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    After almost four weeks 4 hospital visits, two hospital stays, I have finally beaten covid 19 now colts lets kick butt this year!
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    Blue is a Hall of Famer and and he generates most of his power from his belly. If he bulked up I fear it would hinder his flexibility and we wouldn’t get to see him smacking down little kids in the peewee league.
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    Howdy, from Glendale Arizona. This is my 3rd year of trying to upgrade our mascot, Blue. Since our team is still rebuilding to Champion caliber, I thought giving Blue an upgrade that would be more entertaining for kids and exciting to watch the transformation during the game. Here goes, Blue can get the fans pumped up for keeping the lead or having to come back from behind to win the game. On the big screen, Blue runs back to his locker room...the room shakes and the door opens with smoke coming out and "Boom,out comes a morphed mascot called "MIGHTY BLUE!" The fans there in the stadium start cheering and making a lot of noise(TV fans see it too)/ This mascot looks like the one in the picture from the PRO SHOP. If the picture does not get posted, I'll describe it...it is a white headed full size horse head with a muscular human-like body wearing a Colts uniform #00 holding a football leaping into the end zone. Then, after the game, Mighty Blue morphs back onto our beloved Blue. Talk about a great marketing idea! It's Freakin' awesome and I am giving you this idea...for free.
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    Blue playing peewee football is gold.
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    I doubt AV will be our kicker by the final game.....lol.
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    I predict I will really enjoy this season like no other. Colts will regain the AFC South!
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    I had a few beers with her.....kept referring to her husband as a stallion.
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    I mean....there is a Blue Jr, so we know there’s a Mrs. or ex Mrs. Blue, right? Maybe that’s her on the right?
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    My Grandkids have been seeing him since 2006 right thru 2007 and the super bowl. Now my Great Grandkids have been watching him for 10 years. I would hate to see that aspect of Blue taken away. I maybe could warm up to the idea of having a female Blue? She could be the tough one?
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    Sometimes it seems like when a sports figure get arrested the general consensus is it's because they are thought to be above the law or they are entitled. In reality the percentage of sports figures getting arrested is way below the national average of the general population. When they do get into trouble it's reported just because of who they are. Right now there are 2,880 players on rosters in the NFL. We read where 2 or 3 players gets arrested and some draw the conclusion there is a problem. If you look at the big picture, it's really not a problem at all.
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    Teams will have to stop the run, first. The rest is left for Rivers to read and throw to the open man. We will struggle in the beginning but once we get it in the groove... we are off to the races.
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    8-8, miss out on playoffs by a missed field goal in the final game of the regular season.
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    Yeah I am calling 10 as of now and a trip to the AFC Title Game.
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    How nice is it to finally ha e a o-line that we can smash the ball down their throats?!? Love it! Road graders, control the line control the game, battle of the trenches
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    Yeah, I knew where you were coming from. There is going to be a group that says we won but 25 million for 175 is stupid to pay a guy for that production while not being able to see the whole concept and ability. Running it effectively is waaaay safer than throwing it 20 yards downfield plus it allows your defense to rest and stay off the field. I thought we were going to be getting that style game from JB last year in just managing the game to long, drives with clock controlling game plans but he couldn’t make the defense respect his passing abilities. At least Rivers has that game built in to his reputation already. I don’t need to see a 60 yard bomb pass but I’d love to see a quick hitting 5 yard pass become a 45 yard TD on occasion lol.
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    I think a good balance would be Rivers throwing on average for around 240 a game and we run the ball for around 130 a game. That is 370 yards of offense. Last season 370 would put us in the top 10 for total yards, right at 10th. Which is good if the defense plays good.
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    Oh definitely. I was sort of being sarcastic with the JB reference = 200 a game. Rivers is a nice upgrade and does give me more hope if we do fall behind in a game to comeback.
