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    Roster move 5/23 Colts sign Gerald McCoy.
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    Real NBA pundits, coaches and execs were parroting "Jump shooting teams cannot win in the NBA" and "You need low post presence to win" just like... 5-10 years ago. Data and analysis about the value of the 3 has been available for close to 20 years. You underestimate just how married people are to their old ways and how hard it is to teach the old dog new tricks, especially when this is all they've known for their whole lives and they've had success with it for their whole lives(mainly because everybody else was doing the generally the same thing) and now you are telling them what they've been taught for 20-30-50 years is wrong. Some will adapt and flourish, most won't... My favorite quote that encapsulates perfectly the situation comes from a field that is MUCH more open to new ideas than football - science. And even there, there is a long history of resistance to new ideas. Physicist Max Planck once said "Science advances one funeral at a time". What he meant was that science doesn't advance by convincing the old guard that the new ideas are correct, but by the old timers just dying out and the new generation unburdened by emotional attachments to the old stuff being allowed to just follow where the evidence points to. BTW I do NOT think the run game is meaningless or that it doesn't have a role to play in today's game. It is extremely important in situational football, in end of game situations, in goalline and 3d and 4th and short situations, etc. I just do not think it serves anyone any good perpetuating myths about its importance for things that have been repeatedly shown to not correlate to run-game success.
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    https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/20/colts-2019-offseason-chris-ballard-chris-long-retirement-patrick-peterson-suspension-mmqb I'm not posting this one here for the Breer's praises of the team, but rather for the insight we can glean from Ballard. It's a good piece and I'd recommend a full read at the link above. I am posting some highlights here: -Ballard is not a believer in momentum - every year starts anew. -The draft board for the Colts has been shrinking every year since Ballard got in the building. This year it was 170 players. Ballard says he wants to shrink it even more to about 120 players and that the more we shrink the board the better idea we have of what exactly we are looking for and what exactly a Colts player looks like: -Ballard sees that happening due to getting more and more time to spend with the coaching staff and understanding what they need and value in players for our schemes: -Ballard confirms - we were deep into FA for 2 top tier FAs but the moment the bidding went above what we were willing to pay, we let them go. He also says that he won't spend just to spend. He wants to always have capspace, especially while still building(seems like he thinks we are still in the building stage of this roster construction). Says he wants to have capspace to sign our own players when their time comes and they've earned being rewarded. -Funchess was coaches' request and Houston was Ballard's addition due to the knowledge he had with him from when he worked in KC. -Ballard has long-term view of the roster!!! They are looking ahead for following year's drafts and assessing the potential strengths and weaknesses of future drafts. He thinks next year's draft will be stacked WR-wise: -Colts were looking for speed on defense, something that's a prerequisite for our system and for a player that can affect 3d downs. Ballard says that player is Ben Banogu. IMO they have high hopes for him. Ballard on the linebackers: -Ballard on Banogu and Okereke: -Ballard seems proud of his FO and coaching staff and their ability to stay level-headed and accurately assess the state of the team - not getting too down and give up when we were 1-5 and not get too hyped with the way we finished the season:
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    Great stuff as usual, @stitches. Ballard is building a team as I like it, through the draft and without overly spending in free agency. I've never been a fan of spending on free agents outside the organization. Anyhow, other teams' fans want their favorite teams to emulate what the Colts have done. The Jets SB Nation site has a good piece on how Ballard has built the Colts. One area the writer mentions is the value that Ballard has placed on second round picks. I thought it was a good read. https://www.ganggreennation.com/2019/5/21/18631702/the-colts-provide-the-jets-with-a-great-model-to-turn-things-around
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    By the way.... for those worried about this signing.... why? We’ve got next to nothing invested in him. Likely NFL minimum with little to no up front money. If he acts up we cut him straight away and it costs us nothing. Nothing. What’s the downside? If he makes the team he’d replace Walker as the PS quarterback. He’s not a likely candidate for the 53 on 2019. Maybe in 2020. Ballard has said he thinks he can save troubled players. I think this is his first attempt with the Colts. I support his effort. It he succeeds the Colts might someday come out of this with a backup QB. I’m happy to take that.
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    The second part is correct(perceived pass threat usually makes opponents send less people in the box and create more advantageous run situations), the first part about having elite RB - I'm not sure about. I mean... sure... if you can just snap your fingers and have an elite RB for the same money and without spending premier assets ... sure... have at it. I'm not sure having elite RB is worth investing big asset(1st... maybe even 2nd round pick? or huge contract). Generally the factors by importance for your run game go something like this: 1. Quality of your OLine run blocking 2. Quality of your pass game 3. Quality of your running back It's not "not important", but it's probably not worth the capital you need to invest in order to achieve it.
