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    Hey guys, want to thank everyone for your input on the Colts, I have learned a lot from your input on moving forward good or bad LOL At my age it's time to past the torch to more inquisitive minds to see what the future holds for our organization. I only wish the best for us as fans and hope you will too. I am a old timer who knows my time is growing shorter. I hope I will be around longer, but, if not I hope you guys keep the faith and the dream longer. In this busy world that we live in , time marches on , and my only wish is that we can all agree that. no matter what our differences is that we can form a bond that we are galvanized to the betterment of our franchise. So in retrospect , just remember we are all Colts fans and give your fellow fans, the respect regardless if you agree with them, that in the end it's about us as a team.
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    Lol...some of you are hilarious. This dude missed over a year of football, strolled back in to a new offense with all new pieces and lit the league up and became an MVP candidate. Dude misses a couple training camp practices and now its "OMG WE NEED TO START JACOBY OTHERWISE THIS SEASON IS OVER!! HE'S SOFT!" Insert massive eye roll Gif here. Absolute nonsense. So disrespectful.
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    https://www.albertbridgecapital.com/drew-views/2019/6/17/stay-in-the-game Yeah, must read.
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    According to the PFF folks there have been series of stories about Quenton Nelson and his participation in the combine last year. You can hear the stories here(go to 47:25): Story 1: Quenton was interviewing with the 49ers and they showed him the tape of him blowing the safety away coming from the other side of the formation from the game vs Georgia. So they ask him "what did you see, how did you see the safety blitz? Talk us through this" and Quenton answered the regular stuff "I've studied tape, I saw the formation and picked up the blitz, etc."... then he looked straight at John Lynch and added "I would have done the same thing if it was you" Story 2: Quenton and his trainers had decided to not do one of the drills at the combine and some team told him "if you don't run that drill we are not going to draft you" and he was like "Look, all I do is bury people into the dirt every single play and if you cannot work that out from the tape then I can't help you"
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    Just a humble request from those like me watching the NFL Draft live on ESPN, at least for Day 1 and Day 2, please do not post the draft picks a few seconds in advance from twitter. Thanks!!! Don't be a spoiler!!!
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    By far, our biggest mistake of the draft was not trading back into the 3rd round so we can hear Pat McAfee announce more picks
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    Who the hell is Mel Kiper?? If this is his favorite class then that’s not a good sign...
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    Don’t know if you all saw this. Darius Leonard and his wife had a baby girl named Mia a couple of weeks ago.
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    Chris Ballard is the guest writer this week filling in for Peter King, and pens a great read on Football Morning in America called "Scouting and the power of Sundays." He goes through how they scout, what they look for, and provides a lot of special stories about players, fans and how it all comes together on Sundays. A long article, but really a good read. If you want to get to know more about Ballard, and his approach to football and life, take the time and read it. We are very lucky to have him as our GM! Link Below: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/08/chris-ballard-colts-scouting-draft-nfl-fmia-peter-king/
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    You seem like an individual who could win the $20 million lottery but then complain that there were 2 winners and you only received $10 million each.
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    He told me he would be off line for a while to deal with some health issues. Hoped to be back here for the start of the regular season
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    In episode 5 they show parts of the draft and parts of the pre-draft process talking about the players they wanted. The eay they talked they acted as if Rock, Banogu, Parris and Okereke were stacked in order and they were supremely excited when their plan fell into place.... Additionally, they seemed to have specifically targeted Speed, Green and Willis as well prior to the draft. I find this uncanny that they were specific targets and they landed with us perfectly. On top of that, the video is pretty cool too! Irsay had this to say as well.... "Chris Ballard has done an incredible job, as usual,” Irsay said following the draft. “You can see it in every fiber of his body that he knows these guys. He knows what he’s doing. He’s not overconfident, but he is extremely talented, almost to the level of a savant in the draft room.” Ballard does treat draft weekend as a scientist. He accounts for every variable and every potential outcome in order to be best prepared for whatever the three-day event throws at him and his executives. Uncanny......Savant......good words to describe what he's done in 2 years time!
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    This man gets it....and this is why our culture is amazing!
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    Ballard's line about... "we're not building a team to match up with others, we're building a team for them to match up with us." Was brilliant.
