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    you forgot Brissett as one of the QBs you absolutely do not want starting for the Colts next year. I needed that as one of the considerations.
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    This would be great. Leaves another QB on the draft board, creates a potential trade partner, and will keep LAC mediocre for at least 3-4 years lol.
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    You do NOT trade up for DT when you don't have a franchise QB on your team.
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    Awesome topic
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    I get that, but JJ Watt is a HOF talent, didnt seem to matter, Donaldson in LA with a good line AND offense... where were they? I’m all for a stud DT, but playmakers, especially those who touch the ball, seem to make the most impact. That said, then you look at how Nelson seemed to change things. I’m excited to see what happens.
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    5-0 in the 4th so far, Contreras first to score with a HR!!!
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    I would this year. I dont see a qb worthy of trading up for
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    I noticed that! I saw two scores on my phone. Mets losing to the Marlins and Cardinals. Glad it is preseason. How did the Cubs do?
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    Gosh, where do I start... I can't see how you can compare Teddy's second year with Cousins' second year in Minny. Cousins was a seasoned vet while Teddy was still learning. Cousins' Vikings teams were a lot better overall. You mentioned that Teddy had Diggs in 2015. Diggs was a rookie then and was inactive the first 3 or 4 games. He also was not the complete receiver he is now. Neither was Thielen. As for AP, at times I found him to be more of a detriment than a positive. (Many fans thought the same.) Most of the time AP got 2 yards or less per carry, then would get a 20+ yarder that made his numbers look better. We were often in third and long situations. Yet Teddy found ways to sustain drives and avoid three and outs. Minny had the fewest 3 and outs that year and 2nd lowest 3 and outs percentage in 2015. Cousins situation is nothing like Teddy's. Teddy played all his home games outside, not in a dome. Minnesota was building their new stadium in those years. Teddy did not enjoy playing in great weather as Cousins has in the new stadium. Second, Zimmer was in his first and second years as head coach when Teddy played. He was very conservative and preferred to play ball control. This year Zimmer tried getting ultra conservative again (see first game) and Diggs and Thielen voiced their displeasure, leading to the coaches opening the offense again. Cousins took over a team that had gone 13-3 with Bradford and Case Keenum 2017. We went 8-7-1 with Cousins as starter in 2018. And he was not a rookie. As for the OLs, they have been bad since 2015. They look worse with Cousins because he has very poor pocket presence and he does not step away from pressure like Keenum did. Unless you watched the games, it is hard for outsiders to understand.
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    Here’s the fatal flaw with undervaluing the DT position. Lets play your game.... You yourself outlined our template of Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison.... and let’s add Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. AND.... Freeney and Mathis at DEs. Now.... ADD Warren Sapp in his prime and tell me how Brady, Rivers and Big Ben stand in the pocket like they did or their RBs flourish as Manning and Co. wrung their hands on the sidelines waiting to get back on the field. Belichick and McDick have been masters at exploiting our soft spots in the interior trenches on both sides of the ball. Aren’t we freakin tired of that? I sure am. And I’m really glad that Ballard has made note of the importance of physical dominance in the trenches.... and has addressed it on offense with Nelson and Co. Somewhere along with.... yes, figuring out the QB dilemma.... he needs to do the same at DT. This Manning era stuff isn’t theoretical... it actually happened!
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    Would cause a potential qb to fall which could mean one of the coveted DTs will be available at 13.
