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    I made a video of Mo blocking Yannick Ngakoue & Miles Jack at the same time, and then tried to post it on Reddit/NFL. To my surprise, not only was it accepted, but it is now trending #1 with over 1.4k Upvotes, and 96% in just 2.5 hours! I never expected it would be liked by not only Colts fans, but NFL fans in general as well! I'm very surprised that blocking video's(outside of Quenton Nelson) can gain traction like this! Glad to see I was able to put some national spotlight on Mo for once! He definitely deserves it! I'll put the link here, so all of you may see it as well! Mo Alie-Cox video
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    As a fan, if a player that I think will really help the team opts out, it's disappointing. From a human standpoint, I get it.
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    Here he is ladies and gents.
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    Maybe I’m reading this guys tweet incorrectly? He seems to be saying that Luck retired due to the snow boarding accident. Couple of points to make.... 1. Wasn’t the snowboarding accident several years ago? 2. Didn’t the snowboarding accident result in a shoulder injury? 3. Didn’t Luck retire due to some mysterious lower leg injury? If this is all true, and I believe it is, the dots don’t connect. In other words, this guy was wrong before and there’s no reason — for now — to believe he’d be right this time. If Luck comes back — great. If he wants to play elsewhere — fine. We’d get draft picks. If he wants to play for the Colts — that’s fine too. To me Luck coming back is a win-win. And if not, we move on....
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    This is a nice video. Lots of stuff in it. Even some of Eason throwing.
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    Parris narrates part of the video. Good to see they've thought this through and are going above and beyond to make the season happen.
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    Really good question to ask. Too much blame or honor often goes to the QB. No matter how great, the QB can't make enough difference to carry the team alone. Defense was really hit hard last year when Derwin James went down in preseason. Derwin is in on almost every single play, has the widest range, quickest instincts and closing speed I've seen in a long time. He's also such a solid tackler that if he's near the play he makes the stop. Everyone is a better player when he's on the field. Then we lost 2 CBs, 10 and 16 days later to injured reserve, and then S Nassir Adderly a month later. From there on the D was incredibly vulnerable. Our pass rush wasn't nearly as effective without the shutdown pass D. On offense we lost C Mike Pouncey shortly thereafter, then G Forrest Lamp both to Injured Reserve. The O-Line became a revolving door (again) I lost count of how many different line permutations were tried. Also, as a long time River's fan, I think he was injured (can't remember which game might have been either Green Bay or the game after). His play changed after 1 really bad hit and then he was hit a couple more times. Rivers plays through everything and you'll never hear a peep about what's ailing him. After that, his throws lost just enough zip and distance to change up the entire offense's timing. He's had a similar year back in San Diego and came out on fire the next year. I hope you guys get to see that Rivers. With your O-Line and running game, this could be a magical year for Colt's fans. Phil is amazingly quick to learn new receivers and if he trusts them to be where expected, he'll make incredible timing throws. RB Melvin Gordon's hold out was a disaster. Our Back up RBs were doing really well while he was out, so I felt he got worried and that's why he came back without a deal. He NEVER got going and the coaches disrupted the offensive threat we had had to bring him back. There was a reason our Offensive Coordinator was fired mid-season and it wasn't Rivers. I couldn't have been happier when Philip landed with the Colts as they've always been my 2nd favorite team to root for if we didn't make the playoffs.
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    Why anyone would be frustrated by a player opting out is a mystery to me, and frankly just mind-numbing. They are making a personal decision based on their own health or perhaps their families health. This has nothing to do with his drive to play. That is a comical.
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    Man.. this is going to be a domino effect. Next thing we know Andrew Luck will opt out of this season.
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    Luck is done folks. He walked away to be a father and husband and to keep his body and brains intact. He’s not coming back to get his body smashed up again or raise the odds that he gets another concussion or five. He has enough $; he’s a smart guy with a multitude of interests. Let the ghost of QB Andrew Luck Rest In Peace.
