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    I think most are just frustrated.... period. I agree with what All that you said. Personally, it doesn't frustrate me that they are opting out, more that i see the season slipping away. We brought in Rivers and Buckner. Added exciting weapons in Pittman and Taylor and i think most here were excited about our chances. Its emotional. I think some are voicing frustration toward players only because who else are you gonna yell at? The “invisible“ enemy? In the end , i personally dont think it will matter. I see the league shutting things down after 2 or 3 weeks. At most. Training camp is gonna create cases, then more will wanna sit out, paid or not. Then , just like baseball and Georgia schools, things will shut down. I just dont see how the NFL steers clear of the virus. Near impossible in my estimation..
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    We(Indianapolis Indians) used to be AAA team of the: Expos 1984-1992 Reds 1968-1983, 1993-1999 and a bunch of other years Brewers 2000- 2004 Pirates 2005-current, 1948-1951 White Sox 1957-1959, 1962-1967 Phillies 1960 Indians 1952-1956 Boston Braves 1946-1947 Not sute of your time frame, bit from sounds of it, Im guessing 2005-current My first Indians days we were Expos affiliate Indianapolis Indians have a very rich history, some of the names to pass through are great.
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    I agree with this. I think last years team would have been good enough with the addition of Rivers to make the playoffs. He doesn't even need to be all that good. Just consistent. As long as he doesn't try and play hero ball the Colts are in good hands. Hell... maybe he will surprise everyone with his abilities. He's 38? Honestly a lot of guys were still great at that age (not elite). And I think the media has really unfairly judged him on one struggling season. Which I truly can't understand why.... they need someone to talk down about i guess. They want to give Brady every excuse in the book for why his season wasn't stellar but Rivers? Hell no!
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    I think if I had stayed in IN when I was beginning to watch baseball it would have been between Reds, Cubs, and Pirates since triple A. But by the time I was 10 I had moved. When I am in STL next year I will probably try to attend as many of the Cubs/Cards series as possible since there are 10 games and I'm 15 minutes from Busch at that point
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    10-2 indeed, we look awesome like a machine. The players love Ross. Fly the flag @HOZER, we are rolling! 10-2 on the season.
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    Around here when I was a kid it was either the Cubs or Reds because Indy didn't have a team. I chose the Cubs.
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    @2006Coltsbestever I became one just due to proximity and the fact the Peoria Chiefs, where I am still living, were the Cubs affiliate at the time I started watching baseball like 12 years ago. If not for that IDK who I would be. I am going to be living in STL though in a couple months time though
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    That is how I became a Cub fan as well. I got cable tv in 1984 and the Cubs were always on WGN with Harry calling games and I got addicted. The 1984 team was great too (fun year) and should've been in the WS but blew a 2-0 nothing lead in the NLCS. I loved Ryne Sandberg and Rick Sutcliffe. In 1987 the Cubs were mediocre but Andre Dawson won NL MVP and once again the Cubs were fun to watch. I just stayed a fan since then even through the lean years and there have been many. Finally in 2015 the Cubs became a powerhouse and have been since then winning a WS in 2016. Off year last year but 84-78 was still a winning season. So far this season, the Cubs look great again.
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    My uncle gave me a Don Mattingly plaque and since then. Really had nothing to do with winning so much, but they definitely do their share of it.
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    You will always have me because I rank the 1986 Mets as the 2nd greatest team ever I have seen and the 2016 Cubs 3rd , 1998 Yankees are #1 YUCK
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    Besides Jacob deGrom, the 2020 Mets are awful. I do like the new manager. He thinks outside the box and does not kowtow to players like Cespedes. Time to get ready for work. Have a great day, folks. Hope all is going well with the school, @RollerColt. Stay safe.
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    Funny thing is, as long as the bats are connecting and your starters are firing, you almost don't need someone of his caliber except for a game here or there. If this season continues, I think the Cubbies have a really good chance this year. I'd love to see them smack around the Yankees!
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    There are some Yankees fans here but they don't post comments in this thread. You should become friendly with Coltsfansince65. He is a loyal Yankees fan. How did you become a Yankees fan? I became a Mets fan as a teen around the time that they won their last World Series. I have been a fan since. I recall my young nephew in October or November of 2000 telling me that I should become a Yankees fan because the Mets lost to the Yankees in the World Series. I replied, "No way. I'm a Mets fan!" I taught him a lesson in loyalty.
