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    We're giving away two tickets to every home game this season! You must be a member to enter, click here to join. Now Open! Week 7 Browns @Colts Sun, 10/21 at 1:00 PM EDT Click Here to Enter! Fatdaddy317 Won the tix to the Packers game. Congrats! Coltstrong Wrist band and Edgerrin James Ring of Honor Seat Card winners! Remember, upload a photo to the Coltstrong Gallery for a chance to win some Colts stuff from our prize closet
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    I have often shared stories of my involvement with the Special Needs Community. Today I have another one to share. Yesterday was a day to celebrate one of these individuals we've come to know and love over the years. Amy is a very sweet handicapped young lady who has been employed with Papa Johns for 20 years now. Her job is to fold pizza boxes and she has folded over 1 million boxes in this time frame. Her family, and Papa Johns felt this was an accomplishment worth celebrating. They invited a large number of family, friends and people from the community to celebrate this special day. Papa Johns Headquarters sent her some special gifts, and she was given a 20 year lapel pin. They asked Ron and I to provide the music and entertainment for the day, and we were more than happy to oblige. Lots of food, music, and dancing made for a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Of course, amongst other items on the buffet, Papa Johns Pizza was served. ;) I am so privleged to be a part of such a great group of Special Needs people and a community that supports them.
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    Mesmerized by the "Horseshoe" since I was 7 years old, going on 43 now. I just cant seem to get it out of my system. For me it began watching a QB by the name of Jones, bigger than life to me as a kid, Bert to be more specific.. throw the perfect spiral pass only to have his career cut short with shoulder problems. Then this Elway guy refuses to play for my team and they laughed at us. To pour salt in the wound my team up and moves out of town..not just any move but like a thief in the night. So surreal. Alot of losing years went by, it was bad. But I was there. Determined. Watching. As always. Then an old friendly face came to town. Teddy...Teddy Marchibroda. A time machine connected the past to the present and the Colts were actual contenders again. I scoured through newspapers, digging for any info on this team like a private investigator. The elusive team with "Horseshoes" on their helmets. It was short lived though.Then they were bad again. Bad enough to get that first overall pick... Again. Who would they squander it on this time? That kid Manning out of Tennesee looked pretty good, but so did the other kid..whats his name Leaf? Over 53,000 yards..399 TD`s later its safe to say they got it right. And a whole lot of winning, it wasnt only raining wins it was like torrential downpouring wins. And then one neck injury later it was over. Just. Like. That. The flick of a switch. Now what? Where do they go from here? I`m here. Loyal. Watching. As always..
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    I would like to thank Coach Pagano for taking his time to have his picture taken with my grandson at the Ft. Lauderdale airport on Sunday March 30. My grandson was so excited he could hardly wait to get home to show his picture with Coach Pagano to his friends. We were flying back to Indianapolis after taking a 7 day cruise on Spring Break and he told us that getting a picture with the Coach was even better than swimming with the dolphins!! Now that's saying something!! He asked us if we thought Andrew Luck was picking the Coach up at the Indianapolis airport. He was hoping to get a picture with Andrew too. Thank you again, Coach Pagano, for making such an impression on a young boy who would love to be a Colt player when he is older!! Gramma Joyce
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    I was very anxious to observe year 2 in the Grigson era. I was a full blown believer in the Polian era, I felt his approach to winning and building a team was spot-on, as well as un-equaled in the history of the NFL, I am still more than a little baffled why a man with his Hall of Fame track record and one of the best, if not the best this league has ever seen, has to be defended...even to fans of the team that benefited from that expertice. (attempting) moving on..... In year 1 of the Grigson era, the results were above and beyond reasonable ecpectations, the bottom line is always ...winning football games and that was accomplished. The draft class was excellent, some free agent signings were impressive-Jerrel Freemen, overall-there didn't seem to be many difference makers, but again, the results are what matters. I believe when it comes to personel, Grigson will make his mark and that is what will seperate him from the pack, along with a born-in attitude of wanting to be the best and like anybody who really wants to be the best at what they do, will do whatever it takes to make that happen. As I looked at the signings of this past week, I , like many fans was expecting some big names to be wearing the horseshoe next year, with all the money available and the playoff appearance, a few big names would take the team to the next level, as of yet, that hasn't happened, I have never been a big fan of overpaying players, in a bidding war and really am not a big fan of free agents signings in general. I was very glad to hear Grigson say that the draft is the key to success in the NFL, I think the best and most successfull teams in this league, know that and use that blueprint, from some of the moves he made, I wasn't sure he believed that. The one thing that really stood out when I saw the signings was that most of the players had a common bond, they all had untapped potential......potential, is a very common word in the NFL, it means they could be.................and it also means they could not be. I loved the Laron Landry signing, Gosder Cherilus was one of the highest rated right tackles in the league, the rest fall into that potential category and .............time will tell, if they have it, or not. There were not many major holes going into the off season , with these moves and there may be more coming, along with the upcoming draft........if this years draft comes anywhere close to last years............. The O-line was the one area I felt really needed a significant upgrade and that has been addressed and will continue to be.....Grigson has done a very good job ,so far, in year 2, how good? stay tuned............
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    To some, this blog will be considered a few weeks too late, but I really don’t think it is… I think in all the draft madness and Luck vs Robert Griffin III who is better talk and the release of many of our beloved players chaos many of us have lost focus on those that remain as well as the awesomeness (MO) that is our HC. We’ve lost focus on our team, and what they are doing, how they are thinking, and where we are going. Some articles on Colts.com have some good quotes from our veterans that tell us their frame of mind…about the excitement, yes the excitement they have for the next step in what is Colts football. SO, I'm just going to share some quotes from our veterans and our fearless leader (whose defense I cannot wait to see in action this Fall). To listen to what they have to say makes me excited…there is a reason why Reggie stayed in Indy and didn’t go elsewhere…he sees what is happening and recognizes that it is going to be greatness again. There is a reason why the FAs that have come in are excited to be in Indy…it’s a combination of Pagano and what is being built…fellow fans, we are on the verge of another era of greatness, and I for one am so excited I can’t stand it! Colts football is not dead. Quite the contrary, it is most definitely alive and well. A low rumble of a growl has started in downtown Indy fellow fans. Yes, the new shirts being worn at the Farm Bureau center in Indy speak the truth. A monster has been born…a monster will not be slayed…are you ready for the ride? … … … "We start fresh. Forget about what happened in the past and keep pushing on." --Collie “It’s different. It’s very different but at the same time, it’s exciting,” --Bethea “It’s exciting. Whether change is good or bad, it needed to happen and it happened I think everybody is excited to get going and move forward and compete." --Angerer “If there’s anybody who has a chip on their shoulders, it’s us. We have to get it done...We’re here to win games, and we’re not going to fall short of our goal" --Mathis “This is home and this is where I wanted to be. (I’m a) Colt for life." --Wayne “I do want to be part of it, just like I’m part of the city,” said Wayne. “I just want to help build that foundation. It’s not set in stone that we’re going to (struggle). Who knows, we might shock the world. This time next year, you might be writing that these Colts are some bad boys." --Wayne “I always thought of myself as a Colt. I came here to win. I came here to win games. I didn’t come here to fall off. The intensity is still the same and the agenda is still the same. We’re going to do everything we have to do to get to that point." --Wayne "I like the new (coaching) staff. I am looking forward for things to get rolling, I’m ready to see how things are going to play out. I am excited about the future. I think we’ll be a more aggressive style defense, rather than sit back." --Johnson “You have to let your coaches coach and you have to let your players play, but you have to be one step ahead of everything.” --Pagano “They’re going to get a face-full of Chuck Pagano. Whoever we play on Sunday is going to get a face-full of Colts, and on a weekly basis. We are going to have fun doing it.” --Pagano “That’s our goal – to win.” –Pagano “I’ve always said the speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack.” --Pagano “We’re going to find the strengths of this unit and the weaknesses. We’re going to put them in the best possible position to be successful and to win games.” --Pagano “Our motto is, ‘Simple me, complex you'...Having said that, just because we line up and they say, ‘They’re a 3-4 team,’ we may be a 4-3 team on first down, we can be an odd 3-4 look on second down and the Lord only knows on 3rd-and-7-plus. That’s our goal.” –Pagano “Let’s hunt!” --Pagano
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    Who in their right minds would let a player like Peyton Manning go? I hear all these reports on ESPN about how their 100% sure that Peyton will not return to the Colts next season and will be playing for a different team. Jim Irsay has to be crazy not to pay Peyton the money he is due in March. Look at everything Peyton has done for this team, the city, and football in general. A player like Peyton deserves to finish his career in Indianapolis. Not only is Peyton a premiere quarterback but he is a one of a kind person. How many quarterbacks tape a pre recorded message reminding you of your doctor's appointment? If I was Jim Irsay I would absolutely pay Peyton the money. Peyton's going to play in 2012 so why not let him be the quarterback he is known to be. Not only will Peyton play this upcoming year, but he will dominate as usual. Peyton's the type of quarterback that is going crazy right now because he missed a whole year of doing something he loved. If he gets his money and is guaranteed he will be playing for the Indianapolis Colts this year, he will be watching tape in March preparing for next year. If something was to happen after Peyton was paid the money and he could not play after this season, keep him around as a coach. The money you would be paying him as a player would pay off by having him around as a quarterback coach or even a consultant. If the Colts draft Andrew Luck and trade Peyton they will be making a huge mistake. Andrew Luck will not be the premier quarterback everyone thinks he will be. Even if he is half of the quarterback people are projecting him to be it will take a few years for that to come about. Why wouldn't you keep Peyton around to train and prepare Luck and have a few winning seasons while Manning is still playing. None of this makes any sense to me. Why would this even be an issue? Manning should 100% be the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts next season. If he's not......then maybe we should trade Jim Irsay because he obviously has no clue how to run a football team. Getting rid of the Polian's obviously shows that. If #18 isn't around next year, I absolutely will not be rooting for the Colts next season....maybe the Patriots? I'm sure I won't be the only one either!
