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    That was my same silence response. I will always hold it against Sandy Alderson for not re-signing Murph and Reyes when they and David Wright were our best everyday players. That is what he did when he was a Met. Whenever we were down and we needed to rally, I would ask myself, "When is Murph coming up?" He always got on base to get things going. I miss Murph.
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    If the Cards win tonight I would be elated , because they won the series . I cant ask more than that or lol maybe a sweep ? 2-0 Cards in 5th
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    I admire his play and the way he handles himself.
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    The player or batter I fear more in the Nats line-up is Murphy . One tuff out.
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    He should have stopped at; “I really don’t think” and left it at that.
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    Just another nuclear physicist marking time as an athlete.
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    Yeah he singled handed destroyed the Cubs in the 2015 NLCS and has in other games too. I wish he were a Cub
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    Lets not even get started with Murphy
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    I wish I believed Bryant is healthy. I think there is something wrong with his shoulder. He hasn’t hit with power all season. Something is up. That said Bote should split time with Schwerber in Left (start against lefties) and keep Bryant fresh at third. Only issue is that likely sits Zobriest more than I like so maybe Baez plays some short. But I agree Bote needs to keep playing.
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    Until proven otherwise I have to go with the defending champ Jags. That pass rush is just nasty. Plus they actually beat Pittsburgh in a playoff game and gave New England all they wanted last year. Two things I have yet to see these Luck era Colts achieve. Jax is legit and is the squad that will have to be reckoned with for the Colts to get back on top of the AFC South hill.
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    Yeah, the Defense made some Great catches in the late Innings. The Cubs are so fun to watch when they play like this. Hendricks has looked much better in his last 3 starts so that is promising. Bryant is basically 100% healthy as well and should be back soon. Maddon needs to find a way to play him and Bote like I Posted yesterday. If that means benching Russell I would do it until Bote struggles. Bote has been really Good lately.
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    Finished and cleaned up my charting/grading for Nelson in the first preseason game. He played four series, 33 offensive plays, 21 passes, 12 runs. When I grade, I assign a value to each play, based on what I see. A win is a +1, a dominant win is a +2, a loss is a -1, a dominant loss is a -2, and a draw is a 0. Then I average the total grade over the number of plays. I try to avoid draws, but some are obvious (a play where he blocks no one, for instance). I had Nelson at 0.1 on 21 pass plays, 0.67 on 12 run plays. Total grade was 0.3 on 33 plays. I saw two dominant losses on pass plays, both resulting in QB pressures. Both were on pass plays, and were due to him missing his initial punch and getting beat by a swim move when he got caught leaning too far. He lost on another swim move, but recovered (I thought he held, it didn't get called). There were other plays where he missed his initial punch but used his feet, kept his balance, and recovered quickly. All issues are with technique, especially against rushers with good hand/feet moves, or a good secondary rush. I saw two dominant wins on run plays, both on pull blocks. These were his best highlights in college, where he was a heat seeking missile who would wipe his man out upon impact; that has already translated well to the NFL. Once he latches on, he tends to turn and seal his man. He also gets off of combo blocks well to find the next guy to block. Any issues in run blocking were made up for by his strength, awareness and tenacity. I'm not concerned or even disappointed by his showing. Young OL usually need time to improve their pass blocking. He's already as advertised in the run game.
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    Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya....
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    Jalen Ramsey highlights vs Andrew Luck ladies & gentlemen...
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    Several posters in this thread have had posts removed that were worthy of warns. Unfounded discussion of someone being a racist, accusing moderators of suppressing your complaints about your opinion that someone is racist and complaints about reverse racism etc......against the rules You all well know this. Further posting like this will result in suspensions
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    I don’t care how exciting the pick was. If he keeps Andrew healthy and opens holes for the running game it will lead to exciting plays.
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    I saw some more fundamental baseball today, maybe they’re reading our thread??? lol, anyway.........
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    Always thought Steven did a good job! Good luck in your next gig!
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    This my friend is what makes baseball great . The suspense of the race down the stretch .
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    That is an interesting write up, thanks for posting. I will say, I'm not surprised by Howard's decline. I never thought he was good. Like I tell my wife, things would go a lot smoother if people just listen to me to begin with.
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    I think having the race where it is not 90+ degrees may help but having it and the Colts opener could hurt too. I am going to the Brickyard because the tickets have been bought long ago. We have had a long standing reservation for seats about 20 yards from the bricks for 5 or 6 years now. Two close friends ( we were in the Army over 40 years ago together) so it's always a good time for me.
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    He looked decent Lets see what he can do against the starters on Monday