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    Rams 1st may only be a few away from the 2nd we got from the Skins. Ballard seems to be able to make filet mignon out of a crap sandwich at times.
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    They have had top 5 draft picks so many times over the last decade but they can't seem to get over the hump. They are a horrible drafting team with so many misses
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    Then why would Luck retire if he could keep making millions on fake games? Is everyone in the NFL such a great actor that they just act mad when they lose? I'm sorry, there's just too many variables for me to wrap my half-a-brain around this theory of yours.
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    Brissett will now throw for 180 yards instead of 150!
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    Ramsey to the Rams for 2 1sts and a 4th round pick. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/15/jaguars-send-jalen-ramsey-to-rams-for-two-first-round-picks/ The Jags are a far cry from the team that played in the AFC Championship, however in general good news for the AFC South continuing to be ran by the Colts and Texans. Playing the Jags this year just got easier.
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    As of now, the Rams pick around 19 or so. Not bad at all for Jax. Could be scary in the future indeed. They're still relatively young to begin with.
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    As the “ Old Crow”’ I’m obviously a victim here of a bias against friendly crows. I seem to be roadkill in this eating crow thread.
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    Rams have a tough schedule left. Next year's will probably be around a 17th. The Jags are sitting pretty.
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    I suspect those picks acquired will be towardS the end of the first and they have to pick the right players but yes it does increase their chances of improving. so many bad teams seem to mess up such opportunities
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    This year got easier, the next 5 got harder. Having 2 firsts 2 years in a row would be awesome.
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    Leonard isn't losing his job any time soon.
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    This can't be ignored. When Peyton missed a season the Colts were 2-14. Brady missed the patriots were 11-5. Brady was suspended 4 games , the patriots were 3-1 beating 2 playoff teams. Peyton retires the Broncos dont even make the playoffs the following year with basically the same team.
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    Concussions suck. Had a couple back when I was an amateur boxer, both times ring Doc checked me and told my family to just make sure I was breathing throughout the night and that I got up in the morning, lol.
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    I still have hopes that Muhammad steps up and shines. He has shown flashes. Just needs to continue to progress. He did okay against KC.
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    And that ladies and gents, is why today’s media is mostly garbage.
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    Wow two 1s and a 4th?! So glad Ballard didn’t bite, I’d hate to hear how much it’s take to trade him in the division Wow
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    Ramsey has been traded to the rams. If we beat texans the division should be easier to win now
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    They are crazy. Two first round picks for a CB?
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    It's going to come down to the Colts and the Texans in the Division.
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    The refs are garbage. saw the second call last night that wasn't even close that was the worst hands to the face call I have ever seen.
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    Ray is a DE that everyone keeps trying to play at OLB. Perhaps a change of pace back to DE would help him regain his pass rushing prowess - even if he is just a situational player.
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    You know with the number of people that think the games are rigged I find it amazing that they still watch. What is the point of watching a sport with a pre-determined outcome.
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    Hulk Hogan won all of his matches fair and square, nobody will tell me other wise , which you gonna do with these guns get ahold of you
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    Don't be ridiculous Darius Leonard was an All-Pro his rookie year. Okereke will have a hard time matching that.
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    I am very concerned as well, but the Colts won't put him out there if he is hurting our defense. I thought Vander-Esch was a beast at first too and he has tapered off a bit, although he has 31 solo & 50 tackles (combined) (.5 sacks). Most importantly however, i hope he (Leonard) regains 100% brain health.
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    The same ref made both calls. He needs to retire, cuz his eyes don't work so good anymore.
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    I would have preferred to read the full article on Leonard, but I don't fall for that free trial nonsense because online outlets count on people forgetting about the trial period & then they rope you into a full membership. No thank you. No sports articles are worthy of membership fees to me or maybe I'm just frugal to a fault. Anyway, I hope Darius is okay. Lingering symptoms over a prolonged period can indeed be very scary & quite mentally draining indeed, especially when one concussion usually increases the likelihood of others down the road. Hang in there man.
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    Vanderdoesn't was such a huge talent going into college. Huge bust IMO. Still has a lot of talent if he can get his head straight and be consistent. Without Turay, Banogu will need to grow up faster.
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    Anything that has been done once can be done again. It'll be down to Eberflus to break down the Texans' offense and to the players to execute the game plan.
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    Take away any QBs two longest completions in a game and the stats will look much less impressive.
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    I can't believe we didn't get a win yesterday. Cut Brissett. Cut Vinny. Fire Ballard. Tank for higher picks. This is all Lucks fault.
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    I am not worried as I think Speed and Bobby O will fill in. I beleive they have more upside than Leonard and Walker
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