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    We are modifying our moderation rules for game time, in response to your feedback. We will NOT be creating the post game threads. Posters can create post game threads......but please, clearly title them and do not create duplicate topics. We WILL continue to lock game time discussions that are created or are occurring anywhere but in the game day thread. If you are not familiar with our game day forum, it is here: http://forums.colts.com/forum/14-colts-game-day/ Moderators create and lock game day threads (at game start and end) in the game day forum. While the thread is live you can reach the most current page of the thread by clicking the Game Day link in the main menu. Please help keep the site organized and do NOT create duplicate game time discussions. If you do, they will be locked. Hopefully this process will work for everyone. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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    NOTE: I wrote this prior to the Colts vs. Broncos in the 2014 AFC Divisional Playoffs. Thought I'd share with you all! It was December of 2010. Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck had just put the finishing touches on a remarkable collegiate season that catapulted him into the NFL’s top draft position. He was crowned as the greatest quarterback coming of the collegiate ranks since Peyton Manning and John Elway. Luck was the unanimous number 1 choice, barring of course that he would declare for the draft. He had many factors to consider. He wanted to finish his education and enjoy his senior year but saw the allure of the NFL right before his eyes. So, like many college athletes making this kind of decision, Luck consulted with his confidants. He spoke with his father and mother. He talked with his uncle, who would later go on to be his agent in the NFL. But there was one person that Luck spoke to that may have had the biggest influence on his decision. Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee. In 1997, University of Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning had just completed his junior season. Manning had a phenomenal season and was the consensus number 1 pick in the upcoming draft. He was being touted as the best quarterback coming out of college since John Elway. Yet, Manning was wavering on whether to declare for the draft or not. Finally though, Manning decided to forgo the NFL for one more year and instead opted to finish his senior year. He would win the Maxwell Award that year and would finish 2nd in the Heisman Trophy voting. The Indianapolis Colts would be number 1 on the clock in that upcoming draft. With Andrew Luck pondering his return to Stanford, his father advised that he should speak to Peyton Manning. The Luck and Manning family have had a uniquely tied history that spans over 30 years. Oliver Luck, Andrew’s father, had played in the NFL for the Houston Oilers and played on the same roster as Peyton’s father, Archie Manning. The two shared a good friendship during their time in Houston. Archie would have Oliver pick up his two sons and occupy them by taking them for milkshakes and burgers while Archie would finish errands and the like before the boys arrived. “It was my job to pick them up and occupy them with ice cream or hamburgers so Arch could get treatment or run errands or just get a few things done before the boys arrived,” said Luck. Archie Manning and Oliver Luck in 1982. “But the RX-7 was a hatchback and it only had two seats. So we had to squeeze both kids in or, sometimes, one went back into the hatchback. I’m guessing it was Peyton since he was younger. He would have been 6 at the time, I think. Looking back now, 30 years later, I realize how valuable the cargo was that I was carrying back there.” Fast-forward to 2010 and we find Oliver Luck’s son talking to one of those Manning boys that Oliver was driving around in the 1980’s. “Before he made his decision he had a couple of long conversations with Peyton,” Oliver Luck said. “Archie and I played together way back when with the old Houston Oilers, so we’ve known the family, and Peyton’s kind of acted like a mentor to Andrew. So he got advice not just from his old man and his mom, but some people like Peyton Manning, Eli and others who have gone through it.” Even before this conversation however, Peyton had mentored Andrew at his annual passing academy camp. “Andrew got a chance to go to the Manning Passing Academy in high school, and maybe twice as a college kid,” Oliver Luck said. “While in high school, you don’t just get to see the college and pro guys, but you get to test yourself against kids from around the country, to see where you stack up. As a counselor, you get to spend time with Peyton and Eli, and you get to ask questions and get straight answers and begin to understand what sort of an attitude and approach you need as a professional.” Andrew Luck at Stanford University. Luck decided to stay and finish his senior year at Stanford. He would finish 2nd in Heisman Trophy voting and win the Maxwell award, in similar fashion to the quarterback and mentor he would soon succeed. How much did those conversations with Peyton influence him to stay? One is lead to believe that it’d be more than people think. That upcoming NFL season would be one that would change the NFL landscape for years to come. Peyton Manning had 4 neck surgeries and missed the entire season. The Colts finished 2-14 without Manning in the lineup. Once again, the Indianapolis Colts were in position to take another once-in-a-generation quarterback. Andrew Luck declared for the draft and was once again the consensus number 1 pick. The NFL combine was quickly approaching with Andrew Luck and other top prospects in attendance. At the combine, Luck was asked about whom was his hero growing up. His answer wasn’t too surprising. “Peyton was my hero growing up,” Luck said. “He was my football hero. That’s who I modeled myself after in high school, middle school, whatever it was. You never truly replace a guy like that.” I admit bias here and believe that in large part because of Peyton and his influence, Andrew stayed and finished out his senior year. It’s not because I am a Peyton Manning or Colts fan, but because I know what its like to look up to someone in that same way that Andrew did. Like Andrew Luck, my childhood hero was Peyton Manning. I remember begging my mom to let me stay up late on Monday night games to watch the Colts. When my friends and me would play pickup football games, I would imitate Peyton and his pre-snap gyrations and mannerisms. I grew up watching Peyton lead countless comebacks and win game after game, season after season. Growing up in Indianapolis in the 2000’s, it was inescapable. I had always pondered if there would ever one day be a quarterback to come in the NFL that would be from my generation and be influenced by Peyton in the way that I and so many other kids had. In the late 2000’s, I started to see the beginning of the end of the Manning era. The Colts were no longer that 12 win-a-year juggernaut and Peyton Manning was approaching his mid thirty’s. It was 2010 and I had just graduated high school with a new era in my life about to begin. I started college in the spring of 2011 but did not have much of an idea of what I really wanted to do with my life. Around that time, my cousin was getting married with family and friends coming in from all across the country for it. My dad had talked about my cousin George and the success he had out in Colorado and suggested that I should talk to him at the wedding. I knew of George growing up but didn’t really know him too well. So at the wedding, I approached George and struck up a conversation with him. We talked about the Colts and how much of a fan he was too. He had moved to Denver from Indianapolis in 1998, the same year the Colts had drafted Peyton Manning. He had many friends and family still here in the city he once called home. He became a Broncos season-ticket holder and would cheer on the Broncos every Sunday. Until of course the Colts would come to Denver. He would show up to those select few games in a Colts jersey, much to the lighthearted dismay of friends that would see him at the other 7 games of the year in a Broncos jersey. He was there for that 2002 snow game where Mike Vanderjagt kicked those 2 50+ yard field goals to both tie and win the game. He was older than me, around the same age as Peyton Manning. In talking to him, I felt like I knew him the entire time I was growing up. We shared a lot in common. We talked about my plans for college and career and I believe he could sense that I wasn’t too sure of what I wanted to do. He invited me to come to Denver that summer to spend time with him and his family. That trip to Denver changed me in the most positive of ways. I remember spending nights talking with George about his experiences and how he had worked to get where he was today. It would be the first of many trips I would take over the next 3 years to Colorado. I started to see him in a lot of ways that I saw Peyton Manning. Although I have never met Peyton, ask any boy that grew up watching and idolizing him and they’ll tell you they know him. George became that mentor and older brother that I had never had. He offered advice and words of encouragement that would help me become the person I am today. I found parallels and ambitions in my life that mirrored his own. While I was on that first trip, I remember I talked to him about the upcoming 2011 Colts season and how they would likely once again win the division and get back to the post-season. Little did we know how much the season would make the parallels we shared grow. When Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos, I knew that George would likely relinquish the Colts as his number 1 team. Peyton was his favorite player and by the time 2012 rolled around, he had lived longer in Denver than he had in Indianapolis. He knew that the Broncos were getting something special. He shared a common bond with Peyton Manning and now that player would be playing for the team he cheered for on Sunday afternoons. Fate could not have written a more unique script. The picture was now coming full circle. He would always have love for the Colts and cheer for them but the Broncos were now number 1. On the other hand, I had found parallels in my own life to Andrew Luck, who was on his way to becoming the next star in the NFL. Like Andrew, I too grew up watching and idolizing Peyton Manning and came from the same generation as he did. He was that quarterback that I thought would one day enter the league that grew up idolizing Peyton Manning the way that I had. The only player in the last 10 years to be compared to Peyton Manning is the only rightful one to succeed him in Indianapolis. The picture was now becoming fully complete. The pupil was destined to succeed the mentor in the same city, for the same team. The Colts will travel to Denver this weekend to play the Broncos in the AFC Divisional Playoffs with the stakes being as high as they’ve ever been. I still watch Peyton and cheer him on the same way you would cheer for your older brother. Until of course, he play’s your team. It’ll be pupil vs. mentor. king vs. heir apparent. Luck vs. Manning. Or as I like to see it, Rick vs. George.
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    Edgerrin James, joins the Colts ring of honor this Sunday. Let's show him some Coltstrong love. Post your message to Edge here. Coltstrong braclets to be sent to 10 fans who post a message to Edge! Also, 2 seat cards like the pic below, to two fans who post
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    To my friends who have been requesting this blog for a while now, I do apologize. You know how life runs away with you sometimes? These past four weeks has done that for me! So, per your requests, I am going to do my best to share my Colorado experience…hopefully you’ll walk (or click) away with a good idea of what my vacation in the Rockies was like. ... ... ... Thirty-six days ago I set out on a trip, an adventure of sorts. Some would have chosen to fly to their destination, but did I? No way. I drove the 1100+ miles to my destination which was in the southern portion of the state of Colorado in the Rocky Mountains (to be exact the Sangre de Cristo range). In the 18 hours it took me and my fellow companions to arrive at our destination, I had the opportunity to see much of this beautiful country that I am blessed to call home. A touch of Illinois farm country, on to the wooded hills of the Ozarks of Missouri, then into the prairie land of Kansas…I must stop here for a moment because one of my favorite parts of the trip was here in this state. The Flint Hills. Any vision I had in my mind of the “Old West” as a child growing up was brought to life when I reached this national park of sorts. To try to help you picture the Flint Hills, think of this: miles upon miles upon miles of easy rolling hills covered in green grass dancing in the soft breeze with herds of cattle scattered here and there. Not a tree in sight, but oddly enough trees just wouldn’t be appropriate here. No, instead, as you look westward into this peaceful land you see the sun beginning to set…reds and oranges filling up the sky creating the most perfect sunset you have ever seen…now this, this is the old west that I dreamed of. It didn’t take much imagination on my part to picture a horse and rider (maybe two or three) riding atop one of those hills…heading to who knows where…maybe it is Marshall Dillon traveling to catch a outlaw, or Wyatt Eryp to bring in real American history traveling to avenge the death of his brother…who you picture does not matter...or instead of a horse and rider, picture a wagon train traveling west to the unknown…or even picture a band of Native American hunting bison for supper…each of these imaginings are quite fitting for the Flint Hills… … Through the Flint Hills we drove, on to Dodge City. Have you ever been there? If you are a fan of the old West and old westerns, it is a must visit. I did my best, but sadly I could not find Marshall Dillon, Miss Kitty, Doc, Chester, or Festus anywhere…they may not have been seen, but they were there…to me they will always be engrained in Dodge. Forever a part of it. On from Dodge we went…west toward our destination. Finally! We arrived in Colorado (at this point we were wondering if we’d ever find it…LOL!). On we drove west until finally we begin our ascent upward into the foothills of this majestic range…BREATHTAKING. It literally took my breath away. You can see pictures of the Rockies and think you understand just how huge and regal and magnificent they are, but you truly don’t get it until you stand in the valley below them looking up. Seeing the clouds hover at their peaks, the snow lining their caps, their ruggedness just overpowering you…my words cannot do them justice. Up we went…up, up, up…9400 feet is where we found our destination. We climb out of the vehicles and look east. Wow. If I thought the view looking at the Rockies was amazing, nothing could prepare me for the view looking out while standing in the Rockies. To say you can see for miles is understatement. Views of the valleys below…you feel as though you are standing in Heaven looking out to the Earth below… …and your slightly breathless as well…not only from the view but from the fact that you are 9400 feet above sea level and the air has gotten thinner making it harder to breath. Enough of the scenery you say? On to your adventures? Ok, ok, ok! I filled my days with not only enjoying the views and panoramic view but also with things such as hiking/climbing, traveling to enjoy other views, and yes, my friends I went rafting as well. Can I just say that hiking at 9000+ feet is much harder than it is here at home at lower levels? I’ve done my fair share of hiking, but had never experienced an actual mountain hike. It does wear you out, but boy is it worth it! The sense of accomplishment you feel when you reach your destination is unparallel…at least for me at this point in my life it was. It was interesting to watch the landscape change as I went upward. Trees changed and became fewer and the rocks even became different. And the wind at the top…well let’s just say that there is nothing blocking it, lol! Blow ya over strong. Too cool my friends, just too cool. Did you ever play the game "king of the mountain" growing up? Well, I truly felt like a king of the mountain! A few days we hopped in the car and ventured out to see new places and views. An abandoned town (caused by the moving of the railroad). Everything was just as it was left in the 1920s. Boarded up and closed with the same items inside. From desks to benches to chairs to curtains...everything just left. Talk about feeling like you've been transported back in time! Pretty interesting and at times a tad spooky...do you believe in ghosts? lol, good thing it was daylight when we were there!! We drove up different mountains to see new views, and on one of these mountains we came across some cascades flowing down the mountains--pretty darn cool! We stopped to take some pictures, and as we opened our doors the rush of the water was so loud we had to shout back and forth to be heard even when just standing a few feet away from each other… …can you imagine the power of the current of the water in those cascades? Truly awesome my friends. Just awesome. And finally, the rafting on the Arkansas river. I had a blast, I really did...but I have to admit, I was a little let down. The river was down, which made the rafting easier and not as adventurous. But, nevertheless it was fun. There is something cool about traveling down a river in just a raft with paddles. Not on a boat with an engine and nice comfy seats, or in a canoe. No, the raft makes it a completely different experience. Somehow to me it makes it more dangerous and exciting. Gotta make sure to watch out for rocks and paddle the right way and be alert…fun my friends, fun. But my next rafting adventure has begun to form in my head…a repeat experience is in my future and the next time it is my hopes that the water levels are higher…I like challenges J Sadly, our stay came to an end and we headed back down the mountains and east…towards home and reality. But what we had just experienced was something that would not soon be forgotten… … …a longer blog than usual, but even so I had to scale myself back or I fear I might have written a book! This by far is in the top five of my favorite vacations ever…I’ve seen the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore and New York City and the Badlands…and at this point I would rate my trip to the Rockies at #1. Being up there in the mountains away from the hustle and bustle o life just enjoying nature changed my perspective on a lot of things. When we get bogged down with work and constantly being on the going and doing this or that we tend to forget to stop and yes, smell the roses. We forget the simple things that bring peace and happiness…it somehow gets lost, and when we lose that what we get in return is stress and more stress…sometimes we need a remind to just slow down…no friends, life has been changed for me…for the better. J
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    Is there logic behind what the Colts are doing. The answer to that question is yes. As you all know recently many Colts fans got very upset when they heard who got cut yesterday, including me. Jim Irsay and Ryan Grigson do in fact know what they are doing. Let's take a look at controversial cuts made yesterday: Dallas Clark: This cut was the most upsetting cut for me. Clark is a great man and a great football player. So why did the Colts cut him? Is there a replacement? For the last two years Clark had some big injury problems. When Clark went down in '10 a younger, lesser known Colt stepped up to the plate. That Colt is Jacob Tamme, now I bet everyone of you reading this knows his name. He struggled for his first two games and then all the sudden out of nowhere he started to perform better than Clark did before he got hurt. Tamme continued to perform this past season as well when he was needed. He is now 26 years old and in his 4th season in the NFL; he is showing that he might be just as reliable as Clark was for all those years. So give him a chance, I see a bright future for JacobTamme. Joseph Addai: Why did the Colts cut him? Can any of the other backs come and take his place? For the past few years Addai has been #1 on the depth chart for HBs. Some people might already have remembered all of the injury problems Addai has had which have kept him out of many Colts games. Some games he struggled, others he performed well. But the biggest contribution that will be missed is his blocking abilties. He was able to pick up that LB that came rushing in at Peyton, giving him time to throw the ball. With that said take a look at the roster; we have two young backs already on the roster and we could pick another one up this April. That answers the 2nd question but why did the Colts cut him? Well I know I'm not a part of the Colts organization but there is still a very simple answer. Money, Risk, and Style. Money - The colts have very little cap space. They need cap to build the team for the future; the only fix is cutting older guys. Risk - He has had so many injury problems that the big contract becomes a problem. Style - This is just a thought to keep in mind. Maybe the Colts are looking to get a power back and build a running game. Maybe a blocking back is no longer a priority. Gary Brackett: I know Brackett missed the '11 season but is that the only answer to why he was released? Most likely yes, that was the reason to his release but there could be some other prominent reasons as well. Pat Angerer is one heck of a football player who filled his spot and did a fantastic job doing so. The ROLB and LOLB are up for grabs though. Could they have kept Brackett at MLB and moved Angerer to one of the OLB spots, yes, but is there a FA or Rookie they are going after to fill those spots, I don't know. It is definently a possibility. So for all of you who think this is "downgrading" the defense just think about this and the main reason for this cut. Cap Room. Melvin Bullitt: The Colts secondary struggled last year without Bullitt, who is supposed to be his replacement? If you were thinking that you are absolutely correct. This is the only cut that doesn't make sense to me. The Colts don't have a replacement for Bullitt. So why was he cut? Let's look back at the '11 season, oh wait Bullitt hardly played because of injury. Now don't get me wrong I do not like this cut at all. But there still has to be a reason behind this cut. Look at the cuts above what was the main reason for the guys being let go? The answer is age and money. Bullitt is very young so age is not a factor. Money on the other hand could be a possible reason. I don't know what Bullitt's contract was but it must have been a large one. And don't forget the draft that is coming up in a little more than a month. We have a new GM, he might see someone he likes that they will grab. Could I be wrong, could this be a bad decision on the Colts part? Of course but I am trusting Grigson and I do believe there is a good reason behind this. Of course I do not need to go into detail why Curtis Painter was cut. He was given 11 chances to win a game and was unable to do so. Looking back at these cuts and back at the Manning cut there is a big pattern that shows the #1 reason for these upsetting cuts. Money. I know this is probably the third time I have said this but cap room for the Colts is hardly even there. Who knows how many cap penalties the Colts have racked up over the years but this year it is apparent that it was a good amount. And aside from that these cuts are going to rack up some cap penalties next year as well so lets hope the Colts can do most of there re-building this year. So please don't go out insulting Irsay or Grigson for these cuts that feel devestating to us fans but leave here understanding that they have no choice but to make roster moves to sign some younger promising guys who could lead us to 10+ years of success in this new era of Colts football.