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    I can't believe I just wasted my time reading 11 pages of this nonsense. The most substantial thing to come out of this thread is the discussion about a QBs' "plant leg"... (which I believe is the left leg for a right-handed thrower, just like a right-handed pitcher, or soccer player - it's the leg that's planted in the ground during the throwing/kicking motion) because that discussion showed that @NewColtsFan and @Irish YJ agree on something! On a side-note: I'm not trying to be bossy, but... @Chloe6124 - this is not a "stream-of-consciousness" forum, the number of your pointless posts is through the roof and is becoming exhausting. No offense, just some food for thought. Please be considerate of your fellow members because we really don't want to read every thought that pops into your head. @threeflight - in the same vein as my advice to Chloe, this forum is not a dumping-ground for all your negative thoughts. If you want to vent your frustrations, fine, but when all we hear from you is the pessimistic stuff when things aren't all rainbows and sunshine, it becomes exhausting and annoying. Please be considerate of your fellow members, if you just need to get stuff off your chest, tell it to your pillow before you go to sleep at night.
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    Actually, I think Colts fans are long accustomed to not winning in the preseason. To the point where when we do win people are like 'wow, we won one of those'
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    First off, the Colts' "standard" uniforms are hands-down some of the best in the league. The all-white road uniforms are *the* best road unis in the league (in my humble opinion). All that said, the blue-on-blue look is also fantastic. They look great on TV. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing these again at some point this year. Blue on Blue by Andrew R., on Flickr
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    Even though thats toilet paper to a billionaire . Much respect though from a cancer survivor. Re-mission 17 years.
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    Just thought I'd throw out some appreciation for the newly freshened look of the Colts website, as well as the Forum, both look fantastic! Amber Derrow was hyping the new site launch over on Reddit yesterday, and as someone who works in the field of building websites, I was eager to see it go live. Good job to everyone involved!
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    Always love listening to Bruce Arians...and in his intro at Tampa he was asked about defensive scheme. His response: "Your scheme is your personnel" Drafted players, coupled with comments from Ballard this weekend about the same gives indication that we won't be as vanilla on D as the Dungy Colts, and that we do intend to retain and/or build on the more aggressive elements we started to see the back half of the year. Banogu is the obvious bat signal here. Calling him a SAM and Rusher as Ballard did suggests potential for 4-3 under looks and ability to legitimately line up more than one way with the same personnel. Drafting a corner at 34 whose strength is in press not zone (along with commentary about Tell converting to CB) suggests we are going the same direction that the Cowboys went last year to take space away from receivers in coverage more often while retaining the skill to play zone against teams where that is a better match up (ie. Deshaun Watson) There was reason to be concerned early last year, but the indicators of playing modern football are starting to stack up...very happy about these indicators...
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    THIS is one of the most outdated views on the draft. There is nothing value-wise that should make a future pick worth less than a current year's pick. If I were a GM I'd abuse old time GMs who think future picks are worth less than current year picks. I'd always pick future 2nd over current year 3d. Over the long-term this is a GOLD MINE of value. It is only worth less for GMs who have no job-security, because they might be getting good value for the next guy. We don't have that problem, Ballard has good job security and is making the good decisions for the long term success of the team. This trade was a great value by any chart you can find out there. I LOVE it... if we didn't love Sweat or Tillery that is...
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    I am opinionated. And so what? Are you making a point? It's ironic that you'd say I'm going out of my way to defend Luck. I'm not defending him, because he doesn't need defending. I'm simply calling out your ridiculous take, because I'm tired of seeing it spammed in every thread. You're not tougher than Andrew Luck because you bowled a 220 with a sore back, or because you played hockey, or because you rushed for four TDs for Polk High in the city championship game. It doesn't matter what injuries you've endured or played through, because you are not in the NFL. What you appear to be is resentful of professional athletes who make a bunch of money, driven by biases and unreasonable expectations. You appear to be the kind of poster who shows up and states a bunch of baseless and unfounded nonsense when things look rough, then disappears when you're proven wrong. You appear to be trolling, posting outrageous drivel, then slinking away when it blows up in your face. You're becoming (have become?) a caricature, a typical naysayer who points fingers when the team loses, then disappears when the team wins. Be better. You have knowledge, but you dismiss anything that doesn't support your already determined viewpoint, and you refuse to acknowledge when you're wrong, even when it's painfully obvious to everyone else. So yes, I am opinionated, and in my opinion, your way of posting lowers the quality of this board. And that's a shame because you could very easily be way more credible than you are, and with your supposed experience and background, that would be a great asset to this place (especially on this topic). Instead, you're obsessed with taking potshots and harping on everything the team does that you disagree with. And it's beyond tiresome at this point. Again, be better.