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    AC is not — repeat NOT — opting out. He only said he considered it. Do you know who else likely considered it? EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!! Hello? The virus can kill you. It can make you badly sick. You can then give it to family members and teammates. Anybody in their right mind would at least consider opting out. And you would too if you were a player. It’s logical and reasonable to at least consider it. Can we please stop with the ridiculous outrage over this?
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    I just finished season two of Umbrella Academy. Now when someone says "I heard a rumor..." I try to ignore it as fast as possible. I suggest everyone do the same with this one.
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    Technically, I don’t believe he was released. I believe his contract was up and we elected not to re-sign him to a new deal. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will come along soon enough to correct me and set the record straight.
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    As most of you know, I'm a Cardinals fan. But you don't know that at one time I was a Cubs fan. This was in the early 1980's while I was in college and got cable TV. Our TV provider had WGN and since I had morning classes, I could go home and watch Cubs games in the afternoon since Wrigley didn't get lights until 1988. I really enjoyed those teams...Sandberg, Jodie Davis, Leon Durham, etc. The best part was listening to Harry Caray call the games...he was one of a kind and made watching so much fun. In April 1983, me and a couple of friends made a road trip from southern Kentucky (Bowling Green) to Chicago to attend a Cubs game. It was my first trip to Wrigley. We left late Saturday night and drove all night to arrive in Chicago Sunday morning for the game that afternoon against the Giants. We got into the ballpark to watch batting practice and it was a cold and windy day...surprise, right? Our tickets were in the lower level a few rows up from the third base dugout. I look down and see Harry Caray on the field behind the batting cage talking to players and coaches. He makes his way to the gate in the brick wall near the end of the dugout to walk up the steps through the lower level to get up to the press box. So, my friends and I walk over and I hand my camera to a friend and I block the aisle so Harry will have to stop. I ask if I can get a picture and autograph and he gladly obliged and threw his arm around my shoulder and I got the priceless photo with him. I also followed the Cardinals since their AAA team was in Louisville, KY, near where I grew up and lived in southern Indiana. I went to a lot of Redbirds games and saw many future Cardinals come up through Louisville on the way to St. Louis...Van Slyke, Coleman, MgGee, Zeile, the Benes brothers, Langford and many others. I eventually became a full-time Cardinals fan once Harry Caray retired and watching Cubs games just wasn't the same as it was with him doing the broadcasts. Thought you all would enjoy this story.
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    What if Luck were to come back and say to Mr. Irsay, "Now trade me, stash the pick/s, and once I'm on my other team, I'll retire again. You're welcome."
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    Just please make that done with divisive NFL message board too.
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    He looks like he’s about to fight a bear while riding shirtless Putin
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    Good. Bye. See ya. P.S.: He said he thought about it but will play... so there's that.
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    Understood. The player and representation would probably file a grievance at the mere suggestion, given how brazenly it violates the CBA. That kind of stipulation would be completely unprecedented; a player retiring suddenly, close to the start of the season, is not unprecedented. There are no grounds for that kind of stipulation. To be clear, I don't think Luck is ever coming back. If Luck did express a desire to come back, I'd be skeptical about bringing him back and relying on him as a critical part of the team. If the Colts were to accept him back, I would assume they know certain things about his decision to retire, and what has changed since he made that decision. And they would be confident that those circumstances were resolved entirely. But this is a waste of data, because it's not happening.
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    You are reading it incorrectly. He is saying that he said he was the first to say that Luck's injury (shoulder) was due to a snowboarding accident and everyone laughed at him. He then says that he said, 3 weeks before Luck retired, that Luck was going to retire.
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    The Colts own his rights so he would have to be traded to play for someone else.
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    Don't care to see him or that beard again.
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    I'd take that bet, lol. Irsay didn't let him keep that money to watch him win another team a superbowl in the event he un-retired.
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    Just maybe Ballard holds on to him in case he is needed right here on this team.
