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    Week 1 can't get here fast enough. Some people will believe anything now days. If Luck doesn't play in game #1, I will be shocked.
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    I couldn’t agree more. The Colts have a lot of project players on their roster. Lewis, Benogou, Tell, Ya-Sin, etc.. Personally, I don’t think Lewis is going to be anything more than average at best at DT. I’m not even sure he’ll be special at DE. The story at Ohio State was that he was recruited to play DE but basically started lining up on the interior because Nick Bosa, Sam Hubbard, and Chase Young we’re better. I stand to be proven young but the trend recently in the NFL is that those tweener/hybrid players never amount to too much ( see Shaq Thompson, Su’a Cravens, Hassan Reddick, etc...) I feels his best position is situational 3rd down interior pass rusher.
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    Seems we are nitpicking the definition of a word a bit. I agree that this wasn't really a "rumor", but it doesn't bother me much that the word was used. I say we let it drop and just talk of the hypothetical move of Zeke coming to the Colts. Assuming Luck will be healthy, the offense would be unstoppable. Hilton, Zeke, Funchess, Ebron, Doyle, Campbell and others along with that O-line. Wow!
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    I would think it’s the opposite. They wouldn’t take a chance of him getting injured if they were worried about luck.
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    I read that quickly ,so maybe I'm missing something but how is that a "rumor ?" Isn't it one guy that writes articles saying it would make sense ? I don't see anything that states the Colts and Cowboys are talking about a trade.
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    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001042972/article/nfl-preseason-power-rankings-patriots-rams-saints-lead-way Apparently Dan Hanzus has taken over the Power Rankings for NFL.com. I guess that's what Elliot Harrison gets for putting us at #32 last year! The four conference championship teams from last year are still the top four according to Dan. 1. Pats 2. Rams 3. Saints 4. Chiefs 5. Colts Jake Brisket...
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    I don't look for him to do much at DT. He played really limited snaps on the interior, really only when they game was far out of hand. Much like here in Indy, there were much better guys on that interior at Ohio State. Tyquan didn't get many "meaningful" snaps inside. Even now he's going to get limited snaps inside because Autry, Hunt, and Ward as just better interior players. I still think he would be a good, cheap replacement, for Sheard, if they got him back down in the 260's. He's good against the run and may get a handful of sacks a year against average RT's. I still scratch my head on why they insist on doing what they are doing with him now. Yea that's not the story. Him and J Bosa were the starting DE's until they left. Hubbard eventually took over for Bosa when he left and Chase was still sitting behind Tyquan, Nick, and Sam. Chase will be a stud though and I have no doubts he'll be a top-10 pick next year barring injury. 6-5 265 with stupid athleticism, and is equally as good against the run as he is rushing the passer. Maybe they were thinking Tyquan could turn into a Michael Bennett-type, who can bounce inside and outside on the fly, but I just don't see him being that kind of guy. He wasn't overly athletic at 260'ish, so he's definitely going be hindered with another 10-15-20lbs.
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    Can't speak for everyone, but, I like his name and his game! Fits this type of offense to a T - even if he is sorta redundant. However, with as much as they played Hines in the slot last year, a combo of both of them on the field with their receiving skills would bamboozle A LOT of linebackers!
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    Yeah I only put Rock because his specialty was press- man and he’s basically got zero zone experience. I’m sure he’ll pick it up though, but just in the definition of the word itself I see him as a “project”. Yeah we’ll see with Lewis. If he’s averaging the same amount of snaps as Grover Stewart and hasn’t jumped Ward by mid-season, I’d say hes starting to show a ceiling of just being a rotational DPR.
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    I agree with Banogu and Tell, but I don't see Rock as a project. The kid is impressive and just needs a little time transitioning to our scheme. And I don't see it taking that long. He transitioned quickly when he transferred in college. Very confident he'll be one of 3 starting CBs by mid-season. He was already running with the 1s vs the Browns. I agree on Lewis. Hope we're both wrong. At minimum though, he's solid depth even if we do get someone legit to take his place.
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    Since Fountain is on the IR I reserve the right to make new selections! Hilton Funchess Campbell Cain Rogers I think they now decide to carry 5 WR's and 4 TE's with either Ross or Hentges. Hines or one of the new RB's (presuming Wilkins or Williams end up on the IR or PuP) in Young or Boobie Williams....
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    For a contending team, we have to have the worst bullpen I have ever seen.
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    And Chatwood is in and just walked his first batter and gave up base hit to the next one.
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    Cubs playing a wild one at Wrigley tonight. Cubs lead 10-9 in the 7th so far over the Giants.
