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    I will start by saying there are some great people on youtube. They split the games so you can see every play by a QB in an entire game in 8-15 minutes. And this past weekend my wife got sick, so as I was hanging around to take care of her, I watched every game available of the four QBs. I did not review Burrow, Tua, Herbert or Hurts, the first 3 because I think they will be gone by pick 13 and Hurts because I think the idea that he has a future as an NFL Qb is media hype because he seems like a hard working, likeable kid but he just does not seem like a QB to me. I will say upfront, some strengths or weaknesses cannot be seen on game film, such as leadership, work ethic, ability and desire to improve, etc. Anthony Gordon. Positives - He has great field vision. People talk about he's a product of the system, etc, etc. And it's true, in another system he would not have thrown for 5500+ yards and 48 TDs. On the flip side though, there are not many QBs would have have thrown for 5500+ yards and 48 TDs in Leach's system especially not 1st year starters. I believe he would have been successful in many other systems as well. Yes his receivers were wide open but when you watch multiple games those receivers were not always the first read (like some other Qbs I reviewed), he scans the field quickly, makes a decision and pulls the trigger. Which leads me to his next positive his release. The beauty of a quick release is that is does not give defenders time to react. Tied in with his field vision is he seems to not only see the entire field very quickly but he processes that information quickly. Many times I saw him scan the field then come back to his 1st read again, he was able to spot him instantly and throw the ball. Lastly, his anticipation is top notch. because of his ability to see the field and process the information, not only does he do an excellent job of anticipating where his receivers will be but also he does a great job of anticipating what the defenders will do, so because of that he is able to throw his receivers open on many occasions or put the ball where only his receiver can make a play on it. One last point on his receivers being wide open, for Love people like to blame the talent of his receivers... Gordon did not have any real talented receivers/TEs/Rbs either. they were open a lot because of the offensive system and because Gordon threw them open. Weaknesses - Has not footwork... at all. The coaches did him a disservice by not working on his throwing fundamentals. I don't mean his throwing motion but how to drop back and move while keeping the proper foot spacing and balance so the body can be in the correct position to throw. Mobility is lacking. He can move around in the pocket ok but that is about it, he seems to trip over his own feet when he tries to scramble. No feel in the pocket. He has good peripheral vision so he move when he sees the rush but he doesn't sense with the rush is coming. That was evident on several occasions when he was sacked standing flat footed. He makes some boneheaded decisions but whether they are bone headed decisions or lack of experience decisions I do not know. Overall, I think Gordon is an excellent pro prospect but he is at least a year away from being ready to play an NFL game and probably two years from being counted on as a starter. And that is assuming that A QB coach can work with him and he takes to coaching and is able to apply what he learns. That, combined with his 1 year as a starter in a college system that QBs have not transitioned well in the NFL, his slight stature at 6'2 199lbs, Gordon will probably not be drafted before the 5th round. Jacob Eason At first glance you wonder why Eason is not considered in the top with Burrow, Tua and Herbert but as you watch entire games it becomes obvious. Positives: IMO, Eason is the best QB in the draft at operating under center. I wish I would have kept stats but he looked incredible when operating under center... his drop backs were smooth and consistent, he scanned the field well while dropping back, he made a decision, planted his back foot and then had near perfect form in his throwing motion.... every time. His arm. Not just his arm strength but his throwing motion is nice and fluid and consistent, combined with his strong arm he can place the ball exactly where he wants, anywhere on the field, consistently. His mobility... yeas, I now a lot of people with disagree but he is a fluid, natural runner who can pick up yards with his legs when he needs to but he only has adequate speed. Plus he's a big, strong QB who will plow into the line to pick up a first down on 3rd/4th and short. negatives: He does not do a good job of handling pressure. His first move when the rush was coming was to spin backwards and roll left. In the first couple of games of the season that worked but it was obvious teams learned that was his move and really shut it down in the later games in the season. Since that seemed to be his only move to combat the rush, he will not get away with that in the NFL. And, even when he did escape the rush he was not good throwing while running to his left. His decision making. Several times you could see he had two receivers at two levels, the closer receiver would be very open, the receiver at the deeper level would be well covered, rather than throwing to the short receiver for a good gain, he would try to force the ball into the deeper receiver with very mixed results. Overall: I think Eason will be the 4th QB taken in the draft after Burrow, Tua (assuming he passes his physical) and Herbert. Eason, though reminds me a lot of Jeff George... all the tools and ability in the world it just seems something is lacking between the ears. I will be surprised if he stays in the NFL past his rookie contract. Jordan Love: This one is going to get me the most hate mail because a lot of people on this forum have bought the hype that he is Patrick Mahomes esqe and his