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    He looks like a bum. Let's get rid of him, I think we could get Kirk Cousins for him.
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    Whomever wears the shoe on the first day of the regular season, I will be rooting for!
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    Yeah, you don’t say............
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    No one showed up for the draft randomization GoToMeeting. Waited 10 minutes and decided to go ahead and do it myself. After randomizing 3 times, this is the draft order I ended with: @Btown_Colt @chad72 @Rich Cannon @IndyD4U @Juanjo @spoonfish @onebad150 @Chucklez @SteelCityColt @Virtuoso80 @Valpo2004 @Bluefire4 I have updated the draft order in the nfl.com league, you can verify that it matches what I posted above. Please make sure you show up for the actual live draft on August 31st, 2019 at 11 am ET. Happy mocking with this order in mind!!!
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    You forgot one thing...
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    I may be old fashioned but I think the NFL should keep everything the way it is except only play 2 pre-season games should be played. Only 6 teams making the playoffs is perfect IMO, it makes the regular season super important. Usually all 6 teams that do make it from each conference are good to great as well. An 18 game regular season is too long, more chance of injury. If the NFL goes to 18 games than records won't mean anything either because today's players would have the advantage compiling bigger stats. Like 55 TD's in one season would be easier to obtain for QB's and QB's may come close to throwing for 6000 Yards. To me those seasons won't mean as much if that happens.
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    Why? Because hes holding out for more money before the Cowboys run him into the ground? No one is ever team first. They all are looking out for them selves, otherwise we woulnt lose anyone to FA ever and Luck wouldnt have signed the largest contract in NFL history when he did.
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    Lol the overreactions here are something. It's possible the O-Line takes a step back, but I have no issue with firing Degugliemo. Also, it's TC. Like preseason, there's not much to be gleamed from it. Last year Colts were pretty bad and look how that turned out.
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    This guy is the best!
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    He is very compact in his movement and his change of direction is incredibly abrupt. Slides right on through a crease.
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    That's partially true, but primarily not because Strausser or Mudd. Whoever is it, the OL "technique" is 99,9% the same. Mudd has 1-2 unique elements how the teaches it, but every coaches have unique ways they are teaching the (almost) same thing. However, it's possible that this oline will struggle a bit in the beginning, because - and this is the real change from last year - they are changing to zone blocking. Last year they used some ZB, but mostly it was kind of a mixture of power and zone blocking. I believe that was the main, real reason behind the change. They wanted to change to ZB, that's what Philly uses (I believe Reich is trying to implement the Philly oline here. He has the talent here to do it.) Anyway, a scheme change might take a while for these guys get used to. In the other hand, if they manage to make the switch successfully, then this oline can be a joy to watch. The ZB scheme requires players with good lateral movement, and for this specific reason, ZB lines usually have smaller, more agile men. What's unique in Nelson, Kelly and Glowinsky, is that they are huge poweful guys - especially Nelson -, all of them are great pullers, but still all of them have very quick feet and good lateral movement. Imagine a ZB oline which has the quick movement, but also pulls like a truck. That's what this oline can look like once they get in comfort mode in the new scheme. It may take a while (a few games, maybe even a half season), but then....
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    1) Yes. 2) No. One important variable: Andrew Luck is a franchise QB.
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    Bill Polian did the same thing when he came here. Brought in a lot of players from his previous teams: Cornelius Bennett (Bills) Chad Cota (Panthers) Tyrone Poole (Panthers) Jeff Burris (Bills)
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    I think we’d brought in Ajayi if we were going too by now. I think that notion has long sailed away though
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    I get it, but RB cant be compared to QB in this case. QBs need the timing with OL, WRs, and RBs. They also need practice "controlling" the offense. RBs can turn the switch more easily. Maybe send him out there WITH the bubble wrap? Put him in one of those blow-up Sumo-wrestler suits.
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    Does that go both ways? If Zeke is wrong for wanting something different than his contract do you believe the teams should be forced to keep a player for the duration of a contract - no matter what? You can't have it both ways. If you want player contracts to be honored because "he signed a contract" then the teams need to honor the contracts and make them 100% guaranteed. No more cutting due to performance inside of a contract.
