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    76. Tampa Bay @Zoltan is next (Then 77. Denver @Jared Cisneros)
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    Jacoby beat the Chiefs and people want him gone He was supposed to take them to the next step and was paid that way and hasn’t The Vikings have not had a dominant QB since Fran Tarkenton The only thing good about the contract was that it forced the Vikes to release guys like Rhodes
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    He hasn’t produced and the Viking brass signed him to a cap killing contract As those posters have pointed out many of his successes came because of others In sports if you don’t produce you get booed and/or fired It is the nature of the game
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    Not for certain if this story is about Blyth but it's possible and potentially played a role in him getting cut.
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    Calm down. I actually really thought it was a 'funny play on words', and I liked it. I might even use it myself someday. OTOH, I've seen Siri and auto-correct mash things up, so I politely asked later. But either way I personally find it a funny play on the phrase. Please don't feel disrespect. Or get worked up as it doesn't affect me, only you. It's not worth it.
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    Do you do this every day? I mean the Hell vs Hail Marry stuff? I mean let me know once you are ready to be an adult and discuss football. Oh looky looky, someone mis-spelled something without using auto-correct. I must be fortunate that I spelled something correctly. Aren't I special...
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