poor play is a product of his team and coaches. And it is somewhat true but not totally. Positives: He is a smooth athlete with a good combination of touch and and power and accuracy on a lot of his throws. He is at his best when he's rolling to his right and throwing on the run. He seems to have good pocket awareness and can feel the rush around him even if he doesn't see it. Does not seem to panic under pressure. Has some escapability in him to extend plays when the pass protection breaks down. He seemed to have good control of the offense. Seems to be very competitive negatives: He cannot throw left. When you watch Love throw ahead or to the right, he has pretty good form (he relies on his arm too much but overall his form is fine) but when he throws to his his mechanics break down and his throw accuracy and velocity drop considerably. He is not good at presnap reads. Several of his interceptions were not because his receivers couldn't get open or because they had not separation, they were because his misread things at the LOS and threw the ball immediately after the snap. The rest of his INTs (not counting a couple that were in the desperation time towards the end of the game) were because he has a blind spot to underneath coverage. He stares down his receiver and the underneath coverage slides over and he is unaware of it. I'm not basing this on just the Wake Forest game but if you want to see multiple examples of this watch that game. He had was appears to be an impressive stat line with over 400 yards and 3 TDs but he also threw 3 INTs (2 of them were all because of Love, not the receivers, 1 was with 17 seconds left in the game and they were trailing) and could have easily had 2 more INTs if the defenders had not dropped the easy INTs. Overall, I do want to point out that even though the negative paragraph is longer than the positive paragraph, if you read closely, I do list more positives than negatives. Love definitely has some tools to work with but he does not work to be ready for the NFL. And personally I think his ceiling is about a Dak Prescott level.. someone who, if he's with a talented team will have some impressive wins but won't be the type of QB to win games when everything is on the line and he needs to outplay and out think the defense. It's funny after watching these games films Friday night and Saturday morning, I think watched the XFL on Saturday. So I'm watching the Houston Roughnecks and out trots, Indy's own practice squad king, P Walker as the starting QB, so I'm watching him play and he's doing well but I keep think that he reminds me of someone... then it hit me, Love plays just like Walker, same pocket movement, same throwing motion/style (Love does not pat the ball like Walker which is why Love may be able to make a career in the NFL), same arm strength, same running style and oddly enough same break down of mechanics when throwing left. Personally I think Love is a 3rd round talent that will be drafted higher and may sneak into the 1st round when team trades up to pick him towards the end of the round. Jake Fromm: Positives: Since I saw a lot of the positives from Fromm that have been discussed... accuracy, touch, anticipation on his throws, understanding of the offense, head for the game, etc. I won't go into great detail about that. Some of the positives I saw that don't seem to get talked about much. His competitiveness, to me this really popped out in watching his games and it's one of his best attributes. One of the ways I think this came through was on 3rd and long (6 yards or greater). All the Qbs above on 3rd and long, the majority of their throws were little 2 or 3 yard dump passes hoping the receiver makes a play. The majority of Fromm's passes on 3rd and long were near or past the sticks. That is someone that wants to keep the drive going not just playing it safe or being a game manager. His does not have scrambling ability like Wilson or Prescott or Watson, but he chooses to run at smart times and has enough speed to make positive yards and first downs when the team needs it. He can make accurate throws from different arm angles. Negatives: His arm strength is not elite but I would classify it is above average and I think it could move into the good category with proper mechanics. He does not consistently engage his hips and core when throwing, he's more of a step and lean thrower. But he made multiple 20-25 yard outs throws from the far hash both to the left and right side while fitting the ball into a tight window. He has enough arm strength for the NFL. The only other real negative I see in his game is if one rusher is pressing the pocket he can handle it well, if two are pressuring the pocket, he doesn't seem to know what to do and he is not the type to run around until he figures it out. Overall: I think Fromm is the most NFL ready QB in this group of 4, and IMO, even more NFL ready than Tue. People say he has a limited ceiling but I don't believe that to be the case (remember people said that about both Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning) but the ceiling is determined by how well he can read and recall defenses which is how all QBs who have long careers in the NFL keep improving and playing well year after year after year. and from all reports that is one of Fromm's greatest strengths. Since he is not ready to be a day one starter because of his throwing mechanics and lack of an elite arm, he could slip to the 2nd round but I could see either the Raiders drafting him at 19 or the Patriots drafting him at 23 if he's available. Which means, if the Colts want him, they will probably have to draft him at 13. 2 Side notes: If you want to see a game to convince yourself that Fromm is an NFL QB, watch the Georgia Notre Dame game, Georgia won that game because of Fromm and his competitiveness and toughness. Also, if you want to see another potential Colts pick watch the Georgia South Carolina game and you will see why Kinlaw would be a great 3T in the Colts D.