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    Brissetts upside has been determined by the team. They signed Rivers and drafted Eason. That tells u how much upside Brissett has.
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    Most overrated on the roster is Chad Kelly, has never played a single regular season game and people think he’s the next Peyton Manning
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    To me Mattingly was the type of hitter that anyone would want. Back in the day - he, Boggs, and Gwynn were automatic.
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    I am 60. Jodie Davis and Leon Durham played for the Cubs when I watched their games. Yes, Bernard Gilkey also played in Louisville before going to St. Louis. There were several others who came through Louisville on the way to St. Louis, but those I listed are some of the more familiar names. Living near or in a minor league city that has a AAA team (Louisville, KY) is great because it's the last step before the majors. Louisville became the Reds AAA affiliate several years ago and it made sense because Cincinnati is only about 100 up the interstate. I've seen Joey Votto, Adam Dunn, Nick Senzel, Homer Bailey, Deion Sanders and many others come through Louisville before making it to the Reds roster. I love minor league baseball, because you can always see a guy on the rise and later say you saw them before they became famous!
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    Good business decision....depending on his circumstances, getting paid 150-350k this year beats getting cut and having to find something else.
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    If he decides to come back I am all for keeping rivers around the next couple of Years and trade Luck for some number one picks and go get a QB. I don’t think I would want him back. Very awkward that would be with rivers. Just trade Luck and use those picks to find the future.
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    I disagree. I think the money Irsay gave him would be enough for him to stay loyal. Also, the Colts strong O-line would be enticing. A strong running game would be nice as well.
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    If we trade JB we’d be in the same spot as those teams needing a good backup if our starter goes down. Makes no sense.
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    Colts Blue looks good on.... EVERYONE! Also, I have no idea why this will take time to get used to... because it was once worn by Austin Collie roughly 10 years ago? In the NFL, 10 years is a lifetime.... just saying...
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    I’m calling some of the self-proclaimed experts on this forum overrated. Without saying names or pointing fingers... You know exactly who you are.
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    I know we want to see the chemistry of Rivers with Reich/Sirianni but it would also be good to see some highlights of the 2018 season when he lit it up, he read blitzes well, made excellent red zone reads, moved in and around the pocket well, led his pass catchers well etc.. Guys, this is just 1 year removed from last season, I expect him to be good this year.
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    It's going! I've got my N95 on, the windows open and socially distanced from the kiddos. We're in orientation mode for this week. The real stuff starts next week!
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    We(Indianapolis Indians) used to be AAA team of the: Expos 1984-1992 Reds 1968-1983, 1993-1999 and a bunch of other years Brewers 2000- 2004 Pirates 2005-current, 1948-1951 White Sox 1957-1959, 1962-1967 Phillies 1960 Indians 1952-1956 Boston Braves 1946-1947 Not sute of your time frame, bit from sounds of it, Im guessing 2005-current My first Indians days we were Expos affiliate Indianapolis Indians have a very rich history, some of the names to pass through are great.
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    These are young guys, many planning families. The virus is dangerous for pregnant women so, this is definitely a family decision
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    Fan forums are used by members with opinions. You can agree with the opinion or choose not to agree. Either way, it's fine. But to think one's opinion is lesser than yours can get upsetting. There is no correct call here. These players are doing what they think is right for them and their families. The team hurts a bit but in the end, it's just football. This year is going to be wacky no matter what.
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    A shorter version of Derrick Henry? I will take it.
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    Just another reason for a poster that feels the need to tell everyone they are done with the NFL, but feel the need to post on NFL message board to tell us. Like Mike Curtis, he posted long post in Misc forum on July 22nd saying he was done for a year, yet he was on here on Saturday.
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    Sounds like not true...must have started on CNN or MSNBC. Ha, ha, ha. "not true' got substituted for "f___ news".
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    I’m meaning seeing Philip in the uniform, not so much Austin, haha... And I agree, our shade of blue is just the best. But I’m biased!
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    I'm telling you guys, I'm seeing a DPOY type season.
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