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    Thanks fellas. I have just been doing other things. I did not intend to take so much time away. With the season coming soon I intend to spend more time here chatting with you guys. I appreciate you checking in with me. Took the wife to Vegas during the draft... that was my first time there, very cool. We watched the first round in the casino of our hotel (Luxor if you are familiar) which was fun. Met some nice folks from here in Ohio.... they got up and left when the Browns selected Mayfield, lol. I was a little stunned and didn't know what to think about Nelson, but it didn't take long for the idea to season for me. I think we spent about $40 gambling. I have evidence of success with a couple of vouchers. One for 7 cents and one for 9 cents, lol. We enjoyed the food and doing other things, Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon were really cool. Gonna go check out the forum. Glad to hear from ya'll -BR
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    I am still alive and kicking!
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    Question #31 and Finale....What is the top TV show not named the Super Bowl is the most watched ever? Hint 1983 and it was the finale!
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    Questions #30...What years are in the between that of in the Millennial Generation there?!
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    Question #29....NBC Show about three men and three women that had the song lyric "I'll Be There for You!"
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    Question #28...What did Jim Jones in Jonestown gave his followers when in 1977 to sacrifice themselves not knowing themselves they were tricked in his cult?!
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    Question #27....What does Linus use on the Peanuts that he needs even if he gets made fun of, in particular by his sister Lucy?!
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    Question #26...What is the name of the ABC show started in 2004 which features castaways that had their plane crashed and are on an island stranded?! Ending in 2010 that changed the way of TV.
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    Training Camp is the next step in the journey to the 2018 Colts season !!
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    Question #25....What does C.S.I. on CBS stand for?!
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    Question #24....The show about nothing on NBC!
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    Question #23...Song goes like this...fill in the title..."Honey Honey, You are my Candy Girl, And You got me wanting you?" It was on a cartoon show!
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    Question #22......What is the name of the 2009 movie about Pandora and directed by James Cameron?!
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    Question #21....Which game show in the 1978-1981 and revived in 1986-1989 Game that had "Higher Lower"?
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    Question 20...Name of the show the slogan "Big Bucks No Whammies?!"
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    Question #19...On the original "Gong Show" who was the name of the stage hand who came out and danced on a lot of the shows at the end and had music written for him when he did that and the audience and judges threw out stuff when he dance?!
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    Question #18...What is the name of the rights when you are being arrested? Hope none of you all ever get arrested BTW!
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    Getting my fingers and apple juice ready for training camp week. Gonna be a busy time posting all the updates
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    Question #17...Who is the original star of "Hawaii Five 0" not the current one?!
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    Question #15...Back in the 1980's-2005 After Uncle Walter Cronkite left, who were the three main anchors for the three major networks that had hard news at the time?!
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    Question #14...What is the Disco Place in 1970's that was a must go to in NY and it was based on a movie with Mike Myers and Ryan Philippe?!
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    That feeling when you click on your own Profile and see you have 0 warning points. #CleanRecord #TheyllNeverPutAStrikeOnMe
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    Happy ID4 Colts Nation! Greetings from Hungary!
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    Miss ya man...
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    On ESPN 1st Take today, the guest host said "How much does love cost?" He was referring to NBA player Kevin Love who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves & might be traded. I've never laughed so hard in my life. LOL!