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    Really happy for him! https://fox59.com/2020/02/01/edgerrin-james-voted-into-pro-football-hall-of-fame/
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    There's already a celebration thread for this at Reddit.
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    And that is Javon Kinlaw. The Colts have one of the better LBing corps we have seen for quite a few years, and to free them up would do such wonders for this defense making Matt E. One of the better DCs imo in the league. I think he is missing one dominant interior dlineman to make his scheme be truly successful. I think people are scared of not addressing the QB position in a significant way, and to draft any of the QBs other than Burrows with the 13th pick would be desperation. I will rejoice like I did with the Quention Nelson pick if the Colts pick Kinlaw.
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    Lemme see if I get this straight...... Ballard parts with two 1st rounders and two 2nd rounders so we can watch one of these boom/bust QB prospects NOT NAMED Joe Burrow struggle thru the inevitable rookie growing pains.... and at the same time empty ourselves of early round draft capital until Round 2 NEXT YEAR that could be used to inject the team with the help we need at DT and other positions? Even if Ballard were to.... equally uncharacteristically.... bust open the cap space piggy bank and sign Chris Jones, Yannick Ngakoue and Amari Cooper, that trade up scenario would still be foolishness, IMO.
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    Dodds was with the Seahawks when they drafted Russell Wilson Ballard was with the chiefs when they drafted Patrick Mahomes Reich was with the eagles when they drafted Carson Wentz
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    Well, Brissett needs a new backup. Hoyer just isn't working out...
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    Yesterday was a really sad day for me (as you can see by my picture). I wanted to read what many of my Colt's friends were thinking and it's pretty much as I expected, mixed, leaning towards no. However, as a very realistic observer and long time fan, I think Philip has another 2 years in him. Last year was another anomaly year in his career rather than a falling off the cliff. The last season that he had so many interceptions we had so many O Line injuries that we had 20+ different configurations over the season, AND Rivers was playing very hurt with a tough rib injury. Antonio Gates let that information out of the bag. This season the line issues were the same with a very high turnover and we didn't get a set lineup until quite late in the season. I think it was in the Green Bay game, Philip took a couple of really tough hits and the same type of floater passes he had with his rib injury started. I wonder if he was playing hurt again. Speculation but from a fan that has watched his delivery very closely for 16 years. At the very least he rarely had any time for the longer plays to develop and without the deep threat, and a running game that was damaged from Melvin Gordon's hold out and then mid-year insertion, D's were able to cheat up on us. A perfectly bad storm. On many of the throws, Rivers was picked too easily, which tells me he might have developed issues with either staring down a receiver or has a tell that is being picked up. That said, if your coach thinks he will work for your team he knows exactly what he's getting and how best to use him. I wouldn't at all be surprised if Phil has an amazing couple of years and calls it quits. A quick throwing middle to short passes, with quick crossing routes and running back dump offs offense worked really well to rehabilitate his career after his last bad year. Reich knows how well it worked and how good Rivers still is. If there is one thing I would like to see a new coach get rid of is the waiting until the last second while reading the D. It allows them to know exactly when they can go, that needs to be changed up. Up tempo and no huddle are all things that Phil knows and can execute flawlessly. I would love to see him go all the way with another team if mine isn't in the mix and rooting for the Colts would be an easy one for me.