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    This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing. You must be around my age or maybe older. I don't believe I know Durham and Jodie Davis, but Van Slyke, McGee, Ziele, Benes, Coleman, etc are all guys I am very familiar with. The person who got me interested in baseball was a Cardinals fan. That was in the days of Ozzie Smith, Worrell, Daley, Jose DeLeon, Oquendo, Peña, Guerrero, McGee, etc. (Late 1980's) You mentioned Lankford. He played with Bernard Gilkey. I met Gilkey when he was a Met. This was at Spring Training in Florida. Back then, it was a lot easier to engage with players. I met many Mets players from 1996 through 1999 at Spring Training. I also met players on teams that the Mets played in Spring Training like Cal Ripken and Brady Anderson. It was great.
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    Curious, when has a team willingly let a QB go to a division rival without exhausting all measures and stops? Even GB wouldn't let Favre hang in the NFC, let alone go to the Vikings (though he eventually got there anyway). I do not see it coming to fruition.
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    WOOT! CUBS WIN CUBS WIN CUBS WIN Yikes... 10-2 Figured out how to make the bullpen work, I gotta fall asleep in the sixth. LOL GO CUBS GO FLY THE W
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    Cubs are up 4-1 over the Royals in the top of the 9th, lets see if they hold the lead.
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    Great story! That pic with Harry Caray is priceless!!!! I’ve made some great memories at Wrigley and Wrigleyville over the years, can’t wait to go back.
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    Fan forums are used by members with opinions. You can agree with the opinion or choose not to agree. Either way, it's fine. But to think one's opinion is lesser than yours can get upsetting. There is no correct call here. These players are doing what they think is right for them and their families. The team hurts a bit but in the end, it's just football. This year is going to be wacky no matter what.
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    As a fan, if a player that I think will really help the team opts out, it's disappointing. From a human standpoint, I get it.
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    As most of you know, I'm a Cardinals fan. But you don't know that at one time I was a Cubs fan. This was in the early 1980's while I was in college and got cable TV. Our TV provider had WGN and since I had morning classes, I could go home and watch Cubs games in the afternoon since Wrigley didn't get lights until 1988. I really enjoyed those teams...Sandberg, Jodie Davis, Leon Durham, etc. The best part was listening to Harry Caray call the games...he was one of a kind and made watching so much fun. In April 1983, me and a couple of friends made a road trip from southern Kentucky (Bowling Green) to Chicago to attend a Cubs game. It was my first trip to Wrigley. We left late Saturday night and drove all night to arrive in Chicago Sunday morning for the game that afternoon against the Giants. We got into the ballpark to watch batting practice and it was a cold and windy day...surprise, right? Our tickets were in the lower level a few rows up from the third base dugout. I look down and see Harry Caray on the field behind the batting cage talking to players and coaches. He makes his way to the gate in the brick wall near the end of the dugout to walk up the steps through the lower level to get up to the press box. So, my friends and I walk over and I hand my camera to a friend and I block the aisle so Harry will have to stop. I ask if I can get a picture and autograph and he gladly obliged and threw his arm around my shoulder and I got the priceless photo with him. I also followed the Cardinals since their AAA team was in Louisville, KY, near where I grew up and lived in southern Indiana. I went to a lot of Redbirds games and saw many future Cardinals come up through Louisville on the way to St. Louis...Van Slyke, Coleman, MgGee, Zeile, the Benes brothers, Langford and many others. I eventually became a full-time Cardinals fan once Harry Caray retired and watching Cubs games just wasn't the same as it was with him doing the broadcasts. Thought you all would enjoy this story.
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    If Tucker keeps it up until he is 47, and IF his stats are better than Vinny at 47, AND if he ends up with 5+ ... THEN we can talk about Tucker being the GOAT.. OH, and he has to make a kick more iconic, memorable, and deserving of a nickname than "the snow kick", because if you type "the snow kick" into google, guess what the first thing to pop up is?!? ... yeah, that's right... And guess what's second? (say what you want about the Pagano/Grigson era, that game in Buffalo was one of the best things to ever happen in the NFL, there's nothing that compares to football games in the snow) Until then... Tucker can be what Vanderjagt was during his Colts career... "the most accurate kicker in NFL history"...
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    Some of you guys crack me up. Rivers was not signed to be the future of this team. Hopefully we all understand he is a 1-2 yr stop gap until we find the future franchise QB. To think that because he is 38 that he can't play is silly. Some of you thought we should go after an even older Tom Cheater. Rivers can play, he a smart vet, a good leader and motivator. Guys will rally around him, he knows the system, has excelled in this system and has almost all the pieces to take it to Feb. He doesnt have to win games by himself. The FO knew this team is primed for a run, they didnt want to put this in the hands of a rookie and cross their fingers. I have never been a fan of Rivers. But he is the best possible QB the Colts could have signed this yr.