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    AB In fact did threaten to quit on the raiders. Why would you want this type of drama in an organization is beyond me. Will he or won’t he play if we don’t give into his next command? Nope, not for me.
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    I'm really tired of this "alpha male" stuff. Those are ranks we use to describe the position an animal holds in a pack, and that's what they are, not personality traits. AB would actually be considered an Omega and might be killed by the rest of the pack for being an omega. Also, when has Tom Brady pulled something like this? And who said anything about a guy getting fired up or being hard on teammates? We are talking about people who cant be trusted to even show up here. No but the team being wrong doesnt make AB right.
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    That doesnt matter at all. You still show up and do your job because your team is depending on you. That stuff is for the offseason. And as far as the Raiders.....well he didnt show up to practice yesterday because of a helmet. That to me is quitting on your team. It's just a football practice. Even if you're not gonna practice, you still show up. In any business you need to be able to rely on your staff to be there. There is nothing worse than someone who cant be depended on. In football, its magnified. When you're the best/most important player on the team, it becomes an even bigger deal.
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    Reds seem to give other teams a lot of trouble. Speaking of juiced ball, Pete Alonso has hit 39 HRs and this rookie player for the Reds is the fastest to 11 HR. @hippiejohn must be ecatatic.
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    The Chargers are in the Vikings and Bills category as being among the best franchises that have never won a SB. Chargers have had some very good teams = 1980 and 1981 seasons with Fouts and Winslow, they went to the SB in the 1994 season, and the teams Rivers has had in 2006, 2007, 2009 seasons, and last year were pretty good. They should make a 2 hour special on greatest franchises that have never won a SB. It would probably feature the 1981 Chargers or 2007 Chargers - both lost in the AFC Title game, 1990 Bills, and either the 1974 Vikings or 1998 Vikings.
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    Earl Morral did it multiple times
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    I think the whole reason for your post is to brag about your 220 average...;)
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    If you’re “done” with Luck can I politely suggest you stop posting this rhetoric repeatedly in multiple topics.
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    You’re comparing what a professional NFL quarterback goes through...to bowling.....Really? Are you serious? I’ll tell you what...next time you go bowling, round up several 250-350 pound men if there’s any there, buy them a few rounds of vodka along with a few for you and don’t forget your Tylenol (you’ll need them) then have those guys repeatedly chase you around the bowling alley pummeling you and attempting to rip your head off. That might be a little more of a fair comparison. C’mon bud, man the F up, right?
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    just be happy it's not a little bone thing
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    I couldn’t agree more. The Colts have a lot of project players on their roster. Lewis, Benogou, Tell, Ya-Sin, etc.. Personally, I don’t think Lewis is going to be anything more than average at best at DT. I’m not even sure he’ll be special at DE. The story at Ohio State was that he was recruited to play DE but basically started lining up on the interior because Nick Bosa, Sam Hubbard, and Chase Young we’re better. I stand to be proven young but the trend recently in the NFL is that those tweener/hybrid players never amount to too much ( see Shaq Thompson, Su’a Cravens, Hassan Reddick, etc...) I feels his best position is situational 3rd down interior pass rusher.
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    "Plays with oily hips and slippery feet" From his draft profile OILY HIPS????? What the heck is that?
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    I think they both make it brother. The Nats may be the other Wildcard surprisingly.
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    Hate if for Campbell. Perhaps he and Luck are tossing it around in the seated position... Need to say a Rosary or two for the continued health of Mack, TY, Funch, Rogers, Cain, Ebron, and Doyle. Not sure how Rogers isn't a lock at this point with Campbell out yet another week. Only question to me now is if we keep 6, is it Pascal or Hogan.
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    I doubt this is indicative of Wilson's job being in jeopardy. They probably just want see how Ya-Sin & Tell III hold up vs first team WRs in the event of a veteran starter going down with an injury.
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    Doubt we'll ever know the truth. But yup, I think misdiagnosis is likely the most plausible theory right now. Who knows though. We can only glean info from reports, but the vid could suggest things are not as serious as some have thought. I guess we'll know in a few weeks!