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    All this talk about Peyton, I needed a Peyton Pep Talk... and to practice posting a video http://youtu.be/yGzCwwnwDkM
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    That had to be the most embarrassing first half of football since the AFC Championship Game?! 5 penalties for almost 70 yards? Luck throwing the ball only to Hilton? Darius Butler getting beat constantly? The O-Line looked defeated and Gore looking like he had second thoughts about his, Luck is a God statement? The team looked like 2014, not a team ready to battle for a SB? Not a team that supposedly had gotten better in 2015? I'm SO tired of seeing the Colts play soft?! I'm tired of the stigma of being SOFT! Teams run on us year after year?! Teams don't respect us and in my opinion, our coaching staff is WEAK! I think Pep Hamilton is in over his head, I think Pagano is too nice of a guy, I think that Grigson, albeit has improved our team form 2-14, is feeling his self. This is crazy! Then I see the post game interviews and no one seemed *? Where's the hunger? Where's the BEAST that Pagano talks about? Why can't the O-Line see that they're the butt of all jokes Colts? They can't block, they don't communicate well with picking up defensive schemes? We have corners that can't stay healthy, especially when we need them, nor can they cover anyone?! That game yesterday was suppose to be our coming out party, showing the fans and NFL that the Colts were deserving of the hype! They played like something was going on internally? I don't know the beef between Pagano and Grigson but Irsay needs to make some changes before it gets out of hand because that team yesterday wasn't a SB caliber team, at all!!!!! I've been a loyal fan since the Mayflower truck pulled up and I've been through the heartache of the Peyton era but I'm speaking to you Irsay! If you don't get some toughness and tenacity, if you don't sure up that O-Line and get a coach who is going to kick butt(go get Bill Cowher), if you don't change the perception of the way teams think and play us. There won't be another SB coming to Indy and Luck will be California dreaming?!
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    As usual there are some really good looking players in this group, some of them sound better than the guys that were drafted and makes you wonder why at least a few them....went undrafted. QB: Bryan Bennett-S E Louisiana-6'2-211-4.7 Great athlete, duel threat QB who had 3165 yds passing and over 1,000 yds rushing his Jr season before getting injured, had the strongest throwing arm at the combines, tranferred to SE Louisiana, from Oregon, after losing his job to #2 overall pick M. Mariota,compared to Johnny Manziel Not drafted: very inconsistent and erratic highest rating: #9 QB (6/7 rd)....average rating: #11 QB (7th rd/free agent) RB: Tyler Varga-Yale-5'11-222-4.5 Physical and explosive complete RB ( very good runner-receiver-blocker) 1,423/6.1/22 Td's as a Sr, excelled at the Sr. Bowl with 2 Td's and was a team captain not drafted: Competition level ( Ivy league) high: #18 (6/7 rd)...avg: #18 (6/7 rd) TE: Jean Sifrin-Massachusetts-6'6-250-4.6 All-Conference player who led team with 42-642-6 during only season as a player not drafted: competetion level-age (27) raw high: #13 TE (6/7 rd)....avg: # 13 (6/7 rd) TE: Justin Linz-Purdue-6'4-250 Had 41-340-4, as a JR not rated WR; Ezell Ruffin-S.D. State-6'0-218-4.6 big body WR, was 68-1136, as a JR, good blocker not rated WR; Qwan Bray-Auburn-5'10-195-4.4 2nd in nation as a punt returner ( 18.1 avg) not rated C;Brandon Vitabile-Northwestern-6'3-310-5.1 4 year starter and 2 time team captain high: #8 C ( 7th rd)...avg: #9 (7th/free agent) not drafted: does not have physical tools teams look for DE/OLB; Cody Galea-S.D. State-6'3-255 played DE in college, will be situational player, unless he can play OLB not rated DE/OLB; Terrell Hartfield-Cincinnati-6'3-246 led conference with 9 sacks as Sr not rated LB: Junior Sylvester-Toledo-6'0-233-4.5 very fast,undersized LB, 2 time All-conference, had 186 tackles and 5 sacks (final season) possible move to S not drafted: size and comp. level only rating: # 21 LB (7th rd) LB: Zack Hodges-Harvard-6'3-250-4.6 3 time All-conference,2 time Defensive MVP and 1 time All-american, 8.5 sks ( final season) played in the Sr. bowl, has the physical tools not drafted: Comp.level, needs to find a position, possible move to ILB high: #8 LB ( 3/4 rd)....avg: # 16 (6/7 rd) DB: Donald Celiscar-W. Michigan-5'11-194-4.6 Very physical,agressive and productive DB with very good ball skills, All-conference not drafted: size/speed and comp. level high: #28 CB ( free agent)....avg: #31 (free agent) CB: Joshua Mitchell-Nebraska-5'11-173 team captain, weight listed as low as 160 lbs not rated CB: Al-Hajj Shabazz-West Chester-6'2-200 very big sized CB, played Division 2, All-conference, possible move to S not rated S; Robert Smith-Clemson-5'11-215 not rated Most of these guys have something that stands out and something that held them back. I just read that as a group they were rated as the 5th best in the NFL, alot better than the drafted players were rated. We really didn't have many major needs, so it's going to be very hard for any of these guys to make the roster on a team that was a game away from the Super Bolw last year and hopefully, better and closer to that goal, this year, Bennett sounds like a guy that maybe could perform in this league with some quality coaching, he has the tools, Varga had a very productive career, but RB is a fairly deep unit. There is always room for any of the linemen and defensive backs, if they can produce, they have a legit shot of making the team
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    I wasn't overally convinced of how good this team was, after routing Jacksonville and Tennesee, yes, maybe a rout wasn't expected, but a win was, but after beating a very good Ravens team and now a very good ( at least they used to be) Bengals team and the dominating way it was done, I am convinced. Offense: totally clicking on all cylinders, Luck spreading the ball around, the running game looking very good and the much maligned O-line , really getting it done. Luck has been unstoppable (27-42-344-2 TDS) and 0 interceptions, 5th straight 300+ game, tieing a Colts record, he hit 8 different receivers, which has been a season long theme and very good for morale, when everyone is involved, everyone except Nicks, who is becoming a major non-factor. Hilton led the way (7-107) and has been just as unstoppable, Allen and Bradshaw added TDS. The running game, which has been on a downhill run, came back strong, with Richardson, Bradshaw and Herron totalling 166 yds and a TD (Bradshaw), led by Richardson (77). I think that was a combination of having Mewhart and Thortan back in the starting lineup and having complete control of the game and just better execution. The O-line has really been playing great, the pass blocking has really been on a roll and the run blocking has been good, for the most part and at times, very good. I believe that if this group stays healthy, they will continue to get better and better. It does look like Harrison is the "new" center of the future (hmmmmm). The #1 rated offense in the NFL, in total yards, passing yards, scoring and time of pocession, padded those totals with 506 total yards, 344 passing yards and a 40-20 edge in time of pocession. It's time to give Hamilton his due for his game calling, the players still have to execute and they have been, but he is putting them in the position to do that, on a regular basis Defense: total domination vs the #5 offense in the NFL....135 total yards ( not a typo!) and a good chunk of that, during their last drive when we were just laying back and letting them catch short passes.....1-14 on 3rd and 4th downs!!!!! 4 (more) sacks and zero points...shutout!!! There really aren't many great players on the defensive side of the ball, Davis and Jackson are playing at or near a pro bowl level, the rest are just playing together...team defense, there are alot of really good players, playing at a high level. Adams has been a big addition, with Landry and Howell out and Brown has not been overmatched, despite very little experience. All 4 of the Cb's have played well, all year. Jackson and Freemen (when healthy) are a great combo inside, I have been really impressed with the play of Walden and Werner ( the last 3 games) on the outside and it all starts up front, if those guys aren't playing great, the rest of the unit...... won't. It's about every guy, doing their job and doing it well. Guys stepping up.....Francois,Brown, Gordy and today Newsome, who has looked the part. Jackson led the way with 7 tackles........Werner,Redding, Francois and Kerr had the sacks. And Manusky deserves a lot of credit, as well, this defense is playing lights out and he has got them playing dominating defense Special teams: McAfee is a complete specialist...kickoffs-punting- on side kicks and lets not forget, the best tackling punter (ever), Adam has yet to miss and what the heck, we are on a roll, 5 straight wins, just leave Whalen in there. Next up, the Steelers ps- I am usually on top of career records,etc, I didn't realize how close Reggie is to becoming the #2 all time career reception leader, he only needs 63 more catches to replace Marvin at #2 , only behind Jerry Rice.....a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!
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    Stats: what are they worth? 1 team had 150 yds rushing-37 minutes time of pocession-1 turnover...the other team had 100 yds rushing-22 minutes-4 turnovers...who won? I just heard on the Eagles/Saints game that the team with the most turnovers is 16-195, in the playoffs....never say never...in the NFL,but this wasn't the seasoned, experienced Manning-Harrison-Wayne-Clark Colts, this was the Luck-Hilton-Whalen-Fleener non-seasoned and non experienced Colts. We all saw the same thing, a team that was being dominated, on both sides of the ball, giving up big play after big play, like they didn't know the ball was snapped and the franchise QB...3 interceptions...who won? I have not heard an interview with Pagano yet, where he didn't mention...resiliant, I know they are, but...that was a statement game for....resiliant, no way, no how does a team that played that bad and yes, it was really bad, with a team full of young, somewhat unproven players, wins a game like that, in the playoffs, cannot happen....who won? It cannot be overstated how big it is for a young team, to win a game like that, Manning's Colts did it time after time, because they knew they could, now Luck's Colts, know they can, that can be lethal. Luck did not look great, at times, but his legs are what seperates him from the pack, along with the rare god given talent and I do mean rare, in my lifetime, there are still only a small handfull of QB's who have had that and they did not have that extra talent, to keep a play alive, to avoid a sack, to run for a first down...... The difference in the game.....T.Y.Hilton....13-224 yds-2 Td's , including the go ahead 64 yd TD, all of the receivers stepped up and made plays, but he was un-stop-able!!! Credit again to the very much maligned O-line for gettin er done and credit to Pep Hamilton, who has been blasted by alot of people for using the hurry up-that is when the transformation began Not a great game for the defense, until the offense got it close, then they stated playing (?) except for the Defensive player of the year who made a play...when we needed a play...sound familiar? I mentioned last week that the only unit that wasn't playing consistent, was the coverage units....A+ to that group, for shutting down a record setting return group Great job, by the players for that resiliancy, that was .....!!!!!! Next up...most likely a re match with the Broncos...that would be ...can't miss!!!
