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    Just announced. AC will play!
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    Just about everything you said is refuted by his stats. At the very worst he's average in terms of air yards, and his deep pass rating was very successful. All of Carr's core stats were top 10. #2 in completion % #10 in YPA (7.9) #10 in QBR #9 in passer rating #14 in YPG #11 in INT% (11th lowest) #17 in completed air yards All the above was with a team that was top 10 in drops, and below average in separation. As far as his deep ball accuracy, he was one of the better QBs. His left and right deep balls are among the best in the league, and his seam deep balls are at worst average. Here's his passing chart for 2019. For the fun of it, I've included passing charts from the other guys you mentioned that you'd take over Carr. Dalton Winston And Bortles, who you compared Carr too
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    No Eason you don't want to be a Colt like Manning. Does this look like the face of a leader to you?
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    I live outside Philly and watch majority of Eagles games. Agholor had an awful season. This viral clip for earlier in the year sums up his season and how he is viewed in Philly.
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    When Quenton Nelson was drafted, he said the Colts never showed they were explicitly interested in him, if I remember right. Our pick is Justin Herbert.
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    Media confronted him about his problems with pressure and he tried spinning away off the podium...
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    https://nflcommunications.com/Pages/NFL-Network-Analyst-Daniel-Jeremiah-2020-NFL-Scouting-Combine-Conference-Call----Transcript-and-Audio.aspx Thought some people might enjoy it. I am just starting to listen, no idea if it will be good but if there is something interesting Colts related or QB related, etc. I will post later in the thread. -QBs for him - tons of ability in this group but also some question marks. -WRs and CBs are deep in this draft. Phenomenal WR class. RB class is good too. -mentions Colts as potential QB spot among Bengals, Dolphins, Chargers, Panthers, Raiders, Colts, Bucs... -Jake Fromm - very impressive in person, very mature, engaging, you can see why he won over the locker room. The concern - arm-strength - ball dies on some throws -some teams think Andrew Thomas might be RT -Adam Trautman, Harrison Bryant and Cole Kmet are his top 3 TEs. Brycen Hopkins - 4th-5th round grade, developmental prospect, too many drops and needs to be better blocking -He seems to like Austin Jackson much better than most people I've read. Says he might jump up boards after the combine. -teams are all over the map with Jacob Eason. One team Jeremiah has heard from has him as their QB2. Big arm, bad habbits - trying to wheel out and turns his back to the defense when pressured. Needs to be a bit more of a playmaker instead of just being pure thrower. Needs to create some plays and extend some plays. R1 or R2. -Derrick Brown - same grade as Chase Young... closest thing to Ndamukong Suh - Kevin Bowen question "How would you handle the QB dilemma for the Colts with #13 and the 2 2nd round picks?" - DJ answer: "I would start by signing Philip Rivers and I would try to make a run at it in the next couple of years because I think they are pretty close. I think Rivers will come in and give them an upgrade. And then you are picking at 13... and I know there is so much depth at WR, but if I'm the Colts I would be awfully tempted and see a Jerry Jeudy, Ceedee Lamb, Henry Ruggs... if one of those 3 guys were there I think I'd go and pull the trigger right there. Now you change your offense completely - you have a good OLine, you pair what you have outside with one of those 3 receivers and Phillip Rivers, I think you will have the chance to be a really fun offense to watch. Now you go second round and you have other directions you can go... at that point if there is a QB you like... a developmental QB... you can go that route or you can just go DT that has some real twitch and some upside that can rush. Neville Gallimore from Oklahoma would make some sense there, he has some twitch and real pass rush ability. Jordan Elliot from Missouri is another name that can come into the mix, another guy that can rush inside. They are in a great spot, I'm just curious to see what they do with the QB position first and foremost. If they decide to stick with JB and want to go towards the draft... at that point and time Jordan Love ... I don't think he's ready to play right away, but man.... that is a huge upside pick. You got a chance to let him develop and have a huge payoff.
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    I am sooooooo NOT a Jameis Winston guy. Not at all. Want no part of him. I think he’s just good enough to get you beat. A coach killer. No. Thank. You.