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    https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/20/colts-2019-offseason-chris-ballard-chris-long-retirement-patrick-peterson-suspension-mmqb I'm not posting this one here for the Breer's praises of the team, but rather for the insight we can glean from Ballard. It's a good piece and I'd recommend a full read at the link above. I am posting some highlights here: -Ballard is not a believer in momentum - every year starts anew. -The draft board for the Colts has been shrinking every year since Ballard got in the building. This year it was 170 players. Ballard says he wants to shrink it even more to about 120 players and that the more we shrink the board the better idea we have of what exactly we are looking for and what exactly a Colts player looks like: -Ballard sees that happening due to getting more and more time to spend with the coaching staff and understanding what they need and value in players for our schemes: -Ballard confirms - we were deep into FA for 2 top tier FAs but the moment the bidding went above what we were willing to pay, we let them go. He also says that he won't spend just to spend. He wants to always have capspace, especially while still building(seems like he thinks we are still in the building stage of this roster construction). Says he wants to have capspace to sign our own players when their time comes and they've earned being rewarded. -Funchess was coaches' request and Houston was Ballard's addition due to the knowledge he had with him from when he worked in KC. -Ballard has long-term view of the roster!!! They are looking ahead for following year's drafts and assessing the potential strengths and weaknesses of future drafts. He thinks next year's draft will be stacked WR-wise: -Colts were looking for speed on defense, something that's a prerequisite for our system and for a player that can affect 3d downs. Ballard says that player is Ben Banogu. IMO they have high hopes for him. Ballard on the linebackers: -Ballard on Banogu and Okereke: -Ballard seems proud of his FO and coaching staff and their ability to stay level-headed and accurately assess the state of the team - not getting too down and give up when we were 1-5 and not get too hyped with the way we finished the season:
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    The beauty of this draft is nobody HAS to start right away..... They just need to contribute and make more and more plays as the season wears on.
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    He said in the presser "You forget with the high character guys, there's a multiplier, what you put into them it comes out the other side that much better, other guys what you put into them is what you get, it doesn't multiply." Of course this isn't word for word, but you get the gist. That is what it's all about right there, that winning Colture. Ballard is building not only a championship roster, but the culture that's there is top notch, and it's gonna start paying dividends. Love it man, absolutely love it. Great time to be a Colts fan, enjoy the ride ladies and gentlemen, we've got some fun years ahead of us.
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    The moment no one was waiting for... Pre-combine, based on limited film viewing and research (although I've watched at least a little of every draft pick shown below). I plan to do another one after the combine, before free agency starts, but who knows if I'll have watched enough more film to do anything meaningful. I'm adding some players in free agency to address some needs and upgrade some positions, and I'm letting some guys walk because I'm adding a different player that I like better. Geathers and Inman are gone; I'm re-signing Desir and I get the feeling some will think my contract projection for him isn't reasonable, but my mock can survive without him. Trying to get two-deep across the board. I think the thinnest spot winds up being OL. Numbers from OTC and Spotrac: Colts cap standing: 2019 projected cap of $189m (7% increase from 2018), rollover of $49m from 2018 = adjusted cap of ~$239m. As of now, including the Glowinski and AV contracts, the Colts have $131.4m committed in 2019, cap space of $107.7m (committed $88m in 2020, projected cap of $200m). Releases: none Colts free agents: Glowinski, three years, $16.2m, cap hits $3.5m, $6.15m, $6.65m Vinatieri, one year, $3.875m Desir, two years, $9m, cap hits $4m, $5m Hunt, one year, $3m Webb, one year, $1.5m Grissom, one year, $805k Rhodes, ERFA tender, one year, $645k Hewitt, one year, $805k Moore, one year, $900k Boehm, tender, $2.035m Milton, one year, $900k Farley, tender, $2.035m Travis, one