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    This was a team that for the past 6 weeks, could not play football...could not throw the ball, run the ball, stop the run or stop the pass and was not all that solid on special teams, could not make third downs, score touchdowns, get takeaways, pressure the QB, really could not do much of anything, I felt their play over that span would rank them as probably the worst team in the NFL (or very close)......fast forward: the past 2 weeks, they have looked very solid, not spectacular.... but flashy isn't always the recipe for success. The running game has been better, Richardson has played better, Brown is still the difference maker...Rogers and Brazill have stepped up and Whalen has been huge, making key plays, moving the chain catches and a big lift on returns, I think Fleener needs to get more reps and Heyward-Bey has not dropped a ball (or been thrown to). I am always trashing the O-line, for good reason, have played better and that's with the makeshift lines that have been thrown out there The defense has been ( almost) dominant.... pressure, takeaways, swarming.....Mathis makes the big plays at crunch time. Werner has had back to back sack games, Butler has been playing great and Freemen has been a force....today had 2 interceptions, a sack, a forced fumble and team leading 5 tackles. After holding the ineffective Texans down, limited the Chiefs , who were on a roll, to under 300 yds and 1/8 on third downs. Was expecting Landry to be a difference maker and he has had some good games, but overall has not been that guy Whalen has been very effective on returns, Adam came back and went 3-3 , after missing his first try, the coverage units have not played very well I did not think there was any way this team could come back from a 6 game stretch of near total incompetence, to play this good as a team????? Never say never in the NFL, it will happen, every week, always does.....when a team plays solid, complete football..... runs effectivly, spreads the ball around, pressures the QB and creates turnovers and plays mistake free football, they will win, more times than not, this is not the best team in the NFL or AFC, but there is alot of talent, grit and desire, if they continue that type of production, along with a QB who has the sky is the limit natural ability and does all of the little things to give his team a chance to win.....anything can happen
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    I have been trying for over a year now to leave this alone and move on, but...................with all the hype and hoopla with Manning coming to town, it's all coming back out and everyone is giving their opinions. I have made more posts than I care to count on this subject and have looked ( VERY ) deep into all the angles,etc I have been a Colts fan since 1968, so I know the history and have lived it, I was pretty young when the Unitas' Colts dominated and there have been a few (brief) runs at success over the years, but for most of my adult life the Colts were an afterthought. That all changed with the addition of 2 men....Bill Polian and Peyton Manning. They didn't do it all by themselves, but they were the 2 most responsible for the record setting era. Manning will go down as one of the best players in NFL history, a legend, a player who took that team (afterthought) and led them to 2 super bowls, a world championship and an endless list of records, to a team that was considered the model-for excellance........ which led to a state of the art stadium, which led to a rebuilt and refurbished downtown,which led to a super bowl hosting, which equals billions of dollars. He was the Colts, he was the NFL, there has never been a player who meant more to a city and it's fans than #18, in fact, it's not even close...then came the injury and the decision......I have heard it all.....it's a business...had to be done......that is side stepping the issue and a complete copout, there is no legitimate reason why #18 (all of the above) was cut. Even factoring the injury and salary cap and what many mistakingly felt was a team on the decline, it was unexceptable. The team was not in decline, despite the dismal showing in 2012, in fact, that years roster had more talent, than the roster of the team that won the Super bowl, the problem was...they were on the sidelines....watching. I realize there was no quarantee, he would be able to play again or play at the same level, there is no quarantee Luck will be injury free....or play 14 years, without missing a game......there were plenty of teams who had no ties with him, who were more than willing to take a chance, all except 1 team. The salary cap?? whatever!! When you have been around the NFL for-ever, you can make it work, if you want to. It's a business when Freeney moves on, or Faulk, or........but when a player does what he did and transforms a team, a city, a state, that goes waaaaay beyond, it's a business. I get the how can we pass up Luck scenario, its' quite simple, you already got a great QB, the fact that he is now playing at his highest level ever, is hindsight, as is the fact that the Colts have "arrived" years, before they were expected to. Trading the rights to Luck would have given the Colts an array of draft picks, never before seen in the history of the league and would have filled any holes in the roster and set the team up for yeeeaaarrrssss!!!! In the past 20 years, there have been 5 Qb's who have won multiple championships, only Brady would qualify as (one of ) the best QB's in the league and he benefitted from having the best coach of his era, so having the "best" QB is way overated. You can't begin to put into words what Manning meant to Indianapolis or even begin to inagine the financial gains that came from his efforts....to be released, to be cut and basically told, you are no longer wanted.......UNEXCEPTABLE!!!!!! The clincher, for me, is that in this past year (+) my educated estimate is that about 80-90% of football fans, including Colts fans have the attitude of................ I don't understand, what's the problem????
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    OK So for those of you , like me, who live vicariously through other fans who go to games .. I am giving this report of my day at the Colts versus Niners! When we arrived at the stadium I was so glad to see the weather was perfect! Being in the Bay Area you never know. You can drive 10 miles one way and go up or down 10-15 degrees! The stadium parking lot was full by 10 am of people tail gaiting , I have to say I was shocked to see that being the game was hours away. After we parked ( and remember I went with decked out niner fans) there were a few people who saw me and my husband get out of the car say " OH heck NO".. but they soon came over and said hi. Again I was surprised. The theme from most fans I kept hearing after they taunted in fun was " I really like Andrew Luck! I have never hated the Colts.." Believe it or Not Raider fans said similiar. It was quite a hike to get to the stadium then our seats but we had some pretty good seats. Jerry Rice was out running the field showing off all his talent lol Another surprise for me, that stadium is LOUD! All you blue people in Indy, you need to step it up! I can't even imagine how loud the Seahawks is if they are the loudest in the league... Candlestick is LOUDDDD! Most fans around us were nice and * chatted it up with my " Chatty Kathy" hubby... toward the end when the Colts were whooping on em you could hear fights in the stands behind us but didn't seem like it got physical.. while leaving most people were humble but again you had a few drunks trying to taunt Colts fans and all of us quickly got on board to stop it ( only to find out the Colt fan being harassed is LAPD LOL) .... The guys were cool running back to the locker room stopping to say hi to the blue sea of fans waiting for a glimpse.. they got us pumped up and chanting " GO COLTS GO COLTS"" Overton ran up to the stands and shook hands and thanked everyone! The best part of this day is knowing that I have a lot of co workers who have to face me tomorrow and eat CROW!! I have been harassed about this game so much all while I sat n smiled maintaining my " Any given Sunday" attitude. The funniest part is my friend who drove told me early in the morning she said " I bought this hilarious card for you , I was cracking up! BUT you can't have it til after the game , until after yall lose"... SO guess who has a card for a souvenir.. she never gave it to me! LOL I kept telling her " Don't talk smack til after the game!" lol After the game we went to the visitors exit gate and met several players. Trent, Vini, Heyward, Luck ( from a distance) Mathis and many others were hanging out .. Matt Overton came out and when he realized I was someone from FB who helped his charity out in Cali he gave me a huge hug and thanked me for my help!! THAT made my day ! We got to talk to a few of the players and met Oliver Luck and Constanzo's family. They were so nice! I think I floated back to the car and the smile on my face has not left since the final score was posted
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    Humbling Experience Yesterday morning I awoke, knowing that I would be headed to the Annual Special Olympic Track Meet to cheer on several wonderful young men and women that I have come to know over the past 10 ~ 12 years. When I awoke, it was cold, misting of rain, and very dreary outside. I felt myself wishing that they would just “call it off”. I didn’t want to leave my nice warm cozy home to go out in the less than desirable weather…. I mean seriously, Who would..??? I arrived at the track and was met by so many smiling faces, HUGS, high-fives, and excitement from all the “special” young men and women I’ve seen every Monday evening for the past two months at practice. Quite a few of them got their events in, and were proudly displaying their Blue (first place) Red (second Place) Yellow (third place) or green (participant) Ribbons that they received for such events. To some the Blue and Red meant everything, while others were just as happy to have the green (participant) ribbons. Soon the downpour of rain came, we were all shuttled down under the bleachers, out of the rain, and safe from the thunder/lightning. For the next hour and fifteen minutes I was surrounded by many happy faces, great conversation, hugs and high-fives :highfive: with the athletes, and spending time with special people who have become my friends, one in particular named Eric, who competes in his wheelchair and absolutely melts my heart every time he smiles and struggles to get his words out. It turned out to be one of the best hour and a half I’ve spent recently. They made their own fun with what we had to work with. Soon it was announced that the weather was relentless, and showing no signs of letting up so the Meet was officially called “OVER” and the athletes were free to leave and go home…. Suddenly I was being asked numerous questions… “Does this mean I don’t get to do my Race” or “I didn’t get to do my race, can I still come to the Pizza Party in two weeks..??” or “Since I didn’t get to race, How can I qualify for the State Meet..??” and so on… Today, reflecting on the events that transpired, and remembering my wish yesterday that they “just call it off” and the question I asked myself about Who would want to leave their warm cozy home to “weather the storms” I realized I knew the answer all along…. It was a couple hundred Very Special People who look forward this weekend all year long…….. So yes, next year, the 4th Saturday in April I will be there once again to cheer on my favorite athletes, no matter the weather…..
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    Hey everyone, I am back with my Pre-Combine and Draft Bowls (Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine Game, etc.) Mock/FA!! I am going to start off with Free Agency. We have many needs this year, but none is bigger than our O-Line. We need to keep Luck upright next season because I don't know if he can take as many hits as last season. OG's Andy Levitre and Louis Vasquez: Levitre and Vasquez are, in my opinion, the two best Offensive Guards hitting Free Agency this offseason. They are both still young players (Vasquez is 25 and Levitre is 26) and could, along with Shipley, give us one of the best young interior lines in the NFL. Our next biggest need is our secondary, particularly the SS position. We need a difference make, as Zbi is just not cutting it. SS Dashon Gholdson: Gholdson is one of the hardest hitting SS's in the league. He would remind us of Bob. He is relatively young, 28, and would fit in great with our team. With Dwight most likely on his way out this season. We need an edge rusher to replace him, but one that can actually stop the run. OLB Anthony Spencer: Spencer is arguably the best run stopping OLB, in a 3-4 scheme, in the league. He is awesome in that right. He is a vastly underrated pass rusher though. I would love to see him in a Colts uniform this offseason. Now on to the draft. I believe that we should trade down to the second and pick up a 2014 first from a lower tier team, while giving back a 2014 5th. 2. OT D.J. Fluker: Fluker is a massive player. He has been going up against the best competition you can get in college for years now. I believe that he will be the final piece of the puzzle for our O-Line. 3. CB Desmond Trufant: As evidenced by our last game, we need a corner opposite Davis. Trufant can be that guy. He has great instincts and has the bloodlines. He is good in run support, which is what we like in our corners. 4. DE William Gholston: Gholston is an amazing athlete at the DE position. He can play DE in the 3-4 or 4-3. He will slide some in the draft due to character and production concerns, but would be a steal at this point in the draft. 5. (Compensatory) WR Marcus Davis: Davis is a big receiver at 6-3 and is very fast. He needs to work on his hands and route running but when he gets those down, he will be a force to reckon with. Reggie's strengths are Davis's weaknesses, so playing with Reggie woll help Davis a ton. 6. RB Spencer Ware: Ware is a bruiser and, in my opinion, just what we need to pair up with Ballard and Brown. He has only fumbled once ever in his college career and could easily replace Carter as our short yardage back. He is an ultra competitor and just the player I want on this team. 6. (Compensatory) C Braxton Cave: He could come in and compete against Shipley and Satele for the starting job. Very smart player and that's what I want in a Center. 7. K Dustin Hopkins: Vinatieri is getting older and we will need a replacement, so why not get the best kicker in college football. Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment below. It's the Future and you never know what's in it.
