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    He looks like a bum. Let's get rid of him, I think we could get Kirk Cousins for him.
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    Hey friends. I am live at grand park today. Going to take some diligent notes and write up everything I see today and post it after practice.
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    I'll trust the front office to make the correct moves, if any. Plus finding a uniform for an orangutan would be tough. Every return would be a TD though
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    I may be old fashioned but I think the NFL should keep everything the way it is except only play 2 pre-season games should be played. Only 6 teams making the playoffs is perfect IMO, it makes the regular season super important. Usually all 6 teams that do make it from each conference are good to great as well. An 18 game regular season is too long, more chance of injury. If the NFL goes to 18 games than records won't mean anything either because today's players would have the advantage compiling bigger stats. Like 55 TD's in one season would be easier to obtain for QB's and QB's may come close to throwing for 6000 Yards. To me those seasons won't mean as much if that happens.
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    Whomever wears the shoe on the first day of the regular season, I will be rooting for!
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    Yeah, you don’t say............
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    Rock is so dang impressive.
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    We have a right to be concerned. If this didn’t heal after three months the chances of it lingering into the season are pretty high.
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    OK..... if you insist. I'll give you my favorite of yours. And my post here will be long because there's so many facts on the other side of your argument. But I'll list it all. You have, in at least two threads that I'm aware of, and two posts in one of those threads, claimed that in your view, Frank Reich was a poor play caller last year. I confess I found that jaw dropping. Simply astonishing. You also said you hoped he'd be better this year. I don't recall any argument you made for that. And I found the view so stunning, that this is why I wonder how many Colts games you actually watched last year? Perhaps you didn't see most games and are relying on the box score and the play by play sheet? But here would be my response.... again, it's going to be long. FACT: Andrew Luck couldn't even practice with the team until camp opened in late July, and even then was on a limited pitch count. He had to play his way into shape which didn't come until sometime in mid-late October. Luck couldn't even throw a Hail Mary in September, that's how poor his arm was. FACT: The team's offensive line, now widely viewed as a strength, had tough times for the first third of the season. AC was out with his hammy, and various players tried to hold down the RT spot until the Rookie, Smith, finally did a solid job in October. FACT: We had a virtual unknown at running back. Marlon Mack missed 4 games and surprised us all with what he delivered in the 12 games he played. FACT: Our WR core, was so poor, that we used a TE, Eric Ebron, to mostly play WR so there was a quality player opposite TYH. It wasn't until the half-way point of the season, that we plucked Darnelle Inman off the street and he immediately became our 2nd best true WR. That's how poor out WR group was. FACT: Luck didn't have one of his favorite targets for most of the season. Jack Doyle was hurt in September and we lost our best true tight end. We used guys like Hewitt and Alie-Cox to fill-in. And with all that working against us, this is what Reich's offense did with what you believe was poor play calling...... Ready? Scoring Offense: 5th in the NFL, 27 points per game. 3rd Down Offense: 1st in the NFL Red Zone Offense: 5th in the NFL. Passing Offense: 6th in the NFL. Offensive Line: 1st in fewest sacks allowed. I won't even go into individual achievements. I think the facts speak for themselves. I can't imagine what in the world your comeback argument is going to be. But I'm quite sure you will have one. Be my guest. Make the case that Frank Reich had a poor year calling plays. I think you've got your work cut out for you....
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    Why? Because hes holding out for more money before the Cowboys run him into the ground? No one is ever team first. They all are looking out for them selves, otherwise we woulnt lose anyone to FA ever and Luck wouldnt have signed the largest contract in NFL history when he did.
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    No one showed up for the draft randomization GoToMeeting. Waited 10 minutes and decided to go ahead and do it myself. After randomizing 3 times, this is the draft order I ended with: @Btown_Colt @chad72 @Rich Cannon @IndyD4U @Juanjo @spoonfish @onebad150 @Chucklez @SteelCityColt @Virtuoso80 @Valpo2004 @Bluefire4 I have updated the draft order in the nfl.com league, you can verify that it matches what I posted above. Please make sure you show up for the actual live draft on August 31st, 2019 at 11 am ET. Happy mocking with this order in mind!!!
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    I don’t feel confident about backups at OT, especially LT. Last year showed as much when we went 1-4 without Castonzo.
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    You forgot one thing...
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    If you can diagnose injuries at that sort of range can we sign you for the NHS?! We’d save a fortune having you diagnose our patients remotely with no examination. Aside from the team all round having a nightmare I’d put it more down to him hitting the equivalent of the “rookie wall” after so long out without playing.