year, $900k Rogers, tender, $2.035m Martin, tender, $645k Johnson, tender, $645k Geathers -- FA Inman -- FA Grant -- FA Woods -- FA Mitchell -- FA Wilcox -- FA Slauson -- retired > Added $20.2m to 2019 cap (approx $9.5m guaranteed), added $10m to 2020 cap (none guaranteed) >> New cap position in 2019 -- $144m committed, remaining cap space of approx $95m Free agent additions: Adrian Phillips, four years, $27.5m, $10m guaranteed (none in year 2), cap hits of $6.25m, 6.25m, 7.25m, 7.75m; starting SS, plays well in the box, nickel pass coverage, can play man, good tackler/run support, instinctive, good range on the back end Trey Flowers, five years, $87m ($17.4m/year), $50m guaranteed, $16.4m, 17.4m, 17.4m, 17.4m, 18.4m; edge rusher who lines up and plays effectively everywhere, gets a ton of QB pressures, only 26 next season so conceivably has more to show, just as good in run defense; paying a premium for a player I think is the best fit at a premium position Steven Nelson, three years, $24m, $9m guaranteed, cap hits of $7m, $8m, $9m; starting CB who can play man and zone, better in zone, feisty and competitive, good in run support, has enough quickness to play inside if necessary Cameron Fleming, two years, $7m, $1m guaranteed, cap hits $3.5m each; swing tackle, competition, depth, upside Adam Humphries, four years, $37m, 11.5m guaranteed, cap hits of $8.5m, $9m, $9.5m, $10m; starting wide receiver, good YAC receiver, gets separation quickly, makes tacklers miss Bryce Hager, one year, $1.2m; depth LB with range and quickness, decent tackler, special teamer Draft pool, approx $8m in 2019 > Added $51.9m to 2019 cap, approx $49m to 2020 cap (approx $20m guaranteed, including draft pool) >> New cap position in 2019 -- $196m committed (total), remaining cap space approx $48m >>> Committed $146m in 2020, rolling approx $35-40m from 2019, estimated cap space $88m Draft (conflicting info on the actual draft spots, especially past the third round, so I might be off by one here and there): 1/26 -- Deionte Thompson, Alabama, safety/dime defender, rangy, ball skills, aggressive tackler, capable in single high or in the box against TEs, allows for versatile usage of Hooker and other safeties, high ceiling prospect who probably slides out of the top 20 due to a recent, minor injury 2/34 -- Dre’Mont Jones, Ohio State, DT, three tech, versatility and athleticism to play multiple spots, mostly an interior rusher who needs work to become an every down player, but can have an immediate impact if used in the right packages 2/59 -- Riley Ridley, Georgia, WR, good ball catcher, strong route runner, good after catch, good size and enough speed to make, can be new possession receiver and scoring threat 3-90 -- Vosean Joseph, Florida, ILB, rangy, athletic, can hit, needs refinement in all areas but has the tools and shows ability to perform on tape, easy fit for our defense 4/129 -- Josh Oliver, San Jose State, TE, good route runner, athletic pass catcher, capable blocker, I feel like he would be a second rounder in another draft, but this draft is loaded with TEs and I view him as a steal with the potential to be a high level player in the NFL 4/135 -- Elijah Holyfield, Georgia, RB, prototypical prospect for every down back in the NFL, big, strong, has athleticism to get to the second level, finishes well, needs work as a receiver and blocker 5/165 -- Jordan Brailford, Oklahoma State, edge, good production with 10 sacks as a junior, two serious injuries in the past but was solid in 2018, has good traits as a versatile defender with athleticism and length, needs technical work but has the tools to be a good DE 6/198 -- Derrick Baity, Kentucky, CB, long, decent athlete, plays the ball and makes plays in zone coverage 7/241 -- Garrett Brumfield, G, LSU, good movement and range as an interior blocker, feisty and eager to finish, refinement needed with hands and balance, but fits the new Colts OL mindset Depth chart (draft picks in bold, FA additions in italics, injury returns underlined) QB -- Luck, Brissett, Walker RB -- Mack, Hines, Wilkins, Holyfield WR -- Hilton, Humphries, Rogers, Cain, Ridley, Fountain, Pascal TE -- Doyle, Ebron, Oliver, Hewitt, Cox, Travis LT -- AC, Fleming, Garcia LG -- Nelson, Brumfield C -- Kelly, Boehm, Andrews RG -- Glowinski, Haeg RT -- Smith, Webb, Clark DT -- Autry, Hunt, Jones, Ridgeway, Stewart, Ward DE -- Flowers, Sheard, Lewis, Turay, Muhammed, Brailford, Grissom LB -- Leonard, Walker, Joseph, Franklin, Adams, Hager, S. Moore, Thomas CB -- Desir, Nelson, Wilson, K. Moore, Collins, Baity, Milton, Hairston S -- Hooker, Phillips, Thompson, Farley, Odum, Milligan K -- Vinatieri P -- Sanchez LS -- Rhodes Whatchu think?? GO COLTS!