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    Exactly..... Derrick Brown and Javon Kinlaw are not only penetrators and game-wreckers.... they are "tone setters" in the interior that would bring added value to our back seven guys. Under a scenario where the Lions and Giants don't select Brown or Kinlaw.... and given the likelihood that Miami (Tua) and the Chargers (I'm predicting Love here) select QBs..... one or both of these DTs should be available at #8 where the Cardinals pick just ahead of Jacksonville. If only one of those guys is available at #8.... I would absolutely pitch a deal to AZ of our #13 and #75 pick.... and a flip-flop of our #34 for their #40 in Round 2. That would be an equitable swap and basically we're giving up a 3rd rounder and five spots in Round 2 to move up for Brown or Kinlaw. If BOTH are available at #8? I almost guarantee that the Jags will take one of them.... and we'll be sweating out the next 3 selections. I respect and totally get the QB-centric crowd sentiment in this discussion.... we've not been in QB purgatory like this in 20 years. And if Jordan Love IS the next Patrick Mahomes 2-3 years from now.... whether we select him or not... I'll gladly take my lumps for doubting him. At the same time.... remember that the closest thing we've had to a dominant DT in a full 28 years is Steve Emtman.... and his career was short-lived as he wound up maimed in both knees and out of football. And let's also remember that lacking that disruptive force on the interior DL costed us come playoff time.... and that was WITH Peyton Manning at QB....and Marvin...and Reggie....and Edge. All that HALL OF FAME juice on offense and we won 1 Lombardi. This tells me that we shouldn't just reject out of hand the idea for moving up for a "best in breed" game-changer such as Brown or Kinlaw. Not to be reckless about it or to overpay....but we shouldn't just rule it out because of this overblown "positional value" line of thinking. JMO
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    The newest advanced analytics suggest that the best defender in the league currently and one of greatest ever(Aaron Donald) adds about as many wins as an average QB. And BTW Donald is head and shoulders above every other defender currently. QB as a position is just so much more valuable than every other position that it makes it not even a conversation for teams that need a QB. This is the reason QBs get overdrafted and overpaid every year. So yeah... If you don't have a franchise QB, and you like a QB in the draft, that takes precedence over other positions even if players at other positions are better prospects. And if you don't have a franchise QB, and you don't like the QBs in this draft, then stack up with future picks that will help you get that franchise QB rather than wasting multiple premier assets on defensive tackle.
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    If this where to happen then I'd be setting up a trade with them to take Herbert.
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    Interesting. I hadn't considered Brockers or McDonald but I like both of those options. As for the draft, love the Kinlaw selection and I like getting Jefferson. I like the Gordon pick too but IMHO 2nd round may be too high. Of course a lot of it will depend on how many QB's are taken before him, but I would think 3rd or 4th round would be about right. This would revamp the DL into a nightmare for offensive coordinators to go with our young and improving LB corp. It could also finally give them the Robin (Jefferson) they've been looking for all this time to Hilton's Batman.
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    Yep, TB throwing for 150 a game will build that fan base in a hurry. Lol
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    I've seen a lot of debate all over the place, so here's a poll to help with the off season boredom.
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    Thank you too. Good info on Zimmer. Wonder if Zimmer wants him back? I'd be happy with the more realistic options like Herbert, Love, Gordon, Carr, etc.. Not too picky, I just don't want "limited" or a game manager type. I'd prefer a bit of a gamble for a higher ceiling. I think a Carr/Kelly combo would put us in the best "win now" and intermediate mode. A Rivers/Love combo would be a good middle ground that would give everyone hope now, but also future hope that Love would be a long term guy. I agree that completion % alone is overrated, but not when coupled with a good AVG.
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    Completion percentage is one of the most overrated stats. Bradford had a great completion percentage in 2016 too. Didnt he break the record that Brees held? We went 8-8 that year after starting 5-0. To the quotes in bold, you are wondering why the Vikings gave up on Teddy?? Zimmer is on record as saying he wanted to keep Teddy. However, the medical staff said that Teddy would not recover from that horrific knee injury. He almost lost his leg. As much as I liked Teddy, I understood why the team did not want to take a chance and sign him to an extension. But Zimmer wanted to keep him. Teddy is the perfect QB for the conservative Zimmer who probably would like a guy like Jake Fromm. Anyway, I appreciate your sharing your opinion. Thank you. Btw, who do you want to be the Colts QB next year? (Besides Joe Burrow)
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    Probably will talk about the CBA, the possible changes that will be made. He’s done that in the past after major meetings with the other owners.
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    Baseball season officially starts today my friends, well preseason, but still!!! Yeah Baby!!!!!!
