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    I had chicken cutlets last night. This morning I redecorated my living room. That's a joke, I say, that's a joke, son.
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    It's obvious you don't know much about hunting, here, or in other parts of the world. Not all hunters, but most are conversationalist. And rarely is meat wasted. Even in safari hunts in Africa, rarely does anything go to waste. Meat is normally dressed and prepped immediately, and either eaten at the camp, on the reserve by locals, or sent to market. So it's not for no other reason. And while I'm sure that some hunts are "lazy", most are active "stalk". And even in lazy hunts, the meat is not wasted. It's hilarious how most folks will pearl clutch at hunting, yet order their fast food chicken sandwich or hamburger which is made from animals that never had a chance to run wild. I guess mass systemic killing is better than rifle or bow? And most don't have a clue that hunting is needed for population control in many areas. As long as the animal is not endangered, and as long as there is no waste, folks shouldn't have an issue. If they do, they need to go vegan or loosen up on their pearls.
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    You think he wants to move to Indy and buy AV's house? Awesome!
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    Adams house is in a part of Carmel that has had problems with the Lucas Estate (also in carmel). The Lucas hold a lot of events for pay. It's like a full on event venue. He's remonstrated against it as have a lot of his neighbors. He said they cannot sit outside without having to deal with whatever music the event plays. The city has tried to get the Lucas to stop running a business in a residential area but, they keep doing it. I'm not surprised he is moving to Zionsville. He can afford it and it is adorable
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    So based on early lines, Colts go 10-6, with 4 of the losses with spreads of -1 or lower (basically coin flips). 5 of 6 losses on the road. Personally, I think we beat Chicago and Cleveland and are 7-0 going into our home game vs Baltimore. I wouldn't be shocked at all to beat Baltimore at home. Purely my opinion, but I think our toughest games in order are 1) at TN 2) at Pitt 3) Balt 4) at Raiders 5) at Detroit 6) at Chicago Week Date Time Opponent Opening spread Week 1 Sunday, Sept. 13 1:00 p.m. ET at Jacksonville Colts -6.5 Week 2 Sunday, Sept. 20 1:00 p.m. ET vs. Minnesota Colts -2.5 Week 3 Sunday, Sept. 27 4:05 p.m. ET vs. New York Jets Colts -6 Week 4 Sunday, Oct. 4 1:00 p.m. ET at Chicago Bears -1 Week 5 Sunday, Oct. 11 4:25 p.m. ET at Cleveland Browns -1 Week 6 Sunday, Oct. 18 1:00 p.m. ET vs. Cincinnati Colts -9.5 Week 7BYE Week 8 Sunday, Nov. 1 1:00 p.m. ET at Detroit Colts -3 Week 9 Sunday, Nov. 8 1:00 p.m. ET vs. Baltimore Ravens -5 Week 10 Thursday, Nov. 12 8:20 p.m. ET at Tennessee Titans -1 Week 11 Sunday, Nov. 22 1:00 p.m. ET vs. Green Bay Colts -1 Week 12 Sunday, Nov. 29 1:00 p.m. ET vs. Tennessee Colts -2.5 Week 13 Sunday, Dec. 6 1:00 p.m. ET at Houston Colts -5 Week 14 Sunday, Dec. 13 4:05 p.m. ET at Las Vegas Raiders -0.5 Week 15 Sunday, Dec. 20 TBD vs. Houston Colts -3.5 Week 16 Sunday, Dec. 27 1:00 p.m. at Pittsburgh Steelers -2.5 Week 17 Sunday, Jan. 3 1:00 p.m. vs. Jacksonville N/A (but you'd have to assume it's around -10)
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    I wanted to give this a day before I responded, because I was absolutely floored by this post. My instant reaction would have likely gotten me banned for the choice words I had. I will only say that based on this post and many of your other posts, it's obvious that you have a very skewed point of view and sense of reality. Now that I realize this, it's clear there is no reason for me to continue to engage with you, as there will never be an undistorted discussion with you. It just seems like every thought get filtered through a house a mirrors on it's way out and there's no reasoning with that. Best of luck.
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    I quit hunting after coming back from overseas in 1975. It changed my whole outlook on hunting when you are the one that is being hunted.