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    Next Irsay tweet will be "Do I like having the 13th pick in the draft? No, I LOVE having the 13th pick in the draft."
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    I am a big fan of letting Kelly take the reigns over and not drafting a QB in the first couple rounds. Take one later to groom in parallel with CK just in case the head falls back into young and stupid Kelly. Going this route allows you to get a guy later with some upside and if Kelly works out and we also develop the second guy, we have trade material a few years in. who Kelly reminds anyone is irrelevant imho because they all get put in different schemes, coaches and players around them. Troy Aikman in his prime would be a failure if he was behind the olines we trotted out 2012-2017 but he sure was a heck of a college talent. I don’t look at Kelly as being a HOF guy we aren’t playing, however, I don’t think any of the guys coming out this year are either. I surmise that Chad Kelly has every bit of the skill sets that any of these guys we are looking at in round 1 this year. Why would we spend high draft capital on one when we have a guy who matches up equally as well with all of these kids potential and he is already on the team and understands the system well. CK May fail, but so may Love, Eason, Herbert, and Tua. I think it’s higher % that we go with Kelly than taking risk on a guy at 13 who could possibly flop. Losing out on that pick sets you back 3-5 years. Missing on CK sets you back one as you go after the next years QB class.
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    Painter never looked good in preseason, tulip season or pheasant season. Bad comparison.
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    Booked my flight and room in Vegas for the NFL Draft!! Just wanted to let you all know the Colts will be represented there in the crowd. I know it is new in Vegas but has anyone been to the draft before?
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    I've mentioned before that I really like Greg Cosell and his analysis of both the NFL and draft prospects, he's one of the few analysts that I know can talk dispassionately about players and Xs and Os and I value his input because he does the work and has tons of experience breaking down film and I always learn something from him. He was on Tennessee radio yesterday and here's what he had to say on some of the QBs(he talks about the Superbowl in the first half of the interview and about the prospects in the second half(at about the 20 mark of the interview for the last 10 minutes): https://post.futurimedia.com/wgfx/playlist/14/listen-7586.html?cb=1580414765.455817 I'm not sure but it seems like Cosell has Love ranked no. 2 behind only Burrow. He's lower on Tua than most, higher on Love than most. His under the radar prospect is James Morgan out of FIU
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    There would be no purpose of drafting a guy in the 3rd round with Kelly already on the roster.
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    This is NOT a report. This is a wild prediction.
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    Brissett has never looked like an above average QB. I wish people would stop using the 5-2 thing as some sort of a badge for Brissett. QB wins is not a real thing. Even Ballard has noted that the point differential when we were 5-2 was painting a different picture of how good we are and it was much more toward us being an around .500 team, than being a 5-2 team. This team was winning mostly despite Brissett, not because of him and by the end of the year the variance caught up with the team and with Brissett. I'm actually willing to assume Brissett is closer to the QB of the first half of the season than the second half and I think the injury played a part in his worsened play, BUT even if he's the QB of the first part of the year, that's still not good enough. And yeah... maybe Kelly in year 3... and then if he doesn't pan out... why not take the practice squad QB of the Jets for example... and then... if even that fails I'm sure there are plenty of good QBs in the XFL. As long as we don't have to give up a pick or anything of value for our franchise QB, we should be good.
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    There were too many games to count where the team looked unprepared and outmatched, which resulted in blowout losses.
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    Just about everything you said is refuted by his stats. At the very worst he's average in terms of air yards, and his deep pass rating was very successful. All of Carr's core stats were top 10. #2 in completion % #10 in YPA (7.9) #10 in QBR #9 in passer rating #14 in YPG #11 in INT% (11th lowest) #17 in completed air yards All the above was with a team that was top 10 in drops, and below average in separation. As far as his deep ball accuracy, he was one of the better QBs. His left and right deep balls are among the best in the league, and his seam deep balls are at worst average. Here's his passing chart for 2019. For the fun of it, I've included passing charts from the other guys you mentioned that you'd take over Carr. Dalton Winston And Bortles, who you compared Carr too
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    Rivers had a bad Offensive Line in LA and yes he is better than JB and I defend JB a lot in here. Rivers would be an upgrade.