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    People say eith a balanced attack snd less passes it will cut down his ints. The only problem with that theory is that Winston is throwing picks early and often in games. This had followed him from college and I doubt he changes.
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    we don't have to get snippy with each other. Plenty of reallllly smart NFL GMs have said over and over, the game starts with two things: a passer, and second, someone to disrupt the other team's passer. Play a game. Insert the greatest DL you can think of into our lineup. Say Reggie White. How many wins does that get us? seriously. Then, think of adding a dynamic passer. How many wins. Who was more important? Manning or Freeney and Mathis? i pick passer. Now, it's not a zero-sum game. we could take a qb with one of our second round picks. But I'd rather aim for a qb. that's just me. Oh, and this year, i think there are good qb prospects. after burrow and tua, I think Love and Eason are first round prospects, and Fromm isn't far behind.
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    It wont get hot. Ballard has turned the talent on this team completely around. It is clear the everything is pointing up. Irsay is in love with Ballard. Irsay has even said that Ballard is one of if not the best GM in the league. Irsay has 100% bought into Ballards plan. The seat will not be hot. I have been saying this the entirety of the last year. As much as anyone wants to call irsay a fool, he knows football inside and out. He knows how hard it is to attain an elite QB. And ballard is going to find a QB within 1 year of a once in a generation talent surprise retires? I am so sick and tired of hearing about Ballards seat becoming hot. If you know football you know Ballard is one of the best GMs in football. Name me someone, anyone who isnt dead or retired, that would be a better GM than Ballard...? Irsay cant. Ballard would need to completely collapse in order for irsay to fire him before the next 3 years. Mark it down. It's not happening.
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    I've followed MN from afar because one of my fav ND players (Rudolf) is there. Not looking for a back and forth, just trying to understand. I think you really need to compare both their 2nd years with MN. Teddy was new in 14, and Cousins came from a horrible Redskins team in 18 were he was more or less ruined lol. In 15, Teddy had AP (~1500 yards rushing), Diggs, and Rudolf. In 19, Cousins had Cook (~1100 yards rushing), Diggs, and Rudolf. Cook had another 500 receiving, but Rudolph had less and on the down. And Teddy had a better OL (at least PFF says so). And comparing those two years, Cousins has better stats across the board.
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    Yeah you are the man I have to admit having season club seat tickets every year for years. You have really forked out a lot of money. When Peyton got drafted in 1998, I just basically went to 2 or 3 games a year with 3 friends of mine a year. We would pick 2 or 3 games a year to go to and get 4 tickets. Eat at St Elmo and make it a Sunday. We did that actually up until 2013 into the Luck era but my friends and I parted ways, one got married and one moved to Florida and I haven't been to a game since the 2013 season. Last game I went to, we smoked the Texans 25-3 in 2013. We won the division that season. I have been to around 50 games, sounds like you have been to over 100 . Downtown can be a pain in the butt to drive around in so I don't blame you if you don't renew tickets. I enjoy staying at home watching the Colts and all the games in my recliner now days. I have my 6 pack, Pizza, and no crowds to deal with. What was the best game you ever attended? I was at the 2009 Patriots game, Sunday night when we won 35-34. That was my favorite. I partied my butt off that night, man that was a fun night!
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    That's exactly what I was thinking. Not liking it, but thinking it.
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    Johnson and Fountain? What the hell have either of them ever done?
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    It's more than just ticket sales. When people stopped going a few years ago, revenue dropped downtown (bars, restaurants, hotels, merch) and there was that added pressure to Irsay as well. There was a good article in the Star about the decline in 2017. Here's another blurb
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    That was the very first thing I thought about, LOL
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    I live outside Philly and watch majority of Eagles games. Agholor had an awful season. This viral clip for earlier in the year sums up his season and how he is viewed in Philly.
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    Carr averaged in the top 10 of core QB stats in a scheme he doesn't fit. JB averaged in the bottom 10 with a coach who called plays to mask his weaknesses. It's really not even a comparison.