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    When Turay can play more than 50% of snaps (not due to injury), I'll start to buy into the hype. As a situational pass rusher, he's great. An every down DE he is not, yet.
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    Must mean Luck is coming back too!
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    Since many here apparently do NOT read the front page of the website on a daily basis, I thought I'd like up a couple of stories about what to expect at the Combine which starts tomorrow.... First up, a Day by Day summary of what to look for.... https://www.colts.com/news/nfl-scouting-combine-2020-colts-preview-draft Next Up, a Positional breakdown of players currently on our roster, and players that CB has acquired in any form... draft, free agent, etc. It covers all possible aspects and gives you an idea of the type of player Ballard and his scouts are looking for. Height, Weight, Speed, Strength, Length, Jumping, etc, etc. https://www.colts.com/news/nfl-scouting-combine-2020-colts-preview-draft Remember, beyond physical testing, the Combine is important because of things that we likely won't hear about. Job interviews, medical testing, psycological testing. Some of these things may leak out over time, but we likely won't learn about them in real time. And many of these things involve aspects that Ballard and company care about. Namely Character. Annually, we likely have the smallest Big Board of players we are willing to draft. Many talented kids we bypass because of other flaws and red flags in their profile that we may never know about. These two stories are on the front page of the website. I did not see them discussed anywhere. If I'm wrong, (and I may be) then my apologies...
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    You do NOT trade up for DT when you don't have a franchise QB on your team.
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    Drops the ball just like Ebron
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    Should make Rivers, or any FA QB for that matter, feel better about coming to Indy.
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    When he blows out his birthday candles, he resets the position of his house.
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    I made the mistake of opening this knowing better. I accept this shame.
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    Read all of the WR reviews on NFL.com's new combine list, so decided to parse it by projected position and post. I've linked the profile to the prospect name for those that would like to read up on specific guys. They did a better job this year on the write ups IMO. The red are guys I like. I know we're likely not taking a WR in R1, so the lower graded reds are the guys I'd like to target in the later rounds. Some really nice prospects should be available. If you think I have slotted guys incorrectly (projected position), let me know. NFL.com Grade / Prospect (linked to profile) / College / Height / Weight / Comp Could project anywhere across X, Z or slot (speed and size) 6.86 - JERRY JEUDY - ALABAMA - 6' 1" - 192 lbs - Santonio Holmes 6.86 - CEEDEE LAMB - OKLAHOMA - 6' 2" - 189 lbs - Chad Johnson 6.50 - LAVISKA SHENAULT JR. - COLORADO - 6' 2" - 220 lbs - Sammy Watkins / Greg Little 6.48 - TEE HIGGINS - CLEMSON - 6' 4" - 215 lbs - A.J. Green 6.41 - JUSTIN JEFFERSON - LSU - 6' 2" - 192 lbs - NO COMP 6.27 - VAN JEFFERSON - FLORIDA - 6' 2" - 197 lbs - Adam Humphries 6.25 - DENZEL MIMS - BAYLOR - 6' 3" - 206 lbs - Tre'Quan Smith 6.00 - ANTONIO GIBSON - MEMPHIS - 6' 1" - 220 lbs - Buck Allen 5.83 - OMAR BAYLESS - ARKANSAS STATE - 6' 3" - 207 lbs - Roger Lewis 5.64 - DARNELL MOONEY - TULANE - 6' 4" - 212 lbs - NO COMP Z or traditional slot bucket 6.49 - HENRY RUGGS III - ALABAMA - 6' 0" - 190 lbs - Ted Ginn Jr. 6.39 - JALEN REAGOR - TEXAS CHRISTIAN - 5' 11" - 195 lbs - Curtis Samuel 6.37 - KJ HAMLER -PENN STATE - 5' 9" - 176 lbs - Tavon Austin 6.36 BRANDON AIYUK - ARIZONA STATE - 6' 0" - 201 lbs - Robert Woods 6.24 LYNN BOWDEN - KENTUCKY - 6' 1" - 199 lbs - Stefon Diggs 6.13 - KALIJA LIPSCOMB - VANDERBILT - 6' 0" - 201 lbs - Malcolm Mitchell 6.00 - TRISHTON JACKSON - SYRACUSE - 6' 1" - 191 lbs - Paul Richardson 6.00 - DEVIN DUVERNAY - TEXAS - 5' 11" - 202 lbs - NO COMP 5.97 - JAMES PROCHE - SOUTHERN METHODIST - 5' 11" - 193 lbs 5.87 - AUSTIN MACK - OHIO STATE - 6' 1" - 215 lbs - Cody Latimer 5.80 - FREDDIE SWAIN - FLORIDA - 6' 0" - 199 lbs - NO COMP 5.80 - JEFF THOMAS - MIAMI (FLA.) - 5' 10" - 174 lbs - Antonio Callaway - Flag 5.45 - JOHN HIGHTOWER - BOISE STATE - 6' 2" - 172 lbs - NO COMP 5.40 - AARON FULLER - WASHINGTON - 5' 11" - 188 lbs - NO COMP X or big/bully slot bucket 6.40 - CHASE CLAYPOOL - NOTRE DAME - 6' 4" - 229 lbs - Miles Boykin+ 6.38 - MICHAEL PITTMAN - USC - 6' 4" - 220 lbs - Courtland Sutton 6.29 - BRYAN EDWARDS - SOUTH CAROLINA - 6' 3" - 215 lbs - David Terrell 6.27 - ANTONIO GANDY-GOLDEN - LIBERTY - 6' 4" - 220 lbs - DeVante Parker 6.25 - GABRIEL DAVIS - UCF - 6' 3" - 212 lbs - Terrance Williams 6.19 - QUINTEZ CEPHUS - WISCONSIN - - 6' 1" - 207 lbs - Zach Pascal 6.17 - ISAIAH HODGINS - OREGON STATE - - 6' 4" - 209 lbs - Geronimo Allison 6.16 - TYLER JOHNSON - MINNESOTA - 6' 2" - 205 lbs - Jakobi Meyers 6.00 - ISAIAH COULTER - RHODE ISLAND - 6' 3" - 190 lbs - Marquess Wilson 5.98 - COLLIN JOHNSON - TEXAS - 6' 6" - 220 lbs - Auden Tate 5.95 - QUEZ WATKINS - SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI - 6' 2" - 190 lbs - J'Mon Moore 5.88 - AARON PARKER - RHODE ISLAND - 6' 3" - 208 lbs - Rashard Higgins 5.87 - LAWRENCE CAGER - GEORGIA - 6' 5" - 220 lbs - Justin Watson 5.82 - JUWAN JOHNSON - OREGON - 6' 4" - 231 lbs - NO COMP 5.58 - TYRIE CLEVELAND - FLORIDA - 6' 2" - 205 lbs - NO COMP 5.55 - STEPHEN GUIDRY - MISSISSIPPI STATE - 6' 4" - 200 lbs - NO COMP 5.50 - DEZMON PATMON - WASHINGTON STATE - 6' 4" - 228 lbs - NO COMP 5.40 - KENDRICK ROGERS - TEXAS A&M - 6' 4" - 204 lbs 5.40 - DARRELL STEWART - MICHIGAN STATE - 6' 2" - 216 lbs - NO COMP Limited to outside / vertical 5.88 - MARQUEZ CALLAWAY - TENNESSEE - 6' 2" - 204 lbs - NO COMP 5.69 - TONY BROWN - COLORADO - 6' 1" - 195 lbs - NO COMP Limited to inside 6.17 - K.J. HILL - OHIO STATE - 6' 0" - 195 lbs - DaeSean Hamilton 5.95 - QUARTNEY DAVIS - TEXAS A&M - 6' 1" - 200 lbs - NO COMP 5.90 - DONOVAN PEOPLES-JONES - MICHIGAN - 6' 2" - 208 lbs - NO COMP 5.85 - JOE REED - VIRGINIA - 6' 1" - 215 lbs - NO COMP 5.69 - JAUAN JENNINGS - TENNESSEE - 6' 3" - 208 lbs - NO COMP 5.50 - K.J. OSBORN - MIAMI (FLA.) - 6' 0" - 206 lbs - NO COMP 5.48 - CHRIS FINKE - NOTRE DAME - 5' 10" - 184 lbs - NO COMP 5.40 - MALCOLM PERRY - NAVY - 5' 9" - 190 lbs - NO COMP
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    Carr averaged in the top 10 of core QB stats in a scheme he doesn't fit. JB averaged in the bottom 10 with a coach who called plays to mask his weaknesses. It's really not even a comparison.