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    I really don't feel like I am. This is a decent Colts team. There are many people who look at this team like we were 2-14 last year. We finished 7-9 and were just a couple of field goals away from 9-7. This is a team that with the one or two additions is on the cusp of challenging in the AFC. Maybe I'm the eternal optimist, but I would be completely shocked if we were anywhere close to drafting T.L. next year. If by some chance we are feel free to bring this back up and I will eat my slice of humble pie, but until then I will be an optimist.
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    I agree this season has been a major league disappointment. I think most everyone had us in the talk to be one of the teams that could win the AFC. I'm going to say it again I'll never forgive number 12 for what he did. He screwed over the fans and that is not acceptable or forgivable. This is the last time I'll say this but it had to be said us the season of hope ended with a thud.
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    I think Chad Kelly is better than any qb in this draft with the exception of Burrow. So I wouldn't be surprised if we don't draft one. I've been in the Kelly camp since last August, I do hope he gets his shot here.
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    That's right! See.....here's Ballard and Dodds on their way to scout Kinlaw....
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    I actually am all for Rivers. To me, he’s one of those all-time warrior type of QBs. Reminds me of Favre. Two years of him rejuvenated behind a top notch OL, yeah, I MUCH prefer this as compared to trading the 1st for Carr or even using the 1st on a QB reach in the draft. Give me Rivers without expending draft capital, get a first round stud D prospect like Kinlaw to further beef up that defence, and bring in another high quality WR weapon in the 2nd round. I think the “team” will be much better off for it and I think Rivers is a QB that can still lead a good team to the promised land. He should be well motivated for some late, late career heroics.
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    Yes and no. His GM did him no favours with stupid FA signings and maddening draft picks. And generally could never put a great team on the field. Pagano's clock management, and perceived lack of holding people accountable was not good. The idea of him being a soft coach really sunk him.
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    And I was a Colt fan when we drafted both Peyton and Andrew.
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    Can you imagine if we signed Clowney and drafted Kinlaw at 13 and traded a 2nd for Carr. That would make our offseason truly amazing. A total game changer.
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    Ballard needs to stay the course. Dont reach for a QB, and pick BPA. Kinlaw would change this defense around. CeeDee Lamb would be an elite WR. People here still want an elite QB because they fear what little a QB like JB cant do, but imo Ballard needs to stay the course and pick BPA because if he doesn't things can go down hill rather quickly. You reach for a QB and he doesn't pan out? Now your defense still needs play makers and they arent stopping anyone and the grumbling begins because he decided to reach for a QB that didnt deserve to be picked where he was taken and this team is in jeopardy. Is that what everyone here wants? Kinlaw in round one (Nelson turned this whole offense around), then with one of your 2nd round picks, you take QB. Just look at Tannehil for TN, or JG in SF. Those guys were good enough to make it to the Championship and Super Bowl because they had a great surrounding cast. Oline and Dline are the biggest needs on any team. If we can have a top 5 oline and dline this team is going places without the need for a top 5 QB. Top 10? Yea. Top 5 no. And I'd wager top 10 is a lot easier to find. Ballards biggest challenge is not folding to the pressure of reaching for a QB.
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    OMG these two are so funny. Big Q “I can’t ride the horse with the flowers”
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    From your lips to God's ears! I hope all four are gone by #13...and if you factor in that Chase Young, Andrew Thomas, Isaiah Simmons and perhaps both Lamb and Jeudy are off the board as well.... we stand a very good chance of landing Brown or Kinlaw. Does this mean I don't want us to address the QB position? No.....it simply means that we could land a "best in breed" D-lineman and address QB in Rounds 2 - 4.... assuming Ballard doesn't bring in a free agent.
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    Yeah. You lost me at the whole coaching staff will be in the hot seat after next year unless he takes a risks on a rookie QB. 1. Ballard and Reich are two of the most respected people in the NFL. Ballard is considered by many to be one of the best GMs in the league. 2. The fact he said he just risk it on a rookie QB flies right in the face of what he has said. He won’t reach for one. If he loves one, he will take him, maybe at 13 or maybe at 34.