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    I saved 15% by switching to Geico
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    Getting Reich instead of McDaniels is probably the best thing that could have happened for the Colts.
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    Chris Wesseling from NFL.com (and Around the NFL Podcast) has issued his annual "NFL's top 10 Offenses" list, with the Colts at #2, behind only the Saints. Below is the link to the full article: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001030168/article/nfls-top-10-offenses-saints-colts-eagles-best-of-bunch With below being a copy of the Colts section from the article: 2) Indianapolis Colts Quarterback: A | Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett Perhaps the league's biggest mystery entering the season, Luck shrugged off early questions about his arm strength, finishing second only to Mahomes with 39 touchdowns while collecting Comeback Player of the Year honors. Just four months from his 30th birthday, the former No. 1 overall draft pick is a different quarterback under play-caller supreme Frank Reich, showing a quicker release time, superior ball placement and a command of the pocket. Backfield: B | Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, Jordan Wilkins, Spencer Ware From Week 7 through Indianapolis' victory over the Texans in the Wild Card Round, Marlon Mack led all running backs in rushing first downs (51) and ranked second in carries (197), rushing yards (933) and rushing touchdowns (10). Can he stay healthy, run between the tackles and match that level of production across 16 games and a postseason run? Receiving specialist Nyheim Hines caught 63 passes as a rookie, showcasing the ability to beat linebackers and safeties on third downs. Versatile former Chiefs back Spencer Ware was recently signed for insurance. Receiving corps: B+ | T.Y. Hilton, Devin Funchess, Eric Ebron (TE), Jack Doyle (TE), Parris Campbell, Chester Rogers, Zach Pascal, Deon Cain Luck is going to love throwing to big-bodied former Panthers wideout Devin Funchess and rookie playmaker Parris Campbell after leaning heavily on undrafted projects (Rogers, Pascal, Alie-Cox, Erik Swoope) and journeymen free agents (Ryan Grant, Dontrelle Inman) for significant portions of the 2018 season. Throw in a healthy version of Doyle, and this figures to be one of the most improved position groups in the division. Offensive line: A- | Anthony Castonzo, Braden Smith, Quenton Nelson, Mark Glowinski, Ryan Kelly, Joe Haeg, Evan Boehm Prior to Reich's arrival, the Colts couldn't run the ball or protect Luck. With rookie All-Pro Quenton Nelson setting a bone-jarring tone, both of those problems vanished by midseason. The offensive line went from long-running punchline to head of the class, paving the way for nine 100-yard rushing performances (including the postseason) while leading the NFL in stingiest sack rate (2.8%). The starting line returns intact for 2019.
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    Fans and media get enamored with free agency, but those experienced and shrewd in the business of making such team decisions on free agents have some basic rules dictated by their experience. I'm fortunate to have access to them and thoughts about them from some. (it is even edited for forum brevity) ******************************************** 80-85% of the time an FA is a bad value because a team has decided that a players projected production will no longer match the price his contract demands. 15-20% of the time, players can be on the market simply because teams are being squeezed by the cap. (too many good players to keep). These have higher value, but the scarcity drives up the price, so it still is not great value. Rarely do true difference makers hit FA, and they will be exceptionally expensive. Because of the salary cap impingement, a free agent must be productive (600+ plays per year) and have longevity. More mistakes are made in free agency at the cornerback position than any other. Never sign a player 27 or older to a 5 year deal, nor a 4 year deal for a player 28 and older. Never sign any high risk injury player to long term deal. You must evaluate the player, establish the schematic fit and establish the right price. Never, ever sign a player and change his technique or schematic fit. It just doesn’t work. Be cautious of the player who's production dramatically increases in their contract year. Teams are more likely to be paying for the production of that contract year while getting the lower production from those non contract years. The team needs to carry at least $6 million in cap resources (preferably $10 million) into the season for replacement(s) for injured players. This is after off season- FA signings Spending $6- 8 million for rookie draft pool Spending $1 million of cap space allocated for practice squad players Stick to your budget. If the team spends recklessly, there will inevitably come a time when there's a need for the money that you no longer have. Spending Tier I money on a Tier II player only inflates what you have to pay your own Tier I player when it is time. The salary cap eventually penalizes severely for overpaying players relative to what their production value is. Player must be at least a good or great 3rd down player. Any high priced FA must be on the