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    nah, i think JB was that bad. barely top 20 in any stat pff had him like 28th. its not that he isnt elite, its that hes not good enough
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    I like to think he’s NOT ok with the idea of JB starting. It’s harsh reality...but there is just far too much downside...he’s not cheap...he limits Reich’s playbook...he hampers the pass catchers (which is especially critical for ones developing)...and he’s playing for his career (not trying to mentor his replacement)...and that’s just on the football side of it. Ballard is a smart person...who came from an org that realized Alex Smith (a much more accomplished QB who made the playoffs) wasn’t enough to get the job done. He will do the right thing.
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    Here's a great video by an ex-NFL QB breaking down Justin Herbert game film. Some of the best that's available publicly: He said this will be the first of series of breakdowns he will do of the QBs of this draft.
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    It's hard to overstate just how important this return of AC is for the Colts. He was quite possibly the most important piece of our OLine last year. I cannot find the graph I saw about a month or so ago, but it showed AC was the OT in the league with least help in pass protection in the entire league with noone being even close to him and he was still above average in pass-protection. The success of our OLine is hugely dependent on him. The whole scheme depends on AC's ability to protect the blindside on his own... this allows us to send help to the other side and improve the performance of the right side of the line through scheming and shifting protections and help to the right side. It would have been a disaster IMO if he'd retired. Now I want to see the contract and see if we can glean anything from it about the likelihood of him retiring next year. We probably still need to start looking for his successor soon, possibly in this draft.
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    Probably one of those smoke signals Irsay talked about.
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    we need him in our offense ASAP, so he can unlearn whatever Matt Patricia was teaching him.
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    Same here. AND, for me? Same goes for Cam.
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    Stafford was my pick for the guy I'd most like to acquire.
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    Again. It’s smoke signals not smoke screens
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    Exactly..... Derrick Brown and Javon Kinlaw are not only penetrators and game-wreckers.... they are "tone setters" in the interior that would bring added value to our back seven guys. Under a scenario where the Lions and Giants don't select Brown or Kinlaw.... and given the likelihood that Miami (Tua) and the Chargers (I'm predicting Love here) select QBs..... one or both of these DTs should be available at #8 where the Cardinals pick just ahead of Jacksonville. If only one of those guys is available at #8.... I would absolutely pitch a deal to AZ of our #13 and #75 pick.... and a flip-flop of our #34 for their #40 in Round 2. That would be an equitable swap and basically we're giving up a 3rd rounder and five spots in Round 2 to move up for Brown or Kinlaw. If BOTH are available at #8? I almost guarantee that the Jags will take one of them.... and we'll be sweating out the next 3 selections. I respect and totally get the QB-centric crowd sentiment in this discussion.... we've not been in QB purgatory like this in 20 years. And if Jordan Love IS the next Patrick Mahomes 2-3 years from now.... whether we select him or not... I'll gladly take my lumps for doubting him. At the same time.... remember that the closest thing we've had to a dominant DT in a full 28 years is Steve Emtman.... and his career was short-lived as he wound up maimed in both knees and out of football. And let's also remember that lacking that disruptive force on the interior DL costed us come playoff time.... and that was WITH Peyton Manning at QB....and Marvin...and Reggie....and Edge. All that HALL OF FAME juice on offense and we won 1 Lombardi. This tells me that we shouldn't just reject out of hand the idea for moving up for a "best in breed" game-changer such as Brown or Kinlaw. Not to be reckless about it or to overpay....but we shouldn't just rule it out because of this overblown "positional value" line of thinking. JMO
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    You have to openly wonder if Castonzo will make his decision based upon who is behind center. And that would also include FAs whom the Colts might covet. No one is going to hitch their future to a ship that’s adrift unless they are well overpaid to do it. And having JB as your QB is a rudderless ship. There is no future with Brissett and you have to believe Ballard knows this.