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    <p>So many great photos in the <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/category/2-we-are-coltstrong/">We are Coltstrong!</a> gallery that we picked six winners! Congrats to all, we'll be sending you some cool Colts stuff! Thanks for showing us what ColtsStrong looks like!</p><p> </p><p><strong>Winners please reply to the personal message I'll send you</strong> with your name and address so I can send you your stuff. </p><p> </p><p><strong>We have more Colts stuff in the "closet"</strong> so, if you have a great shot post it to the <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/page/Contests/coltstrongphoto.html">We Are ColtsStrong Gallery!</a></p><p> </p><p><strong>Reminder:</strong> <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/page/Contests/2012HomeTickets/home_game_tickets.html">The drawing for Two Tickets to the Titans Game is now open</a>!</p><p> </p><p>Check out the winning photos below! </p><p><a href='http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1227-decisions-decisionswhat-to-wear/'><img'>http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1227-decisions-decisionswhat-to-wear/'><img src='http://forums.colts.com/uploads/gallery/category_2/gallery_10524_2_582093.jpg' alt='Decisions, decisions....what to wear?!?' width="300" hspace="5" border="0" align="middle" /></a><a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/user/10524-ibleedcoltsblue/">IbleedCOLTSblue </a><br /><a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1227-decisions-decisionswhat-to-wear/">Decisions, decisions....what to wear?!?</a></p><p> <a href='http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1260-my-colts-shoes/'><img'>http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1260-my-colts-shoes/'><img src='http://forums.colts.com/uploads/gallery/category_2/gallery_5230_2_18688.jpg' alt='MY COLTS SHOES' width="300" hspace="5" border="0" align="middle" /></a> <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/user/5230-flashycolt/">FLASHYCOLT</a><br /> <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1260-my-colts-shoes/">MY COLTS SHOES</a></p><p><a href='http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1281-coltstrong/'><img'>http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1281-coltstrong/'><img src='http://forums.colts.com/uploads/gallery/category_2/gallery_10782_2_39392.jpg' alt='#COLTSTRONG' width="300" border="0" align="middle" /></a><a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/user/10782-lisablue70/">Lisablue70</a><br /> <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1281-coltstrong/">I am, INDYsane<3</a></p><p><a href='http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1314-chuckstrong/'><img'>http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1314-chuckstrong/'><img src='http://forums.colts.com/uploads/gallery/category_2/gallery_9100_2_21996.jpg' alt='chuckstrong' width="300" hspace="5" border="0" align="middle" /></a><a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/user/9100-yellscreamgocolts/">yellscreamgocolts</a><br /><a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1314-chuckstrong/">In support of Chuck, I shaved my head as well!</a></p><p><a href='http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1299-coltsgrill/'><img'>http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1299-coltsgrill/'><img src='http://forums.colts.com/uploads/gallery/category_2/gallery_10858_2_77016.jpg' alt='coltsgrill' width="300" hspace="5" border="0" align="middle" /></a><a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/user/10858-chris-mork/">Chris Mork</a><br /> <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1299-coltsgrill/">Colts Grill</a></p><p><a href='http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1336-out-of-state-love/'><img'>http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1336-out-of-state-love/'><img src='http://forums.colts.com/uploads/gallery/category_2/gallery_10405_2_7526.jpg' alt='Out of State Love' width="300" hspace="5" border="0" align="middle" /></a><a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/user/10405-cj-pettus/">Cj Pettus</a><br /><a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1336-out-of-state-love/">Out of State Love</a></p><p> </p><p> </p>
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    We're giving away two tickets to every home game this season! You must be a member to enter, click here to join. Now Open! Week 14 Titans @Colts Sun, 12/9 at 1:00 PM EDT Click Here to Enter! sb41champs Won the tix to the Bills game. Congrats! Remember, upload a photo to the Coltstrong Gallery for a chance to win some Colts stuff from our prize closet
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    One would think after watching the Colts battle to beat the Packers I would want to talk about that. But is isn't the reason I wanted to blog today. I am sitting here watching and listening to all my sports talk like I do everday during football season, and I am appalled by a story I am hearing. The story of the home fans cheering Matt Cassel being knocked out. I wish I had a platform to let athletes know that I am NOT one of those fans. When I watch football it is because I truly love the sport. I love the strategy behind the plays, the athletic ability of some of these men to make a play when you thought the human body couldn't possibly bend that way! Never in all my life have I watched this sport hoping someone would be hit big. From what these announcers are saying that is why fans watch. Please Mike n Mike never ever put me in that category. I do not like the Patriots one bit. I have a party every year tittled " Hatriot Party" where my friends and I from all different fan bases get together to just simply hate on the Patriots. Not once have I wished Brady would be knocked out. Sure if he couldnt play anymore I wouldn't be sad, but I don't wish a life , career ending injury on any player. If you are one of those fans you need to check yourself. These men on the field do choose to get themselves into a really high contact sport. One that can lesson your life span and cause life long diabilities I get that. BUT they are humans. They are husbands, sons, uncles, nephews, fathers.... Men that do something for us to enjoy while risking injury to do it. Sure sure they get paid well I understand that but where is the line? This makes me think of the time I went to see the Colts play the Raiders. 12/26/2010.. there was one Raider fan in front of us ( we were 2 rows on te 50 visitor side) and Austin Collie was sitting on the bench in hearing distance ( IN fact he heard me yelling his name smiled and waived ahhhh ) but this guy yelled " Hey Austin I hope you get hit so hard that your paralyzed or die"... I couldn't believe it. Me being me couldnt keep my mouth quiet and I said a few choice things to him. To my suprise the Raider fans around me rallied on my behalf and started yelling at the guy saying " not cool man not cool"... This man ( I use the term lightly) did turn red and was quiet the rest of the game... I just hope that athletes know those are the minority of fans and not the majority, or at least I hope it is. Please know I am not that person. I just truly love the sport. But I have been athletic all my life so maybe that helps me to see things differently. If you are this kind of fan... rethink your thoughts....
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    Congratulations to our first We are Coltstrong photo winner. Mona Miller! From her kicks to her hat.......from her dog to her cat Mona is so Coltstrong, when she posts here we all get COLTSTRONGER! Check out the new Mona Coltstrong Gallery so you can see her entries. We're sending Mona a Coltstrong braclet, a superbowl xli lanyard and a Colts Key Chain. If you have photos or artword that show us what Coltstrong looks like, be sure to post them to the We Are Coltstrong gallery. We'll be giving colts stuff away all season! Reminders Drawing for tickets to the Packer game is still OPEN Winners! (remember winners, you must send us your mailing information if you want to receive your prize) Kick Off Poster Winners Caption This Winners Home Game Ticket Winners
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    If you have not heard it before, carpe diem is the latin phrase meaning to live for the day. In other words, take each day as it comes and live it to the fullest. So I am simply borrowing it and applying it to the Colts football season – to live for the day Sunday. Hence, Carpe (SUN)Diem. I fully buy into the concept that the most important game of the season is the next one. And this will especially hold true for the Colts this season. And it starts this Sunday with the game at Chicago. A win will announce that teams will have to take us seriously this year as a playoff contender. A close loss means lookout, we are coming, though we may not be there at the end of the season. A bad loss will bring me back down to earth. These are not your Manning’s Colts, where we are almost guaranteed a spot in the playoffs before the first snap of the season. I doubt any Colts fan has already started making plans for the post-season at this point. In fact, the old practice of play the games and add up the wins at the end of the season doesn’t really ring true anymore either. So what is going to matter more to me this year is to get on my Colts gear and get ready for some football. I am hoping at the least that the Colts will still be in the hunt, realistically or not, for the playoffs in December. But, to get to that point, I am willing to cheer for my team, through their ups and downs, each week of the season, looking for that final score with us ahead of the other team when the gun sounds. And with the most important game of the season coming up (see above), I sure hope that is the way things go down on Sunday. And for everyone who is with me say “ Carpe SUNDiem”.
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    Went to yesterdays mini camp at LOS yesterday and had a good time. This is the first mini camp/training camp I have been to. As a season ticket holder,, obviously anxious to get a look at the new and old players. It was nice to be able to walk around the stadium freeely without the crowd of people you have on game day. Took some random picks and posted them in the Gallery here under Colts mini camp. Thought Luck looked good after warming up as all the reports say. During initial warmups all 5 QBs throwing good, but then when you are not under presssure and don't have 300+ lb defensive guys trying to take you out, it is a lot easier to step back and toss the football. Seemed to me that a few players getting a lot of reps on the field, though probably just an impression with all the action going on. Cosby was very active and seems to have good hands and speed. Brazill and Fayson also very prominent and showing abilities. Saw TY Hilton on field but he didn't seem to be participating, injury or something??? Vinatieri looks good and doesn't seem to have aged any, 51 yarder right through the middle. If he were to get hurt, McAfee seems quite capable of filling in, couple 41 yarders with plenty more distance there right through the middle. Long snaps being split between Snow and Overton. Castonza and Ijalana both on sideline together working out drills and stamina runs. Fleener and Allen both looking good, assume we will have a 3rd TE but can't tell who at this point. Irsay was walking around edge of the field near end of practice talking to fans ans signing autographs. 90 players out there old and new, almost half them will be gone by September. Looking forward to training camp end of July and plan to take a trip or two up there.
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    It's that time of year again when I am suffering from football withdrawals and amuse myself by creating National Day blogs. Today is National Mother Goose Day. As a child, I only owned one book. It was a Mother Goose nursery rhyme book. The pages of that book became ragged as I read and reread those rhymes. That inquisitive child often questioned some of those rhymes which drove my mother nutz Let's take Humpty Dumpty. I would ask: Why was he sitting on a wall? And, if he took a great fall; doesn't that mean it was a very high wall?. How could the king's horsemen put Humpty together? Horses don't have thumbs and fingers. They have hooves. And, how dumb were the king's men to think that the horses could help? However, I now know that history tells us that Humpty was really a cannon used during the English Civil War. And, I don't even want to think about poor Jack and Jill.
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    In light of the legendary LB Junior Seau's suicide, the debate over numerous concussions & the side effects as a result of it later in life seems to have regained some fresh momentum again. Repeated trauma on the brain has led to a neurological diagnosis of CTE among the medical community. What exactly is this condition? CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in athletes (and others) with a history of repetitive brain trauma, including symptomatic concussions as well as asymptomatic subconcussive hits to the head. CTE has been known to affect boxers since the 1920s. However, recent reports have been published of neuropathologically confirmed CTE in retired professional football players and other athletes who have a history of repetitive brain trauma. This trauma triggers progressive degeneration of the brain tissue, including the build-up of an abnormal protein called tau. These changes in the brain can begin months, years, or even decades after the last brain trauma or end of active athletic involvement. The brain degeneration is associated with memory loss, confusion, sensitivity to bright lights, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, .depression, and, eventually, progressive dementia. Clinically, CTE is associated with memory disturbances, behavioral and personality changes, Parkinsonism, and speech and gait abnormalities. X-rays of deceased boxer & football players brains typically show " a mild yellow-brown discoloration in the leptomeninges over the temporal poles." See image found below: CTE seems to be characterized by short term memory loss, depression, & a lack of impulse control caused by incessant blows to the head over a prolonged period of time. No known cure exists for this debilitating condition at this time. Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall for the Chicago Bears recently published a article in the Chicago Sun Times on May 5, 2012 about the death of Junior Seau & how men are conditioned since birth to not display any emotions of fear, concern, or pain. According to Marshall, "Li’l Johnny is outside playing and falls. His dad tells him to get up and be strong, to stop crying because men don’t cry...We are teaching our boys not to show weakness or share any feelings or emotions, other than to be strong and tough." What do we do when Li’l Susie falls? We say: ‘‘It’s OK. I’m here. Let me pick you up.’’ That’s very validating, and it’s teaching our girls that expressing emotions is OK. We wonder why it’s so hard to bridge the communication gap between men and women." Can you imagine how this presents itself even more so in football players? "In sports, those who show they are hurt or have mental weakness or pain are told: ‘‘You’re not tough. You’re not a man. That’s not how the players before you did it...So your perception of a man or player gets distorted.’’ Brandon Marshall's over simplification of "male toughness" notwithstanding; His argument does carry some merit. You can't expect gridiron gladiators to simply flip the civilian switch when their professional playing days are over & done. They were paid handsomely for their aggression & now they are expected to integrate into peaceful society without therapy & mental help? A tall order indeed that often leads to self inflicted tragedy or bankruptcy for many household name athletes. Drug addiction to Human Growth Hormones & pain killers often surfaces with tragic results too for several NFL greats too. New helmet advancements & CBA rule enhancements about safety are not enough. Cut through the red tape Commissioner Goodell & allow all former NFL players the physical & psychological help they desperately need without having to hire a lawyer to get the mandatory medical attention these players legitimately earned through years of blood, sweat, & hard work.