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    There's good and bad in every crowd. Whether people be classified by hobby, sport, activism, race, religion,...you name it. There are good and bad in each of them. But if youd like to support the bashing of an entire group of people rather than only the individual perpetrators then you all are more than welcome to enjoy the view from your imaginary moral high ground.
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    How'd you all figure out that no one ate the meat from those animals from that picture? It's funny how people like to bash hunters when they fund much of the wildlife here in the states, contribute to economies around the world, and feed many poor in the areas they hunt.
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    Personally not a fan of a wall full of animal heads.
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    Understood. I follow the "live in caution but not in fear" principle. But then, I don't have my parents or in-laws living with me. I see people on both sides of the spectrum, the ultra-careful and the reckless and I feel like I fall somewhere in between. But if it came to my parents, the advice I'd ask them to follow is what you would give me because both of them have Type 2 diabetes.
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    That wouldn't be a bad bet if someone just bet little on it because it may get canceled? I guess you would lose your bet though if even 1 game is played.
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    I assume there is some Vegas bet that the season will get canceled.
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    Doesn't make sense to be a 5 point favorite at Houston in week 13 and only a 3.5 favorite at home against them in week 15
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    Shoot I may have more than that after this weekend if I win both the powerball and mega millions.
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    Yes, a lot of hunters like to talk about their exploits therefore they are conversationalist. Some are even conservationists.
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    I'd rather just hunt what I eat. I don't care for sport hunting.
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    Everyone can go ahead and put your daggers away now. I highly doubt there will be a NFL season. Way too many people are not taking the virus serious enough to protect themselves let alone other people.
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    Just to let you guys know he still sticking in Indy area
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    Rumor has it, we're going to hire him to lead our media relations department.
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    Belichick is on the phone with him as we speak
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    You know who assumes that everyone cheats? That's right........
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    Colts Club Season Ticket Members, This is an unprecedented time for our sport. As we navigate the twists and turns of the COVID-19 pandemic, I want you to know that our top priority is the safety of our fans, players and staff. As such, our league is instituting some significant changes to the gameday experience that will affect all of us. This will include: A modified preseason schedule, Reduced stadium capacity that complies with CDC guidelines for social distancing, Tarps being placed over the eight rows nearest the field as an increased safety measure for football personnel and fans, A food and beverage experience that minimizes person-to-person contact, An adjusted game presentation that eliminates non-essential personnel on the playing field, and Additional health and safety protocols, including face coverings. We understand that some of these changes will impact your ability to attend games this season and are in the process of developing our overall plan as it relates to our Club Season Ticket Members. This will include a fair and equitable way to offer you these limited seating options. Your Colts representative will be in touch in the coming weeks with more detail on how these changes will be managed—and, most importantly, how it will affect you and your current contract for the upcoming season. I cannot tell you how important you are to the Indianapolis Colts franchise and how much we appreciate your loyalty and support. I ask for your patience and understanding as we move forward together. God bless you and your loved ones, stay safe—and GO COLTS! Jim Irsay Colts.com | Schedule | Tickets
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    I was surprised the Hayden int was so low but I enjoyed this, being a Baltimore/ Indy Colts fan since 1969. (You KNEW what #1 would be - still brings a tear to my eyes),.
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    https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/colts-insider/2020/07/09/colts-kicker-adam-vinatieri-puts-carmel-home-market/5404722002/?fbclid=IwAR3mzV7DqtR0rCDCf3A6Iw79DmULa6tVjCJnjgSyfgHOvrtoFhi7whmgAAU Doesn’t bode well for him returning. Hopefully he just retires.
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    Ok, but AV isn't flying to Africa to get meat for his dinner table or to help those communities with controlling the population of certain animals. He's doing it just to kill something he can't kill at home. And that's stupid. Hunting for food is one thing, and I understand population control is a good reason as well, but flying to another continent to kill an animal for fun is messed up.
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    Good stuff. But curious about 1 game: Detroit. Why do you think Detroit will be tougher than Chicago or Cleveland? Yeah, Chicago's offense is a mess but their D is tight. Cleveland has a nice roster and if they can put it all together they'll be tough. I don't see as much stopping the Colts in Detroit. The rest I agree on. 10-6 feels about right all things considered. But I am growing increasingly pessimistic the NFL (or any other pro league for that matter) will play a full season. BTW, I think we all know why that last game doesn't have a line. If the Colts have a playoff spot clinched and/or Jax is already eliminated that is going to change who plays.