field and productive for those critical downs. Do not sign a player for more than the team leader or your best player at that position. This about rewarding loyalty and maintaining a balanced cost structure within your team because otherwise it creates bad locker room chemistry. Players know. They do. Never believe that your locker room culture will change a person’s behavior. This is rarely the case and when it does work it is only on a minimum salary short deal. Giving a large money or long term deal in this situation RARELY works if ever. You're never 'one player away' from a Super Bowl because there is a 100% injury rate in this sport. Ignore the outside noise. A segment of the fan base will be unhappy. The local media will be unhappy, the agents will be unhappy and you are sure to hear that you are not trying to win. ** STAY FOCUSED—REMEMBER THE MISSION** Every one looks out for their own interest. You have to look out for the best interest for the team and stay focused on that. Set a price that is fair and if that price escalates, walk away. You are not in a church auction. You run a football team. If you do so, your cap will be well managed which is absolutely essential for sustained success and you will have the ability to sign your own free agents first. They are the priority when you are a good team, and you are a good team because you draft well. Always remember that the free agent you lose hurts you more than he helps his new team. This is why historical trends show that it takes a free agent changing teams and systems almost a year to fit and become really efficient. *********************************************************** I didn't write these excerpts, but written by one has been there and did the job before they penned a very long list. I trimmed it down slightly for the forum.
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    I THINK that I am reasonably a smart guy......... (My wife of 25 years, may does think differently During FA last year........ I was clamoring for FA A, or FA B............ Ballard said "I will wait for value in FA" Result - He picked up an egg or two, but we brought in a few needed players..... he dumped the "eggs" HE WAS RIGHT....... I WAS WRONG During the draft last year, I was clamoring for a sexy pick...... Not a GUARD!!!! Ballard SAID........ "I will build the lines FIRST" Result - Believed to be the best single draft of last year. Of 32 Teams..... thats special Its a LONG way from now......... but there is a decent, not THAT remote, if the player can stay healthy, CHANCE that his top 2 picks MAY wear a yellow jacket some day HE WAS RIGHT........ I WAS WRONG This year........ I am hoping for a specific FA pick or two that I think we need....... If we dont get MY choice..... I am not going to wet my pants I think you have to give benefit of the doubt to CB https://www.stampedeblue.com/2019/3/12/18261988/does-spending-big-in-free-agency-translate-to-success Quote from Article The raw data shows that just 37% (9/24) of the 6 biggest spenders in Free-Agency made the Playoffs the following year. As the success of a football team depends on a lot of different factors other than free-agency spending, take the data with a grain of salt. Injuries happen, and a player a franchise considered a sure-bet ends up failing. Something to consider.....
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    If the Colts are having trouble reaching the 89% mark, I will happily sacrifice myself and sign a 1 year, $XX mil deal to help them out.
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    At this time of year and fans start thinking about future members of their favorite team, this is a good thing to remember. Fans see what a college player IS. Scouts, front office personnel, and coaches are trying to see what a player CAN BECOME. And that's a big, BIG difference. You'll often see posts from fans here wondering why we took that guy? Or why did another team take this guy? And they wonder because the guy they like is still on the board and that's who they think their favorite team should've taken. Because, whatever he IS, teams think they can make him better. That the player has a higher ceiling. Also.... fans have little way of knowing if the player has been taken off a team's board for a variety of reasons. Health. Character. Locker room issues. Family and other personal issues. Lots of things we'll never know about. Sometimes we do. We all wondered why Darrice Guice kept falling last year. Turns out he had enough red flags to launch a big sail boat. And that eventually leaked out. We also wondered about Hurst. We knew he had a health issue, but we were surprised so many teams passed on him as long as they did. But typically, that type of info doesn't get out. Sometimes the decision doesn't come down to the GM. It can come down to the owner. Especially when it comes to character. Some owners don't want to handle the heat out in public. And sometimes a player is given a thumbs down by the medical staff. There's just no way to know.... One last thought.... Remember the highlight reals on YouTube and elsewhere are typically highlights. The best of a player. It's rare to see a collection of plays that represent the WORST of a player. So judging a player only by the highlights can be misleading. And if we saw the worst of a player, we might all have another viewpoint.