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    To be honest with you Marvell Tell looks like he's going to be a good player at CB when it's all said and done. It's an interesting situation for sure. They may have enough confidence between Tell and Rock to move Quincy. I'm hoping we hang on to him but who knows. They could be looking to replace him as Tell has the same type of background as Quincy as far as being able to play Safety and CB. I'm sure he'll also be able to play Dime Linebacker like Quincy does.
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    Zeke has had off the field issues. Yes I would put him in the same category.
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    Brissett stays the entire year as the number 2. Walker goes to the PS after cut down day. Kelly serves his 2 game suspension. Kelly takes Walker's spot on the PS. Kelly finishes the year and goes into the offseason as the number 2. Ballard and company draft a mid to late round QB to be the number 3. Kelly starts next season as our number 2. This is all predicated on Kelly staying out of trouble off the field, of course.
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    I have to wonder if CB is checking on Kelly’s maturation to be able to handle the stress of being sat behind a guy who most feel shouldn’t even be on an nfl roster. Is it truly an evaluation of the team that PW is better than Kelly or is it the team testing his mental ability to just keep clean, patient and calm in the process? We don’t know why Kelly isn’t above PW at this point. What the fans know is PW isn’t making a roster over the potential that a Kelly has provided here and what he showed in Denver as the back up. My belief is that CB is testing his mental side to this adversity to assure he can trust him fully that he has matured. Would give him confidence that if the right trade offer came for JB, Kelly could step into the stress role of being available for a starting role should Luck be injured enough to be forced to sit. Who knows
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    Doyle actually said Hentges is a better version of himself. If he thinks that what are the coaches thinking? I think he makes it.
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    Yes, and he was smiling after those drills so it looks good for week 1
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    Colin Cowherd did a segment today and mentioned Luck as one of his 5 most fragile QB's. He was mentioned along with Rogers, Newton, Wentz and Garrappolo. He said if either of these QB's miss significant time this year their GM's should draft a QB high next year. All of these teams are all in on their QB's but another injury to any of them would be a red flag that they need to be proactive in finding a replacement just in case. He mentioned BB has been doing it for years with the Patriots. Just in case Brady goes down he has always invested in one early every 3 or 4 years. Like Brissett and Garrappolo. All of these teams are strong enough where they should be able to do it just in case. Maybe that's another reason Chad Kelly was brought in. He said a good team doesn't want to be caught without a strong backup or maybe the eventual replacement on the roster. Makes sense to me.
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    Yes. Football players get hurt. It's a pretty well known fact. It sucks for the team and fan base. Life isn't fair. Things happen. I guarantee you Andrew is more upset than any of us. My life will go on. If he can't play, I will hope Jacoby plays well. If he doesn't, then I will be bummed. However my life will go on.
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    Fighting in front of Peyton and other fellow alumni. Embarrassing.
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    so many curse words being uttered by me right now,
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    It's interesting to look at the recaps on Browns.com as well... The writers on each side do a very good job of playing up the good and downplaying/outright leaving out the bad. Which, hey, isn't unexpected. Just that if you were to read one side or the other's you'd think they for sure had the better day.
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    No I am not an overeactor, I am just a Colts fan voicing my opinion. Some fans drop thousands on season tickets, some buy the cable nfl package. Some dress up from head to toes, some just sport a tee shirt. Regardless of where you or I stand. At the end of the day we all are fans of the same team that wants to see this team beat that sorry team up in Boston. I hope we agree on that one
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    If I am following this correctly... If the ankle injury was present back in March/May...but went undiagnosed...and he's been basically resting since then for the calf injury (other than a couple days of practice)...then what can we realistically expect three more weeks of rest to do? Or did the ankle get aggravated in camp because of the calf injury? If that is how it happened...after months of rest...then again...what is three weeks expected to do? The risk for re-injury will be incredibly high anyways...and no way they let him play without practicing for a week or two without pain. If it is indeed cumulative...then that sounds like a different thing altogether. Is there a long-term solution (even though they initially ruled out surgery)? If it's about managing pain...they haven't been able to manage it after several months. It's very concerning. I haven't really speculated on it yet...but I think playing in September might be a long shot at this point. We'll see though.
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    any list without Philly is invalid.
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