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    I just agree, it was the most lame excuse ever for blatant cheating. It was not a "Do your job" expose of a Patriots advance scout on the road, it was a cover up. 'Didn't know. My bad.' I'm not a betting person, but I would have bet that footage was going straight to the Patriots football operations first chance they could connect to the web and their server and upload it.
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    Seriously? If that’s all hunters did, you wouldn’t have all the bashing of them that there is..... Come on now....
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    Agreed. Making up for lacking in other areas.... A picture on a wall after taking them “down” with a tranquilizer would suffice i’d think. Or how about just a pic itself? These are the same guys who hung “trophy” panties on their bedroom wall in college. (Panties THEY bought themselves at Kmart no doubt. Haha)
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    I think the Titans and Raiders are much lower than they should be. I could see Denver being a lot better as well.
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    We have a 25/1 shot, actually not bad odds. We are tied for 10th. 1 team I didn't mention in my above post regarding the NFC is of course Brady and the Bucs, they are the mystery card. Nobody knows how good they will really be??
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    I'll happily take all the Ws, and all the awards, etc.. Some awards just matter less than others. I know you're messin'. Just messin' back :-)
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    This is the message board equivalent of a pick 6
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    just read 10 yr $450 million with "only" $140 mil guaranteed for injury.
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    I'm ready for a season at home where I can: 1. Turn the game on after the anthem or whatever they are playing in the stadium 2. Turn the game on after the kneeling or whatever statement the players and/or league are making 3. Sit and relax virus free, with nobody around me coughing or sneezing. 4. Have beer that is cold and cheap 5. Have food that is hot and cheap 6. Encounter no line at the bathroom (BONUS - it's not disgusting 5 minutes into the game) What I'll miss: 1. Saturday night at Loughmiller's 2. The energy and excitement of game day 3. Post game dinner in the city
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    Yeah, because that's worked so well for Texas and Florida recently, right?
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    I've heard he's very condescending when his receiver runs the wrong route... Sorry... I'll see myself out.
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    Lets set the table correctly First off..... Lets be clear....... as I think its very important Lets talk about MY opinions.... First off.... I am NOT in the locker room I have no idea what the day-to-day outcome will be....... I have an opinion MANY times MY opinion is WRONG........ (I'm not in the locker room) At the beginning of last year, I truly thought that JB COULD be the QB of the of the future... I was dead wrong... he is clearly not the QB of the future... The Legendary STACKPILE helped me see the light Being in Texas... the local news tells me that this cowboy has a hangnail, and that cowboy has an interest in shellfish, but I dont have great day to day local coverage on the Colts My job keeps me busy but I grab what I can.... So I am fallible, AND Imperfect........ and that's ok My blood "doesn't boil" if anyone disagrees with me..... I truly dont care as my self worth is not tied to what anonymous people agree or disagree with me The good Lord has blessed me in an incredible way and I truly dont deserve my life that I have been given....... I'm a * that is lucky I care about what my wife, family, and friends think about me... not people that dont know me I used to call you the "great corrector" as you would argue with people and give them crap...... "Well it wasn't 3.5 yards per carry... it was actually 3.58 yards per carry".... At the end of the day... WHO CARES? Does that make you feel better? Why even bring it up? And I would ask you .... why be mean to other Colts fans? What in the world does that that gain you? Does that make you feel better? Again I would say compassion is your friend Being an internet "tough guy" doesn't make you a better person..... I will leave you with this... One of my managers was Mensa level smart.... He was a smart alec.... I told him use your "super powers " for Good..... I wish I was as INTELLIGENT as he was AND YOU Actually ARE..... True Story....... I hope you listen to this internet nobody.... There is no reason to treat others like crap...... There ARE a lot of hurting people out there and I do care what they FEEL I have a good friend here in Dallas that I met through this board...... great guy, great wife. great kid..... His dog actually bit my daughter during the SB with the bears :0 ............. He doesn't post here anymore...... cause it can be an unfriendly place.... which is sad! I think we can we can be much nicer to each other........ That's ALL I am asking......
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    The running game will even be better this year and so will the defense IMO. I will agree if Rivers goes down the SB hopes are over. JB isn't a franchise QB but can get you a few wins in a pinch. Like I said great backup but not a legit starter for 16 games, JMO.
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