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    Im going! Bought my tickets in april
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    We value discussion here. However there are rules. As long as it isn't transposed into 'real possibilities', because there is no shred of evidence presented here. (no report from a reputable source, no quoting unnamed source by a reputable source, etc...) Just an idea in the wind that people are entertaining. However, the thread should not evolve into a meaningless thread, which includes the perpetuation of unfounded or unsubstantiated rumors. Remember those forum rules you agreed to when signing up? Here's #6 from the full rules article- 6. No “nonsense” posts, this includes rumors. https://forums.colts.com/guidelines/ So lets keep speculation just that. At least until something, somehow, somewhere that might have a shred of a credible source at its roots becomes apparent.
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    I think this is from today so I will post this here.
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    Gordon's best friend is Vikings CB Trae Waynes. Trae needs to talk some sense into his childhood friend. As for Zeke, were fans this hopeful several years ago when the Colts acquired T Richardson? I'm not a fan of Zeke. His football skills are great but his judgment off the field is poor. The Colts seem to stay away from guys with character issues like Elliott.
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    I agree. I do believe he plays. I said i take it with a grain of salt. I do believe Dungy is speaking his opinion and what he's been told which I find it odd. I do believe if Dungy thought luck would play week 1 he would of said he will mostly likely be out there but not 100% or something along those lines.
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    It's time for the 19 week, 16 game regular season.
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    @ColtsBlueFL By the way, I think whatever the accrual deadline is, that's the only real deadline in this situation. I would expect him to show up for Week 1, but as far as the money goes, as long as he accrues a season, he'll make back whatever he loses in a protracted holdout.
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    Take the 37 players (90 - 53 = 37) who aren't going to make the team, put them out there for the whole game, and let them showcase their talents in case other teams want to pick them up. Yes, we might lose 120 - 0, but it's only a preseason game anyway - no big deal. It might be kind of entertaining to see a lineman playing quarterback, a wide receiver playing center … who knows?
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    If that is the new criteria, then this board is going to become very silent.
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    I am really pulling for Hogan. I would take him over Johnson and Pascal all day personally. Ive got a feeling we will see him alot against the bears.
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    Won't believe it until I see it. This is not what Ballard is hoarding picks and capspace for IMO.
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    Correlation, not causation. The Colts didn't fail to win more SBs because of Manning's pay. The Colts more probably made the playoffs all those years in a row because of Manning's play, as he helped make up for a lot of roster deficiencies. Either way, however you want to construct your team, you need good QB play. Good QBs are not as rare as it was 10-15 years ago, but I still don't think teams are eager or willing to move off of a capable QB, because QB play is important, and capable QBs don't grow on trees. As it relates to the RB discussion, it's much easier to find a capable RB. And RBs need to be replaced more frequently, due to the physical impact of the position. So the comparison doesn't even get off the ground, for these and other reasons. And you don't have to be goo goo eyed to recognize that Luck is more important to the Colts than any RB would be.
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    Melvin Gordon needs someone close to him to give a reality check, and fast
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    I'm less concerned about his attitude around the $ and holdout, than I am about his 4 or more brushes with the law over a short period of time. Jerry did a lot to protect him lol. would love his skill set, but not sure i want his diva...
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    Nope, don't want him, even if it was for a 7th round pick. I think his demeanor and attitude is counter productive to this Colt's culture thing. Currently, I think with such a young team, we're not set up to handle a true prima donna like he is, same case with Antonio Brown when those rumors were lighting up. Attitude aside, RBs have a short life span. Id pass mainly due to that.
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    Since the Colts have money they are always going to come up as an option for a star player who wants more money. So far Ballard has shown no interest in those kinds of players. I’d expect that to continue.
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    I'm not huge on the idea honestly. We would have been better off kicking the wheels in FA on Bell if we were going to entertain this. I just don't see it in Ballard. We need help at runningback, but I don't think Ballard will be reactive and give up draft capital to sign a mega contract to a runningback.
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    I don't know what's more sad, the fact the entire division are underdogs or the fact that the Titans are underdogs to the Browns
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    definitely talking more about NT. I love Autry, but outside of him it feels like we have a bunch of good not great on the iDL. it's going to be interesting to see how much adding Houston, raises the play of the entire DL.
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    I'll be there.. All the way from Denmark
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    I just hope we draft or acquire a quality iDL before next season. It feels like we have an overabundance of scheme guys and tweeners. Versatility is great, but tweeners are often only average or good at multiple positions, but not great at either. Valuable yes, but I'd love to have legit iDLs (and DEs).
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    I'm taking it that if I don't see JB play too much in this one, then it's a good sign Luck is starting week 1.
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