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    It was an outstanding play that shows why Hooker is viewed as an elite talent. Not a perfect throw by Rivers, but it took Hooker flashing from out of the frame to snatch the ball away with one hand to stop a back-breaking TD. This is the type of play that you said he didn't make in 2018 (setting aside his injury recovery). He's a playmaker with insane range and excellent ball skills, and that play shows a sample of those traits. You're going out of your way to downplay how outstanding that pick was. By the way, I was at the game (humblebrag), sitting right behind that end zone (it was great for the pick and the Mack TD, not so great in OT). Hooker made an amazing play. I thought it was a sure TD, and then #29 comes out of nowhere, looking like a superhero. It was a very impressive play by any standard.
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    I'd ask this..... Why would you, or ANYONE, make such predictions now? Based on one game? This post feels like someone had one six-pack too many and sat down at his computer..... And then you top it off, by calling anyone who disagrees with you.... a homer..... Geez, what a train wreck of a post..........
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    I hope it’s for Jamies Winston. A legit franchise QB!
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    lol.....Brissett aint getting no hook in favor of inferior qbs like Brock Osweiller or Matt Cassell after 5 weeks time. The Colts organization is alot more behind Brissett than many of you wish to aknowledge. Notice there is very little talk from the Colts since last weekend? It's all business with them. Brissett is the qb in 2019, and there is plenty of confidence in him from top to bottom.
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    I like how people just make stuff up, and then start peddling it as anything more than the product of their imagination.
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    Bummer that all the starters are out! I’m going with a group of friends, including some Bears fans(Boo!). Alot of people on here saying they feel bad for people going and that it’s too much money to go watch scrubs....Going to a game at Lucas is more then just watching the game. It’s about tailgating, hanging out with good friends and having a good time, razzing the opposing teams fans, all in fun of course, and also hanging out with fellow bleed blue colts fans! Same reason I went to watch the Cubs even during the bad years, the atmosphere and fans were awesome no matter what. I don’t really mind watching the second and third stringers fighting for their futures. As far as price, I got a pretty good seat for $48, so can’t complain. It’s going to be a fun day no matter what, not going in with high expectations like I do during regular season.
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    This is the kind of hard hitting analysis I like to see
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    I would take him over Mariotta ........ all day every day
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    Yeah it’s a game. I hate that he’s retiring but Andrew Luck playing football doesn’t impact my everyday life. If this is the worst thing in your life right now you should be thankful for what a great life you have.
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    Andrew luck . *. You will be remembered as a quitter.
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    it's Brissett by a large margin he's played one game so far and many already think he has locked up being our franchise QB and is taking us to the playoffs every year.
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    Hell, if he rushes the QB all year the way he did today I'll buy him a pony.
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    As long as they get open and catch footballs, I don't care what letter they are
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    This is all so much easier than what so many are posting: 1) The Colts are rolling with Brissett as the starter. They expect him to play well. 2) The Colts wanted to get the best back-up QB available and they chose Hoyer. The End.
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    Andrew's career will always be a disappointment.
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    I hear Uncle Rico’s available?
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    Nobody can see the future. It's why you don't burn bridges
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    Oh, Brissett's definitely gonna get blitzed heavily early on. He's gonna have to earn the respect of the opposing defense.
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    Well, what a couple of days that was! I deliberately stayed off the forum to avoid the initial responses and take time to consider this. Here is where I stand as of today: 1. The timing of the announcement was the worst possible thing that could have happened. I don't blame Schefter for breaking it, that is his job, but for the fans to find out as Luck was standing on the field is, in my mind, what lead to a majority of booing. It was shock. Either way, it should not have happened and when Luck said "it hurt" about hearing those boos, my heart sank for him. I wonder how this would have played out if he had been able to do it via the press conference he had planned. 2. I wish Andrew all the best. He is genuinely my favourite NFL player, I have 2 shirts with his name on them and I even have a Funko Pop figure of him on my work desk. I cannot imagine what the last 3 years have been like for him in terms of being in a constant cycle of pain and rehab. As many on Twitter have said, if you haven't played, you don't know, and I don't pretend to. I trust that Andrew Luck has reached a position where he could not go on. He is a completely unique character and intensely private. I think it might be just as likely we hardly ever hear from him again than he ever wears the 12 again at LoS, and that's a real shame. 3. This Colts team's arrow is still pointing up! Yes we are now worse off at the most important position in sports, but let's be clear, we have a great young team with a load of leaders at all positions. Are there many teams you would swap our GM/HC combination for? I believe Jacoby has a ceiling much lower than Andrew's, but I also believe we are in a much better position as a franchise than we were before Ballard's arrival. So, in conclusion, Thank You Andrew. I hope you find peace and contentment outside of football, that your body and mind heal to where you need it to be and, if you ever get the hunger to try again, you know where we are!
