does many things well including shooting the 3.
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    I have never really considered LeBron a great defensive player, he just has played great in spurts on D over the years. Making big plays at times, etc.. I think right now Durant is the most un-guardable player because of his length, post up ability, and he can shoot 3's. He also is a much better FT shooter than LeBron is. Leonard is probably the best all-around player though. His offense and defensive game really has no weaknesses I can see. Curry is in this discussion because the guy shoots 30 footers like they are lay-ups. He is a deadly weapon to have and he wears down defenses by running around constantly.
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    Lebron hasn't legitimately played defense in 10 years and while I think Durant's offense is as good as it gets, Kawhi being that good on both sides is so enjoyable to watch. There is NO WAY Toronto makes it out of the first round, let alone makes it to the Finals, without Kawhi. I really hope he stays in Toronto for the next 4 or 5 years because I enjoy him being in the East.
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    Leonard is quietly a top-5 guy in the NBA in my opinion. His defense on Giannis was absolutely amazing. He averaged 31 and 8 in the playoffs on almost 51% from the field. To be honest, if I were starting a team, he'd be my #1 pick just due to how good he is offensively and defensively.
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    That brings up an interesting topic, name the top 3 sporting events that you have attended in your lifetime. You can only name 3. 3. The 1991 Indy 500 race I went too. My favorite driver of all-time Rick Mears won his final Indy 500 on that day. I was only 19 years old that May. 2. Game 3 of the 2000 NBA Finals, Lakers at Pacers. Pacers won that day to get back into the series trailing only 2-1 at that point. The fans were rowdy as Shaq and Kobe went down! That was Reggie's day. I had a great seat as well as I went with a friend of mine. We probably drink at least 4 or 5 beers while at that game . 1. For me would be the Pats at Colts Sunday night game in 2009. I went with a group of friends and we had great seats. Before the game we drink a 6 pack each and were feeling good. Colts were 8-0 (undefeated) and came back from being down 34-14 to win 35-34. One of the best games I have ever seen and I was there. Peyton threw a TD pass to Reggie Wayne with just seconds left to seal the win. Peyton trumps Brady and BB to improve to 9-0. The ol 4th and 2 BB game. -I have never been to a Cubs playoff game. I do have a cousin that lives close to Wrigley so that may happen one day.
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    I like Hunt too but to expect McCoy to take a deal slightly higher than Hunts and 4M below Suh makes no sense to me. He has the potential to be a difference maker just like Houston. Houston got a nice contract and McCoy should as well. Not to mention he would be another great mentor and add to the locker room. I hope Ballard signs him and if he gives him a nice contract than I'm okay with it. It's what he feels he should be paid.
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    MLB.com gives you play by play of all Cubs games and it's free. Just go to their site and click on follow that game and it will give you updates (play by play). I have to do that at work sometimes when I can't watch. The race is actually on the radio here. Aces do not play until 8ET tonight.
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    Media barred til may 29th
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    McCoy also had 21 QB pressures to go along with 6 sacks..That is very good for a DT..He would instantly be our best player at the position..This is a no brainer if we truly want to win Super Bowl..Zero risk..We have been way under the cap for years now going straight into Irsays bank account..Time to go for it, no more we are still rebuilding excuse..A 2 year deal will have zero cap ramifications down the road..
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    Here ya go @dodsworth! Hines 4.38 speed Mack 4.50 speed Ebron 4.56 speed @ 250 lbs Travis 4.65 speed @ 248 lbs Brown 4.66 speed @ 255 lbs Campbell 4.31 speed Hilton 4.34 speed Johnson 4.39 speed Dulin 4.39 speed Cain 4.43 speed Fountain 4.46 speed Rogers 4.49 speed Veasy 4.49 speed Heck......Luck ran a 4.57 40 himself There are our track stars on offense - could become the "Greatest Show on Turf"....