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    As far as LBs go, how quickly they read and react is what will determine their success. I know we all get enamored with the RAS scores but I felt that Ballard put more stock into those mainly with his skill position players and OL/DL more than anything else, not across the board. If you looked at Darius Leonard's RAS score, it was by no means a good one amongst the 2018 draft class: https://relativeathleticscores.com/2018/03/06/2018-nfl-draft-class-ras-relative-athletic-scores/ It was his intelligence and instincts that propelled him to where he is now. That is why Bobby Okereke and E J Speed were drafted, their instincts and the ceiling Ballard and the coaches felt each of them had. When they play Kelce with the Chiefs, Keenan Allen with the Chargers, Michael Thomas with the Saints, McCaffrey with the Panthers etc., guys who relish those underneath zones, that is when we will find out if we have taken a step forward.
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    Love Ballard's tease at the end. "I'll see you all Thursday... or maybe not, maybe Friday".
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    hey look, the Patriots being caught on video again doing something illegal.
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    Smith is a 1st team All American and All SEC. So he must be a scrub! We are bringing in 2 All Americans on the OL Protecting Andrew Luck is going to happen finally! Good pick!
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    He looks like a bum. Let's get rid of him, I think we could get Kirk Cousins for him.
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    Lets take a look at the current 90 man roster as training camp looms QB- Luck, Brissett, Walker, Kelly 2019 is a critical year for Andrew mostly because this is the first year where he has a complete team imo. This needs to be a MVP campaign for Luck to finally establish himself as the best QB in the league and to bring indy a title. Brissett is an interesting case as he is under his final year and I can't see him re-signing to be a backup. It wouldn't surprised me to see a potential trade at the deadline for a team where their starting QB is either under performing or gets hurt especially if we can get something better then a late 3rd which is basically guaranteed. My best guess would be the bucs especially if Winston continues to struggle. Arians does not seem like a patient guy. As for Walker and Kelly, its gonna be an interesting pre-season seeing these two compete. Not sure Kelly can beat Walker, but I don't think its out of the question. RB-Mack, Ware, Hines, Wilkins, Williams Im expecting big things for Mack especially if he can stay healthy. I don't think 1300 yards and 10 tds is out of the question. Ware will get us the hard yards and do the dirty work on third down. Hines will continue to be our change of pace back. Im actually really interested to see him and campbell on the field at the same time. Wilkins is important depth especially if something happens to Mack or Ware. Williams seems locked for the PS unless someone gets hurt. WR-Hilton, Funchess, Campbell, Cain, Rogers, Pascal, Johnson, Fountain, Ishamel, Hogan, Hart, Dulin, Veasy This could be a big year for Hilton because defenses can't just focus on him especially with all the speed (Mack, Campbell, Hines) and size (Funchess, Ebron) we'll have the on the field and then you have a wildcard in Cain. Funchess could be the eagles version of Jeffery in this offense. My concern is that our past luck with one year rental WRs haven't panned out. Im really excited what Campbell brings to our offense especially in the YAC game. If he has a hilton rookie year type of production, hilton can have a career year. As for everyone after that, its an open competition. I know a lot of people are excited for Cain, but I need to see him in a real game. Him, Rogers, and Pascal will most likely be the WRs trying to make the roster. As for the rest of the wrs on the roster, Fountain and Ishamel have the most to prove for even with all the issues at WR last year, they couldn't even crack the rotation and we needed a wr off the street to help our offense. TE- Ebron, Doyle, Allie-Cox, Travis, Hentges, Brown, Holmes The biggest impact imo will be the return of Doyle. Don't get me wrong, Ebron was great last year, but Doyle is still the top option at TE with his all around game being an intricate part of our offense. Im not saying we would have beat the chiefs with Doyle, but his sure hands would have made a difference in a game with that weather. Ebron will still be a monster for this offense, but I think his role is mostly gonna be on third down and in the red zone. I see us using Doyle and Allie-cox more just because of how better they are in the run game and that is what Reich wants to do more of. Travis and Hentges have the best chance of making the roster if we tend to keep 4 TEs and I think we will. I think Hentges can beat out Travis just because he can block, but can be an option in the passing game as well. Alabama just never used him in that type of role. OL-AC, Nelson, Kelly, Glowinski, Smith, Webb, Haeg, Boehm, Poehls, Garcia, Clark, Siragusa, Andrews, Eldrenkamp, Barton This oline is by far the best oline of the Luck era in terms of talent and depth. AC is a stalwart on the line. Nelson brings a nasty presences to the line