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    Drops the ball just like Ebron
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    If we can get Carr without giving up a first round pick then I’m all for it. Carr with this talented roster makes us a legitimate Super Bowl contender.
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    If they can get Carr for a day 2 pick then sign me up. Instantly upgrades the QB position for a little over what Jacoby makes. Plus still allows them to go BPA in the 1st and not reaching on a QB. Hopefully that is a Kinlaw or Jeudy IMO. If Costanzo retires that may change.
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    If Ballard doesn’t do anything to improve the QB position this offseason, his seat should get hot. Also irsay better count on more empty seats. The ones clamoring for another year of JB, will be the first ones calling out Ballard, Reich, etc next year when we see the same product.
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    i do think we will have to take a risk to improve, i dont think we can win the division with jacoby so the risk is worth it
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    The desperation to replace Brissett has always seemed to me to come more from a fanbase used to having an elite QB and not used to thinking about any other way of doing things, than it is from a frank assessment of this team's asssets and liabilities. I feel it's based more on fear than practicality.
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    Yeah, stepping back to 30,000 feet to look at the landscape, this is the point of the season where there are usually strong speculations about what players certain teams are interested in. The Colts have been linked mildly to Carr, only speculatively to Rivers, and really nobody else other than JB. There really hasn't been any mention of the Colts drafting a QB, any particular one or targeting any round, only the scouts kicking the tires on the prospects.
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    Sign or trade for the vet of your choice. Not a good class.
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    You're a fake? Idk what AFAIK means but you keep using it. I was just being sarcastic.
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    Contrary to some urban myths, a professional organization doesn't harbor inherent hatred for someone. IOW, if they hate him, they probably have a good reason to. Another organization may see that objective criteria a different way. Difference of opinions, not hate, IMO. But my main point was that we hear how CB or the Colts have been interested in Love, and that the interest some how gets automatically elevated into CB thinking he is a 1st or 2nd rounder, when I don't believe there has been any reasonable correlation between CBs interest and the desire to draft him high. Again, AFAIK.
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    The first part, I agree. I want him to stay healthy and on the field. However, saying that if he doesn't get 10 or more sacks then he is a "bust" is too much. In the past 5 seasons, there have only been an average of 17.6 players per year that go over the 10 sack mark. Taking into account only edge rushers, that number drops to about 13.5 per year. In that regard, there are less than half as many edge rushers that top 10 sacks than there are teams in the league. While it would be nice of Turay to get there, and it is definitely possible for him to do so, saying that he must do so or risk being labeled a bust is a bit much. As long as he gets after the QB consistently, I'm happy.
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    Yeah there are a lot of very good and even great QB's that have never won a SB: Fran Tarkenton (Hall of Famer) Dan Fouts (Hall of Famer) Jim Kelly (Hall of Famer) Warren Moon (Hall of Famer) Dan Marino (Hall of Famer) Steve McNair (very good) Donovan McNabb (Very good) Andrew Luck (very good) Cam Newton (very good) -All notable names I came up with. Phillip Rivers is in the (great category), because he has the stats and longevity in his career which puts him there. I am not sure he is deserving of Hall of Fame status though? He has been to an AFC Title Game as well. Winning a SB is a team accomplishment. To say a QB hasn't won anything because they haven't won a SB is just plain silly. Rivers has won a lot of big games as has the other QB's I have listed.
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    I don't think we NEED to extend now, but I'm happy to extend if we get a team friendly deal. I'd say something in the high 4s to low 5s. If he's asking for top 5, I'd let him walk as I think he's benefiting a lot from running behind our OL. Love him, but RBs are injury prone, and thus devalued.
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    Hey guys. This is a QB that I really like. I wanted to jump on the forum and setup the thread for his game tonight. Before it starts, what are some thoughts y’all got on him.
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    Come on. Can we not stay on topic for more than a few posts. I was generally interested in what people think of Gordon. On a stampede blue podcast it was discussed that Pat McAfee really liked him also. If he can be had for a late 2nd or 3rd rounder. We jump at it and let him compete and develop.
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