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    I’d tend to agree with your thinking here. We don’t need Rivers to throw for 300 a game but what we need to have, is a QB with the threat of doing so if needed and not just when we are 30 points behind in catch up mode with prevent defenses. What will set Rivers apart from JB is hopefully his ability to read and process what defenses are setting up for against us. If we can successfully screen play, run and the occasional chunk play, I would welcome a 200 yard performance in the air with 150 on the ground and 24 points avg/game. Having a QB who can scan and process the field quickly and get it to the right guy is where having a smart QB will be worth his salt. seeing what Rivers did with Eckler last year makes me very optimistic for Hines and the short pass and YAC game. JB couldn’t get that game going for Hines, coaching, game plan or inability to make the correct reads, I’m not sure why but knowing that Rivers has already done that with an unknown source last year, I feel like that will be the power to the engine of the beast for the year. If either of Mack or Taylor shows he can catch the ball out of the backfield this season, we should be able to put up 30 often with some big strike shots imho. I wonder what our redzone game will look like without a Ebron (2018) type guy. I know Pittman has the size but not the game experience yet. We will see.
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    I don't think he is married. He has a girlfriend whom he has a child with so who knows?
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    He's just turned 26 (and by all accounts he has been doing well for at least a year) ... so at this point he was immature to the ripe old age of about 24, that's not a lot of "adult life" years. I know plenty of people who were well into there 20s before they quit partying and "grew up". I am not saying he won't screw it all up or is a changed man; I don't know the guy personally. But, I think it is premature to pass judgement so early. It's amazing how many posters on here graduated high school and were instantly pillars of their community and never went through a wild period of poor or stupid decisions. I know I am glad the media(and potential employers) weren't keeping records of every stupid decision I made during HS & college.
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    Last year people stacked the box against the run... they were not in fear of JB I believe that (actually hope) that Rivers still has enough gas in the tank that when they stack the box this year.....,, Rivers will hit the receiver .... A run first offense doesn’t work if all 11 defenders are not concerned with our pass attack.... I am anxious to see how Pittman, TY , Campbell will all down the field together If we can pull some double coverage on 1 or 2 of them, it will open up the running game as DBs have to also worry about our runners It will be an interesting year..., run the ball, when they have nickel coverage ... Pass the ball when they they stack the box...tough to defend
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    If his wife hadn’t stabbed him the night before he would of scored lol. No need to delete. Sometimes it can be fun to look back.
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    I think you are misreading people when you say they want Kelly to fail. That isn’t the case. Most people on here were laughing at the Kelly fans making him the messiah. We were laughing at those people not Kelly’s abilities. I think if somehow the colts turn to him as a future starter most of us will hope he succeeds and trust ballard and Reich in that moment they name him as the starter. Everyone will at least give him a chance. As much as Reich praises him Ballard will have to also love him to agree to it. Plus this is a decision Irsay will be heavily involved in. So all three will have to fall in love with him for it to happen.
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    Thanks for the heads up! That video was already posted here:
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    I have long been of the opinion that a rookie/Kelly battle for backup (with the loser taking the QB3 position) was the most ideal path forward. Gives the Colts a chance to practice their “competition” mindset...but in more of a low-stakes setting...while driving both players. And it gives both players the opportunity to soak up what they can from Rivers. Plus, I just think those two round out the most talented QBs on the roster. I was a big proponent of signing Rivers (or any vet upgrade)....but the fact is that he is only signed for one year and we just don’t know how this year will play out. So the Colts need to push the younger guys where they can. The savings (and any potential draft capital) from a JB move is just the cherry on top. I sort of compare it to what DEN did. They signed Keenum to a two-year deal. He was bad that first year...so they traded for Flacco to get a vet upgrade...and then traded Keenum...and then drafted Lock. They could have kept Keenum as the “proven backup”...but opted to enter the season with Flacco and Lock as the two QBs. Flacco was a bust...so Lock got some great game experience and is set to take over this season on a revamped offense. Rivers > Flacco...so I don’t think he busts. And I don’t know if Eason/Kelly is as good as Lock...but it would be ideal if the Colts have them there ready to go to find out.
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    Let me see if I follow you here: A couple weeks ago you made a thread just to, and I’m paraphrasing, fire up the Kelly fan club. You posted several times before making fun of the Kelly fans. During the season JB was the best thing since sliced bread. Pre-draft you didn’t want any QB besides the top 2-3. It was a waste of a pick for any QB after round 1. After the draft Eason was the best thing since sliced bread and now, Eason may be cut for Kelly. Am I missing anything else?