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    The desperation to replace Brissett has always seemed to me to come more from a fanbase used to having an elite QB and not used to thinking about any other way of doing things, than it is from a frank assessment of this team's asssets and liabilities. I feel it's based more on fear than practicality.
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    He's one of the premier non-QB prospect that we can reasonably expect to be there for us to pick at 13. I think a lot of people here would be very happy with him as the pick...
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    The first part, I agree. I want him to stay healthy and on the field. However, saying that if he doesn't get 10 or more sacks then he is a "bust" is too much. In the past 5 seasons, there have only been an average of 17.6 players per year that go over the 10 sack mark. Taking into account only edge rushers, that number drops to about 13.5 per year. In that regard, there are less than half as many edge rushers that top 10 sacks than there are teams in the league. While it would be nice of Turay to get there, and it is definitely possible for him to do so, saying that he must do so or risk being labeled a bust is a bit much. As long as he gets after the QB consistently, I'm happy.
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    Played. Past tense. His contract was up or he was cut. Either way, it looked like he wasn't coming back. Now, that's the understatement of the year! 157 pounds of the stuff? That's Nate Newton kinda weed.....
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    This will be a mock before the combine to give us a solid draft to put us in playoff contention. There will be no trades in this mock. Round 1.) Jordan Love QB- We get our franchise QB and give him a chance to start right away. Hopefully he is our franchise QB for the next 15 years. Round 2a.) Brandon Aiyuk WR- Absolutely love this kid. He's the WR version of Kenny Moore, if that makes any sense. Seems like a Ballard pick. Round 2b.) Neville Gallimore DT- Excellent DT that can start right away and fill a huge need. Will immediately upgrade the D-Line on day 1. Round 3.) Damon Arnette CB- May or may not be there, but has potential to be a shutdown corner in the NFL IMO. Round 4.) Harrison Bryant TE- My personal favorite TE in the draft. Great replacement for Ebron as a fantastic receiver. Round 5.) Kenny Cooper C- Excellent backup to Ryan Kelly that can be competent if needed to start during the year. Round 6a.) Drew Richmond OT- More depth at O-Lineman as our depth is weak behind the starting 5. Should make the team. Round 6b.) Joshua Kelley RB- He'd be a good player to possibly form an RB duo with Mack. Had a solid Senior Bowl Round 7.) Gabriel Davis WR- I can see a few WR's falling in this deep class. We double-down and take Davis with our last pick. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
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    Ruggs is the closest to Tyreek Hill in the draft, IMO, in terms of speed based talent.
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    I would this year. I dont see a qb worthy of trading up for
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    I posted this on another thread: From what I've seen and read, the Astros player and owner reactions have been sub-par. None really accepting the blame and they all want to move on and prepare for this season. However, the league has done next to nothing to punish them for the sign stealing. A $5 million fine and loss of draft picks for the next two years. Pretty minor stuff for an established organization that won't be hurt much with the loss of draft picks. Nothing really that affects the players and coaches that were involved. They investigated, found them guilty, then didn't impose a proper punishment. I believe a lot of Astros hitters will get beaned this season as opposing players will take matters into their own hands. But, those other players will get fined, suspended, etc. IF MLB had handed down punishment via taking away their 2017 WS title, imposing suspensions for all current or former coaches and players who were involved, then I think the retaliation this season would be minimal, for the most part. I could see the Dodgers doing something in retaliation regardless of punishment by MLB. I wonder what the reaction would have been under previous commissioners going all they way back to Bowie Kuhn. I think each of them would have handed down some serious punishment.
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