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    I am 60. Jodie Davis and Leon Durham played for the Cubs when I watched their games. Yes, Bernard Gilkey also played in Louisville before going to St. Louis. There were several others who came through Louisville on the way to St. Louis, but those I listed are some of the more familiar names. Living near or in a minor league city that has a AAA team (Louisville, KY) is great because it's the last step before the majors. Louisville became the Reds AAA affiliate several years ago and it made sense because Cincinnati is only about 100 up the interstate. I've seen Joey Votto, Adam Dunn, Nick Senzel, Homer Bailey, Deion Sanders and many others come through Louisville before making it to the Reds roster. I love minor league baseball, because you can always see a guy on the rise and later say you saw them before they became famous!
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    Yeah, even with someone like Watson, you like his toughness (both mental and physical) he doesn't have a monster arm but he has good arm and he is improving as well. Even last year, he still looks like a primarily first read QB. And if his first read isn't open and there is a rush, he panics (One of the big reasons why I'm not a Eason fan).
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    I think right now the Yankees are the only team I fear. Of course they have Chap . That team is loaded though. Cubs are so strong mentally with players like Rizzo, MVP(KB), Baez, and the pitching is strong so far that I think we could take the Yankees out.
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    You know Dwight Gooden is best pitcher ever in his prime, quit gloating . I am just joking with you but he was unreal and so was the 1986 Mets.
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    I believe the Cubs can beat any team in baseball right now. They haven't looked this great since 2016. The bullpen still has me concerned, no Chap anymore.
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    My wife (an elementary school chief secretary) just said the same thing.
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    The first thing that came to my mind, as apparently did for others, was the 7 year time period. However...... if the OLplays as expected, Rivers could easily be good enough , now, to play well. As QBs get older, they rely more on knowledge and experience. Even at his age, he can still fling the ball around with good accuracy..... IF given some level of protection. We have weapons similar to those he’s had success with . WRs and RBs. Perhaps more athleticism at TE would help, but with our OL, the potential BEAST of a running attack, some interesting WR talent, and a young , hungry defense to get him the ball back, i think he could thrive. He gets the ball out quick, is pretty accurate, and is a very wiley vet, not to mention brings a ton of energy and enthusiasm to the team. If the OL can protect him like they’ve done the last 2 years (for the most part), I think Mr Rivers will have a pretty respectful year. But that is assuming the WRs grow, the running game lives up to expectations, the D grows, the coaches grow, and this covid thing doesnt ruin it all.
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    It's unlikely that this happens. However, if it did, you'd have to be nuts not to want him back on your team. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Some people are upset, sure. But you'd pass on a top 5 QB because of emotional entanglements? Insanity.
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    Football as a blood sport?
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    These are young guys, many planning families. The virus is dangerous for pregnant women so, this is definitely a family decision
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    Imagine THAT running at you full speed with big Q Running interference!!!
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    Anyone think Luck would have opted out?
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    Being frustrated as a fan is different than being frustrated at the player himself. I get frusterated when a player gets injured. It's no fault of the player, but still frustrated. If this season happens, the Colts could do really well, so losing a good player is frustrating to me.
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    I'm not frustrated like that, I'm more caught off-guard it was him out of everyone. I realize that people are going to opt-out and I respect their decisions. I already told NCF this in another thread. Maybe your blind hate of me (and you do hate me) is making you biased of what I said.
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    Why anyone would be frustrated by a player opting out is a mystery to me, and frankly just mind-numbing. They are making a personal decision based on their own health or perhaps their families health. This has nothing to do with his drive to play. That is a comical.
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    That's specific to marijuana. The PED policy was made more strict than it already was. First positive test for anabolic steroids is a six game suspension now; was previously four games. I believe HGH is treated as an anabolic steroid by the PED policy. And teams cannot suspend players for drug violations, only the league can. A team can suspend a player for conduct detrimental, but if that's related to a drug violation, it will be challenged and the team will (most likely) lose.
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    What if Luck were to come back and say to Mr. Irsay, "Now trade me, stash the pick/s, and once I'm on my other team, I'll retire again. You're welcome."
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    Justin Tucker is an amazing kicker but he has only played 8 seasons. Lets see how he kicks in year 20 if he last that long. In 2014, that was Vinny's 19th season and his best % wise.
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    She's fair, but she's fickle.
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    Having a kid can really change a man's perception of life and what's truly valuable.
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    Sounds like not true...must have started on CNN or MSNBC. Ha, ha, ha. "not true' got substituted for "f___ news".
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    I’ll believe when he’s playing football games until then I am going to take it when the whole shaker of salt.
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    Unless I'm mistaken, he would have a 3-year contract left once he opts to come back from retirement. At least in Gronk's case, the 1 year contract left was frozen the year he retired and he's playing out that year now with the Bucs.
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    Most overrated on the roster is Chad Kelly, has never played a single regular season game and people think he’s the next Peyton Manning
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