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    You are right. Most of the posters here don't want anything to do with drafting a RB in the 1st. Just like a large number wanted nothing to do with drafting a center or guard in the 1st. Rd. either. And we know how that turned out. But I digress. I have been a fan of drafting a RB high for quite a few years now. I was even hoping for Josh Jacobs last year but Oakland swept in and took care of that. Even the Patriots drafted a RB in the 1st. Rd. recently. So that approach would be my first choice. There are a lot of good RB's coming out this year so hopefully Ballard pulls the trigger early and get one. If Zeke became available, which I don't think he will, I would give up a high pick. The big difference is he's a proven durable difference maker and still has played only three years in the league. And I don't see the Colts running him into the ground with Luck as the QB. Our offense would be more balanced. A rookie RB would still need to prove themselves so they are still an unknown. Cheaper but still an unknown. Any high pick we give up has a good chance of being at the back of the draft anyway if we have a good year. Adding Zeke would increase that likelihood even more. I'm pulling for Mack like everybody else here. I'm just not sold he's a 100% feature back. We shall see.
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    I was making a general observation, not meaning to respond to any one poster. Many fans seem confounded by the decisions made during preseason. Thought it might help to see what goes on behind the scenes. The hard part is correlating the rubric to what is meaningful. Even for professionals, this is often non-obvious.
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    This is great to hear. Hoping he's our future #2 next year. On the JB playtime thing... Not sure anyone could read anything into him playing or not. Personally, I'd like to see him take 1 series this game with some of the younger WRs that will likely make the team, and let Walker and Kelly split the rest.
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    My take on it. If Jacoby plays, a good sign they have confidence Luck will be back. Why? He said most 1's will be out. What's the point of one's going against 2's. Same with Jacoby. If he does sit out. Than a chance Luck may not be ready but not for certain. My personal opinion is Jacoby sits but I think they do it just to be safe. If Jacoby was to get hurt with 2nd string oline the backlash the Colts would get especially knowing the whole Luck situation. Just my 2 cents
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    We’ve been blown out of at least one or two games every year in the post Manning era. I’d like to have one season where we didn’t get blown out of any game. Is this the year? Okay, that’s my simple rant for the day.
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    If you look at the schedule the entire afc south is playing very difficult games and are all underdogs. Jax vs k.c. Tennessee at Cleveland . Houston at New Orleans. Colts at San Diego. So if the colts lose its not the end of the world.
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    Depends on your definition of a blowout. IMO both the Jets and Pats game we’re blowouts. No question on the Chiefs game. Again, all those were because of non quality depth. I really think that’s been addressed. Which is why I’m calling for none of that this season.
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    If Luck is truly smart, and I believe he is, then he won't care "what it would look like" and he'll be more concerned about whether or not playing would or could further exacerbate his injury.
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    I love TD, but he's a media guy now. Grain of salt taken.
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    Honestly at this point I believe Brissett starts
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    I may be old fashioned but I think the NFL should keep everything the way it is except only play 2 pre-season games should be played. Only 6 teams making the playoffs is perfect IMO, it makes the regular season super important. Usually all 6 teams that do make it from each conference are good to great as well. An 18 game regular season is too long, more chance of injury. If the NFL goes to 18 games than records won't mean anything either because today's players would have the advantage compiling bigger stats. Like 55 TD's in one season would be easier to obtain for QB's and QB's may come close to throwing for 6000 Yards. To me those seasons won't mean as much if that happens.
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    Stahhhhhp. This isn’t happening. There is literally no scenario this takes takes place in. It’s all rumors and innuendo.
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    Since the Colts have money they are always going to come up as an option for a star player who wants more money. So far Ballard has shown no interest in those kinds of players. I’d expect that to continue.
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