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    I think that 42 YO Cheatin’ Tom shouldn’t be on the list. If it’s for 2019, my list goes: 1) Mahomes 2) Brees 3) Luck 4) Wilson 5) Rodgers/Mayfield
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    hmmmm getting another TB d tackle, super bowl is in Miami....no coincidence there or anything.
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    If total yards, QBR, and Passer Rater are the 3 biggest metrics for QB success, only Mahomes is top 5 in all three categories. Big Ben, Luck, and Brees made 2 out of three. Brady and Rodgers did not make top 5 in any of the three categories. Rodgers didn't even make top 10 in two categories. Not saying Brady isn't a great QB, but put Ben, Rodgers, Luck, Brees, Rivers, Mahomes, or Brees on the Pats with Belichick, and the Pats do just as good. Total Yards 1. Big Ben 2. Mahomes 3. Ryan 4. Goff 5. Luck 6. Rodgers 7. Brady 8. Rivers 9. Manning 10. Cousins (Brees 13th) QBR 1. Mahomes 2. Brees 3. Trubisky 4. Big Ben 5. Luck 6. Brady 7. Rivers 8. Winston 9. Ryan 10. Goff (Rodgers 16th) Passer Rating 1. Brees 2. Mahomes 3. Wilson 4. Ryan 5. Rivers 6. Watson 7. Wentz 8. Goff 9. Fitzpatrick 10. Cousins (Luck 11th, Brady 12th, Rodgers 13th, Big Ben 15th)
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    I can't believe people are actually making a big deal out of this. Kelly is a camp body/lottery ticket that cost us almost nothing. If Ballard and Reich want to try to reclaim someone on the backend of the 90 man roster who cares. If he figures it out and manages to make the roster/PS we win. He steps slightly out of line or performs poorly he gets cut...and it cost us a bag of peanuts. How this signing somehow got related to Kap is even more mind blowing; those two players/situations are only comparable in the Twilight Zone.
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    The only 4 QB's I would trust more than Luck regarding the 2019 season are Brady, Brees, Mahomes, and Rodgers. Luck is an easy #5 to me at this point. He can carry a team more than Wilson can and Ben isn't as great as he once was.
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    Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that players only meeting after the 1-5 start last year... Would have been interesting!
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    It's all good. May the best man win. Whoever it is will have to be awfully good.
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    Fair enough, they "emphasized" the rules and actually started applying them properly after that. Still doesn't change the outcome where their DB's were raping Harrison, Wayne, et al. With one exception.....one of Ty Laws interceptions was simply amazing and I'll give him every credit in the world for it. It's also the game where Belichek tripped Marvin after one of Ty Laws interceptions as he was trying to come back on the field to make a tackle.
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    Yeah...Inman should have been on at least one of those plays. That scramble drill TD catch against TEN was awesome. Luck avoids the pressure and then throws a dart on the run to Inman...who toe taps and then takes a huge hit and holds on. No one else seemed to even know where the ball was except Luck and Inman. There was also a back-shoulder pass to Inman in that same game that was so pretty. IF I had to guess...the Colts PR intentionally removed highlights from current non-Colts. Makes sense I guess.
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    Lucky, It is not worth the effort, it's just not.
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    I'm not referring to that audio. You do realize he's facing child abuse charges and it is a serious investigation/case with neither parent having custody, correct? That audio could make him a big loser in the courts and if so, he's 100%, make that 1,000%, done. And with the severity of it, he either fights it all the way which will drag out and be a long slow process to the point of the Chiefs walking away from him completely. Or he pleads guilty to keep from spending time, in which case it is his death sentence as far as the nfl is concerned.
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    I had bad info all these years, I really apologize
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    Kurt Warner? I think he's had only one wife.
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    You're telling me the TD pass to Inman against the Titans in the playoffs wasnt worthy of top 10?
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    It's subjective, but Ben's performance last year was right up there with Luck's. He had 5,100 yards, 34 TDs, 16 picks, 67% completions, 96 passer rating, adjusted yards 7.5/attempt, TD % 5.0. Luck had 4,600 yards, 39 TDs, 15 picks, 67% completions, 99 passer rating, adjusted yards 7.4/attempt, TD % 6.1. Luck had a better season, and the Colts made the playoffs over the Steelers, so if you said Luck was better last year, I'm fine with that. But Luck didn't play in 2017, and Ben had just as strong a season as he did in 2018. Plus a track record, two rings, higher on all time lists, etc. I think it can be argued either way, but it's not egregious that someone would have Ben ahead of Luck going into 2019.
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    Good advice. I forgot to kick my wife before we got married.