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    Sucks, but probably for the best honestly. He responded to the trolls and that only keeps them coming back. I wouldn't even have a twitter if I was a professional athlete honestly. Then again I don't have one even as a regular guy. I get actors/actresses having them to promote their brand and because fan popularity is so important there, but for athletes it only seems to be a distraction or downfall.
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    I think everyone in here loves that team
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    You’re famous. You’re that guy that likes the 2006 Colts right? See?
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    He deleted his Instagram also. I enjoyed his IG. He always shared cute stories with his adorable kids and he was always hanging with other colt players.
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    And I stand corrected.. The Bucks looked like dog . The Raptors are playing out of their minds defensively.
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    El Mago delivers, Cubs win. Fly the flag Hozer. This makes up for last night's nonsense.
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    MVP just too fast, he scores/safe at home, 2-2 now. Still only 1 out and bases loaded still. El Mago is back, pinch hitting woo hoo.
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    Sad. I'd be ok if Twitter just went away alltogether.
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    He is 6'3" 230 lbs, which is actually bigger than I thought he was.... but it seems like time and time again, QBs in the NFL that can't play in the pocket wind up getting figured out or taking the hits like Irish YJ is talking about. Mahomes has the arms and the smarts to play in the pocket, and it may just be IMO, but his style of play just doesn't seem sustainable (heck, Luck scrambling at 6'4" 240+ lbs. almost got him killed... it didn't help he had no line until last year). Mahomes also lost his best two RBs from last year (Hunt and Ware) and his best WR (Hill) is suspended from all team activities while investigations continue to occur regarding him abusing his son. Andy Reed is one of the better coaches in the NFL, and he has created some very difficult to defend offensive teams. That said, I think teams now know the ability of Mahomes and will be able to prepare for him better, especially with him missing several of the weapons that bailed him out. I like watching the guy play, and for the sake of the game and him, I hope he stays healthy. However, I can't imagine he's going to reproduce a year like he had last year again this year given that d-coord's have a year of film on him and he's down his two best weapons.... we'll see, I guess.
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    Not sure he puts up the numbers again, but what kind of sets him apart are his abilities to throw those crazy passes, scrambling when things breakdown, throwing guys open etc. Can't really scheme to stop much of that. He is going to be a thorn to our Colts for many years cause Chiefs vs Colts should be a great budding rivalry.
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    Maybe his goal is to improve the run game....through the pass game, as the statistics suggest? IDK. I'm definitely excited to see how this season unfolds for sure!
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    Ballard knows how slow it is on the forums right now. We needed something to discuss. He is just throwing us dogs a bone.
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    That would be amazing!
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    One of my issues and I belive Princeton Tiger brought it up also was when your running game is not very effective. For example in Peytons last years in Indy our run game was abysmal and teams literally ignored all of our play action fakes. Or you can even look at some of our seasons under Pagano. They dropped 8 and rushed three a large majority of the time because they had little fear that we could do anything on the ground. Do you think that happens to us with a successful rushing attack? I personally don't believe so. I think when you are able to run it forces the defense to leave less defenders in coverage. I don't want to turn this into a long drawn out debate but I believe your contention was it isnt the amount of times you run but more of the effect of the play action itself. So when the defense is ignoring the play action then what is it that would cause them to honor it again? I believe you would have get some kind of success from your running game which enhances those play action fakes. It's not just the play action fakes themselves. I don't really think you need any type of data during a game to tell you that if the defense is committing 8 men or more in the box you've got a better chance of completing passes on the defense. What causes the defense to committ 8 to 9 men in the box? A successful running game gets them to do that more often than not. I think it creates more opportunities for you to face lighter numbers of defenders when you want to pass the ball. I got to be honest here and say I can't go toe to toe with you on all that stat crunching, but there's just a few things I will just never buy about that data. And if you're waiting for bodies(us old school thinkers) to die it's going to be a long, long, long time before that happens in the game of football.........
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    My gripe with Stitches view is these coaches have access to this same data that you're quoting. They have all kinds of stat men in the building with them. I don't think they are oblivious to any of this stuff. Then you've got actual football coaches in this forum like Coffedrinker and Princeton Tiger and very few of them really down play the importance of running the football and what it does for your passing game. I just can't buy that all of them are just merely being stubborn and ignoring the data for age long myths. I think there's a better reason why coaches still keep that mantra.