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    1. Andrew Luck-QB-Stanford-6'4-235-4.6 Haven't really seen anywhere that had anything other than #1 overall, is the highest rated QB since Peyton (1998) or elway (1983) depending on the source. He has all of the qualities than made Peyton a great QB and is a better athlete-should end his career as one of the best in NFL history............the best? Very likely 2. Coby Fleener-TE-Stanford-6'6-250-4.5 Considered by most sources as a 1st or high 2nd round pick, some had him rated as the best TE, others had Allen, Excells as a "pass catching" TE. Has been compared to Greg Olsen/Jermichael Finley. Should be one of the better TE's in the AFC in a few years, hopefully..........the best 3. Dwayne Allen-TE- Clemson-6-4-255-4.7 Considered more of a complete TE than Fleener and a better option as a blocker, this duo will be as huge part of the Colts offense going forward. Won the Mackey award as the nations top TE 4. T. Y. Hilton-WR/RS-Florida International-5'10-185-4.3 highest rating: #14 WR ( Kiper). Sun Belt P.O.Y (player of the year) had the 2nd fastest 40 time for WR and the 3rd fastest in the draft (4.37) explosive and dynamic playmaker who excelled as a returner, prob be used as a slot receiver 5. Josh Chapman-NT-Alabama-6'1-316-5.0 highest rating:#8 DT (Pro football draft guide) considered one of the best pure NT's in the draft, excells vs the run, super strong,huge bodied player who takes on and ties up double teams. Played much of his SR. year with a ACL injury, if healthy could have gone in the late 1st or early 2nd round. 6. Josh Ballard-RB-Mississippi-5'11-220-4.5 highest rating:#8 RB (pro football draft guide) excells in short yardage , goal line situations, very determined, hard to bring down RB with good size 7. Lavon Brazill-WR-Ohio-5'11-192-4.4 highest rating: #34 WR (USA sports weekly draft guide) much like Hilton, excells as a returner and speed WR 8. Justin Anderson-T-Georgia-6'5-339-5.2 highest rating: #21 T ( Kiper) huge body who should be used at RT 9. Tim Fugger-DE-Vanderbilt-6'4-260-4.7 highest rating: #41 DE (kiper) perfect fit for a 3-4 defense, excells as a pass rushing OLB/DE, with very good size 10. Chandler Harnish-QB-N. Illinois-6'2-220-4.7 highest rating:#10 QB (pro football draft guide) all-Indiana as a H.S. player,MAC conference P.O.Y., #1 rushing QB in the nation (1379), been compared to Tebow as a running/throwing QB threat. undrafted free agents: Chris Gallipo-LB-USC-6'2-250-4.7 highest rating: #8 ILB ( Lindy draft guide) big, powerfull, instinctive ILB Antonio Fenelus-CB-Wisconsin-5'8-190-4.5 highest rating: #27 CB ( pro football draft guide) small in stature CB, who plays bigger than his size Matt Merletti-S-N. Carolina-5'11-202-4.5 highest rating: #23 S ( pro football weekly draft guide) Micah Pellerin-CB-Hampton-6'0-195-4.5 highest rating: #17 CB ( pro football weekly draft guide) very small college (1-AA) has the skill set, needs to show he can perform vs top competition, performed well at the east/west game 4 of the players drafted were possible 1st round picks, the common theme seemed to be huge bodies and there were quite a few ( signings) from very small schools. 8 out of the 10 draft picks were on offense, overall there was alot of talent added via picks and signings. As of now its nothing more than speculation, 2-3 years from now is when the REAL ratings will matter!!
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    In the next week or so, we expect to upgrade our site. You'll still have all the functionality you like, there will be improvements. The content editor will be better and faster Mobile browsing will be better and faster You will be able to mention somebody in a post (for example type @nadine) and that person will receive notification. You'll be able to quote just a portion of a post, rather than the whole post (you'll still be able to quote the whole post as usual as well). The menu structure will be a little different. It will include a new way to find content called activity streams. You'll have the option to create your own so, you can discussions the way you like. We'll all be learning this together and I think it will be just a matter of learning the new functionality, which we can do over time. The one thing I wanted to flag for you is this. We will not longer have separate login and display names. If you have changed your display name over time, this will affect you. When we change, log in with your current display name. If you've forgotten it, you can request it be emailed to you. So be sure your email address is current (you have access to it) I cannot tell you how many times people have lost access to their account because they cannot remember what email address they used. That's it. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    I did 2 blogs about Grigson in the offseason and wanted to do an updated version with all the talk about is he or isn't he..............and as much as I have really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, it's getting harder and harder...... A look at the free agent signings during his era ( some were aquired via trade) I have broke it down into 3 categories....Good-Ok-Not good 2012: Good: Redding Butler Freeman Overton V. Davis Ok: S.Brown Not good: Zbikowski Avery McKinney Satele Stanton Justice Gordy McGlynn 2013: Good: Hasselback Walden Toler Bradshaw Ok: Cherilus Herron Doyle NcNary Whalen Not good: Richardson Heyward-Bey D. Thomas Jean-Francois Franklin Sheppard Landry Sidbury C. Johnson Havili Costa 2014: Good: D. Jackson M.Adams Ok: A. Jones Not good: Nicks Louis C. Anderson 2015: Good: Gore Langford Lowery Ok-A. Johnson Irving not good: Cole Herremans A few things have stood out to me......We have only signed 1 impact player, there are some really good players, but the only true difference maker was Davis. Each year it has gotten a little harder, but the first year and second year there a surplus of money to spend and Grigson did not take advantage of that. The number of signings have gone way down, partly because each year,the amount of money available has gone down, the quality of the players has gone up, the quanity...down To be fair, not every player that was signed was expected to be a difference maker, some were signed to add depth. Some of the players, it's too early to really tell what impact they are going to have, so I tried to give an honest opinion on them. Sometimes injuries have held players back, that is not anybodies fault, it's just part of the game. The first 2 years are the key , when money was available and many players were signed, most of which had very little impact. We have to give credit where it is due and there have been some very good players added as well. I do feel Grigson has done an average job, to this point, maybe a little better, but the bottom line is..................for this team to get where they want to go, he needs to be better...before this year started I was sort of in the middle.....is he good enough, or not......after the first 4 games, I am leaning (heavily) in the direction of,he is not. and as I have said many times, it's only going to get harder, going forward, every move, every decision is going to be magnified and the margin for error-very small. When we first got him, I didn't know much about him, from what I read and heard, I thought he really had the makeup to be very good and had high expectations, I also believe he was given a chance to succeed in an ideal situation, with a franchise QB there to be had and a surplus of money to spend, in hindsight, the lack of production in those first few years has really kept this team from becoming the monster they wanted it to be. Great G.M.'s are few and far between and good or bad or somewhere in between, he could be worse, there are plenty of teams out there who have G.M.'s that really have no shot of taking a team to a championship. This team has been successfull with Grigson and will continue to have success, just really not very confident they will fulfill their potential, with him calling the shots.
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    Offense: QB: Not much to worry about here, other than, can Luck keep avoiding that critical season ending hit and how much better will he be in year #4 RB: The best situation since the glory days of the Edge, Gore will surprise alot of people on just how good he is going to be this year, the only questions are who are the backups going to be and in what order * Many people forget how good Ballard was his rookie year, avg. 70 yds/gm, for the last 11 games of the season when he was getting most of the reps-which would be a 1,000 (+) season for a full 16 games TE: Both Fleener and Allen healthy for a full year is the hope, even though Swoope has shown potential, don't see him getting many reps, this year WR: LOADED!! More on that later OL: Some things never change- for the past 10 (+) years, it's been the most glaring weakness on the team and continues to be, have no clue why a former starter who is going to be paid a boatload of money would be cut when this issue has been going on for YEARS!!! The Tackle spots appear to be solid, the interior? I guess the hope is somebody can play Center and out of the long list of potential Guards, at least 2 of them can get the job done, but that has been the mindset for many years and has yet to materialize, I do think the line will be better than it has been in recent years, but not sure if it's going to be good enough summary: It has been said that you can't have too many good players, not sure I am on board with that (100%) I expected Moncreif to have a breakout season and really thought Carter was going to bring alot to the team...now we have Johnson and Dorsett added to the mix, to go along with the #1 WR in Hilton and 2 very good tight ends, that's 7 quality weapons, with 5 linemen, a QB and a RB, that leaves 4 spots, so about half of those weapons will be sitting on the bench, most of the time, don't see how that is overly productive, the key is, and always will be balance.....if you are overloaded at 1 position and weak, at another, that balance is not there, doesn't mean it's a bad thing necessarily, but it means, the team is not going to be as strong as it could be, with balance. There is a fine line between good and great and a playoff team and a championship team and those little things can be the difference between just making it there and winning Defense: DL: much like the O-line, this group has been a weakness, to a lesser degree, for years. Jones has got to be healthy, for at least, most of the year and somebody has got to step up and be a force in the middle, if this defense wants to get where they want to go, that has to happen, if it doesn't it's going to be more of the same-again. The 2 rookies and a few years of experience for the younger players who have yet to step up, does provide some hope. LB: LOADED! There are 4 very good players all competing for reps at OLB (Mathis-Cole-Newsome-Walden) and the hopes that Werner, will at some point, live up to his first round ability and 3 very good players competing for reps at ILB ( Jackson-Freeman-Irving), we can only hope that Mathis returns to form, maybe not quite the player he was, but at least, close to that. DB: The CB position is in good shape, with Davis and and Toler, if Toler can stay healthy and be more consistent, they would be a very good duo. The question is who will be the other starter beside Adams.....Geathers or Lowery and are either of them good enough to be a solid player, not much depth in this group either, so an injury could be very impactfull ST: Doesn't get much better than 3 pro bowlers, there has been a lot of options added to mix to compete for the returner, so hopefully letting Cribbs go won't come back to haunt them, he was the first legit returner this team has had in a long time. Summary: This is still the same team that it has been for the past 2 decades, very good offense and try to be good enough defense. this is a much better team than it was a year ago and the 2 teams that always seem to be there (*s and Broncos) are not as good as they once were, this team is most likely, barring too many major injuries, the class of the AFC, but the class of the NFL, as of now , resides in the NFC, so getting to the AFC championship ( and winning) is certainly doable, but winning the Super Bowl, isn't going to be as easy, alot of things will have to fall into place, mainly the O-line has got to be at least solid and alot of players on defense, have got to step up and as always, avoid too many critical injuries................it can happen............ Any time you have an elite QB, you will win alot of games and you will be in the postseason, how far you go and if you can win it all, depends on many factors and it's those little things that seperate the teams that get there and the teams, that hold up that trophy.
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    Now if we can find a decent QB- obviously I am kidding, but it is ironic that we have waited a looooooooooooooooooong time for a game like that from the RB's and that same game, Luck looks like he won't be playing in this league very long? It's hard to gauge anything, after 2 games, win or lose, but it is enough to see patterns developing, good and/or bad. Offense: The running game looked great, to the tune of 149 yards (169 total) and even better, both backs looked great, Richardson has looked a lot better than he did last year-now that that is settled, lets work on .....not fumbling ( I never heard of this being an issue and I really think he is trying too hard) ....There wasn't much doubt that Bradshaw would be productive, as long as he avoids the injury issues. Nice to see Hilton get involved this week, still waiting for that talented TE combo, to be featured, especially Allen. Last night it was the "other " TE's turn , as Doyle had a great game.With a running game like that, when the offense is clicking on all cylinders, it can be elite. I am always giving the O-line a hard time, so when they do good, it has to be noted, they weren't great, but I do think it will improve as the year goes on, still have some work to do on pass blocking. I guess it's kinda nitpicking, but Luck has not looked real sharp-consistently, Certainly is no reason to be concerned, but it will be great when they start clicking Defense: Davis had another good game and Toler still hasn't adapted to the stricter rules on contact after 5 yards, Butler has to be one of the better #3 CB's in the league, he is always making plays. Haven't heard the extent of Jones' injury, but if it's long term, that will be a huge blow. McNary struggled , filling in for Freemen, to some degree, that is expected, Jackson had a really good game, but Werner hasn't even approached being a factor and Walden has done ok, but he needs to take the next step, Landry has also looked better than last year, but has not been the difference maker he needs to be, Adams has played just as good, if not better. The lack of pressure, is a major concern, it was adequate game #1 and almost non existent last night Special teams: the coverage units played great, Adam was his usual "money" and McAfee has finally started to look like the pro bowl caliber punter he was expected to be, a few years ago. The return game was excellent, there was some really big holes and nothing against Whalen, I really like him and love to see those type of players get a shot, but he does not have the explosion needed, as a returner, there could have been some game changing plays made with an explosive player back there. Summary: everyone sees 0-2 and wants to rant, I try to look at the big picture, the running game and O-line gave reason to be optimistic, we all know Luck and the passing game will get it going, they do need some tightening up, making a few more big plays and a few less turnovers, but it is going to happen, the defense hasn't been great, but good enough and hopefully, will continue to improve and the special teams and kicking game has been very good, we have played 2 very good teams and played good ,but not consistent enough to win....**it happens, next up a division game vs the Jags, now if that game results in loss,which is not expected, then.......be concerned
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    In the Luck era, there have been 2 playoffs appearances, season #2-a little better than the previous year, each year, the goal is to improve and reach the Super Bowl-that goal will get a little harder to achieve once the core young players start earning "real" NFL salaries vs the rookie salaries they are currently playing under.The reality is, in the salary cap era, alot of things have to fall into place at the same time, to have a chance, there is only so much money and there are going to be holes. The teams that do the best job of finding talent and keeping that balance of quality "high priced" veterans and quality " lower priced" younger players are the teams that will reach that goal, it is a very difficult balancing act that only the elite can achieve. Having an elite QB, makes that goal a little easier, but if he isn't surrounded by enough talent and having a complete team, they will fail. So far in this era, there has been plenty of money to spend , adding talent via free agency, that will not be the case in the near future and the draft picks have been not quite as plentifull or productive as will be needed in the near future, as the core players reach their prime years and their contracts eat up a very large percentage of the cap money available, those decisions are more and more critical. This new era has been very productive and successfull, to date, but the real judgement will come in the next few years as we watch how those decisions are made and how productive they are. With that being said and training camp coming, a look at the status of this years position groups: QB- Luck will coninue to improve each year and in the very near future, not be on the list of elite QB's, but the standard. Hassleback is as good as it gets for backups- with a very productive-successful and proven track record RB- The big question is who will be the "man' or the rotation? We do not have complimentary RB's, we have 3 carry-the-load types and I still feel that's 1 too many, barring injuries. A 2 man-rotation is and can be quite succesfull, but not a 3 man rotation, whoever ends being the odd man out, is not going to be very happy with his role. Richardson will be given the chance to be the top dog, due to the price that was paid to bring him onboard. Bradshaw has shown the most production in his career and has the best track record, although injuries have always seemed to derail that. Ballard, has only 1 year, under his belt, but showed a lot of potential. The FB spot will be either Havili-who played very well last year, or Harvey- a converted LB TE- Fleener played very good last year and that was huge, with Allen being out, the only thing he needs is to be more consisitent and avoid those critical drops. Allen was on the verge of becoming one of the elite TE's in the league and having him back will be a major plus. The backup spot will be between Saunders and Doyle, with Swoope probably being a down-the -road option WR- How good will Reggie be, coming off major knee surgery at age 35? I really don;t see any dropoff..yet. Hilton is becoming one of the best deep threats and top young WR's in the league. Nicks brings a proven track record and a big-receiver body that we haven;t had in years. The rest of the unit will sort itself out with the upside potential of Rogers, the off the charts measurables Moncreif brings and the always forgotten, but never say die attitude of Whalen. Brazill, took his god given talent and what could have been, at least, a very productive NFL career and most likely threw it away. Washington is also in the mix and could get a roster spot, with a great camp or also be a down the road type OL- Saved the best for last,the ongoing-forever search for a productive O-line continues. The Tackles seem to be in good shape, with Castonzo and Cherilus, the interior is and has been the problem area, there are a lot of options and hopefully in that mix is enough talent to field a good-to-above average unit. Holmes will be given the chance to be the guy at Center, playing a very important part of the overall effectiveness of the offense,as the guy who makes all the calls and the cohesiveness of the line. The 2 Guard spots are up for grabs for a host of players to take...Last years starter-Thortan, this years top pick-Mewhort, Thomas-one of last years key additions who didn;t play, due to an injury and a reclamation project in Louis. I still don't see this group as a strength, but I think there is enough talent in that mix to field a good line, if they play better, all the better, but until that happens, it is still a unit that looks to need more upgrading. As of now I think Thomas and Mewhort have the best chance of being the starters with Louis, being the darkhorse.who could unseat one of those 2 as a starter. There seems to be alot more depth at Guard, Reitz has a shot of making it, since he can be used anywhere, draft pick Ulrick and last years backup Nixon will be the top backup at Tackle Summary- The offense is loaded with play makers, talent and depth, how good the line performs will go a long way is determing how the good the unit plays as a whole. If they play well and the running game is productive, the offense will be very good, if they play very good, this offense , can be as good as any offensive unit, in the NFL.