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    Read all of the WR reviews on NFL.com's new combine list, so decided to parse it by projected position and post. I've linked the profile to the prospect name for those that would like to read up on specific guys. They did a better job this year on the write ups IMO. The red are guys I like. I know we're likely not taking a WR in R1, so the lower graded reds are the guys I'd like to target in the later rounds. Some really nice prospects should be available. If you think I have slotted guys incorrectly (projected position), let me know. NFL.com Grade / Prospect (linked to profile) / College / Height / Weight / Comp Could project anywhere across X, Z or slot (speed and size) 6.86 - JERRY JEUDY - ALABAMA - 6' 1" - 192 lbs - Santonio Holmes 6.86 - CEEDEE LAMB - OKLAHOMA - 6' 2" - 189 lbs - Chad Johnson 6.50 - LAVISKA SHENAULT JR. - COLORADO - 6' 2" - 220 lbs - Sammy Watkins / Greg Little 6.48 - TEE HIGGINS - CLEMSON - 6' 4" - 215 lbs - A.J. Green 6.41 - JUSTIN JEFFERSON - LSU - 6' 2" - 192 lbs - NO COMP 6.27 - VAN JEFFERSON - FLORIDA - 6' 2" - 197 lbs - Adam Humphries 6.25 - DENZEL MIMS - BAYLOR - 6' 3" - 206 lbs - Tre'Quan Smith 6.00 - ANTONIO GIBSON - MEMPHIS - 6' 1" - 220 lbs - Buck Allen 5.83 - OMAR BAYLESS - ARKANSAS STATE - 6' 3" - 207 lbs - Roger Lewis 5.64 - DARNELL MOONEY - TULANE - 6' 4" - 212 lbs - NO COMP Z or traditional slot bucket 6.49 - HENRY RUGGS III - ALABAMA - 6' 0" - 190 lbs - Ted Ginn Jr. 6.39 - JALEN REAGOR - TEXAS CHRISTIAN - 5' 11" - 195 lbs - Curtis Samuel 6.37 - KJ HAMLER -PENN STATE - 5' 9" - 176 lbs - Tavon Austin 6.36 BRANDON AIYUK - ARIZONA STATE - 6' 0" - 201 lbs - Robert Woods 6.24 LYNN BOWDEN - KENTUCKY - 6' 1" - 199 lbs - Stefon Diggs 6.13 - KALIJA LIPSCOMB - VANDERBILT - 6' 0" - 201 lbs - Malcolm Mitchell 6.00 - TRISHTON JACKSON - SYRACUSE - 6' 1" - 191 lbs - Paul Richardson 6.00 - DEVIN DUVERNAY - TEXAS - 5' 11" - 202 lbs - NO COMP 5.97 - JAMES PROCHE - SOUTHERN METHODIST - 5' 11" - 193 lbs 5.87 - AUSTIN MACK - OHIO STATE - 6' 1" - 215 lbs - Cody Latimer 5.80 - FREDDIE SWAIN - FLORIDA - 6' 0" - 199 lbs - NO COMP 5.80 - JEFF THOMAS - MIAMI (FLA.) - 5' 10" - 174 lbs - Antonio Callaway - Flag 5.45 - JOHN HIGHTOWER - BOISE STATE - 6' 2" - 172 lbs - NO COMP 5.40 - AARON FULLER - WASHINGTON - 5' 11" - 188 lbs - NO COMP X or big/bully slot bucket 6.40 - CHASE CLAYPOOL - NOTRE DAME - 6' 4" - 229 lbs - Miles Boykin+ 6.38 - MICHAEL PITTMAN - USC - 6' 4" - 220 lbs - Courtland Sutton 6.29 - BRYAN EDWARDS - SOUTH CAROLINA - 6' 3" - 215 lbs - David Terrell 6.27 - ANTONIO GANDY-GOLDEN - LIBERTY - 6' 4" - 220 lbs - DeVante Parker 6.25 - GABRIEL DAVIS - UCF - 6' 3" - 212 lbs - Terrance Williams 6.19 - QUINTEZ CEPHUS - WISCONSIN - - 6' 1" - 207 lbs - Zach Pascal 6.17 - ISAIAH HODGINS - OREGON STATE - - 6' 4" - 209 lbs - Geronimo Allison 6.16 - TYLER JOHNSON - MINNESOTA - 6' 2" - 205 lbs - Jakobi Meyers 6.00 - ISAIAH COULTER - RHODE ISLAND - 6' 3" - 190 lbs - Marquess Wilson 5.98 - COLLIN JOHNSON - TEXAS - 6' 6" - 220 lbs - Auden Tate 5.95 - QUEZ WATKINS - SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI - 6' 2" - 190 lbs - J'Mon Moore 5.88 - AARON PARKER - RHODE ISLAND - 6' 3" - 208 lbs - Rashard Higgins 5.87 - LAWRENCE CAGER - GEORGIA - 6' 5" - 220 lbs - Justin Watson 5.82 - JUWAN JOHNSON - OREGON - 6' 4" - 231 lbs - NO COMP 5.58 - TYRIE CLEVELAND - FLORIDA - 6' 2" - 205 lbs - NO COMP 5.55 - STEPHEN GUIDRY - MISSISSIPPI STATE - 6' 4" - 200 lbs - NO COMP 5.50 - DEZMON PATMON - WASHINGTON STATE - 6' 4" - 228 lbs - NO COMP 5.40 - KENDRICK ROGERS - TEXAS A&M - 6' 4" - 204 lbs 5.40 - DARRELL STEWART - MICHIGAN STATE - 6' 2" - 216 lbs - NO COMP Limited to outside / vertical 5.88 - MARQUEZ CALLAWAY - TENNESSEE - 6' 2" - 204 lbs - NO COMP 5.69 - TONY BROWN - COLORADO - 6' 1" - 195 lbs - NO COMP Limited to inside 6.17 - K.J. HILL - OHIO STATE - 6' 0" - 195 lbs - DaeSean Hamilton 5.95 - QUARTNEY DAVIS - TEXAS A&M - 6' 1" - 200 lbs - NO COMP 5.90 - DONOVAN PEOPLES-JONES - MICHIGAN - 6' 2" - 208 lbs - NO COMP 5.85 - JOE REED - VIRGINIA - 6' 1" - 215 lbs - NO COMP 5.69 - JAUAN JENNINGS - TENNESSEE - 6' 3" - 208 lbs - NO COMP 5.50 - K.J. OSBORN - MIAMI (FLA.) - 6' 0" - 206 lbs - NO COMP 5.48 - CHRIS FINKE - NOTRE DAME - 5' 10" - 184 lbs - NO COMP 5.40 - MALCOLM PERRY - NAVY - 5' 9" - 190 lbs - NO COMP
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    The Colts were set on selecting Jordan Love but he is off the board; so The Colts select Javon Kinlaw, DL, South Carolina
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    I would never, under any circumstance, trade up for Love. I’m barely coming around on the idea that he might be an option at 13, and would much rather take him trading up from 34 or even at 34 if possible. He’s not even close to being worth trading up for that early
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    Below is a link to the first 3 rounds of the Draft Network Premium Slack Channel (if you’re not already a member I would highly recommend that you join) where I was representing our beloved Colts. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/mock-draft-nfl-tdn-premium The link above will give analysis for the 1st 3 rounds but we carried on past these 3 rounds (currently in the 7th round now) and the Colts have taken the following: 13. Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina 34. Jordan Love, QB, Utah State 44. Prince Tega Wanagho, OT, Auburn 75. Kyle Dugger, S, Lenoir Rhyne 112. Michael Pittman, WR, USC 143. Albert Okwuegbunhan, TE, Missouri 174. Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame 192. DJ Wonnum, EDGE, South Carolina 205. Still to be picked but leaning either Elijah Riley from Army or Kindle Vildor from Georgia Southern ( both CBs) So how did I do? Was it good enough in your opinion? Did I absolutely nail it or did I do so badly that my Colts fan membership should be rescinded, let me know
  40. 8 points
    Smoke on the water, fire in the sky... That time of the year...
  41. 8 points
    Less of a report and more of a prediction. However, it would take a ton to get up that high to be able to draft him, so it ultimately depends on if Ballard is willing to use a lot of draft capital to move up, which we haven't seen from him thus far.