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    On paper the Browns have the look of a team that could win 10-12 games. They have not played together and it is only a paper exercise until they prove it. That being said, Baker Mayfield looks like the real deal. Their OL is solid. If the right side of the line holds up they will be above average there. They have crazy offensive skill position firepower. Beckham, Landry, Callaway, Njoku, Chubb, Hunt, Duke Johnson. Their offense could be scary if the gel. Defensively they look pretty well stacked too. A D-Line featuring Myles Garrett, Sheldon Richardson and Olivier Vernon could be great if they all perform up to their capabilities. Kirksey and Schobert are solid LBs. And their secondary is talented as heck. Ward, Greedy, Burnett and Randall make for a nice group. Again, they have yet to play together so it is all projection. But there is talent all across the board on this team. Combine that with the Ravens rebuilding on the fly and the Steelers playing without Bell and Brown for an entire season and the Bengals being the Bengals and all of the sudden you have a team that could go something like 4-2 or 5-1 in their division. If they can split with the Steelers and the Ravens, they could easily reach 10 wins Potential wins: Ravens, Steelers, Bengals (2), Jets, 49ers, Broncos, Bills, Dolphins, Cardinals Potential losses: Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Seahawks, Titans, Rams I feel like 8 wins is their floor and 12 wins is their ceiling. They will be fun to watch this year.
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    Remember Thurman Thomas and Kenneth Davis of the Bills. By having a top running game it opens up the passing lanes as well as the deep ball with play action. It can actually close down games with the 4 or 6 minute offense. If we ran the ball as effectively the first 5 games as we did the last 11 we would have had a top running game. I'm not sure we'll see anything that drastically different than last year actually in the running game except consistency from game 1...
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    Well, if this board was in charge of signing free agents, we would be at the bottom of available cap space in the league.
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    Series is taking years off my life. Lots of people are saying we were lucky to win despite Giannis shooting poorly. Thing is, Raptors have been the better team in 2 of 3 games so far. Kawhi is defending Giannis really well, putting Siakam on Bledsoe was a great adjustment. Marc finally stepped up and was aggressive. Siakam looked like his pre calf injury self. Game 4 is huge. If we lose, we’re cooked, but I have confidence they’ll win it tonight.
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    I guess she is from Carolina so she got to go home.
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    Yes I'm sad, but at the same time, Caroline Cann is the perfect name for a reporter of the Carolina Panthers who has Cam Newton for a QB
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    You may be right. With Kelly’s troubled past, the odds may be against him. But as far as raw talent, don’t be fooled. Kelly has loads of it. The only reason he went in the 7th round is because of his off the field troubles, not on the field. Put another way, coming out of college Kelly had far more raw talent than Phillip Walker ever had. If he stays clean, Kelly could beat out Walker for the PS QB job for 2019. And if Brissett leaves in 2020 then Kelly might be ready to be the Colts backup in roughly 14 months. I’m not saying it will happen this way, I’m only saying it could happen this way.
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    I think everybody conceivably is eligible for the practice squad. He's just a 3rd year player and he's never been active for a game. He's a project for obvious reasons. Low risk. High reward.
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    I don't know about predictions, but I know this: You better get the Patriots playing on the road because that's about the only way you have a chance in hell of beating them in the playoffs, and even that is no guarantee.
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    Of course you do. Colts aren’t in a position where rookies have to start anymore. They can be brought along. If Willis beats out Geathers and Kindred...or if Geathers gets hurt...he is in line to get the nickel and dime snaps right away. We don’t yet know what the defense is going to look like. If they continue to run Cover 2...it would be nice to have another S that can cover deep anyways. I don’t think Willis is that guy as a rookie (and maybe not at all)...so Berry isn’t really impeding his development if he is the other deep S in Cover 2.
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    Of course he did. We don't KNOW for sure if the Colts took Sweat off their board for medical or any other reason. Other teams did not. He was available. I like the Banogu move. But if Sweat has a pro bowl career, this will be revisited.
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    The NFE obviously has an agenda of who they want to advance and win certain games, especially Patriot games. Just watch as flags start flying in crunch time as certain teams are marched downfield for the victory. Look no farther than the recent Saints playoff loss. When a ref goes under review and the whole world sees a play but the referees calls it different, then things get a little suspicious.
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    Nfl will become unwatchable very soon..
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    Former colts reporter Caroline Cann now works for the panthers
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    Refs are human and they miss calls. When they do it on national television it gets blown out of proportion. Honestly given all the factors I think the officiating in most NFL games is pretty good. I honestly think the problem is with the fans.
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