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    My first reaction was shock, trade a first round pick, are you kidding me? For a RB, are you kidding me? I really like Ballard and Bradshaw, not many teams in this league have a RB listed at #3 on their depth chart, with the ability of Brown...are you kidding me? It took a while for the shock to wear off, then I gave it alot of thought....why would the Browns trade a guy they drafted #3 overall , would have been a #1 overall most years, a player who had a very good rookie season, on a team desperate for talent and recieve a mid to late first round pick in return......the hearsay is the Browns are convinced he is not an elite player, he is injury prone, wasn't that productive,had a 3.6 average...I see that he ran for almost 1,000 yards as a rookie, despite missing a game, on a team with not much production at QB and not much in the way of play makers-facing teams loading the box-to stop him , with a very weak O-line and played with broken ribs..ok, maybe that wasn't elite, but hardly..journeyman. I remember reading about him before the draft and thinking, this guy is going to be an awesome football player, one of those once in a decade or 2 kinda players. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it, he can be an elite RB, he can be one of the best in the NFL, he has the god given talent and great "football" numbers, a rare blend of size and speed. He is the kind of player that teams build around and you don't get guys like that, unless you are sitting at the top of the draft. A mid to late first rounder for a guy who could be elite.....time will tell, my gut tells me we cashed in on another teams stupidity, if he is that player, the Browns really look cluless (imagine that) Not sure what this means for ....down the road....Ballard, Bradshaw....can't see all 3 of these guys on the roster, next year
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    Just like the pre season really doesn't answer many questions, neither does 1 game, after 3-4 games, there will be some type of pattern and a better idea of what to expect and where the team is at. With that being said, we entered week #1 vs a team , many felt was the worst (or close to it) team in the league and was playing at home and struggled mightily to come away with a victory, it still counts and that's the way it is in today's NFL. Some observations (that have yet to determine a pattern) Wasn't really a big fan of the full back , lets run it type of offense and seeing it in action ( for 1 game) like it even less, we have alot of play makers, but they can't make plays, sitting on the bench, most of them were non factors in the game, the end result should be a lot of low scoring, mostly closely played games and prob shouldn't say this , kinda boring (compared to what we are used to), but it really doesn't matter what type of schemes a team uses, if the result is wins. Luck passed for 178 yds, Allen and Fleener each had 1 catch, Hilton had 3 (for 20 yds) the RB tandem combined for 89 yds for a grand total of 274 yds, thats a typical half in years past. The O-line was better (1-3 %) and has a loooooooooooooooooong way to go, to become adequate, it's all about the QB and he looked like a guy just trying to manage a game. The defense did a great job containing Mcfadden, but was utterly clueless is trying to even slow down Pryor, there was 1 sack and very little pressure. The special teams were very good (wow) The difference in the game-3 veterans Reggie was the 1 highlight for the offense, with 8 catches-96 yds and TD The last 3 plays of the game....Mathis-sack, Mathis-pressure, Bethea-interception and................... 1 newcomer-Landry , led the way with 15 tackles and was a force....Toler added a pick in the end zone as well Doesn't have to be pretty or convincing, just have to have the most points at the end of the game, there would seem to be plenty of areas to focus on improving, going forward and hopes that this 1 game, was not the start of any type of pattern Next week the Dolphins at home, the first real test will be week #3 in San Fransisco
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    I remember when this city was a basketball town. Before the Colts moved here it was all about Reggie Miller and the Pacers. It was all about the Indiana Hoosiers of college basketball. Fast forward now to the Jim Harbaugh era and the birth of the nickname "cardiac kids" for a franchise that had been mediocre at best for the majority of the time it was in Indy. Although that 1995 team lacked the flash and dash of teams filled with "superstar players," it was a team built with strong defense, a punishing running game, and a veteran QB who could make all the clutch throws when needed. In other words, the 95' squad had balance. That team was a Quinton Coryatt INT away against the Steelers from going to the SB. Had they gone, I believe that Colts team would have beaten the Cowboys and won it all as they proved by beating them the very next season in Dallas' own stadium. Now travel through time ahead again to 1998 as we go from the Harbaugh era to Manning. Peyton Manning took this franchise to heights it had never reached before, and in essence turned the city of Indianapolis into a Football town. The Colts had arrived. After 3 unsuccessful years of trying to get past the Patriots, Manning led the Colts to their 1st SB appearance in 2006 since the franchises' move to Indy and on ahead to defeat the Bears. While many look at the accomplishments of what Peyton did during his career as a Colt, I look at what he could have accomplished had the front office he had then taken the approach that the current brass is taking now with Luck. For all of Manning's brilliance, the reason he doesn't have more rings than he currently does now is due to the fact that he's been a one man show throughout the majority of his career in Indy. The Polian regime was content with that approach as long as the Colts kept winning and making the playoffs. Manning led one of the NFL's most prolific passing attacks in the game, and helped the Colts finish in the top 10 in nearly every passing offensive category during his entire career with the blue and white. That approach worked great for the regular season, but when the playoffs came it was a different story. The Colts owned the AFC South for nearly 10 years straight under Manning, but could do nothing with that edge come playoff time for the better part of those years. They were knocked out of the playoffs 2 times by the Patriots, twice by San Diego, once by the Steelers, twice by the Jets, and once to both the Titans and Dolphins, and most of the teams on that list were heavy underdogs to the Colts with the lone exception being the Patriots. They lost all of those games as well as a SB to the Saints for the same reason: No balance on offense, and a "bend but don't break defense" that couldn't get off the field when the game was on the line. In a league where QBs are constantly either praised too much for team success or equally thrown under the bus for a teams' failures, the most obvious reasons behind the rise and fall of franchises are also the ones that are quickly over looked. Most analysts and sports fans alike judge a QB on how many rings he has, but if you use common sense it's not hard to see how flawed that approach is when evaluating talent. As odd as this may sound, Trent Dilfer has the same amount of rings that Manning does. Does that mean Dilfer is a shoe in for the HOF? Not even close. Keeping that same formula in mind, Ben Roethlesburger, and Tom Brady each have more rings than Manning. Would you say they are better QBs than Manning because of it? For people like myself who would say no, the question I'm often asked is "Well if you say Manning is better why does Brady and Big Ben have more playoff success than Manning does?" Easy answer. They both play for teams that are better balanced than the ones Manning has played for. Quite frankly, Brady and Roethlesburger don't have to be "Superman" every week for their teams to be successful. They both played with teams that had a solid running game and stout defenses. In fact, the reason why you haven't seen the Pats have as much success now as they had in the early 2000s is because they have strayed away from that formula (Along with Spygate). The Pats resemble the 2005 Colts now in being an offensive aerial juggernaut with a bend but don't break defense. So what does this all mean in relation to Andrew Luck and the 2013 Colts? As I mentioned earlier, Andrew Luck has the chance to accomplish more the Manning did here by doing less. How so? Well if you have been paying attention to the direction in which Ryan Grigson and coach Chuck Pagano have been going as far as building this new current version of the Colts, you'll see that Luck won't have to play on a level that's considered "other worldly" the way Manning did week in and week out in order for the team to be competitive. The pieces that are being placed around him now will be good enough to alleviate the need for Luck to carry them. In fact, they can carry him when he has an off day. That's the importance of having a balanced team. When it's all said and done, Andrew Luck just may surpass Manning's greatness, and it will be because of the team he has around him as equally as the play required of himself as the reasons why.
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    I havent attended many NFL Colts football games in my life, actually only 5 in total. One long ago in Baltimore(as the Colts) vs the Bengals, one in Baltimore vs the Ravens, two in Washington vs the Skins and one in Indy vs the Bears. But that doesnt tell the whole story. I watch this team on a daily basis grow, make changes, adapt, work hard,grinding it out all with the purpose of winning a championship. And they do it with integrity, high energy fun loving spirit. But it hasnt always been this way. After watching the "Elway to Marino" 30 on 30 show, it reminded me how far these Colts have come in my life. The Colts were looked high upon in their early years, a team to reckon with. They had stars on offense and defense..Unitas,Berry,Moore,Mackey,Donovan and Smith to name a few. Those teams were all before my time but I`ve paid attention enough to realize they were very,very good. My timeline of rememberance starts somewhere around a playoff game vs the Raiders with players named Jones,Mitchell,Carr,McCauley,and Laird. Those were my heros growing up, along with Evil Kneivel of course! We lived in southern MD and there were no sattelite dishes or cable TV`s. It was rare to be able to see the Colts on TV, Baltimore channel 11 was usually filled with static , guess the wind had to be just right it seems. But somehow I learned to hear these names and know them like family, amazing how youths do that. I even had a #7 Bert Jones jersey, with the shoulder pads,helmet and pants. I lived in that thing in the front yard. Id drop back to pass,just like Bert, lob that ball in the air and then turn into Roger Carr as it spiraled down into my hands, getting both feet in bounds as I slid the toes across that imaginary line.1st down!! Very fond memories indeed. But what happened in the late 70`s and early 80`s that tarnished all that for me in that era? The Colts became the laughing stock of the NFL, that some writers still resonate in their views today 30 years later. Art Schlichter the gambler, John Elway refusing to play for the Colts and then the Colts "moving in the middle of the night" ( which is a 2 sided story). That was tough on a 13-14 year old teenager to take. My family life was very turbulent during those years, looking back it runs parallel with Colts history in some ways. And I was 700 miles away still trying to follow my team. The faces had changed but the one constant remained.The blue horseshoes on the white helmets. The COLTS! The Peyton Manning years I absolutely treasure. They SO righted the ship, got the Colts back on solid ground, brought this team Full Circle back to their rightful place as a team to reckon with. Those years passed by way too fast for my liking, but minus the 2011 debacle, they changed the culture around Colts camp back to a winning franchise. This new version of the Colts is very exciting and follows the footprints layed out by Peyton and the boys, different but very good in their own way.GO COLTS!