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    1. Reich mentioned a minor calf injury. At the time, it was most likely more than a minor calf injury, given that the calf/ankle was scanned for muscle tears. Per Luck, there were no tears and it did not look like it could lead to an Achilles tear. Perhaps, that's why Reich mentioned it was minor, because it was a soft tissue injury without any tears. 2. Luck was rehabbing the calf/ankle and it was improving, and that's why there did not seem to be much worry from the coaching staff. They noted it was a "minor" issue. 3. Luck had a set back and the pain resurfaced. The situation has now become more dire, simply because of the lack of time to fully heal before week 1. 4. Just 2-3 days ago, Luck said that he is still feeling a little pain, but less than before. It's improving and he feels like he will be ready for Week 1. A) Overall, I don't think the FO/coaches lied. The situation changed due to a set back. B) Luck has been in front of media talking about this. I don't think he needs to be in front of media every day talking about it. We just have to be patient. C) Given the situation, what would you like for Luck to do? Practice at camp and take a chance at the calf/ankle get worse, leading him to miss actual games in the season? Clearly, the right thing to do is take care of the issue, get Luck's body ready for the season, despite missing out on valuable practice time.
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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/08/04/indianapolis-colts-frank-reich-leaving-preaching-for-coaching/1914690001/ Frank, your ministry just grew infinitely.
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    any list without Philly is invalid.
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    Lol the overreactions here are something. It's possible the O-Line takes a step back, but I have no issue with firing Degugliemo. Also, it's TC. Like preseason, there's not much to be gleamed from it. Last year Colts were pretty bad and look how that turned out.
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    I took the time out to re-watch the tape from yesterday and listen this kid can flat out FLY. He looks like a Leonard clone and was very impressive his his first live game as a Colt. He made a few bone head moves but that’s to be expected as a rookie. Overall the good outweighed the bad. He showed Amazing lateral movement and agility to get from sideline to sideline. He has track speed and acceleration is off the charts. He was almost always in the mix of the play with a tackle or assist. I was really encouraged and surprised. I think Speed is going to a dawg here in Indy.
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    He had no moves and no hand play on rushes, poor hand placement, no bend, no strength.. he would just run straight forward and then play pat a cake with the tackle until the play was over.
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    Walker seems like a great guy, but I have always thought he was a TERRIBLE QB, and is one of the worst 3rd String QB's in the league. His accuracy is bad, and I don't see the point in having him on the roster. Our defense only suffers playing against a college-level QB talent during practice.
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    Frostbitten feet from entering a cryotherapy machine without the proper footwear... BAH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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    Gotta appreciate chappy still having the want to do this after 30 plus years. Also thats hes adapted to the social media age. BB can't even go two seconds without breaking a tablet
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    He is very compact in his movement and his change of direction is incredibly abrupt. Slides right on through a crease.
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    That's partially true, but primarily not because Strausser or Mudd. Whoever is it, the OL "technique" is 99,9% the same. Mudd has 1-2 unique elements how the teaches it, but every coaches have unique ways they are teaching the (almost) same thing. However, it's possible that this oline will struggle a bit in the beginning, because - and this is the real change from last year - they are changing to zone blocking. Last year they used some ZB, but mostly it was kind of a mixture of power and zone blocking. I believe that was the main, real reason behind the change. They wanted to change to ZB, that's what Philly uses (I believe Reich is trying to implement the Philly oline here. He has the talent here to do it.) Anyway, a scheme change might take a while for these guys get used to. In the other hand, if they manage to make the switch successfully, then this oline can be a joy to watch. The ZB scheme requires players with good lateral movement, and for this specific reason, ZB lines usually have smaller, more agile men. What's unique in Nelson, Kelly and Glowinsky, is that they are huge poweful guys - especially Nelson -, all of them are great pullers, but still all of them have very quick feet and good lateral movement. Imagine a ZB oline which has the quick movement, but also pulls like a truck. That's what this oline can look like once they get in comfort mode in the new scheme. It may take a while (a few games, maybe even a half season), but then....
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    If I am following this correctly... If the ankle injury was present back in March/May...but went undiagnosed...and he's been basically resting since then for the calf injury (other than a couple days of practice)...then what can we realistically expect three more weeks of rest to do? Or did the ankle get aggravated in camp because of the calf injury? If that is how it happened...after months of rest...then again...what is three weeks expected to do? The risk for re-injury will be incredibly high anyways...and no way they let him play without practicing for a week or two without pain. If it is indeed cumulative...then that sounds like a different thing altogether. Is there a long-term solution (even though they initially ruled out surgery)? If it's about managing pain...they haven't been able to manage it after several months. It's very concerning. I haven't really speculated on it yet...but I think playing in September might be a long shot at this point. We'll see though.
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    Keep in mind, Jim Irsay is not a doctor.