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    No matter how many WRs you add, it's pointless when Brissett won't throw to them or throws it 5 yards over their heads. (I like your choice of receivers, BTW) Pinkney is not good. I'd rather have about 10 other TEs than him.
  43. 8 points
    I think it is insane to make decisions about the very top of your roster at the most important position on any team(QB) with the most valuable assets you have(1st round picks) based on the existence of Chad Kelly. I don't mind him being on the roster and I've liked what he's shown in pre-season games and I think he can be a serviceable backup in time, but you simply cannot do this. This would be so damn irresponsible and almost fireable. "You know what? I'm not gonna draft QB high because we have Chad Kelly" .... just think about it for a minute... let it settle in your mind... "we are not drafting a QB because of Chad Kelly"... How is this NOT insane? Chad Kelly shouldn't even enter into your thoughts about whether to draft a QB with 13 or not.
  44. 8 points
    I just want to see what the kid can do with the starters.
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    Going to kick off my WR write ups with Brandon Aiyuk, Listed between 6 and 6-1 but typically shows 205 for weight. He was the successor for N'keal Harry out of Arizona State however the two couldn't be more opposite. The guy is a absolute burner once he gets behind a defense. Games watched were against Michigan state, USC, Oregon state and Oregon. I will say he did suffer from some QB play and there were several times he was open but was overlooked. Strengths The kid is an absolute burner and once he is gone, go ahead and mark it a TD. Versatile and will play special teams and return kicks and punts at a very effective rate. Does a absolutely wonderful job of setting up a CB for a double move. Has quick and choppy feet. Can be very agile and when he wants he can leave a defender in his dust after his first cut. Shows that he consciously attempts to catch the ball with his hands. Shows the ability to learn and get better and is a good candidate to build up. Weaknesses He is not physical at all. If he gets pressed at the line he will lose the battle 90% of the time. This comes in at blocking as well, there are times where he just moves his feet and lets the defender run right beside him. Has a problem with drops and losing control of the ball, is a natural body catcher even though he will try to use his hands to catch the ball. He almost seems lazy at times and can be very slow in and out of breaks. He gives up on routes before the ball is thrown if he doesnt think he is going to have the ball thrown to him. A Lot of his film leaves me questioning his effort and motor. Overall I came into watching his film very excited from a little bit of forum hype. His numbers where impressive enough to see him as a higher prospect. However I came away very unimpressed. He is a deep threat WR but does not have a sudden step to him. He is a longer build up speedster. I don't think he would be a good fit for the Colts, I believe we drafted the same style player only way more dynamic in Parris Campbell last year. A team like the Ravens or Chargers would likely be a much better fit for him. What turned me off the most on him was how sluggish he is during some plays and almost appears like he is just jogging to his break in the route, he's got the speed so i'm not sure why he doesn't utilize it? Low effort players do nothing to me no matter how athletic they are. I am trying to keep these less in depth then last year because of complaints how long they have been in previous years, I also will not include guess' like draft spot and player comps unless one just jumps out at me.
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    The way I see the QBs: 1. Love=Ballard’s type 2. Herbert=Reich’s type Id bet money that one of them are a Colt in April. Which one, I can’t say though. It’s funny too because each of the QB’s weaknesses are the others strengths. Love can be inaccurate at times while Herbert has excellent accuracy. Herbert struggles against pressure but Love is deadly off-script. What a decision on our FOR has on their hands.
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    It didn’t end like we hoped but it was still entertaining. We were still playing for the division with three weeks left and beat the Super Bowl champs in their own house. Considering our franchise quarterback retired two weeks before the season I’d hardly consider that a horrible season.
  49. 7 points
    I disagreed with Reich not playing him in the final meaningless game of the 2019 season. Even if it was just the second half. If Brissett is half the man people claim, he would have understood.
  50. 7 points
    Trading for Carr is the move that has always made the most sense to me. And I can see Gruden moving away from him and trying to move up in the draft. The way Ballard covets draft picks I find it hard to believe he would trade a number of high picks to move and take a chance on a rookie. I can see him trading one for Carr and continue to build through the draft and be more aggressive in FA this year. In fact I would approach the Raiders first and let them know we are interested. I would think one of our seconds would be fair and I would be very happy with that outcome. Acquiring Carr would automatically make us SB contenders again IMO.
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