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    Technically, I don’t believe he was released. I believe his contract was up and we elected not to re-sign him to a new deal. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will come along soon enough to correct me and set the record straight.
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    I made a video of Mo blocking Yannick Ngakoue & Miles Jack at the same time, and then tried to post it on Reddit/NFL. To my surprise, not only was it accepted, but it is now trending #1 with over 1.4k Upvotes, and 96% in just 2.5 hours! I never expected it would be liked by not only Colts fans, but NFL fans in general as well! I'm very surprised that blocking video's(outside of Quenton Nelson) can gain traction like this! Glad to see I was able to put some national spotlight on Mo for once! He definitely deserves it! I'll put the link here, so all of you may see it as well! Mo Alie-Cox video
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    Ok... thanks... I’ve stayed out of this debate... when you get down to debating which Hall of Famer is best then it’s all about the personal opinion. And many (most?) cherry pick stats to support their opinion. These kind of debates don’t do anything for me. It’s like debating things like favorite music or group? Favorite food or ice cream? Favorite movie or piece of art? It’s rare when anyone changes their mind. Best RB? You can also make an argument for Walter Payton or OJ Simpson? Everyone has a favorite and there’s an argument for all.
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    Kareem definitely a great player, scoring wise, rebound wise,taking over a game no one did it quite like Will. If you put Will on the Celtic squads Bill Russell was on Wilt would have the rings Bill does, those club had Hall Of Famer's All Stars all the way through lineup. Wilt won 4 mvp's in reality could have won many more,player's voted on the award back then and Wilt was not as well liked as Bill Russell (Biggest snub was 1961-62...Will averaged 31 MORE points per game then Russell, not 31 points a game 31 MORE points a game then the voted on MVP, crazy...)
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    There has been no league memo stating that, and teams are preparing to allow fans based on their own situations. I guess anything could change with all this, but as of now that is not the case.
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    The amount of problems a man has in his life is directly proportional to the amount of women in his life. That’s just basic science
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    The 5 best RB's in no order are probably Brown, Sanders, Payton, Dickerson, and Emmitt from my eye test. All can make a case for being the GOAT. Out of respect, most people do put Brown at #1 but Emmitt does hold the main records.
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    Maybe do one of those sister wives setups. One can be cooking while the other is cleaning!
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    Thanks! I am happy to have finished up, I kinda had to get my Masters so that I would have enough credit hours to take my license exam for Accounting (CPA) otherwise I wouldnt have bothered. It is crazy to think that this group has been going on for so many years now, I know I did go absent for a a few months a couple years ago though
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    Tavon Wilson still also out there, started 13 games for the Lions last season. I really like Donald Rutledge, more research and info I got on him more it seems his learning curve is going up at a nice rate, that being said we are very young at Safety.....
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    I hope I’m missing sarcasm here. Jim brown and Barry were tough as nails. edit: you clarified the sarcasm later. My bad!
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    Agreed! I’m thinking @holeymoley99 is making some good points but... lol.
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    He only played 9 seasons. He said he couldn't take the beating anymore. Emmitt played 15. The stub toe committ was more of a sarcastic comment.
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    PrincetonTiger I assume that is most people's problem who refuse to acknowledge but he didnt choose to player for them, they were smart to get him. If he were a Colt this board like most every other board would have him at the top of their list. I cant stand the Ravens but the numbers dont lie and again even Bill Belicheck who has long been Vinnys biggest fan said Tucker was the greatest
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    This was perhaps the hardest part of my acceptance of his retirement. We finally had a good o-line and an improving defense. I still don't think he's ever coming back, but having him behind this o-line would be fantastic, lol.
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    Honestly, it would be perfect. rivers is a rental. JB is leaving after his contract is up for a starting position. Eason can sit behind Luck and continue to learn. luck slides right back in with an improved offense and defense. Takes us to the next 10 Super Bowls
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    Only 5 Safety's on the roster, including Blackmon who won't play for a while. Not much competition to make the team there. 7 CBs, not a bad group if 6 make the team. No doubt, Oline depth is the weakest group on the roster.
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    The reason he's coming back is because he knows he won't have to play for the next 3 years. Rivers is going to win us a Super Bowl this year and then get a new 3 year contract.
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    Congratulations. That was fast! It seemed like it was yesterday you told me that you were a senior in high school. Now you already have your Masters. I waited more than 10 years to pursue my Masters. All the best in your new job and career.
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    I mean... Just from personal experience: it's really, really easy to get hooked on that crap. I nearly fell into that path after my tonsillectomy... My family has a long history of addiction, so it's always in the back of my head to be extra careful.
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    I've got other, unanswerable topics going through my mind on the daily like how infinite are the cosmos, whether or not there's other life forms out there, and if so, could they get here? Etc. Whether or not Luck is coming back is not one of'em.
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    It's unlikely that this happens. However, if it did, you'd have to be nuts not to want him back on your team. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Some people are upset, sure. But you'd pass on a top 5 QB because of emotional entanglements? Insanity.
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    What if Luck were to come back and say to Mr. Irsay, "Now trade me, stash the pick/s, and once I'm on my other team, I'll retire again. You're welcome."
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    So can a contract like Mahomes got
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    You are reading it incorrectly. He is saying that he said he was the first to say that Luck's injury (shoulder) was due to a snowboarding accident and everyone laughed at him. He then says that he said, 3 weeks before Luck retired, that Luck was going to retire.
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    Maybe I’m reading this guys tweet incorrectly? He seems to be saying that Luck retired due to the snow boarding accident. Couple of points to make.... 1. Wasn’t the snowboarding accident several years ago? 2. Didn’t the snowboarding accident result in a shoulder injury? 3. Didn’t Luck retire due to some mysterious lower leg injury? If this is all true, and I believe it is, the dots don’t connect. In other words, this guy was wrong before and there’s no reason — for now — to believe he’d be right this time. If Luck comes back — great. If he wants to play elsewhere — fine. We’d get draft picks. If he wants to play for the Colts — that’s fine too. To me Luck coming back is a win-win. And if not, we move on....
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    Darius is feeling disrespected?
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    Correct. i don’t think Luck is EVER coming back. Nor do I want him back nor should the team want him back. He left this team high and dry less than10 days before the start of the regular season. If I was an owner or a coach, I wouldn’t want him back unless there were some major stipulations added to his contract. Such as 100 percent reimbursement for all salaries paid from the time he was drafted if he were to retire again too close to the season. Put a cut off date around March 30th. Anything after that, he has to reimburse as stated above. Then and only then would I take him back
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    He'll come back so what... he can find another excuse to quit and pocket a few million more?
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    Don't care to see him or that beard again.
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    If he does it likely wouldn't be for the colts...
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