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    Welcome back, Colts fans! Our Indianapolis Colts begins both their 71th season as a member of the NFL as they start their 2019 NFL Preseason Schedule through the rest of August, and the NFL celebrates their 100th anniversary, as the Colts are in Western New York state to play the Buffalo Bills. Frank Reich begins his second full season as the Colts Head Coach. NFL Comeback Andrew Luck also begins his seventh season in the NFL as a Colt player, and his second full season WR T.Y. Hilton also looks recovered and healthy after enduring leg and ankle injuries he endued during December and the Colts playoffs games at Houston and Kansas City, and off-season surgery and rehab. The 2019 NFL Draft class also makes their debut on the playing field, to see live game action tonight, with their ten drafted players, and led by CB Rock Ya-Shin from Temple University. A few of the established Colts veteran players including Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton may be limited offensive plays, while the rookies, drafted and undrafted, even signed free agents and veterans, have a chance to get noticed by the coaches with their plays, as all of them try to make the cut from the current 90-man training camp roster, to the final 53-man regular season roster. Colts and Bills have played 60 games between each other since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, with the Bills leading the all-time regular season series at 37-32-1, but are playing their ninth preseason game. Winner will break the current 4-4 preseason record. Indianapolis evened the preseason record with Buffalo in both teams last meeting played three years ago, edging the Bills, also played at Buffalo back on August 13. Like tonight, the Colts played their first preseason game at the Bills instead of their second game in 2016. Colts were scheduled to play in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame Game at Canton, Ohio with the Packers on August 7, 2016, but was cancelled because of loose turf, field conditions. WXIN FOX Channel 59 is televising all four 2019 Colts preseason games, beginning with their pregame show at 6:30 PM, followed by the game coverage at 7:00 PM EST. WXIN FOX 59 the flagship station in the Colts Preseason Television Network, with 10 network affiliates, 9 in Indiana, and 1 in Champaign, Illinois, all games seen live on HD. A great evening for NFL football tonight at Western New York State, as Sunny skies at 73 degrees, is the game forecast inside New Era Cap Field at Orchard Park, NY, for the 7:05 PM kickoff, along with 7% precipitation, 67% humidity, and western winds at 11 miles per hour. Colts are wearing their white helmets, Nike blue jerseys and white pants, while the Bills dress in all white uniforms, white helmets, Nike white jerseys and pants. NO injuries to all the Colts and Bills players that are making the cut throughout the preseason to the top 53-man regular season roster, should be an entertaining first preseason game tonight, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!! https://nfl.com/gamecenter/2019090853/2019/PRE1/colts@bills https://colts.com/colts-bills-preseason-preview-week-1 https://fox59.com/category/sports/colts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Indianapolis_Colts_season
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    I am already laughing so you can join me on opening day and laugh too. You do know we are underdogs in that 1st game so if we lose do not be surprised. A lot of people think we will lose that anyway regardless if Luck practices. I think we can win as long as Luck is out there but that is one of our tougher games on the schedule. If we start 0-1, I will not panic, we almost always do.
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    In the regular and post season
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    Just when you think you've heard it all then this news shows up. It's so crazy I still can't believe a grown man would do something like that. His career could be in jeopardy. This news is totally nuts.
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    That's a happy looking kid, right there! He'll remember that forever! Glad you guys had a good time! I saw your other post where you talked about how your son came to you through adoption. That's awesome! We adopted our son as well. We were front row on the bleachers over on Field 2 in front of where Darius Leonard was warming up and getting us all hyped. If you were on that side of the field too, I'm sure you saw my son (African-American toddler in a Hilton jersey) running all over the place and my wife (the only person I know who would show up to Colts training camp in a Patriots shirt and hat, lol). Because little man was so rowdy we decided to stay over by Field 2 even though majority of the action was on Field 1. Thought it would be better for all involved, haha. We still had a great time!
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    I'm going on Thursday and taking my son that we adopted 5 years ago. He's almost 14 and we've been to two Colts games and Luck didn't play in either. Luck is my son's favorite players and we are so excited to finally see Andrew Luck in person and now maybe he won't even practice Thursday if he does practice tomorrow. Maybe they'll do an every other day thing? If he's not there on Thursday, then I'll have one very disappointed young man with me. Maybe Andrew will at least be out on the field and sign autographs afterward...that would certainly help.
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    That is true leadership. Thats basically a vet going out of his way to give advice to basically a rook
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    There's different ways to look at it, but to me, if the two teams will play again before the end of the season, then suspend the game and complete it later. Even though ALL 162 game count, when it gets to mid-August and later, then the games tend to take on more importance for the teams in contention for a playoff spot. But, as was mentioned, whatever is done needs to be done consistently. This time the Cardinals are the team that appears to get shortchanged. We don't know if they would have ended up winning, or if the final result would have been the same. I haven't had a chance to read any articles on this with opinions offered due to work schedule, but I would think most would have wanted the game suspended and completed later.
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    AB In fact did threaten to quit on the raiders. Why would you want this type of drama in an organization is beyond me. Will he or won’t he play if we don’t give into his next command? Nope, not for me.
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    I'm really tired of this "alpha male" stuff. Those are ranks we use to describe the position an animal holds in a pack, and that's what they are, not personality traits. AB would actually be considered an Omega and might be killed by the rest of the pack for being an omega. Also, when has Tom Brady pulled something like this? And who said anything about a guy getting fired up or being hard on teammates? We are talking about people who cant be trusted to even show up here. No but the team being wrong doesnt make AB right.
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    slow down bud. Hes not even played a real regular season game against a good QB yet
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    Good Lord, I can't wait fur the season to start. Is Campbell as good as Jerry Rice?
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    Lester did a great job but once again our bullpen is wettin the bed. Games tied 2-2 bottom of the 8th.
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