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    I agree, however the recover rate for substance abuse is roughly 50-50. For pretty much all of his adult life he's been extremely hard-headed about his problem, saying all the right things (including playing the religion card, when convenient) yet continuing unabated down his years-long path of destruction. I'm not sure his ego got crushed in Indy - why wouldn't it have gotten crushed in Denver when he failed to be the #1? Or previously when he got kicked off other teams? What makes this time special for him? From the perspective of an addict (i.e., from Kelly's perspective), that's hard to have any degree of confidence that this time is the one that got his attention. More often, it's a life-death situation that wakes an addict up enough to make a difference. Stopping substance abuse is just one part of a long and complex recovery process. It's not even been a year yet, so even if Kelly is clean at the moment it is nowhere near to convincing me he will/can stay clean for very long - most addicts relapse many, many times on their road to recovery. I'm afraid without any evidence whatsoever (we know Reich talks up everyone, it's his style - so I don't count that as evidence of Kelly's recovery), I don't put much bank on him having achieved the over on those 50-50 odds in such a short time frame (or ever, for that matter). Good point - I think this D is going to be very good, for a variety of reasons. I'm thinking top 5 rushing O, top 12 overall O, top 12 defense.
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    Link? Marge Schott? Yes.... Frank....eh I could be wrong but doesn’t seem like him.....
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    My early prediction is we win the division at 10-6. I think the Titans will be good again too and may go 10-6 as well. I am still not sold on Tannehill being a legit good QB, he is above average though. They used Henry a lot last season too, can he do what he did last year? They overachieved last year IMO. I see the Texans falling off a little and perhaps at 9-7 because Watson is good, losing Hopkins is critical. Jags probably around 5-11. I still think Rivers has 1 more good year left in the tank with the O.Line we have here. Our running game should help him a lot. TY staying healthy is key too. Also our defense on paper looks better than last year. Buckner is a monster!
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    It's definitely not the amount of Yards a QB throws for that is super important but some think it is. That is my point. As soon as Rivers has 2 or 3 bad games statistically the pile on will begin by many in here even if we win those games. The name of the game is winning no matter how it looks.
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    I see the league shifting towards two types of players: the Russel Wilsons and the Lamar Jacksons. Patrick Mahomes fits under the Russel Wilson category, where they run to avoid getting hit and throw the ball. I’m hoping to see the same thing from Joe Burrow. That kind of style can be very effective if done correctly.
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    Me too, he was awesome for the time he played last year. I’m really hoping we can have a decent year where our up and comers stay on the field.
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    Well it will be Eason and Kelly in 2021 so yeah he's going to continue to build him up.
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    I agree he got in the door because Frank opened it.... But how did he win the Bronco's QB2 job? We know how he lost it, but he must have done something good to win it in the first place.... Beat Bama twice.... I don't think any other QB has done that either.
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    frank is not in charge of the roster
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    you quoted me that many times to say this stuff lmao? hes been in trouble we all know that, he was never actually charged with anything serious, look it up. i dont care if he got kicked off a team in college what matters is where hes at now
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    Heck yeah about time!! We get this D into the top 10 and we will have the team everyone has been begging a long time for.
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    "Kay Adams?" Well, that settles it...Colts to the Super Bowl!
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    Blackmon and Hooker are both FS. Adams is a SS. He would be replacing Willis.
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    Ebron has one pretty good season in his career and you think he is a better receiver than Doyle? The only thing Ebron was leading in was drops. Doyle is a much better all around player. He can block and has caught a bunch of first downs. That is something Ebron has never done very well in his career. If he was worth anything to the Colts, Ballard would have kept him.
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    Purely my opinion... DL - probably the only position you might see a "big" name add is DE. We all know the two names (Clowney/Griffen). I could also see Sheard being added back to the team later once things shake out. Not sure how much the early knee injury impacted him, but his performance really dropped off. OL - small chance here to see a decent name added, but I think we'll likely see action around cut down time. There are plenty of names out there still available though. DB - I could see a S add, or even bringing Geathers back late in the process. I doubt we see any CB adds given what we've already picked up, but there are several interesting guys still available. QB, RB, LB - no need..... WR and TE - wouldn't be shocked to see late movement around cut down time.
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