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    Nothing GOAT about that you say.......lol Manning led teams went 9-10 from 1999 thru 2010 in the playoffs. 1999 - gave up 197 rushing yards and won the turnover battle and lost to TEN 2000 - gave up 209 yards to Lamar f%$&ing Smith and lost in OT AFTER Vandershank missed the GW field goal - plus 3 in turnovers in this game too. 2002 - minus 3 in turnovers and got blown out of the water by the Jets 2003 - 2-1 in the playoffs and got raped by Ty Law and NE's DB's - which you may recall that rule changes were made after that year. Minus 3 in turnovers 2004 - 1-1 and gave up 210 rushing yards to NE. Minus 3 in turnovers. 2005 - lost to PIT when Vandershank missed again for the win. 2006 - 4-0 and won SB 2007 - minus 2 in turnovers in a close SD game 2008 - OT Loss to SD in another nail biter 2009 - 2-1 and lost to NO in the SB 2010 - Outrushed by almost 100 yards yet again I would say Manning played better than you think just looking at the "losses". The 3-4 defenses of the Chargers, Patriots and Jets gave him fits BUT realistically the defense got ran out of the building several times and the * drunken kicker missed a few game winners as well. What happens if the defense played better? What happens if Vandershank makes those kicks. Momentum is a thing. The "Tuck Rule" certainly helped propel a certain franchise in the right direction. Oh by the way, how many games did Vinatieri win for that franchise in the playoffs? It's amazing knowing you have a great kicker backing you up as the QB - then you just have to get in scoring position. The flipside of that is not trusting your * kicker and feel like you've gotta do it on your own..... Manning will never be known as the GOAT because most people can't see past SB Wins and Losses. They can't see how they revolutionized the game or how they handled themselves with dignity and class even after a gut wrenching loss (unlike some other not so classy/humble QB's). There is more to being the GOAT than simply wins and losses. But hey, that's your opinion and this is mine.
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    Social media...and more importantly...person to person social media, has helped those who are self absorbed, angry, vindictive, delusional, and self centered, to act our their life in a manner that gives the illusion of grandeur. It used to be those *s who yelled at the players by sitting next to the dugouts, or behind the bench in the NBA. Now those *s, have a direct line to players. Yes, the player put themselves out there. But there are no excuses for rude behavior. Saying, "Hey, your in the spotlight, you have to be thick skinned", is simply saying "It's the persons fault for becoming famous". No, it's selfish rudeness...period. BTW, players are also rude on social media. If one chooses to ignore what these media avenues are doing to our society as a whole...over time...then one is not paying attention. If you have grown up totally in the time of the internet, you would be unable to see what is being lost. It is profoundly sad.
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    I don't have a Facebook or twitter account, just a LinkedIn account where I have limited professional interaction. This forum is plenty enough to voice my opinions. I do participate in WhatsApp groups with my cousins and college friends, should we decide to catch up some time. I have asked my daughter to do the same, and stay away from all social media as she is getting into middle school now. People that know you, know to text you and where to find you. That is good enough for me.
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    That's the hashtag she chose huh? lol
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    some people really enjoy attacking people online. They make themselves seem like the majority when in reality they are the loudest. block them ignore them don't engage them
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    By the way.... for those worried about this signing.... why? We’ve got next to nothing invested in him. Likely NFL minimum with little to no up front money. If he acts up we cut him straight away and it costs us nothing. Nothing. What’s the downside? If he makes the team he’d replace Walker as the PS quarterback. He’s not a likely candidate for the 53 on 2019. Maybe in 2020. Ballard has said he thinks he can save troubled players. I think this is his first attempt with the Colts. I support his effort. It he succeeds the Colts might someday come out of this with a backup QB. I’m happy to take that.
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    This is awesome, lol....wonder if McDonald’s will have a new sponsor!?! https://mobile.twitter.com/NBCSCubs/status/1130968691070443521?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1130968691070443521&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cubshq.com%2Fupdate%2FWATCH-Rizzo-If-eating-McDonalds-is-embarrassing-you-might-not-be-American-26480
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    Think if it this way... When he’s talking about the running game what he’s really saying is that he wants to make the passing game even better! Honestly! Seriously. We threw the ball 40 times a game last year. We don’t want to do that this year. More like 36. Just 4 fewer pass attempts per game. That’s all. If we run more effectively we will also pass even better this year.
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    Like others have said it's not really a hold out. He's participating in OTA's right now it seems. And like @NewColtsFan said the main reasons for delays of contract signings for the rookies is the off-set language in their contracts usually.
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    Off set language is pretty much the only reason these days that contracts have the slightest bit of negotiation over.
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    It's a little early to peg him as "holding out". It could be as simple as they havn't gotten together with him about it yet. Honestly I wouldn't consider him holding out unless the Colts say the negotiations are problematic or they havn't signed him by July.
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    Got the opportunity to go back to where she is from to work for I'm sure he childhood favorite team. I would probably do the same as her.
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    There have been a few of those on this thread. Some people aren't happy unless they can diminish the accomplishments or actions of others.
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    Easily my favorite Colts player on the team.
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    You're entitled to any opinion you want, but in my 7 years here, you might be the first person I've seen blame Dungy.... Most blame Polian for focusing too much on offense and not nearly enough on defense. You had two HoF talents in Freeney and Mathis, but everyone else was just a nice complimentary piece. Even Bob Sanders only played in less than 50 percent of the possible games... The second person people blame is Peyton himself. As you know he had a very poor track record of playoff performances for 8 years leading up to his first Super Bowl. And the third person people blame... mostly on general principle and, well, just because, is Ryan Grigson! He's also responsible for the stock market crash of 1929 and the kidnapping of the Lindberg baby. But if you want to blame Dungy, you go right ahead.... have fun with that one!
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    If I read you correctly... Tony Dungy added NOTHING to the Colts. And that’s your.... opinion?!? Holy Cow!! Well... there’s always someone. Always one in every crowd... And I thought I had read it all here... Shaking My Damn Head....
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    This is a very good point. If you listen to Ballard he talks about the effort it takes to play in our system and the difficulty getting free agents to buy in particularly older vets. That alone makes it very unlikely that Suh plays in Indy.
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    We signed a thug at QB? Ballard, your words about how you draft and choose players become more hollow with a signing like this.
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