that has been infused to the rest of the line. Kelly is a top 5 talent at center. Glowinski is a mauler and as Luck called him a tough son of a b..... Smith is a people mover with Nelson-like strength. Haeg is a swish army knife that can play anywhere in the line. Boehm is solid at center and can even play Guard if needed. My only issues I have is regression from Glowinski or Smith and the lack of depth at LT. For this line to continue their success, Glowinski and Smith need to continue to show their progression. As for the LT depth, Webb, Garcia, and Clark do not give me much confidence in case AC goes down. Haeg stepped in when AC got hurt, but you can see the line was not playing at the same level until AC returned. DL-Sheard, Autry, Hunt, Houston, Turay, Lewis, Stewart, Muhammad, Benogu, Ward, Reid, Phillips, Gwacham, Green, Shippy, Nicolas This can be the most depth we've had at our dline ever. While there is plenty of potential at pass rush, the biggest strength was in the run game which is surprising considering the lack of size on the dline. Their ability to penetrate and get into the back field make up for the lack of size. The pass rush does have several players that can get after the QB, but the question is how well the pass rush will be consistently. Houston and Sheard should be the main pass rush along with Autry, but the rush will only be as good if Turay, Lewis, benogu are able to contribute as well along with key depth in Ward and Muhammad. LB-Leonard, Walker, Okereke, Adams, Speed, Franklin, Moore, Thomas, T.Thomas Leonard and Walker have the potential to be our Bobby Wagner and K.J Wright. Both bring speed, toughness, and tackling ability. Their the leaders of the defense imo. The depth has potential, but it is also very unproven. Adams is a fierce hitter so I see him playing at SAM more often then Benogu. Okereke can be a good LBer to match against TEs and RBs, but I do not see him playing on run downs. Speed will most likely make the team depending on how he does in STs. CB-Desir, Moore, Wilson, Ya-Sin, Hairston, Collins, Milton, Tell, Taylor Perhaps the group with the most potential. All of our corners are lengthy, physical, and sure hitters. No one is a shut down corner, but in this defense, that is more of a luxury. Desir, Moore, and Wilson are the best trio of corners we have had in a long time along with Ya-sin in the wing to groom who imo has shut down corner upside. Hairston and Collins will be a battle at TC with Milton perhaps having the upper hand with his ability on STs. I am excited to see how the colts tend to use Tell. He has the length, but probably the least physical of our corners. S-Geathers, Hooker, Farley, Odum, Willis, Kindred, Milligan, Johnson Geathers is the most unappreciated player on the team imo. Geathers provides the back bone to our defense with his tackling and his Bob Sanders like closing speed. Hooker has pro bowl talent as his roaming ability was getting back to his rookie year by the end of the season. It was evident how much the defense is effected when he is out of the line up in the chiefs game. As soon as Hooker learns to bait QBs, he will be creating a lot of turnovers. Farley, Odum, and Willis I see all playing a role in the mid-range coverage with Willis playing more matchup based coverages.
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    People are going to be wondering how he fell to us and got paired up with Luck.
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    Not to mention luck and manning both being 30.
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    Quick notes: - Talks about combine interview questions that the Colts ask. He says that they watch tape with a lot of players and put good and bad plays on there. They want the player to explain the play and make them understand why they did what they did and if they understand what all of the other players are doing. They also want to see if the players are going to place blame on the other players for their mistakes or own up to them. -Ballard is very down to earth and actually lets out a couple F bombs and some other adult words” lol -Says “F***” that” in what others think about their picks and those who complain and worry about unknown players. States they are going to keep drafting players that aren’t always known because “That’s what they do!” -Says that he doesn’t go crazy over combine grades. Says team focuses what player shows on tape. -Ballard says team can learn almost 50%-70% more about a players health at combine because college teams keep pretty quiet about it. -Colts REALLY care about drafting and building within the organization. Ballard says he will continue to be very “strategic” when signing FA. Says money will mainly be used to sign own guys but not oblivious that only drafting would take forever. Still wants to focus on building locker room. -Talks about a bit of his FA signing and that he is totally fine letting players leave if they feel they can make better money elsewhere. He said sometimes players get upset about that. -Also states that it is important for players to find their spot and roll on the team. Uses Chester Rogers as an example. Not trying to be #1 but being reliable. -States that his draft strategy is best player available. -Will always put O-Line and D-Line before other positions. Firmly believes those positions win games.
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