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    Remembering Memorial Day here
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    It seemed like such a sure thing, but the Bama backs are hard to gauge. They play on an NFL team, at the collegiate level, so they demolish the opposition. Josh Jacobs doesn't seem like a workhorse stud to me, but everyone else is falling for the ol' Bama allure. I liked Harris more honestly, when I scouted them, but I guess time will tell.
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    Yeah, well, Jeff George was my first favorite Colt boy was I wrong...lol
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    Usually addiction is a symptom of a deeper issue. Which all can be over come wants the issue is worked on
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    That was a steal for the Bucs for 9.25 mill/1 season.
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    Collins was drugs snd Kelly has been alcohol - both have the same effects on the mind/body as an addiction I would think. Both are on a short leash of one and done behavior.
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    Sincerely asking, did Collins suspensions or issues dating back to LSU extend past anything other than PEDs??? & then how would that equivalate to the same type of "issues" or "troubles" Kelly has had???
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    I dont see the Superbowl for the Ravens unless the kid takes a pretty big leap as a passer. I think he's even behind where Mike Vick was at in year 1. I dont think it will take the league long to catch up with what the Ravens will do on the ground. He'd have to show me major improvement as a passer. Right now I dont think he's where Rg3 or Vick were early on.
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    ...but atleast Kraft was PUBLICLY EMBARRASSED. https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/916860?section=newsfront&keywords=robert-kraft-judge-sex-act-tapes&year=2019&month=05&date=20&id=916860&oref=com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox
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    The classesless stay classless.
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    No argument here. I discount high $ offers from Teams with little chance to make playoffs. Sometimes, though, teams will make a final offer when a guy is in the building, with a stipulation that if you leave, that deal is off the table. So if players finds other 'good' teams aren't offering what agent/he thought, their bargaining position is lessened if they try to go back. This is why I think we hear of a player ultimately signing at team C for less than he was reportedly offered earlier by team A. So they have to proceed prudently on good info, not hopes. Let's see how it goes, but I've no doubt the Ravens were in his target and he might sign there (if $ is reasonable).
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    He says championship but I'm guessing his actions say paycheck. Colts have a number they're thinking of if that's even in the table.
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    A lot of people here don't like PFF, but the last 2 seasons he's played Luck has been ranked no. 2(2016 only behind Brady) and no.3 QB(2018 only behind Mahomes and Brees) in the league. This is by people that actually watch and evaluate ALL snaps of ALL QBs in the league... not by some random pundits that watch two or three games a season of Luck and have no system behind their evaluations. And this is with Luck throwing with screwed up shoulder in 2016 and coming back from 500+ days without throwing a football in 2018. To me it's kind of shocking how many even Colts fans underestimate just how good Luck is. Luck is a generational talent who was sabotaged and almost killed by mismanagement by Grigson and Pagano for the first 5 years of his career. Imagine if he had an offensive minded coach who knew what the hell he was doing from the very start instead of Pagano's Air Coryell disciples making him run for his life for 5 years.
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    That Ravens visit I think he's just doing his rounds there. If he's wanting to add to a super bowl contender why would he go play in an entirely different scheme with a 2nd year QB who needs a bunch of work as a passer? I think they've got Kaepernicks old OC but I think the scheme will only hide so much. It's probably going to take a couple weeks before he signs. He can take his time. Especially if he signs with a team like the Colts whose scheme is already blatantly familiar and there is very little transition to be made.
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    I was too. Many of us were. We're not alone....
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    I never ever worry about cap space for teams at this point. They can restructure or make any moves they want to fit a guy under the cap. Especially in a multi year deal. So so really just about anyone can truly “afford” McCoy. The Ravens have issues but are a historically well coached and great defensive team. Makes sense for defenders to want to go there. I still want McCoy. But unless there’s rumors of a visit to Indy then I’m not getting any hopes up for all we know we reached out to his agent and kicked the tires. We though we’d offer $7-$9M. We heard $10+ and we said good luck and he started to take his visits. Im not saying that’s how it went down. But that could easily be the case and we could already be out. Or or we could be waiting to see what he gets offered and swoop in later to match or beat it. Who knows. I just always thought ought it was an unlikely marriage w the colts once so many teams got involved or expressed interest.