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    OMG This is funny. https://www.wthr.com/article/andrew-luck-featured-directv-nfl-sunday-ticket-ad?amp
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    When Luck throws for 150 & a TD: "Finally... a balanced scheme & a solid rushing attack that doesn't force Andrew to carry the team at all times & take unnecessary risks! This is awesome!" When Brissett throws for 150 & 3TDs, & Colts RBs tally up 200 yards rushing: "We need to start Chad Kelly."
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    Well I guess the Debbie Downers, won’t be back today. Ugly game, but Colts win!
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    Agreed. It wasn't made up at all. But I don't believe the most recent physical "injuries" were the proximate cause of the retirement. The mental aspect of dealing with rehab, and Luck's mental state overall was probably the issue. And Luck 100% controlled the narrative of what the Colts were allowed to discuss (i.e., they discussed the physical component publicly, not the mental one). Makes Irsay's comment about the space between Luck's ears whilst dealing with the shoulder even more poignant and illuminating now. I just hope Andrew gets the mental health treatment and recovery he needs to be a happy human being, first and foremost. That's the most important issue here, by far.
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    Unimaginative? What's he supposed to be doing outside of his job? I don't think he's supposed to be thinking of new and creative ways to wine and dine you.
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    I'm definitely in the last stage. I went through them all. That was quick. Well maybe I'm in the depression phase. Idk. Send help.
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    It's time to admit that Andrew Luck is not who we thought he was. No other top qb is going to retire after the season he just had. And retire at 29yrs old. The guy just doesn't have them mental make-up of an all time great qb. And thats fine. Good luck in life.
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    I don’t know what to say. After all the love and support the fans have shown him he blindsides us!? Not only us but his teammates, the coaching staff, and the organization. Totally unprofessional and I hope his memory is completely removed from Indy.
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    Preseason is such a joke. That said, more Kelly less Walker please. P.S. Stephen Holder doesn't know jack. Never has
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    Why? Because hes holding out for more money before the Cowboys run him into the ground? No one is ever team first. They all are looking out for them selves, otherwise we woulnt lose anyone to FA ever and Luck wouldnt have signed the largest contract in NFL history when he did.
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    During the broadcast they said AV told them that if he was the GM, he would have cut himself after last week's game. Probably tongue-in-cheek, but combine that with his previous comments that he doesn't want to be a liability, and the fact that he took some time to decide whether to come back after last season, I think he's decided he's done. At first I was thinking that he was just frustrated after yesterday when he told Holder that he'd speak with the media today, maybe emotional and had decided to hang it up, but could be talked out of it by this afternoon. But I would think he set certain criteria for himself, and he knows he's not hitting those criteria. I think he blames himself for the Week 1 loss (which is reasonable), and with clear eyes sees himself as a liability. I don't know if he thinks he can rebound, but I doubt he wants to let the team down again. I also think he's in his own head. He was kicking fine in warmups in Week 1, reportedly he was kicking fine during the week and in warmups yesterday. It's not like his leg is suddenly falling off, or he's struggling through an injury (that we know of, it's certainly not obvious watching him). So if I had to bet, I'd say he's going to hang it up today. I said last week, and several times before, eventually AV won't be able to keep kicking, and it will be said, but when that happens, it's time for him to step aside. If that day has come, I'm sad to see it, but everyone involved has to be fair to the team. And to AV.
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    Also missed this one. Turay would of had the sack.
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    I think JB should have really good numbers this year. He really threw 3 TDS today if they didn't rob Ebron of his TD. Played a really clean game.
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    If he takes us farther then Andrew Luck and we don’t miss a beat there is going to be a lot of people questioning how good luck really was.
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    Let's not forget that the following QB's "Won" Superbowls: Jeff Hostetler Mark Rypien Doug Williams Trent Dilfer Joe Flacco Nick Foles Brad Johnson Why? They were all game managers playing on balanced teams who had stout defenses and a good running games. Most of them had bounced around the league and were backups as well prior to the big win. That is what Ballard has been wanting to establish is a roster that can carry itself sans a Franchise type QB. This roster probably isn't there yet but its not beyond the realm of possibilities.
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    I may be old fashioned but I think the NFL should keep everything the way it is except only play 2 pre-season games should be played. Only 6 teams making the playoffs is perfect IMO, it makes the regular season super important. Usually all 6 teams that do make it from each conference are good to great as well. An 18 game regular season is too long, more chance of injury. If the NFL goes to 18 games than records won't mean anything either because today's players would have the advantage compiling bigger stats. Like 55 TD's in one season would be easier to obtain for QB's and QB's may come close to throwing for 6000 Yards. To me those seasons won't mean as much if that happens.
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    Whomever wears the shoe on the first day of the regular season, I will be rooting for!