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    Colts got rid of Jerry Hughes in a usually rare player for player trade, I thought he improved quite a bit last year.....With the addition of Werner he becomes expendable, I thought it was funny NFL.com was saying Bills got a explosive situational pass rusher and the Colts got more size. Sheppard is 6-2 244 and Hughes is 6-2 254 Sheppard is technically smaller, but either way I think it is a great trade. Werner will get his snaps and Sheppard will get his, I think he fits in this defense a little better then Hughes would have this year....We have a pretty tough schedule this year, so keep on adding to that D. Can't wait for the season.......GO COLTS
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    What happened to the team that played Jacksonville? Colts came out with drive and determination for the 1st quarter and part of the 2nd then the flame died out. Colts had possesion ;longer, more yards, less penalties and couldn't make it work in their favor. 4 turnovers (3 interceptions, 1 fumble) killed our team. I'm telling you if the Colts connected all 4 quarters of the game, it would be insane. The hype going into the game regardless on how much you try to avoid it, it gets in your head and even though they came out with fire the flame quickly diminished. Even though it was rough to watch as I cheered, screamed, grumbled and sat in disbelief for the times they connected was great moving down the field, getting in the end zone, but not enough to change the outcome. So instead of dwelling on the defeat here's some props Ballard leading in yards with 72, Carter 2nd with TD, Hilton 100 yard and 2 TD, Freeman on defensive lead with tackles, Butler forced fumble. I know there were some more but those are the highlights I wanted to touch on. Regardless of our record or the score Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play!!!
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    As some of you know, I am somewhat involved with the "Special Needs" kids/young adults in my community. Several times a year Ron and I perform for them at dances, and I help with the Special Olympics Track Practices and Events in the Spring. This past weekend was the Annual Halloween Party for several of them. Good Friends of ours, with a Beautiful Home, host a Halloween Event Every Year. They go "all out" decorating both the inside and outside of their home, complete with a Haunted Trail in the few wooded acres out back of their home. Ron normally helps on the Haunted Trail, and I am in charge of the kitchen for the evening. This year, however, I was elected to be the voice of the skeleton. They have this skeleton that sits in a cage (I will attempt to attach a photo) it is connected to a wireless microphone and when you talk into the mic the skeleton's mouth moves and your voice is projected.... They had the skelton positioned near the front door entrance and had me hidden upstairs in one of the bedrooms where I could see out the window as the Guests were arriving. Since I am very well aquainted with most of these guests, I could have personal conversations with them, it was a HOOT to say the least. Some of them were a little scared of him (me) but you'd be amazed how many stopped and had a conversation. One kid in particular stood there for a good 15 or 20 minutes telling me jokes and so on... it was a riot. Of course, my husband had the best line of the night when he arrived... He said, well you look like you've lost some weight. Smart Aleck.
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    I get asked this question from time to time, as do the other moderators..........and always by someone who has been issued a warning for violating site rules. So I thought I'd just answer here. The answer is no. None of us enjoys issuing warnings to members. We would all far prefer that everybody post in a civil way all the time with no need for anything from moderation. Why aren't we nicer about asking people to comply with the rules? This is another question we get asked. (Usually this is asked in a combative way so it seems ironic.) We have a system here that may give the impression that we are not nice. However, it is our system and it's not going away. It's the way the site works. These are our tools, they are what we have to work with to keep the site up to the standards that our members expect. Warnings are issued using this system. When you receive a warning, you must acknowledge it before you can post. Warnings have a point value with most site violations having a 1 point value but others have a higher point value (such as anything about illegal streaming. We do mean to give the impression that we are absolutely serious about keeping these discussions off the site) Over time, your points will disappear. However, if within any 30 day period, you start to accumulate points, you should know that you will experience automatic consequences by way of restrictions to your posting privs here. Honestly, when someone asks me why I am not much nicer in asking them to stop violating our sites rules, I wonder why they are not nicer by RESPECTING the community and the rules we have here. Everyone agrees to abide by the rules when they join. And while we understand that from time to time people make errors in judgement............there are some who find it extremely difficult to remain civil most of the time. We expect everyone to be responsible for what they read and what they post. It's pretty simple. If you have questions about a rule or want to debate it with a moderator, that's fine. BUT do not send abusive, insulting, and otherwise combative notes to moderators. If you do, you will be issued a warning Do not post about moderation anywhere here (that includes blogs, forums, status update pages, or anywhere.) Discussing moderation in public is also against site rules and you will be issued a warning for this. We do not discuss your moderation warnings in public or with anyone outside of moderation. We do not conduct public arguments about moderation. If you see someone posting about moderation, be assured you are seeing a fraction of the truth. Board Rules Here Being a moderator is not easy. It takes time, it takes patience and it takes a commitment to these forums and our standards. There are no moderators here who enjoy the power. Their time is a voluntary contribution to the community and they should be thanked for that. Will we make mistakes and errors in judgement along the way? Sure. Will you? Probably. But you should know that if someone is a fan.........we do and have gone to great lengths to allow them to keep posting here. And the few times we have had to ban a Colts fan........it is because, in spite of our efforts, they just could not abide or respect our community. We have a great crew of volunteers here who are very thoughtful in moderating the boards. We have great fans here who have no trouble with our standards. Thanks to everyone who posts here in a civil, thoughtful, and entertaining way. We have some of the wittiest posters on the web I think. And we mean to keep it that way.
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    With the 2012 NFL draft now behind us, there's no question the top priority for the Colts was surrounding their new signal caller with talent to help him develop at the next level. This goes along with the current trend taking place in the NFL with teams loading up on offense while neglecting the defense. The only teams that have kinda been the exceptions to the rule are the NY Giants, and the Pittsburgh Steelers of late. Of the last four SB winning teams (Giants, Packers, Steelers, and Colts), all fielded teams that were stronger on offense than on defense with the exception of the Steelers. Out of that group, the Giants and the Steelers have won two SBs each within a 6 year span. Out of that group, the Giants and the Steelers were more balanced on both sides of the ball as a team than either the Packers, the Colts and either of their opponents. In last year's playoffs, the Saints and Packers were favored to win over their opponents because they were regarded as the better offensive teams. The Saints lost to a 49ers team that was a joke of an offense to watch yet fielded the league's best defense. The Packers were the top offensive team in league last year yet were beaten soundly in their own back yard by a Giants team that was arguably the most complete team heading into the playoffs. Some might argue that the Giants were an offensive juggarnaut who had a weak defense as well just like the Packers. That would be a misconception due to the fact the Giants had a lot of injuries to the defense earlier in the year and got healthy at the right time. By postseason, the Giants had a formidable defense which featured one of the league's better D-lines in the game. The reason why the Giants beat the favored Patriots is not because Eli Manning threw for 5000 yards that season. They won because they had a defense which boasted a front four that could constantly put pressure on the QB, and also force turnovers. Its rare to see a team in this day and age which is just as strong on defense as it is on offense. We really haven't seen this since the early 80s and 90s with teams like the Cowboys, Steelers , and 49ers. Even during the Patriots dynasty, the only SBs they won were the ones with decent defenses, not the teams that featured Randy Moss, Wes Welker, or "The Gronk." This is where the Colts come in. Imagine this for a second. Think of how good the 2000 Ravens would be if they had Manning as their QB. That would be down right "nasty." If Andrew Luck is as good as everyone thinks he is, the Colts should start giving him a good defense "now." Defense is what should have been the focus for this year's draft. Good QBs don't need top notch talent around them. Good QBs elevate the play of the players they already have at their disposal.
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    This will be my first blog on the new site. After months of researching I have finally got my top 40 players ranked. I rated 323 players, I broke them down to a top 10 for each postion , then the top 40-overall. There are always players projected for the first round that don't get picked and a few that weren't projected, that do............ 1. A.Luck-QB 2. M. Kalil-T 3. T. Richardson-RB 4. R. Griffin-QB 5. Q. Coples-DE 6. M. Claiborne-CB 7. J. Blackmon-WR 8. R. Reiff-T 9. L. Kuechly-ILB 10. M. Barron-SS 11. M. Ingram-OLB/DE 12. J. Jenkins-CB 13. D. Decastro-G 14. C. Upshaw-OLB 15. R. Tannehill-QB 16. M. Floyd-WR 17. D. Kirkpatrick-CB 18. J. Martin-T 19. M. Brookers-DT 20. M. Adams-T 21. D. Hightower-ILB 22. D. Poe-DT 23. C. Glenn-G/T 24. S. Gilmore-CB 25. F. Cox-DT 26. D. Still-DT 27. W. Mercelus-DE/OLB 28. P. Konz-C 29. K. Wright-WR 30. J. Worthy-DT 31. A. Branch-DE/OLB 32. C. Fleener-TE 33. N. Perry-DE 34. D. Allen-TE 35. K. Zeitler-G 36. S. Hill-WR 37. B. Thompson-DT 38. Z. Brown-OLB 39. A. Jeffery-WR 40. D. Martin-RB
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    I've started my blog, to share my thoughts about being a Colts' fan in a country, where Football has growing popularity and teams have growing Hungarian fan base. However we have a chance to attend 2 games in a weekend, we hardly have a chance to watch our chosen favorites, as editors are trying to give give chance to watch every team at least once in a season. Colts' don't have a large fan base here, I really don't understand why...as there is no better team than COLTS! Some short info about myself: I'm an environmentalist (actually an environmental engineer) working for (one of) largest Hungarian companies dealing with environmental and water management issues. I have a bride (as some of You may already know), and we are about to marry soon (first we planned it for this June, but failed.... ). This entry will be about the perhaps worst day of my Colts Fan Life. It's not tearing up wounds, just a summary of my thoughts and feelings. For now my feelings and thoughts have settled about loosing Manning. I have to admit, that parting ways serves the best interests of both parties... Colts have to (re)build team with new FO and players, but cannot do this with Peyton, with his salary cap killing contract and very likely arrival of Luck (I'm not sure if he would tutor Luck or Luck would sit behind him). Besides Peyton shouldn't spend his next 2 years struggling with a rebuilding team, when he can play at his top shape. On the other hand...we released Bullitt, Brackett, Addai and Clark...Those were attractive names just three years before, but they were on IR or their performance have been declining last years...some other players who left the Horseshoe, and the team already had holes to fill in. (Re)Building a team was inevitable, that requires free cap space...something we didn't have with Peyton. It was hard to take, more harder to admit, that parting ways was the best (and perhaps only) solution for Irsay and Manning. We have to close a chapter, and start a new in Colts Big History Book. I'm closing this entry, for I have typed a lot of insanity, I have to work a lot, and I'm still rehabbing. I will try to make new entries about my thoughts if i have time...or any thought at all.
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    I have a small hope regarding those people that have posted and stated that now with Peyton released, they will never support, watch, or have anything to do with the Colts ever again. My hope is that a number of you are season ticket holders with seats in the lower Club Section. Since not supporting the Colts you will be giving those up which is great, the wife and I are hoping to upgrade our season tickets.
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    durinng the superbowl irsay stated it was not about the 28 million but now it come just a few 48 hrs away from the 8th of march and now it being told that they are cutting manning. this is the guy that put the colts where they are today i see it to be away to say were are to cheap to pay the man that made this happen for the colts 14 yrs of giving it all he had and missed one season and now we put him of to the trash this really tell us durinng the superbowl irsay stated it was not about the 28 million but now it come just a few 48 hrs away from the 8th of march and now it being told that they are cutting manning. this is the guy that put the colts where they are today i see it to be away to say were are to cheap to pay the man that made this happen for the colts 14 yrs of giving it all he had and missed one season and now we put him of to the trash this really tell us how the colts are to anyone that are with them so getting rid of manning is bad i can see there will be a big fan drop now
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    If I were the Colts GM, obviously I'd start be re-signing Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis. Wayne is still an able-bodied receiver (even though considered "old" by some) and still has the tenacity you see from young players. His ability to run routes, shake defenders, and be a playmaker is amazing. I'd hate to see us lose him like we did Harrison. As for Mathis, well I just don't think you get as great of numbers from Dwight Freeney unless you have Mathis to compliment him. Mathis equalizes the pressure from the other side so that QBs don't have any way out when being flushed out of the pocket. They are a two-man tandem that would be disastrous if split up. And now to our QB situation: I know most everyone wants to see us use the first round pick on Luck for obvious reasons, but maybe therein lies the problem. Its too obvious as a choice. The last QB with this much hype was Jamarcus Russell and look where that got the Raiders. Luck is a very Manning-esque QB; comfortable in the pocket, highly efficient on his throws, not much of a runner, intelligent on top of athletic. So say we draft him, then we get rid of Peyton (probably to the Redskins) and build the team around this young kid. Do we really think we're going to strike gold twice in the matter of 14 years? My thoughts are no. So case in point, why not go after a non-conventional QB that can completely revamp our offensive scheme and playbook? Why not do something that has NEVER been done in Indy, but could benefit the team? I say trade our 1st pick to the VIkings for their 1st, 2nd & 3rd round picks for this year, and their first pick for next year and let them draft Luck and we go after RGIII. He's completely different than what we've ever had, and with Peyton still there, he can work on his passing game. Say Manning is healthy, he plays most of the game, but we can throw RGIII in there for some wildcat style plays. Another thing I would try and revamp is our secondary. Don't get me wrong, Bethea is AMAZING (especially in Sunday's game when he STOOD UP Jones-Drew), but he can't do it by himself. We need some hard hitting, fast, quick thinking DBs & Safeties. Someone with Bob Sanders style, minus the injuries, that can help plug the holes so we can stop the run game. Just some of my thoughts:)
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