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    ....and that is what bothers me. There is not enough draft picks to get every position of need. Plus, if McCoy signs for anything less than double digit millions per year, it would also signal that Ballard does not see the DT position the way we see it. I feel a 2 yr. $20 mil. deal and McCoy will be ours, if done right but I have learnt not to get my hopes up with Ballard, just like with Polian regarding free agency.
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    Which of the following did you mean? He needs to come through, for us to be a top 5. He needs to come through for us, to be a top 5. Subtle difference, different meanings.
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    Raps win again, congrats @NorthernBlue, just need 1 more. This reminds me of when Reggie went up 3-2 vs the Knicks in 2000 ECFinals. This is to the Bucks . Now Raps go out and win the East like the 2000 Pacers did.
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    I loved Pat Beach. He lived above my grandma in an apartment complex in Carmel. Super cool guy. He would come fish with me behind their building
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    I would love to see the stretch play come back. But I think Wilkins is the better back for that play than Mack.
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    The league is set up to provide competitive balance, by design. The price of drafting high often or very well? There will be cap casualties at some point. Teams also get creative and convert base salary to signing bonus (pro-rated and amortized over remainder of the contract - kicking the can down the road) and the use of the franchise tag on players. Letting young 'decent' QB's go to FA just doesn't happen. The Cowboys and Prescott will grind until they reach the best deal and get it done. It sometimes seems fans would let him go, pay their other guys, and hopefully stink (or tank) to hopefully get a QB in the draft as good as the one they parted ways with. Not making playoffs for years in the interim. Dak has a 2 to 1 winning record, playoffs twice in three, and and has been paid under 2 million dollars total for those 3 years. And he costs only 2 million this year. He will 'get paid', either by the Cowboys or a competitor. But he will.
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    Gonna be so hard for us to win one in their building with Kawhi not at 100%. Luckily Siakam finally looked like his attacking self in game 3. Hopefully he can find that again in game 5. Lowry needs to keep up his play as does Gasol. I don’t know what to expect from the bench but as long as they don’t get ripped to shreds, that’s all I ask. Oh and it would be very welcome if Danny Green could return from his vacation at brick island (although he’s been solid defensively I think)
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    Passing situation with a 4 man line consisting of Sheard, Autry, Mcoy, and Houston ain't bad at all. Sign him up!
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    hmmmm getting another TB d tackle, super bowl is in Miami....no coincidence there or anything.
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    Good signing IMO. Decent 3rd QB, and a nice possible backup next year when Brissett likely leaves. Hopefully he can grow this year with us without pressure.
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    That's why I said "could". We're an above average team right now. With another year or two the way Ballard stacks picks and players, we will have an elite team. I would think having Ballard, Brissett, a drafted qb, and an elite team would be better than Luck, an average gm, and who knows what team we'd have now from that gm around Luck since after Grigson was fired. It'd be Luck carrying the team all over again like 2012-2014 and our shelf-life as a team revolving around when he retires. I take Ballard all day and for the next 20 years.
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    When I think of Mudd, I recall the beauty of the two WR, two TE set with the stretch play and/or the play action off of said stretch play. Mack showed A LOT more patience last year and I think his one cut and go speed would be reminiscent of pre-Kansas City horsecollar tackle (aka blown knee play) Edge. Plus our lineman are uber athletes and can pull with the best of them if we ran stretch plays out of a 3 wide set too!
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    I have no problem with Magic resigning, but it was pretty cowardly of him to not meet with Jeanie Buss and let her know first that he was resigning. I have always been a Magic Johnson fan, but to not have the "stones" to go and tell your boss that you are resigning before calling a impromptu press conference is pretty gutless. Very disappointed in how Magic handled this.
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