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    Nelson jersey on way he's my idol
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    This is a cover for him trying out for Kicker
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    Colts: Jabaal Sheard DE Knee DNP Jonathan Williams RB Rib DNP Devin Funchess WR Back LP Kenny Moore II CB Thumb LP Jordan Wilkins RB Ankle LP https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/04/indianapolis-colts-practice-injury-report-sept-4-week-1/ So far the Chargers Report was unavailable
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    They might think Kelly's ceiling is higher but that doesn't mean he's "better" now. Jacoby deserves a chance to prove himself. It's not like the dude is devoid of talent. And they either believe in him (which I think its obvious that they do) or they will throw Kelly in after his suspension is served, dude couldn't play now they wanted him to. Hoyer is a veteran presence, ala Hasselbeck, brought in to help them both mature, what he lacks in talent he makes up for in knowledge and experience. It's a relatively simple process. None of these contracts are unsustainable either. It could all change next year and would be a hiccup. They've placed themselves in the best possible position they could have, given the circumstances. I appreciate the measured tone with which the front office has addressed what would have been cataclysm in a lesser organization. Imagine what grigson and pagano would have done...... It might be lost year but overreacting is far worse than what the new colts regime has done. As a fanbase we're in good hands.......it'll all play out.
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    Josh Rosen 2018 3-10 record 2278 yards passing 138 yards rushing 11 TD 14 INT 26.6 QBR Jacoby Brissett 2017 4-11 record 3098 yards passing 260 yards rushing 13 TD 7 INT 81.7 QBR Brissett is literally better than Rosen in every possible way.
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    Only a fool would think you could throw most of any QB out there right now and think he's going to give optimal performance. What I do believe is he's got the necessary tools and talent to be developed into a starter by next year based on little things ive seen. I believe JB should be the starter, but I think you could develop Kelly as the year went along. I think if he had to play right now he'd take his lumps, but clearly that kid had some tools to work with. The accuracy is there, the movement in the pocket is there, the foot speed is there, he's aware of what's going on, he has a since for timing and the type of touch needed on his throws. There's some things to clean up but I certainly could see him being a starter at some point on down the line.
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    "but the name Andrew Luck was never said" - Probably by design.
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    I think he kinda of gave JB a bigger chance then what he would have had if Luck limped through the season. Maybe this might help your outlook on this Csmopar. Yes we could say the timing is off but maybe the timing was just right. I have faced these dark places Luck talks about after injuries and such. I was in an accident 3 years ago. The doctors saved my leg, they didn't know if I would ever walk again. I am walking with just a lil limp and some can't even notice it. After 7 procedures I told the doctors I am done, as they have been talking about possibility of more procedures. I told the doctors that sometimes I wished they would have just amputated my leg because it was have a procedure, heal and rehab, repeat x 3 . There has been many, many times I have contemplated retiring not from my career but from LIFE. Football is a luxury for all of us. We have to be thankful we had Luck for x amount of years. I mean we could have had RG3. With the new CBA coming up who knows what football will look like then. Just enjoy it and take it for what it is ENTERTAINMENT. Again the sun will come up in a few hours. The Colts will play again next week. NEXT MAN UP!!! nothing personal just hoping this sheds light on some of this not just for you my friend but all COLTS fans .
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    Fantastic post Jared. My own disagreement with you is the line I bolded. Did Adam's misses hurt us on the scoreboard or make the hole to dig out of deeper than we would have preferred? Yes. However, we can't lay this loss entirely at V's feet. He's not the terminator or an unstoppable cyborg for crying out loud. He's been so clutch for so long that our expectations are out of whack. It's week 1; these misses don't give me pause at all. Hades, most teams misfire the first week since most of the veterans have not played a full game yet. Adam has earned a lot of cache in this league for the Pats & INDY. He'll be fine. Everybody's rusty even the refs. Yep, our defense was making Rivers slide up in the pocket & Hooker did take away 6 points from the powder blue LA Bolts late in the game to keep us alive, Mack looked solid on the ground, & TY has a nose for the end zone just like always, even Ebron was on fire until the refs screwed us over with a lame call. Jacoby played well better than I anticipated he would. Like you said so eloquently, he makes good decisions with the ball. Uh huh. INDY is definitely no dumpster fire indeed. I will give you a like anyway since I agree with 95% of what you wrote. I'm not really that upset with you Jared. I just can't condemn Adam. The dude is money. He just had a hiccup today that's all. He will work his tail off this week to redeem himself & get his mojo back buddy.
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    The only reason I'm asking is because if there's a quarterback who might be able to keep the cancerous brown under control, that guy might be Brissett, a guy known for leadership, with a reputation for a big arm, on a strong team, and quite frankly, since AB is gaining a reputation as a racist, i think he might prefer catching passes from a guy of his own skin color. We have the cap space, we have the roster, we have one of the few QBs in the league AB actually has a chance to get along with -- I'm not even saying do it because I don't like the guy personally, but it might make us a better team so you have to at least consider it. Would the talent be worth it or would he blow what's generally considered to be a pretty tight clubhouse to pieces with his behavior? I dunno. I just think this is one of his better chances to actually make a home for himself at this point, if he's too radioactive even for the team that signed Vontaze Burfict it may be too big of a gamble though
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    Well we all knew this was going to be an important year for Jacoby to prove he could be a NFL starter. We just didn’t think it would be for the Colts. IMO while not a franchise QB you can win with Brissett and swapping Dorset for Brissett might turn out to be the biggest move Ballard ever made.
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